If you strive to get a bigger ROI on the influencer marketing that you are carrying out, it’s worth to consider Insta’s new branded content ads. According to the announcement made on the 4th of June, with this new feature businesses will have an opportunity to promote organic posts from influencers via feed advertisements yet only within the application. If this interested you as an Instagram brand owner, here we shall discuss everything you need to know about the feature. InstaBF is a leading Instagram and IGTV provider that has gained a good reputation and trust among multiple users. But besides providing its clients with likes, comments, views, and followers for their Instagram and IGTV accounts, the service also offers crucial recommendations on using this social media in its blog. And today you will learn about the new branded content ads on Instagram and how you can run your own campaign.



What Branded Content Ads on Instagram Are


Partnering with influencers in order to create branded content is an amazing way to get to new audiences quickly since almost 70% of people state they search ways of interactions with creators when they come to Instagram. If Instagram branded content was thoroughly organic before with no business able to advertise posts they had sponsored, now the rules of this game have changed. From now on, brands have the opportunity to promote influencer posts as advertisements on Gram using Facebook Ads Manager. All this is sure to result in a much higher ROI for businesses.

So, Instagram brands can now target specific audiences with the content they have sponsored, measure their performance with Facebook’s ads platform tools.


How You Can Run Your Branded Content Ads on Instagram

So that to create branded content ads, you need to perform three steps. First of all, brands allow influencers to tag them in branded content posts after which influencers enable business partners to promote their posts as advertisements. And finally, the business will see that post in Ads Manager within the Existing Posts and select to run it as a feed ad or not. To settle all that, access to the advanced settings.



The Benefits of Instagram Branded Content Ads for Businesses


Perhaps the major advantage of this new feature is Reach. If before this feature businesses had to hope for attracting only the influencer’s audience, now there are no borders. It’s also possible to leverage FB’s optimization tools, thus driving even more specific goals with the sponsored content, no matter whether it’s engagement, traffic, brand awareness, etc. Basically, this new feature gives businesses more control over their sponsored posts, on who sees that content. This, in its turn, takes the control away from the partnering influencers.

However, influencers benefit from this not less than brands. Besides getting paid for the services, the branded content ad becomes kind of free exposure for the influencer. So, you see this new feature is beneficial for both sides, as well as possible customers who get more chances to see a product that might be useful.