Are you a beginner in the sphere of Instagram advertising and can’t make out how to start? We agree that Instagram advertising is an intimidating thing especially if your budget is limited and you have no experience. But, on the other hand, a well-schemed ad campaign can drive impressive results. So, you see that it’s important to learn how to draw an efficient ad strategy for an Instagram account. And InstaBF, a  popular Instagram and IGTV provider will share with you three crucial takeaways that promise to be effective irrespective of your budget and business size. 



Take Small Tests


Those who are going to run a social campaign for the first time are recommended to implement a small upfront test campaign. Working out around $500 on it you will get a ton of learning to use on bigger campaigns with larger budgets. Besides, you will see if your current assets work or you need to think of others. Let’s see what specialists imply by saying a small test. 

  • Determine the goals you pursue. Are they to drive purchases or to generate new leads? In the beginning, take up only one goal – the one that’s likely to have the biggest impact on your business.
  • After this, pass on figuring out the necessary budget. The bigger your ambitions are, the more money you will to invest, remember this. For instance, such upper-to-mind objectives as video views, impressions, or link clicks, a minimal budget (around $100) and a couple of days will be totally enough. A purchase-focused campaign, meanwhile, will require at least 3x the cost of the product it’s designed for. 
  • Placements come next. Instagram should be your priority, yet other platforms can bring you the expected results, too. Feel free to test across all available platforms and see which works best for you around the current campaign.
  • One of the most significant components of social advertisement campaigns is the audience. Actually, you can test only three types of audiences including custom audiences (site visitors, email list, your followers), lookalike audiences (those who look similar to your existing audience and are built automatically with the first-party data of your account), and interest-based audiences (created from your user data and activity on Instagram). 
  • And finally, there comes your creative. Specialists recommend testing at least two creative options (a carousel post against a video or image, etc.). You can always start with various copies of CTAs if you feel uncertain. 



Simple but Profitable


As numerous tests show simple ad campaigns can be quite profitable if planned and implemented correctly. Surely, there are cases when a complicated media plan is required, but most of all, simple things can work well, too. Just focus on one most valuable goal at first. 

If you own a small business or a startup and want to promote it through a social media ad campaign while your primary goal is the purchase, there is a bright example by the founder of social ad agency Good Help Jenny McCoy to follow. What does it include? We shall find out it in our next post. Just stay tuned to InstaBF, your true guide in the giant world called Instagram.