Instagram Stories stickers are a wonderful means of adding personality and much fun to one’s stories. Yet, they are also fantastically useful for Gram businesses. Regardless of your goal, whether that’s driving traffic to your website, building brand awareness, etc., you can use these stickers purposefully. Let’s review five grandiose Instagram Stories stickers your business can benefit from significantly here, on InstaBF’s website. This is the service that can provide you with as many likes, comments, views and followers for an Instagram or IGTV account as you may need! And all that on surprisingly beneficial conditions!



Location Stickers


Instagram location stickers are a great means of getting more views and higher engagement in your Stories. Once you tag a story with such a sticker (a cafe, a neighborhood, etc.), it will instantly get in the public stories feed of that exact location. Hence, once someone searches for that location, your story will be displayed, too. Just make sure those sticker tags are relevant. Be very strategic about any location you are tagging. Instagram Stories location stickers are perfect for:

  • Increasing the number of views and raising engagement;
  • Growing the discoverability of the story;
  • Driving attention to the physical location of your business.



Mention Stickers


Mention stickers are used for stating collaborations with other brands or reposting UGC. This way you will both notify the account about your mentioning and build your own community. By the way, the mentioned users may repost your story or share it with their followers.

So, Instagram Stories mention stickers are best for:

  • Highlighting influencer campaigns and partnerships;
  • Highlighting other accounts.



Hashtag Stickers


The role of hashtag stickers is much like that of location stickers. Whenever you tag a story, people can see your post on that hashtag’s page. Besides, once an Instagram user taps on your story’s hashtag sticker, he will immediately be transported to the page of other stories with the same tag.

So, hashtag story stickers are amazing for:

  • Raising the discoverability of your story;
  • Receiving more views and higher engagement on your Insta stories;
  • Highlighting your branded hashtags.



Poll and Emoji Slider Stickers


These stickers are widely used for surveying your target audience about their likes and dislikes, interests and desires. Poll stickers imply getting results of votings, while emoji sliders allow dragging the slider right or left and submitting their own response. These two stickers are broadly used for:

  • Collecting feedback on your services/products;
  • Crowdsourcing ideas;
  • Entertaining followers;
  • Gathering significant information.



GIF Stickers


Instagram GIF stickers can help you create more engaging and attractive content. Currently, there are multiple quality GIFs available on the platform as a result of the collaboration between Instagram and GIPHY. Businesses can greatly benefit from these expressive and fun stickers as they will upgrade the shots of products, accentuate CTA and links. Here are the main purposes of using GIF stickers for promoting your brand’s stories:

  • Bringing a visual flair to stories;
  • Driving brand awareness;
  • Accentuating call-to-actions and links.