7 Clues Toward Creating Successful Instagram Ads

7 Clues Toward Creating Successful Instagram Ads

Instagram has all the rights to be considered as one of the largest and most influential communities in the world with over four hundred million active users daily! More than half of these people follow their favorite brands on this platform and around 40% of them make their research through Insta. Consequently, if a brand is in a search of a growing young audience, investing some efforts in promoting their products through this social network is a fantastic idea! However, before posting, it’s crucial to make sure the advertisement is worth the attention of your audience. A good ad is composed of two elements – inspiration and information. The former is to attract people to stop and look at the post, while the latter is to drive them to undertake further actions (click on the active link).

And now, InstaBF is going to reveal seven clues toward successful Instagram advertising!


1. Composition

The first rule in creating a worthy Insta advertisement is showcasing real-life situations, or real people/objects that ordinary people can relate to.

Did you know that the human eye is tended to be especially drawn toward the third part of an image? Making use of this, it’s wise to break your advertisement image into nine parts so that the most important parts fall in the intersection.

You are free to try any other idea that comes to your mind. Just be creative and watch what results you get by implementing this or that idea.


2. The Focal Point

No one pays attention to an ad-image more than a couple of seconds. Therefore, avoid intricate images giving your preference to simple ones, instead. An advertisement image should guide the audience on only one or two points within a few seconds. It’s also recommended to advertise only one product/service in one image. If there is text to be typed, make sure it compliments the image. Adhere to at least two font types for all your ad images.


3. Intimate Perspective

To make the advertisement image create a somewhat intimate atmosphere, it’s worth implementing a perspective that can visually place the viewer in the appropriate setting. This way your audience will have an idea how they will feel when using your products.

This type of ad-images can be emphasized with encouraging messaging written in contrast color.


4. No Aggressive Logos

Another advice by instaBF is avoiding placing logos on ads aggressively. By no means, your logo should overshadow the content of the image. If you can’t determine how to insert your brand logo organically into your advertisement, why won’t you make use of free design applications?!


5. Powerful Color and Contrast

Do never doubt the power of color and contrast when the matter refers advertisements on Instagram! From time to time, a mere bright colored background and contrasting fonts are enough to drive attention! Anyway, it’s important to pick the right font type here. For instance, if your color is too bright, you’d better pick up Generic or Bebas font types to maintain the strong voice of your ad message.


6. Consistency

Consistency is everything when the matter concerns Instagram! On social media, keeping the style of your advertisements consistent is a must. Make sure your paid and organic ads do not differ drastically. They should have the same aesthetic so that customers can’t tell apart. Use the same colors, filters, compositions, font types, etc.


7. Concise Text

Sure you know that Instagram is mostly based on images while captions are left for placing the text you need. But when the matter concerns advertising, we simply can’t get along without some text. Therefore, it will be great to emphasize the particular idea you want to render right through the images. Just keep the text as brief as possible (no way more than 20% of the image).

Taking into consideration all these clues, your Instagram advertisements are sure to attract an audience and drive traffic even if you are new in this sphere. With the variety of tools available today, it’s much easier to create new, strikingly attractive and informative ads-images. Do never post the same image twice, otherwise, your audience will soon get bored.

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Setting a Business Profile on Instagram

Setting a Business Profile on Instagram

Business profile on Instagram has a number of advantages in comparison to personal profiles, chiefly when the matter concerns businesses. Confirming to the statistics, around fifteen million business profiles were set last year! This profile type allows businesses not only look more professional but also get analytic about their posts and followers, add active links to their stories, as well as promote advertisements via posts. And if you too are considering to switch to a business profile yet don’t know how to, InstaBF is going to unveil this right away! Composed of three steps, this is not so complicated task. Here are them:

Step 1: Creating a Facebook Page

The first step you need to undertake to turn your Insta profile from personal to business is making a Facebook page. For this, go to your Facebook account and click on the “Create Page”. The latter can be found in the drop-down menu. Afterward, you will be required to select the business category. Here we have four options to choose from according to your business type. Select proper photos for your Facebook cover and profile. After you have implemented all the actions described here, it’s time to pass to the next step.

Step 2: Linking Facebook to Instagram

Log to your Insta account and head to the profile page. In the top corner to the right of the page, you will get the “gear”. Click on it to get an access to the settings. Then, get the “Switch to Business Profile” and press it to proceed to your Facebook page. Remember that your Instagram account should necessarily be switched to Public. Make sure it’s not Private.

Look into your settings menu and find out whether you are stated as admin. If not, switch it. Only this way your Facebook page will appear as an option when tapping “Continue As”. Once you find your Facebook Page and choose it, go to “Next”.

Step 3: Setting Business Profile

Now, when you are in the final stage of turning your Insta personal account to a business one, you’ll be required to add your contact data. This involves telephone number, email, and address. This info is requested so that customers can easily get in touch with you. Once you are sure you stated accurate information, click on “Done” and enjoy the opportunities that only Instagram business profile can supply you. You wonder which? Let’s find out together!

Features of Business Profile

The business profile gives users a ton of advanced features that can all be very beneficial to businesses. The major features, however, are Instagram Insights, ads, promoted posts, contact button, active links added to Instagram stories. The latter, however, is possible only in case you have 10 000+ followers. Remember that if you still don’t have that 10 000+ followers to make use of this feature, InstaBF offers the best solution – get them right here and right now! InstaBF offers different packages of Instagram likes, comments, and followers catered to our clients’ needs. All these accounts are real-looking ones with active engagements.

With the help of business profile features, a business can grow the list of emails, drive huge traffic, and sell more products or services it offers. So, as long as businesses are not obliged to pay to have their posts delivered to their audience as sponsored posts on Instagram like they do on Facebook, the business profile is all-way advantageous!

Myths That Hold You Back From Instagram

Myths That Hold You Back From Instagram

Have you been thinking about promoting your business on Instagram yet are afraid of the myths spread? But don’t you think that they can all be simple rumors not worth a penny?! InstaBF will now debunk all the widespread myths about using Instagram platform for marketing purposes so that you can confidently build your brand here.

Myth #1: Being an Expert Photographer is a Must

Obviously, Instagram is a visual marketing arena and quality photos/videos play a decisive role. However, this does not mean you have to be a professional photographer to take wonderful images. If you can afford to outsource the creation of your content, then do it. Yet, you can achieve impressive results yourself by devoting some time and energy. Implement some affordable editing applications. They will add style and tone to your images. And whenever you feel like running low, make use of some stunning stock photo websites. They will help you supplement your Instagram feed from time to time.

Myth #2: Instagram is Time-Consuming

Another myth that has probably reached you is that Instagram implies consistent posting and it’s time-consuming. Perhaps you have also heard that it takes years to get a large following. Both points are false as long as you act wisely. Surely consistency is the key toward success in Instagram, yet it won’t take you more time than you can devote. You do have to show some effort on your part, yet working out a good strategy, you can minimize the time needed. There are also special tools that will help you plan out a week’s worth of content (images, videos, stories, etc.) only in about half an hour. This way you will be able to keep a consistent presence on Instagram for your followers and provide them with fresh content every day by not having to spend long hours. This, in its turn, will attract more and more followers.

On the other hand, there is a good offer by InstaBF to drastically grow the number of your followers without causing any doubt among already existing ones. Order the pack of likes, comments, views, and followers, that you believe can help your profile stand out. All the profiles are real looking and 100% safe!

Myth #3: Making Sales and Capturing Leads is Impossible

Despite the only one clickable link in the profile, there are still other ways of using Instagram for driving traffic and selling goods. First, make sure your captions are action-oriented. This way your followers will be attracted to click on the URL stated in your bio. There are also special features (Linkin.bio, for instance) that will help to make your bio’s link a shoppable feed. By clicking on that link, a follower is taken to the landing page with your all feeds and posts displayed as clickable images. And once one clicks on one of them, he is immediately redirected to your brand website or any other URL you need.

Myth #4: Picking up a Strategy Is not Mandatory

As we all remember, Instagram was set as a social media that documented the everyday life of its users. However, the moment brands and companies realized that Instagram is a perfect platform to directly communicate with their target audience, obtaining a strategy became more sensible. Acquiring a keen plan for actions, you can make your everyday posts via stories look casual yet, at the same time, achieve your marketing goals.

How to Turn Your Pet Into an Instagram Celebrity

How to Turn Your Pet Into an Instagram Celebrity

Did you know that there are Instagram profiles of pets that have attracted millions of followers from around the globe? And these pets bring really big money to their owners. These lovely dogs, cats, foxes, rabbits, hamsters and other animals look so cute and adorable that it’s simply impossible not to like their profiles and become truthful followers. Anyway, their natural charm is definitely not enough for having a success on Instagram’s platform. The pet’s owner should have a good knack for design, marketing, and social media strategy. Especially for our little pets and their owners, we have gathered several most essential tips on how to make them Instagram famous and make money from it.


Choose the Best Descriptive Brand

Before setting a pet’s account, first, you need to choose a brand that perfectly describes your pet. For instance, if you can best describe your pet as a troublemaker, or a curious little thing, get to state it in the profile. Additionally, make sure all the photos you post later coincide with the chosen brand. This way your pet’s followers will know what to expect when visiting the profile. It’s really crucial to keep things consistent. If your beloved pet’s brand is something like “nature-adorer”, it will be at least odd to post the pet in high-end hotel rooms surrounded with luxury and gleam. And visa versa, city dogs should not constantly appear photographed in forests.


Don’t Settle for Less

An immense number of followers brings not only great fame to pets but also quite good profit to their owners. As soon as your pet’s account hits 20k followers’ scale, you are going to start earning money. But before this, you won’t be likely to get anything more than free stuff by cooperating with companies. They will approach you with offers to exchange free food or goods for your pet to photos of your pet with the products posted in its account. And even if it may sound tempting, it will definitely repel more serious brands. They will expect you to cooperate with them for free, too. Hence, if you’re seriously planning to profit from your pet’s account, hold out for a paycheck.


Implement Hashtags and Post Systematically

Regular posting will help you keep your pet’s followers interested. Whether you take fresh photos/videos of your pet every day or devote some time to gather a pack of photos/videos to spread them over the upcoming weeks, make sure you provide your followers with new content at least five days a week. Most owners of famous Instagram pets make a couple of posts every day!

What concerns hashtags, you’d better utilize them for every post made. This way people can find your pet’s account easier through Insta’s “Discover” feature.


Enjoy It

No matter how many hours you have to spend on your pet’s Instagram account, or how much profit it brings to you, you won’t succeed unless you love what you do. Enjoy every minute spent with a camera in your hands and your beloved pet posing for you. Be certain, people feel particularly which photos were taken with great love and tenderness!

InstaBF is sure that adhering to the few points mentioned above, you will make your lovely pet a real Instagram celebrity in a timely manner! Yet, if you need a start for it, InstaBF is ready to help you! Order likes, comments, views, and followers for your pet on an affordable basis. All the comments will be made by real users with active engagement rate. It will be an honor for us to contribute to the rise of your pet’s Instagram career!

Getting More Comments on Instagram

Getting More Comments on Instagram

Instagram comments are the only two-way interaction means. And they can definitely be very powerful if shown the right approach. And here, on InstaBF’s blog, we are going to reveal all the essential points in making truly effective posts so that one can’t but leave a heart-warming comment! Undoubtedly, InstaBF can assist you greatly by providing as many comments as you need. Just place an order, make the affordable payment and watch a rush of comments to your posts by real users! InstaBF also offers likes, views, and followers. The best conditions are waiting for you right here and right now.

Holding Instagram Contest or Giveaway

A contest or a giveaway is a sure way to gaining a ton of comments. Moreover, this way you can even control the number of comments flowing to your post. The field is wide and there are plenty of contest rules you can use.


Making Too Cute Posts

Really cute posts are hard not to comment. These can be expressed via little babies, adorable pets, or even lovely toys. As a rule, cute posts are made by shops and companies selling goods related to any of the mentioned objects.


Controversial Questioning

Giving a double-whammy question is likely to cause a long discussion with multiple comments even by unknown users. This is also a way to attract new followers. If you ask a question that leads your followers to tell about their friends and tag them, they are most likely to soon join the debate.


A Time for Frankness

If you are an Instagram influencer, who really enjoy sharing their practice and thoughts with followers, why not question your followers why they keep on reading and liking your posts?! Not only will you learn what to post to get your followers’ appreciation later (though we are sure you already know it well), but you will also get a pile of comments!


Show Your Vulnerability

Beyond any words, one of the most difficult things is showing your vulnerability. But believe, Instagram is the platform where you can get sincere and supporting comments by people you haven’t even ever faced. Knowing people are not indifferent toward someone’s misfortune, inspires hope for better future. So, don’t be shy or restrained to speak about your loss or pain.


Post About Wonders You Have Witnessed

Do you admire this miraculous world? Then share what you have just discovered and ask your followers how they feel about it. If you do it right, you will make your followers leave warm-hearted comments and even tag their friends.


Expose Your Remarkable Talent

If you feel you have a unique talent (well, maybe not so unique), Instagram is the perfect platform to expose it. This can be applying makeup, playing guitar, drawing, designing your own clothes, etc. Here it’s crucial to choose the right format for your post, and it’s better to opt for videos. Believe us, your followers are going to leave compliments and ask tons of questions!


Ask Your Followers to Tag Friends Who Might Identify with Your Post or Aspire It

To engage a broader audience and get more comments on Instagram, you should occasionally make posts asking to tag friends who might be interested in the post. Take such themes as a brief recipe (better video tutorial) of a desert or a quick cake, striking jewelry or a wedding gown. Think broadly and you will succeed!

Creating Efficient Instagram Video Content

Creating Efficient Instagram Video Content

Successful Instagram marketers admit that quality video content can serve as the key towards achieving their goals. From advertisements to Stories, videos should be actively involved. We have picked up the most effective ways that will help your video content stand out!


No denial, Instagram Stories are on the pick of their fame. They form a significant part of most popular brands’ marketing strategy plans. Therefore, it will be wise to incorporate videos in stories, as well. Opt for 15-second-long videos. Believe us, this will be totally enough to let your audience know about a prom event or a new line of production, as well as for an influencer to present themselves or for sharing with top tips. However, if there’s an in-depth story to tell, you can split it into parts and upload the clips in a chronological order. So, when making a story with a video, make sure you have counted the following points:

  • Remember that Instagram Stories were created to be funny, impromptu and ephemeral. They needn’t be perfect, relax!
  • Some Insta users may watch stories with sound off. Hence, make sure your posts have captions to make sense even without sound.
  • To add humor or draw attention on a certain part of the video, use stickers.
  • Choose from 11 filters available to set the tone of your video.

Instagram Story Ads

Instagram Stories advertisements in video format can be quite successful if you follow the few tips mentioned below:

  • Edit before posting. Devote some time to filtering and editing your video ad as you won’t have any opportunity to refine if once posted.
  • Make sure your video ad is not too salesy. Strive to make the ads upfront and recognizable, yet with a storytelling element. They should have a distinctive style that can make the right first impression and drive the audience directly to your store or website.
  • Every good video ad should have a call to action to drive traffic. This can be as simple as “click to learn more”.
  • Utilize appropriate formats, which are MOV and MP4.

Video Posts

As compared with Instagram Stories, simple video posts provide you with more time to work your imagination and implement brave ideas. To be precise, each of your videos is given an entire minute, hence use the time wisely to make the posts deep and sensible. Yet, remembering that an average social media user can’t be as patient as to spend 60 seconds per video, don’t overdo with it. Here we have chosen a couple of most crucial points to pay attention to:

  • Be focused and set one goal for one video with a respective tone and theme.
  • Aim for high-end content. Use eye-catching visuals. Adobe Spark app can be of a great help here, by the way.
  • Add engaging captions to give your audience more information about the video. Look at hashtags and emojis as a supporting element.

Instagram Live

Instagram Live is the thing of the moment and doesn’t require any extensive planning. Yet, there are still certain points that will make you feel confident your Instagram Live won’t shame you.

  • Make it casual and be real. Don’t think too much over one question if its a Q&A live video, but be yourself, not afraid of mistakes.
  • Invite others (followers, colleagues, influencers, etc.) for a live session. This will not only make it a bit more fun but also decrease the pressure of responsibility of posting a live video for everyone’s judgment.
  • Before you start a live video, check whether the lighting is good and the room is not echoed.

So, in this single article, we managed to cover all the important points of utilizing videos on the Instagram platform. InstaBF is sure they will be of a great benefit to you. Besides that, we have another grandiose suggestion how to increase your engagement and the number of your followers. Order as many likes, views, comments or followers as you may need and all this at an affordable price. Visit the home page of InstaBF and get more detailed information.