Taking Perfect Instagram Selfies

Taking Perfect Instagram Selfies

Do you always admire the glorious look Instagram stars have in their selfies and even feel jealous from time to time? Surely these divas are delightfully beautiful, but it’s not merely their natural beauty that makes their selfies magnetizing. Let’s confess, the expression of their eyes is captivating, their lips are luscious, their hair looks luxurious while their posture exudes self-confidence. Would you like your Instagram selfies to be as attractive as those of Instagram celebrities? If yes, then we have prepared for you a few tips to adhere to when taking a selfie next time. Be sure, they will help you score tons of likes and an “army” of followers!

Choose the Right Angle

To snap an amazing selfie, first of all, you need to find the right angle. Surely, every face is different and one angle may appear not appropriate for another. Yet, you can get a “universally” perfect angle by tucking down your chin and at the same time tilting your head a bit. This way you’ll get a flattering expression of eyes and your face will look angular.

For taking a fire selfie, meanwhile, it’s mandatory to practice your smile. Don’t forget to raise your eyebrows and tout your lips. A super sexy selfie is guaranteed!

Opt for Natural Lighting

For a healthy and beautiful glow, it’s not mandatory to use expensive concealers or highlighters. A smart use of natural light is what you need. Even if your face is clean with absolutely no makeup, it will glow nicely and look pretty in natural lighting. Fluorescent lighting, meanwhile, will spoil any selfie no matter what makeup you have applied!

Morning Selfies

The best time for taking a selfie for your Instagram account is in the morning. When your face is clean with a fresh makeup, your hairdo is not destroyed by the wind or workouts, and you feel energized after a morning coffee, a marvelous selfie is guaranteed!

Keep the Camera Up

Smiling into the camera straight-on is far not the best posture for taking a selfie unless it’s intended for your passport! Instead, hold your camera a little bit above you to have a less intense and a more charming selfie. This downward angle is amazingly flattering!

Have Your Background Clean

Do you like taking selfies in front of the mirror right in your bedroom like Kendall Jenner, for instance? It’s a good idea until you have a neat background. Remember to make your room, bedroom or any other space in your house tidy before taking a selfie there.

Finding Your Best Filter

One secret successful bloggers share with their fans on Instagram is choosing the right filter and sticking to it. Get that subtle filter which emphasizes your vibe the best, and apply it to every selfie or picture you take. Make use of this advice and you’ll have your whole feed looking cohesive. This is a sure way to get a great fame on Instagram and tons of followers in addition.

Sunglasses: Stunning Accessory for Great Selfies

Do you feel shy when taking a sexual pose for an Instagram selfie? Why won’t you then throw your favorite shades beforehand and only pose your lips? You won’t have to take hundreds of selfies to choose a single succeeded one afterward. Badass sunnies are a pledge for a cool selfie!

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A Short Guide to Instagram Stories

A Short Guide to Instagram Stories

The interface of Instagram Stories is intuitively clear to everyone, but some features are not obvious. Some sort of quick manual would be useful to a first-timer who’s going to post a story on Instagram. Though, it may be helpful for experienced users too.


If you are on the point of posting your story, the first thing you have to do is to swipe from the left part of the screen to the right on the Instagram homepage. To make photo or video, press the circle on the bottom of the screen. By swiping down one may open the media selection window.

There’s also another way of making a story. Just choose the tab of your account where your photos are shown and press “+” near the profile image.

Shooting modes

Instagram Stories feature maintains five modes of video making:

  • “Live stream”. Having chosen this option, you may broadcast from the camera of the smartphone. After finishing of the air you can share the video on Instagram.
  • Usual mode. A quick tap makes photos, a long pressing creates a video clip.
  • “Boomerang”. That means a short animation. Boomerang-mode would be great for shooting dynamic clips.
  • Reverse mode. It allows you to play video backwards.
  • “Free hands”. By a quick tap one may launch a 15-second shooting, and there’s no need to hold the record button.

The maintained formats

Videos and photos in Instagram Stories are vertical. By importing of horizontal media files they are cut. For choosing the desired image area before the story posting you may use the cutting option in a standard picture editor.

Maximum video length amounts to 15 seconds. In case you import a longer clip, it will be shortened. It’s possible to upload only those pics and videos to the story which have been made within the last 24 hours.


If you want to add a sticker to your story, just press the respective icon after shooting or swipe up the screen.

By pressing the sticker and holding your finger on it you may delete it. There will appear a dustbin icon at the bottom of the screen, and you have to transfer it right there.

Adding a selfie

On the screen line of stickers you may find an icon with a cam. Use it for making a selfie and implementing it to your story. The borders of image can be blurred or accented with a white frame. Selfie-option lets you express your emotional attitude to what you’ve posted.

Adding music

Alas, there’s no such a feature which would allow a musical accompaniment for a story. Still, you can do it. Music on the smartphone goes on when you’re watching Instagram stories. The same applies to the video shooting: just turn on the favorite song on a streaming service or in a social network and start creating your story!

Now you see how to operate that feature. For more popularity visit InstaBF – here it’s possible to buy likes, subscribers and views. It’s never too late to become an Instagram star!

Major Instagram Updates of November 2017

Major Instagram Updates of November 2017

With around seven hundred millions of users in the whole world, Instagram is one of global leading social networks. Surely, facing the same features with no updates during the time may repel them ho matter how much they like the network structure. Therefore, Instagram has adopted the policy of expanding the old features and offering totally new ones every month! November is not an exception, either.
Instagram wants to surprise its users with the updated Story format, and the chance to host split-screen videos on Instagram Live.

Bring the Past to the Present

Instagram introduced the Story format in 2016 and it was high time to make some crucial changes. If users could only post Instagram Stories in real time or at least use the fresh content (not older than 24 hours) from their camera rolls before, now, from November 2017, they get the unique opportunity to bring past to the present! Your old photos saved in the gadget can make your current stories from now on!
The 24-hour limit was definitely constricting and Instagram had to review it. Actually, users are really grateful for this update, as not all of them have constant access to the internet. So now, when you click to add a story with a photo from your camera roll, instead of getting the already-annoying “last 24 hours” phrase, you will see just “camera roll”. Additionally, if you had the photos you could post in your Instagram story displayed horizontally, from now on you will get them aligned vertically. This is sure to immensely facilitate the deal!
When a user will be uploading an old photo or video in his Story, he will get a lovely sticker with the date and time of taking pop up. Undoubtedly, this will add a nostalgic feel to your post. Yet, however, if your intention is to fake spontaneity, you can just drag the sticker to the bin and have a clear post! Thrilling, isn‘t it?
By the way, Instagram made is possible to view stories using the desktop version of the network. From November on, stories will cease to be mobile-only!

Host Friends in Live Version

Are you making a live Instagram broadcasting and want a friend to join? Once you start it, you can see who’s viewing you online. Invite any of them you trust to share your broadcast and have a split-screen broadcast with them. Besides, you can receive and accept requests by those who want to join you. Just make sure it’s worth trusting them in real-time!

Making Your Instagram Account Popular

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How to Fit Instagram to the Market Strategy

How to Fit Instagram to the Market Strategy

A promising field of activity

Instagram is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. Nowadays its audience exceeds 600 million users, and it’s the second SNS after Facebook, which is being checked every day.

It should be mentioned that plenty of people use Instagram not just only to have some fun. The great diversity of its features makes it attractive to marketing companies, which are eager to succeed in the vineyards of this social network. So, if you’re a marketing expert, what should you start with?

Keep the audience in mind

Customer base is the keystone of a marketer’s business. The main tip here is to interact personally with your audience, no matter how many people are your subscribers – 10 or 100,000+.

Do it as often as possible. Ask them to send you messages on the topics you’d like to promote. Don’t hesitate to encourage the subscribers to provide comments. All that will involve them in your story, so to speak, and keep you informed about what they are interested in.

You also should concern yourself with the profiles of the audience. A good idea is to visit pages of followers tracing what they like and share. Don’t be a silent visitor, comment their posts – in such a manner you’ll show your interest and conquer the appreciation of the audience.

Life hacks to remember

If you want to use your Instagram account in marketing purposes at full capacity, you should keep in mind the following 4 features:

  1. Ads with photo

Everybody knows that Instagram has been generally created for posting images. That’s because people like to share their flashbacks and instant photos. Marketers may not only use picture posting, they also can tag their products and link them to a definite website.

  1. Power of stories

Any advertiser has now the possibility to create an ad story lasting fifteen seconds and provided with images or videos. To secure a stable delivery it is desirable to choose clear photos, with no overlay description. Companies which used that method observe the revenue increase.

  1. Multiplicity of downloaded media

Another great feature for a marketer is an opportunity to insert up to ten images and videos. If your company is divided in several offices you may post the photos of every teammate, for a precise personalization of your business. It’s also possible to showcase your own artwork if you’re fascinated by some hobby.

  1. Cooperation with influencers

There’s safety in numbers, they say. It’s much easier to promote your product getting in touch with influencers. You just have to be careful choosing them – they should have credibility among your audience.

The above features would definitely increase the marketer’s chances to succeed. By the way, there’s also an InstaBF, where one can purchase subscribers / views / likes etc. Use sophisticated technologies to the full extent and watch your popularity growing! Good luck!

Make Money with your popular Instagram account

Make Money with your popular Instagram account

Instagram is the most convenient social network that can help you become famous and even rich. Thousands of bloggers confirm this! Interesting and original personalities can have thousands and even millions of followers. Their hobby, making and posting photos, has long been their way to make money. You are in no way worse, and you can also start benefiting from your account right now. In this article, you will learn how to find advertisers for large and small blogs and how else to earn money on Instagram.

For owners of large accounts (100K followers and more)

If you have a lot of followers, you have probably come across a variety of cooperation offers. It could be some discounts and gifts in exchange for a good feedback about the product or service as a post in your account. In simple words, this is called barter advertising. Depending on the number of your followers, you could also be offered to receive additional payment. The more people are subscribing you, the higher the cost of an advertising post.

If you are not satisfied with the number of advertisers and you are ready to post more commercial posts, you can address directly to potential clients. Do not hesitate to do this. So you can choose what you really like and work with your favorite brands. Remember that not everyone needs your advertising services, so refusals are normal in this business. If you do not want to waste your time, contact special people who will become your manager and look for advertisers. But then you have to pay a percentage to this person or organization.

Another option is to make your name brand. It’s difficult but real! To do this, think what you like and what kind of goods your followers would buy. If you like sports and can assign your account to this topic, choose something related to sportswear or healthy food. If you are a girl who likes to post clothes and makeup, create your own brand in this area. Who knows, maybe you’re the next Kylie Jenner. In fact, you can create any product, from a mobile app to a flower shop. The main thing is that you have a huge base of fans as your followers.

For small accounts (less than 100K followers)

To ensure that advertisers want to use your services, you must have at least 10K followers. However, even if you already have the required amount, you will receive few proposals. You probably have not enough of this, so you’ll have to find clients by yourself. Refer to online clothing stores, some of them will gladly work with you as barter. This means that you will receive a thing, and they will be advertised, free on mutually beneficial terms. Perhaps, some store will offer you a special coupon for your followers, and you can receive a percentage of sales.

Do not get discouraged because of the small number of proposals. To accelerate the growth of your popularity, use InstaBF site for more followers and likes. Having a good account activity, you have more chances that you will be noticed by potential advertisers.

Newest Instagram Features

Newest Instagram Features

Instagram is trying to keep up with its popularity constantly offering the clients new features. These features come frequently with regular updates allowing user to use the platform in a better and more convenient way. It also provides enormous support to be competitive on the market and attract new users. Individuals always want something new that encourages them to use the network and share their content in much more convenient way. Some of the update features were released not a long time ago and already have gain lots of people’s popularity. Here we will have a look at some of these features.

Instagram gallery updates

A few months ago Instagram introduced new feature that allowed users to publish multiple photo and video in a single post. Before this update all the content must have been published in a square format. Multiple images can now be posted in a single format and it includes both the portrait and landscape images. It is applicable for both photo and also video.

This update could not be described as a massive one but it certainly gives users a lot of flexibility and an opportunity for creativity. In the past, people could not do it as on many occasions they could face a problem when a set of images needed to be posted and it was only suitable and applicable for landscape view. Hence, it must have been posted separately. Now the new update would allow greater opportunity.

Instagram engagement now could be monitored via Facebook

On many occasion in the past it is much easier to get to a social network such as Facebook to monitor what is going on and communicate to your friends there. Thanks to the most recent update Instagram engagement could be done directly from personal Facebook page. Both platforms can now communicate easily with each other and allow users to monitor what is going on both of them. It makes usage much more convenient and simple to handle.

Most of people use both Facebook and Instagram. Once something is going on Instagram page when someone is making a comment or like your content, clients immediately notified of that on Facebook. It is certainly a very attractive feature as many people at work or at home stay on Facebook for the most of the times. Engaging to comments and review what is going on from a fb profile is very convenient.

New features

These features making the use of Instagram even more popular. It allows users to experience a new way of how to use this wonderful platform. Indeed, making your Instagram page popular is not easy as individuals will need substantial amount of subscribers and received like on constant basis. This problem could be solved with ease as we now have InstaBF service where Instagram users can purchase the needed amount of likes, followers, views and comments below the content that has been posted. It explores plenty of new possibilities for Instagram users attracting potential advertisers or third parties that will require your posts promoting them. New features will allow you to publish better content and whilst on Facebook never miss a profitable deal from third parties and this is all thanks to InstaBF. We will help you to promote the account and be ahead of the others in terms of profit making.