In one of our previous posts, we started such a useful topic for startups and small business owners as to how to start an Instagram ad campaign for the first time. We introduced the first step and everything concerning the preparation. And now it’s high time to see how a simple ad campaign can work efficiently by the example of Jenny McCoy. This is how she started.

McCoy’s simple strategy started with two campaign goals – site traffic & load generation, and conversions. She assigned a 60-40 split ratio of the budget between the two objectives. She started the campaign with qualified audiences including site visitors and subscribers while also using lookalike audiences in order to get to the site traffic. The expert tested only two options in terms of the creative. Such an ad campaign is a wonderful starting point for most startups and small businesses. 


#3: Instagram Ads Make a Full-Funnel Impact


Social media ad specialist Jenny McCoy finalizes everything by the statement that Instagram ads (and social media ads in general, too) are capable of making a full-funnel impact. However, social media shouldn’t be acquired as an all-mighty platform. And if you can’t detect any impact on your sales after having run an Instagram ad campaign, look for other impacts. Social media ads can make it really valuable and at the same time easy to amplify impacts.

Nevertheless, it’s also recommended to look far beyond metrics related to Instagram such as likes, follows and post engagement, and reach to site visits, email leads, etc. so that to find the best way an Instagram ad can work for improving your business. 



How Much an Instagram Ad Costs


Now, when you have a clear image of how to start an Instagram ad campaign for your new small business, most probably you’d like to find out how that will cost you. Generally, different ads have different prices. Yet, there are average costs set you can orientate on. For instance, the cost-per-click price for an ad on Gram is about $0.70 – $0.80 on average based on the analyses of around $300 million of ad spend. This price can appear higher or lower depending on a number of aspects including the ad placement, the age of the target audience, and the time of the year. Ads are always the cheapest at the beginning of the year and the most expensive in the last quarter. 



Types of Ads


Instagram has become a fertile platform for all businesses whether small or mega-popular giant ones. Here you can choose various types of ads to promote your business including Stories ads, photo, video, carousel, and collection ads. No matter which ad format you choose as a creative to include in your ad campaign, it will be woven into your users’ Stories and Feeds so a non-disruptive user experience can be expected. Don’t forget to include an appropriate call-to-action to collect more leads. Here are a few examples of CTAs to use:

  • Apply Now;
  • Book Now;
  • Get Directions;
  • Get Showtimes;
  • Contact Us;
  • Learn More, etc.