Setting a Career of a Successful Instagram Freelance Photographer

Setting a Career of a Successful Instagram Freelance Photographer

Is Instagram freelance photographer your dream job? Would you like to know the secrets that can help to smooth your path toward your dream? Once you have a photography business of your own, you will enjoy a lot of fulfillment and freedom. Perhaps the toughest thing here is how to start. So, under the condition you have a talent toward photographing and have a good understanding of the techniques relating to this art, InstaBF, one of the most reputable Instagram providers, is going to present to your attention several tips how to set your Instagram photographer business on relatively little expenses.



Obtaining the Necessary Equipment


Whether you are good at Instagram popular flatlays or prefer photographing nature scenes, the first thing to pay attention to is quality equipment. Make some investment and be certain it will be repaid due to your quality photos. Obtain a modern camera, a flash, reflectors, lights, diffusers and, of course, lenses. The latter is especially important, hence don’t ever skimp on lenses!



Setting Up Your Instagram Account


To spread a word about your talent and photography business, you need to set up your own website and an Instagram account with a link to it. Approach this task seriously as particularly Instagram with its around 800 million users will be your judge and clients. Just as you use your website, you can show your recent works, communicate with customers or simply fans, manage orders, schedule sessions and even send your completed works through Instagram.


Creating an Impressive Portfolio

At the first phase of your photographer’s career, you will have to work for free to build up your portfolio. For this, take free orders from your acquaintances, find local models who need photos for their modeling portfolios, or simply shoot street photographs. It all depends on your peculiar style.


Attracting the First Clients


Now when you already have your account on Instagram filled with interesting photos taken by you, it’s time to attract clients. For this, start with discounts and unique offers. Make regular posts and share some tutorials or tips about photographing with your followers. This way they will see a professional in you and rely on you more. Once you have your clients, remember to keep in touch with them so that they apply to you again. Use different applications. For instance, MailChimp is a good tool for sending free email newsletters for photographers.



Creating a Schedule


Once your talent and exceptional diligence bring you a steady flow of customers, you will face quite a deal of work to perform on a daily basis. To manage all this, create a schedule. There are different applications that may come to help. One of them is the BirchPress Scheduler WordPress plugin. The latter can take appointments and show your clients whether you are available or busy.


Editing Filters

We don’t doubt your professionalism and talent, yet strongly recommend enhancing all the photos with filters before delivering them to clients. If you manage to create such fabulous works that your customers can’t but rave about you, your success is guaranteed! So, such editing must be applied as enhancing skin tones, balancing colors, adjusting the background, and fixing the insufficient light.


Instagram Captions: Adding Line Breaks and Creating Working CTA

Instagram Captions: Adding Line Breaks and Creating Working CTA

Around 500 million Instagram users inquire on Google how to add a line break in Insta captions on a daily basis! This is definitely a big number signifying that you are sure to be not the only Instagram user trying to clean up your captions. InstaBF is going to address today’s article on the importance of the lines in captions, as well as how to do that and generally, how great Instagram captions are! However, prior to that, we would like to remind our readers that you can always rely on InstaBF whenever you need to raise the engagement rate of your account by getting multiple new followers, likes, and comments. We shall precede your order at quite an affordable price and on a timely manner.


What Line Breaks in Captions Can Give You


Adding spaces in captions is the shortest way of making it look clearer and much more organized. Just the same way you can opt defined paragraphs and bullet points. Additionally, due to the line breaks, followers will find it easier to read and remember the captions.



Adding Line Breaks


If you thought that it’s impossible to do this without special signs, tools or notes, we need to reassure you. Due to such an application as Plann designed for making even a better Instagram experience, a couple of steps will be thoroughly enough. What do you need to do? Follow the few steps described below:

  1. Download and install Plann;
  2. Add pictures to the Plann feed;
  3. Tap the photo you need to create a caption for;
  4. Write the caption;
  5. Using the button “return”, create a line break once the sentence is finished (you can do this as many times as you need);
  6. Once the post is ready, click on the Instagram icon to get to your Insta account;
  7. Press “paste” and watch your created post with the caption and all its line breaks in their exact places appear on your Instagram account.



What to Write in Captions


Do you already have the perfect photo, as well as the location, filter and the most convenient time for an Instagram post yet,  can’t determine what to write in the caption? You can’t even make out the style of it (to be funny, serious, dreamy, or simply straight to the point), can you? InstaBF can define an ideal caption as the one that adds personality and great value to the post engages with the target audience and features a friendly yet clear call to action. For achieving this, use your brand voice, your peculiar style that has driven so many followers to your account. Spend some time thinking about the caption. What will your followers love to read or discover about you? Give a little piece of yourself in every caption, being sure your audience likes your personality as much as what you offer them. To add a mood to your captions or guide people what to do next, feel free to incorporate different emojis.

A CTA must be an inseparable part of your Instagram caption. Whether you want to guide your followers to your website/blog or offer to buy products right on Instagram, a clear call to action becomes a must. If you seek comments, encourage your followers to leave them by questioning them about their idea concerning the matter, or asking them to share with their experience. These plus a couple of purposeful emojis all presented in your brand voice and a perfect caption with a CTA is ready!

How to Create an Ideal Buyer Persona to Boost Your Instagram Marketing

How to Create an Ideal Buyer Persona to Boost Your Instagram Marketing


Every successful Instagram marketer should have the image of an ideal buyer. This is a sure way toward creating the right marketing strategy. How much can you tell about your buyer’s persona? The longer the answer to this question is, the easier it will be to achieve a success in your online business. In fact, understanding your potential clients’ (marketing personas’) feelings, needs and expectations will help you have more direct marketing efforts that will result in the improvement of your bottom sales.

So today, as you must have already guessed, InstaBF is going to speak about marketing personas, their significance, and their benefit. InstaBF is one of the most trustworthy Instagram providers on the market and is going to help you know what makes your customers cry, laugh, and … buy on Instagram!



Why You Should Create Buyer Personas


Before we guide you how to create the right marketing persona, it’s important to understand why you should do it. Having this precise image and knowing your clients really well is the shortest way towards creating the marketing content, as well as offering the services and products that will attract your target audience making them come for more. The more focused your approach to the potential buyers is the higher conversions you can expect.



Collecting the Necessary Information


If you wonder how you can collect the necessary information about your marketing personas, we’ll hint you a couple of quite ethical methods.

  1. Using such services as, for example, SurveyMonkey, you can carry out interviews and surveys. Besides, such services can assist in forming the right questions so that to get the useful answers.
  2. It’s worth having a look at your Instagram analytics. The latter can be found in the section Audience of an Instagram Business account. Particularly this section will give you the data on your most engaged fans (gender, age, location, etc.).
  3. Google Analytics and Facebook are great sources for crucial data, too. InstaBF advises having a glance at Geo, Interests, and Demographics.

Once you have the necessary data, you will notice the vision of your potential customer to form. From this, you need to create a template of a buyer persona. Give it a name – the one that perfectly matches your ideal customer, and start profiling him/her.



The Template to Use

The following points will help you in finalizing your perfect marketing persona:

  • The age, gender, marital status;
  • Whether the buyer persona uses mass transit; rents or has his/her own vehicle;
  • Preferences in the social media, as well as how the marketing persona accesses information;
  • Dreams and ambitions in both career and life;
  • What most common objectives the persona has during a sales process;
  • What challenges your potential buyers face and how your offers can help them in their solutions;
  • Precise examples how your services or products can integrate into your buyer’s life;
  • An idea (maybe a quote) that best describes your marketing persona;
  • A well-schemed speech of a marketing nature that appears specific to every marketing persona.


After incorporating all this information into one model, you will have an ideal marketing persona in front of you. Find out how you can use the information and the model you created for developing specific plans and strategies to increase the return on your investments.


Pro Tips for Creative Instagram Stories

Pro Tips for Creative Instagram Stories

One can’t deny that Stories form if not the basis of Instagram, then at least one of the most important features. In fact, the first thing that comes to mind when launching Instagram is checking your friends’ stories and, of course, creating yours for that day. With people becoming more and more creative, it becomes quite harsh to compete with today’s leading stories. Putting aside the social media’s updates and new features that we constantly expect so much, putting our creative muscles to work becomes a necessity. Actually, there are so many under-used current features from gimmicks to cool tricks that can help us scheme simply fabulous Instagram stories to amaze our followers and attract new ones. And today, InstaBF, a reliable provider of Instagram likes, comments and followers on an affordable and timely basis, wants to share some grandiose ideas with you.


A Photo inside a Photo


Putting a selfie sticker on your Instagram Story is the same as having an image inside another. Needless to say how funky this looks! Besides, this trick gives you much space for working out your imagination and implementing the bravest ideas. How to do it? Just adhere to the following guide:

  1. Open your stories;
  2. Record or upload a story;
  3. Open the stickers for stories;
  4. Choose the icon “camera”;
  5. Take a selfie or a simple photo (the choice is up to you);
  6. Move the new selfie/photo to the necessary spot.


Playing with this feature as much as you want, you’ll create some fantastic stories!



Making Live Photos Boomerangs

Live photos are always so nice as long as you know how to use them productively but what if we turn them into Instagram boomerang stories? Won’t they become even more interesting? For this, no magic trick is needed. A couple of steps mentioned below will help you create a marvelous Instagram Story today!

  1. Pick up a live photo or take a new one;
  2. Open the Stories feature;
  3. Upload your live photo;
  4. Tap and hold the live photo till it is converted into a Boomerang.




A Revealing Instagram Story


Most probably you haven’t used the brush tool so much (if you’ve ever used) for creating Instagram Stories. And today, it’s high time you do this little funny trick, and amuse your followers. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Stories in Normal Mode;
  2. Upload your photo;
  3. Pick up a brush;
  4. Tap and hold long on the color you wish;
  5. Pick up the eraser;
  6. Erase the little space on the photo you want to be seen.



Bring in the Rainbow

You definitely love writing in colors. And who doesn’t? It’s a cool trend and the cooler is only to write in rainbow colors. For this, you could select a color for each letter one by one. But you are searching a way to do it like a Pro, don’t you? We’ll tell you how to.

So, choose the text that you want to turn into a rainbow. Using only one finger tap and hold the color you want. Use another finger to hold tightly to the blue text selector line. Once done, you’ll need to move those both fingers at the same speed. Don’t hope to succeed form the first time. Try this technique a couple of times and you will get your speed and coordination right. Once you’ve practiced enough, you’ll create rainbow texts for Instagram Stories easily!



Adding Music to Your Stories


Music makes wonders! Life would be so boring without music, won’t it? And if you haven’t been adding music to your Instagram stories, you have missed a lot. Did you know that Instagram has announced about adding a native music feature to Stories? Nevertheless, till that, we’ll have to follow these simple steps and DIY:

  1. Open your phone’s music application;
  2. Tap the play button on the song you want to add to a Story;
  3. Open Instagram Stories and record a video.


Crafting Strong Branding for Instagram

Crafting Strong Branding for Instagram


Most probably you have heard that consistency is everything when the matter concerns social Media and Instagram in particular. And if you are running a business on this social platform, you simply ought to have a consistent brand across all your social media channels. Particularly the strong and consistent image of a brand makes consumers rely on it and accept as something familiar.

So, if you are after crisp images with the authentic brand feel they have, as well as the perfectly mastered captions for your own Instagram account, then let InstaBF present a guide on how to create consistent Instagram branding. By the way, InstaBF is the service you can always trust whenever you need some extra likes, comments, views or followers for your Instagram account.

Let’s suppose that you already have your product/service brand. It’s very important to make sure it is vivid from your Instagram account once your customers visit it. Do never try to appear as something that you are not, because it will be apparent and damaging to your reputation. This means that, for example, if your brand has bright coloring, the same must have your Instagram account.


Uniformed Instagram Look

Before starting filling your Instagram account with photos, remember your brand’s style. Is it funky, dramatic, classy, romantic or maybe serious? Using appropriate filters, you can succeed in submerging your audience to the right feeling. Control the color, the fonts (if you prefer text-heavy images), and the overall feel. Whether it’s a behind-the-scenes moment, a lifestyle image or a casual one, you need to enhance the brand look. There are amazing filters to try such as Lark, Clarendon, Juno (for increased contrast and tense hues); Crema, Gingham, Reyes (for a pale and subdued look), etc. However, if the variety of Instagram filters doesn’t satisfy you, turn to VSCO app and choose from as paid so free filters for driving your Insta branding home!

Once you like a certain setting of filters, save the code to use it for all further images.



All we know that Instagram is all about the beautiful. Only the best photos posted catch attention. Hence, by all means, avoid posting low-quality and grainy images. Remember that the visual representation of your brand will serve as the first experience your possible customers will have with it. Hire a photographer to picture your business or products in their best view. If you prefer to do it yourself, make certain they are clear, high-contrast and well-lit. Canva application may help you with creating stunning images that tell a whole story.

Anyway, if you have run out of really good images and ideas how to create them, there are websites that offer premium quality pictures either entirely free of charge or at a little fee.


Consistent Logo

Your Instagram business needs not only a consistent brand but also an appropriate logo. This should be only one, distinct and memorable to be easily recognized in the noise of other brands. All your visual marketing assets need to be marked with your logo.


Emotional Hook

Another important aspect of creating an Instagram consistent brand is using an emotional hook. Share emotionally-striking photos that relate to your audience. This can be deep eyes, happy smiles, cute pets, graffiti, breathtaking nature views, etc. To provoke a balanced emotional response in viewers with your emotional images, keep them in a limit.


All these points plus amazing Instagram captions (InstaBF has already talked about creating effective captions) and you will have your strong Instagram branding crafted!


The New Question Sticker on Instagram

The New Question Sticker on Instagram

Instagram does never stand still. It is constantly developing. During the past couple of months, this social network introduced several innovations which were all accepted by Instagram users with great appreciation and enthusiasm. And now the new question sticker is going to make Instagram Stories even more interactive and fun!

It was a couple of weeks ago that Instagram announced about the incorporation of this new feature into the application. And today it is already officially available on both Android and iOS devices running the Version 52 of Instagram application.

Being your true friend in the magic world of Instagram, InstaBF is ready to bring to your attention anything you need to know about this new feature. InstaBF is one of the most credible providers of Instagram likes, comments and followers (from the recent times on provides likes, views an comments for IGTV channels) in the industry. The prices here are affordable, and the service is provided at the highest levels. All this plus real-looking HQ profiles, what else do you need for a quick rise in Instagram engagement?


What the New Question Sticker Is

Undoubtedly you are well aware of the emoji and poll stickers that let Insta users to “vote” on questions submitted in others’ stories. The new question sticker, however, changes the rules of the game. Adding this sticker to your story, you invite your followers to submit questions right in your story so that you can answer them online. This means that putting all your followers, as well as those users who got interested in your story (in case you own a public account) in the driving seat.

In fact, together with the new emoji slider and the polling stickers, new question stickers can bring quite an easy way of interacting with your followers. Agree, that this is a great feature especially for Instagram business accounts. This new feature can open doors for brands to engaging with their followers. It will allow to collect feedback on the products, as well as crowdsource ideas.


How You Can Use the New Question Sticker

Adding a question sticker to an Instagram Story doesn’t require special skills. Even though it involves a couple of more steps than if you were to add any other kind of interactive sticker, everything may be done in a matter of seconds. How is it done? Just check out this:

  1. Upload a photo/video for your Instagram Story;
  2. Pick up the new sticker;
  3. Type out your prompt (eg. in the queue… ask me some questions!);
  4. Place the prompt on the photo/video;
  5. Share it on the Instagram story.


Once one of your followers wants to ask you a question, he/she will need to tap the sticker and type it. There is no limitation to the number of questions to be asked. To see what questions are waiting for you, just open the story and swipe it up. To respond a question, tap the question and type your answer. Afterward, you will need to share it as a new story.

Instagram wants to remind you that whenever you share a question asked you, neither their username nor their image will be shown.