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Branded Content Ads on Instagram

Branded Content Ads on Instagram

If you strive to get a bigger ROI on the influencer marketing that you are carrying out, it’s worth to consider Insta’s new branded content ads. According to the announcement made on the 4th of June, with this new feature businesses will have an opportunity to promote organic posts from influencers via feed advertisements yet only within the application. If this interested you as an Instagram brand owner, here we shall discuss everything you need to know about the feature. InstaBF is a leading Instagram and IGTV provider that has gained a good reputation and trust among multiple users. But besides providing its clients with likes, comments, views, and followers for their Instagram and IGTV accounts, the service also offers crucial recommendations on using this social media in its blog. And today you will learn about the new branded content ads on Instagram and how you can run your own campaign.



What Branded Content Ads on Instagram Are


Partnering with influencers in order to create branded content is an amazing way to get to new audiences quickly since almost 70% of people state they search ways of interactions with creators when they come to Instagram. If Instagram branded content was thoroughly organic before with no business able to advertise posts they had sponsored, now the rules of this game have changed. From now on, brands have the opportunity to promote influencer posts as advertisements on Gram using Facebook Ads Manager. All this is sure to result in a much higher ROI for businesses.

So, Instagram brands can now target specific audiences with the content they have sponsored, measure their performance with Facebook’s ads platform tools.


How You Can Run Your Branded Content Ads on Instagram

So that to create branded content ads, you need to perform three steps. First of all, brands allow influencers to tag them in branded content posts after which influencers enable business partners to promote their posts as advertisements. And finally, the business will see that post in Ads Manager within the Existing Posts and select to run it as a feed ad or not. To settle all that, access to the advanced settings.



The Benefits of Instagram Branded Content Ads for Businesses


Perhaps the major advantage of this new feature is Reach. If before this feature businesses had to hope for attracting only the influencer’s audience, now there are no borders. It’s also possible to leverage FB’s optimization tools, thus driving even more specific goals with the sponsored content, no matter whether it’s engagement, traffic, brand awareness, etc. Basically, this new feature gives businesses more control over their sponsored posts, on who sees that content. This, in its turn, takes the control away from the partnering influencers.

However, influencers benefit from this not less than brands. Besides getting paid for the services, the branded content ad becomes kind of free exposure for the influencer. So, you see this new feature is beneficial for both sides, as well as possible customers who get more chances to see a product that might be useful.

Instagram Ads vs Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads vs Facebook Ads

One of the most efficient ways of gaining advanced audience targeting options, as well as trustworthy conversion tracking is making use of social media advertisements. Despite the fact that Facebook is the oldest media market with the biggest number of users, Instagram is a fresher and more modern platform, which offers far not worse conditions. And if you have business accounts on both platforms, you’d better make use of both in your ad campaigns. But once you have a limited ad budget, you have to limit your actions and think even more wisely. So, you should find out which platform can bring you the most revenue and only then invest in the campaign. To identify which platform is better for you, three major objectives are to be taken into consideration:

  • Engagement
  • Reach
  • Demographics


InstaBF, your true IG and IGTV provider, is going to address each point separately.





Did you know that over 70% of businesses worldwide have accounts on Instagram?! And this number increases rapidly promising to reach even higher numbers in the upcoming year. The reason for such a flocking is engagement. Over 80% of all Instagram users follow at least one brand, visit their websites through Instagram, contact them and even make purchases through this service. This statistic makes Instagram a great platform for running business ad campaigns.

Facebook engagement received from organic posts, meanwhile, change drastically yet the ad opportunities here are multiple, too.





The number of monthly active users on Instagram reaches up to one billion! This number definitely makes the social platform a perfect place for brand promotion. Besides, the organic reach of Instagram is impressively strong. There are certain features, such as “Suggestions for You” section, for instance, that significantly raise Instagram’s popularity and convenience of use.

What concerns Facebook, this oldest social platform has even a bigger number of active monthly users reaching up to 2 billion! Hence, if your primary purpose is the reach to target customers, Facebook might score higher than Instagram.





According to the statistics presented by Pew Research, the greatest part of Instagram users are females. Over 30% of women and around 24% of men use this social media on a daily basis. Besides, Gram is especially popular among young adults between 18 and 29. The number of Insta users on the background of total Internet users is 55%. Therefore, if your brand is targeted mostly at the youth, running an ad campaign particularly on Instagram is the right decision.

According to the same study conducted by Pew Research, Facebook is mostly chosen by adult users. In fact, around 80% of Internet adult users between 30 and 50 have accounts on Facebook. Like in the case of Gram, Facebook has more feminine users than male ones.


So, before investing in an ad campaign, it’s important to determine your brand’s primary goals and expectations. Facebook and Instagram each offer users unique benefits and features. And the right social media for running ad campaigns will be that which suite your brand’s requirements the most.

Creating Profitable Instagram Ad Campaign under Blenders Eyewear Example

Creating Profitable Instagram Ad Campaign under Blenders Eyewear Example

Being a visual brand with visual products, Blenders Eyewear brand finds Instagram social media a perfect ad channel to share images. Today, the brand already reaches up to 42 million people with its Gram advertisements and sees profitable ad returns on those ads. And now InstaBF, a popular and widely trusted IG and IGTV provider, would like to show how you can run a profitable ad campaign by the example of this fantastic eyewear brand.



How to Craft Fabulous Instagram Ads


The first thing to note is to mirror what works for a brand on organic and keep the same brand vibe and tone throughout all the ads. However, it’s important to incorporate a hard pitch, an efficient call to action, for instance.

If you want your ads to work, you should pair them with quality content in both your stories and feed. Once the organic side is slipped off, no investments on ads will be justified. Remember that most users will pass to your grid right after seeing the ad, and only then decide whether to visit your website or not.



How to Measure the Success of Gram Ad Campaigns


Once you have started an Instagram marketing campaign, it becomes important to constantly measure its success. This is not an easy thing to do unless you know the shortest way. Well, Blenders Eyewear brand knows and is ready to share with you. The brand greatly values the reach, traffic, and engagement. Yet, most of all, it prioritizes the sales and measures the Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). If you use Ads Manager to track the conversions of your Instagram brand, you will easily calculate the ROAS adhering to ROAS formula. Be attentive and watchful, and you will find out particularly which ads are worth to double down and which ones should be discontinued. For Blenders Eyewear, Instagram ad campaigns turn out to act positively not only on the popularity of the brand but also on its sales revenue.



Successful Gram Ads Start with the Right Content


To increase the effectiveness of an Instagram ad, Blenders Eyewear focuses on beautiful and creative content. As Grace tells, every content posted on this social media, let it be an ad or an ordinary post, must look and feel native to the platform. As a rule, what works with Gram organic content works with ads, too. This is a right barometer you can be guided by. If you manage to create advertising content that resonates with your target audience on an authentic and deep level, you will be a success.

It’s also significant to track the current trends. For instance, Blenders Eyewear brand invests half of Instagram ad budget on Stories. They do not turn old Stories to new ads, but are thoughtful about how and when to use every Story ad so that it’s maximally effective.

These were several significant points about Instagram advertising that Blenders Eyewear brand shares with other brands.

Five Keys to Creating Working Instagram Ads

Five Keys to Creating Working Instagram Ads

It’s a known saying that a good picture is worth a thousand words! If this is true (we don’t even doubt that), then imagine how powerful a popular Instagram image is! Instagram is currently the most rapidly growing famous photo and video sharing platform, which makes it an ideal place to find customers. Knowing that your target audience has gathered in one place, reaching them becomes significantly easier. Surely, it’s possible to attract customers and create brand awareness by setting an account, filling it with quality content, as well as engaging with other users. However, once you determine to take advantage of advertising opportunities, your marketing results are sure to be maximized greatly. Besides, this way you can target a specific audience based on the people’s gender, age, demographics, and other key factors. And if you don’t have any practice in advertising on Gram, InstaBF will gladly provide you with several key nuances of the platform. A good advertisement can be the valuable content that will turn potential customers into real ones. And right now one of the most reputable services providing IG and IGTV comments, likes, views, and followers, is going to present to your attention five keys to scheming an IG ad that is sure to work!



Don’t Showcase the Product, but Tell a Story Instead


If your brand acquires Instagram as a platform to post the equivalent of a brochure, then you are going to lose a lot. Surely there are multiple images of sunsets and salads, yet those picturing people wandering in a museum or skydiving gain a lot more engagement. Therefore, not advertise the product itself, but showcase how it can improve your customer’s life. Make it certain for all viewers that they will benefit a lot once they get your product. For this, create realistic and memorable situations with people using your products. So, as you have guessed, your success in IG advertising starts with remarkable creative!



Concentrate on the Correct Hashtags


Compared to all other social platforms, hashtags play a bigger role on Instagram. This is all because your only way of adding links to your posts is placing it in the “learn more” tab at the bottom of the picture. Therefore, it’s important to think of those keywords that not only describe your products or services the best but also interest your target audience. For instance, in case you are selling jeans, don’t use the simple #jeans hashtag, instead opt for #nightoutjeans used under an image of a stylish guy hitting the town in your jeans.



Contribute to Carousels


Carousel posts are as popular as never before. This grandiose Instagram feature allows users scheme mini-albums of content that can be anything you wish starting from a selection of vacation images and ending with more working variants such as a step-by-step look how your products or services work.  



Actively Implement Videos into Ads


Images can drive amazing results, undoubtedly. Yet, videos can double the effect! Short videos can bring a deeper look to what your product is and how great it can feel in the hands of your customers. There are brands that use video ads exclusively in Instagram Stories, while others actively use this format in their feeds. Try both and see which best works for your particular brand.



Make a Creative and Compelling Landing Page


Once you’ve done everything right, you get all the chances your visitors will click on the call-to-action button to learn more about the products they are interested in. What’s next? If taken to your landing page, your visitors must by no means get disappointed. Make certain it is as attractive as your Instagram advertisements.

Nevertheless, nowadays it is possible to make deals right on Instagram, without even leaving the platform. In this case, be certain you provide your customers with a prompt and responsible response.

How You Can Set Up Your First Successful Instagram Advertisement

How You Can Set Up Your First Successful Instagram Advertisement

No matter if you have already grown your Instagram following to your plateau or you are just going to launch something new and awesome, you will feel somewhat worried making a decision to set up your first Instagram ad. How to begin this quite responsible task? What are you supposed to present in it? Let these and other related questions bother you no longer, as popular Instagram and IGTV provider InstaBF is here to hold your hand and walk you through the laborious process of creating the first Insta ad! You can even act while reading this post surely adhering to all the steps we shall describe in details.



The Concept

The first step in your first Gram Ad is coming up with a working and creative concept or idea, as you may like. It must grab your target customers’ attention while not contradicting your brand. To come up with all this stuff easily, just consider what result you’d like to achieve with your ad campaign. Is your intention to make people laugh like a loon and click your ad to watch it once more? Or you plan to make your followers hurry to click and buy the product advertised by an Insta influencer? So, as you have guessed, only a strong concept tied to a clear objective can make up a compelling ad on Instagram.



The Format

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about creating an Instagram ad is the format of a photo. Yet, do not think so narrow. There are other quite more entertaining and effective ad formats to consider. For instance, you can use a carousel ad (whether photo- or video-based, choose yourself) or a newsfeed ad. Ads in Insta Stories are effective, too. If you manage to set up them correctly, you can achieve a low cost-per-click. Just make sure every ad lasts 14 seconds not to be parted.

However, if you feel uncertain, you’d better not risk and choose the simplest format for the start, which is a single image with an accurate and beautiful copywriting.



The Objective

To the get the results you anticipate, it’s crucial to have the right objective. For example, if you optimize your Gram Ads for such specific outcomes as Website Conversions, Mobile Application Installs, or Website Clicks, achieving actual results is more than possible. For this, however, you may need these:

  • Specific Website Link and Google Analytics for Website Clicks;
  • Campaign Links for Mobile Application Installs;
  • FB Pixel on Website for Website Conversions.



How to Start It

Here are the basic steps to follow accurately:

  • Log into FB Ads Manager from a PC desktop;
  • Tap the “Create Ads” if it’s your first advertisement, or tap the “Manage Ads” in case you’d like to review past ones;
  • Click on “Create” and choose the objective and start setting up your first ad;
  • There is an option to select “Create multiple new ad sets” for those who want to test audience variations of the Insta ad and find out particularly which brings you the anticipated results.

By the way, the first Instagram Ad can help you test your target audience location, your image and video success, and your Insta Ad copywriting for captions.



Monitor the New Ad

Monitoring your first Instagram ad by having all the advertisement variations running for a couple of days (will cost you $5 per day), you can easily detect which type of ad works best for your brand and which the most costly to run is. As a result, you will end up having the ad type that gets you a low cost per result. Great, isn’t it?