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Significant Instagram Marketing Tips To Exploit

Significant Instagram Marketing Tips To Exploit

During recent years, the number of brands that incorporate Instagram into their marketing strategy has significantly increased. And this is no wonder since over a billion active users use Instagram monthly. Moreover, this social media platform has around 850 million advertising audience. To take the most out of this network for your business, InstaBF, a leading IG and IGTV provider, will share several most important and handy tips with our faithful customers. 



Turn to a Business Profile


The first step, which is sure to be obvious, is turning to a business account. In case you don’t know yet, a business profile gives you access to Instagram insights, ads, shopping, as well as contact info and a CTA on the profile. 

It’s also worth considering a creator account just in case you are an artist, public figure or content producer. Otherwise, a business account is where it’s all at. 



Precise View of Your Goals


To use Instagram as a marketing tool, it’s crucial to have a clear image of what you are going to build. It is brand awareness, new leads, or growth of sales? Or perhaps you plan to establish your brands as a leader of the industry? So, determine where you want your Instagram strategy to take you and you will appear there (look for more details on this point in our previous posts).



Define the Audience


If you devote some time on preliminary research, you will figure it out who is your best target audience. This will be also handy when selecting the targeting options of advertisements. Take the following facts into consideration:

  • The most active users of this social network are young people between 18 and 29. 
  • The largest Instagram market in the US.
  • Urban residents are significantly more active on Instagram than suburban ones. 



Profile Optimization 


Your bio is your visiting card on Instagram. Therefore, in as few as in 150 characters, you must convey your business’s personality, convey people that following you will be beneficial for them, and make a great first impression. Other fields must be used wisely, too including your name and username, website, category of your business, contact information, and a CTA button. 



The Right Profile Image


As a rule, an Instagram brand chooses its logo as a profile photo. This way they can provide credibility and help visitors easily recognize your brand on social media. When choosing one remember that it will be cropped to a circle, hence make sure the most important part is seen (it’s also possible to zoom the image). 



Only Compelling Content 


Instagram is based on the visual concept. Accordingly, whatever you post must be visually compelling. This doesn’t mean you have to get professional equipment for photography (though this would be great). Taking sharp, well lit and composed, and focused images will be enough. Additionally, make sure every image you post can get viewers excited or tell them a small story. Great ideas are behind-the-scene images, text-based photos or quotes, UGC images, videos, etc. 



Create a Branded “Look”


After establishing your branded content type, it’s time to create a branded look. Remember that colors and the Instagram aesthetics you set have a great impact on not only brand recognition but also on customers’ buying decisions. 

It’s important to set such an Inst look that will be consistent across all the posts and help users recognize the content in their feeds. Among the most identifiable brand looks is that of mr.pokee – an Instagram account all images of which have a consistent look, color scheme and feel. 

Creative Ways of Using Instagram Carousel Posts

Creative Ways of Using Instagram Carousel Posts

Being an Instagram marketer means making use of all possible tools to achieve business goals. If you are one, you shouldn’t neglect carousel posts since they are quite powerful and versatile tools. If you use it wisely, you can raise your engagement level, boost your brand loyalty and eventually drive more sales. So, if you wonder how you can use Instagram carousel posts to your brand’s benefit, we shall reveal that right now. InstaBF, a known Instagram and IGTV provider, will show you several most practical ways of using carousel posts:



Promoting a New Product


Brands launching new products may find a single post not sufficient to transfer all the exciting sides. The latter may include color variations, sizes or other details. Right for such cases, Instagram carousel posts appear handy. They are perfect for sharing more pictures and close-ups so that the product appears in its whole glory. 



Before and After Images


People (especially those on Instagram) love transformations and makeovers, upcycling projects, home renovations, tattoo designs, etc. Instagram carousel posts deliver amazing swipeable reveal posts. Plenty of photo editing applications such as Lightroom presets, for instance, can show off their digital edits through carousel posts, too. Believe us, before ad after reveals of any type, let that be a digital makeover or a physical one, are sure to attract multiple scroll-throughs on a carousel post. 



Personalized Recommendations


If you plan to create content targeted to different audiences thus increasing your brand’s reach and engagement, carousel posts are a great option. This way you deliver super-localized advice and don’t alienate a wider audience. Most of all, through carousel posts Instagrammers make recommendations on age groups, skin types, personality types, etc. 



Sharing Brand Stories


Having a carefully curated feed you don’t want to disrupt while sharing personalized stories, make use of carousel posts. This can be anything important for your brand starting with your first office images and ending with newspaper headlines addressed to your brand. 



Getting into Details


To show up close-up shots and fine details to your audience Instagram carousel posts are irreplaceable. This technique is particularly widely used by style influencers. They deliver the way they style a look and show what they’re wearing through carousel posts. 



Customer Reviews


Customer reviews are capable of heavily influence a brand’s success. If your brand regularly receives positive reviews by customers, it makes sense of sharing them on carousel posts. This way you will increase your brand visibility, build trust on this social media platform, and generate interest in what you offer your customers. 



Sharing Outtakes


It has been a trend on Instagram in 2019 to share several different variants of the same shot in a carousel post. This seems to go into the new 2020 year, too. The concept of such posts is not tricky. This way Instagrammers just share a certain number of extra photos alongside a winning shot. In most cases, these are “Social media against reality” themed images.

Instagram’s Post Restrictions in the Sake of the Youth

Instagram’s Post Restrictions in the Sake of the Youth

Young girls get impressed very quickly and can badly suffer from that. Sometimes Instagram, being way too filled with images of perfect women, can threaten a teenage girl’s psychics. The same can be said about weight loss products and cosmetic procedures that promise wonders. Young girls get excited about every new product (especially those advertised by influencers) that is promised to make their body slimmer without training, or their facial traits sexier irrespective of their natural look or young age. Most often, these girls do not pay attention to warnings or contradictions. As a result, many cases of wrong product use or terrible side effects occur. To show that Instagram cares about its young users and avoid all this, social media is going to restrict people under 18 from seeing those posts which promote weight loss products and cosmetic surgeries. InstaBF, a reputable Instagram and IGTV provider, is going to speak about Instagram’s new policy targeting at the rapidly growing side of influencer marketing that is quite controversial. If you are under 18 or care about a certain Instagram user under 18 years old, this article can be of special importance to you. 



Details about the New Policy


Although not implied yet, certain details of the new policy are already known. Instagram is going to apply this restriction on those posts which contain an incentive to buy or which state the product’s price. Furthermore, in case the post promises “miraculous” results of a weight loss product or diet, and contain any type of a commercial offer such as a discount code, it will not only be hidden from the eyes of teenagers but even removed from Instagram. 

Generally, the advertising guidelines and policies of Instagram didn’t ever encourage the promotion of such types of products. It was always banned. But the latest growth of such ads among influencers has made this social media platform take additional actions. And since Instagram is a subsidiary company of Facebook, this policy refers to both platforms. 

According to Emma Collins, the public policy manager of Instagram, by this step, they wish to reduce any pressure that one can feel when using Instagram. 

There have been quite many conversations about the huge role that Instagram plays in the youth’s behavior, their perception of life and themselves. Having around 150 million followers, Kim Kardashian, for instance, can easily impact at least the two-third of her followers, i.e. around 100 million people! When she promotes a weight loss product or a plastic surgery, her fans take that as sincere advice, honest recommendation. But the thing is that everything is not always that simple. Influencers and celebrities often advertise products that don’t always work or are potentially harmful to younger buyers. 

The policy targeted at the fast-growing and controversial sect of influencer marketing is sure to evolve, yet. It’s a definite positive step in protecting younger users’ physical and psychical health at least on the social media platform. 

Instagram vs Blogging: Part Two

Instagram vs Blogging: Part Two

Are you still confused when defining a blogger and an Instagrammer? In one of our previous posts, we started discussing the differences between these two concepts. We found out how much time is necessary for growing a mass following and now it’s turn to go further. Today InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider will speak about the necessary efforts and skills, as well as income streams, and the algorithm control that matter for becoming a successful Instagram or blogger. 



The Efforts Required


Actually, it is quite easy to run an Instagram page. A good location, a good camera, and a good pose are the components of a succeeded shot which will be followed by multiple likes and popularity. Surely, engaging with other Instagrammers’ posts and adhering to the social media strategy you’ve schemed, are also mandatory. If you choose to post daily, you will need to spend at least half an hour taking a photo and another half an hour on browsing through others’.

As compared to blogging, the time spent on Instagram is little. Here you need to get a captivating idea, search for keywords, structure out your post, take thematic photos, write the article (minimum 500 words) and publish it. Moreover, improving the website periodically also requires certain time and efforts. So, all this takes around five hours. You see how much effort running a blog demands.



The Technical Skills Required


Due to the user-friendly interface, an Instagram account is very straightforward to manage. There are practically no tech skills required perhaps except for shooting quality images. 

Blogging, meanwhile, is a lot different. Believe us, the mere SEO won’t be enough for building a successful blog. You either must have programming skills (the basic understanding of tech issues, at least) to have the website look the way it should, or you will have to hire a professional. 



Income Streams


If you invest your time and efforts in building an Instagram account or a blog, you will obliviously expect a certain income from it. For Instagram, the money is earned through collaborating with brands. Instagrammers receive money or free stuff from brands they post photos or write captions about. And there can be no word about passive income. Every dollar is earned by an Instagrammer’s work. 

When the matter concerns blogs, everything is a way different. The moment you realize your blog has a significant audience, you can get multiple income streams. These include sponsored posts, affiliates, ads, selling your products such as courses, e-books, presets, etc. Setting up passive income systems here is possible, too (affiliate programs, ads, for instance). 

With Instagram rising on the top of the social media world, everybody seems not to notice that blogging can bring much more money than Instagram in the long run. 



Algorithm Control


The Instagram algorithm is what annoys Instagrammers (especially brand owners and marketers) a lot. It’s really hard nowadays to keep your engagement high or attract new dedicated followers. The truth is that none of us has any power to influence the Instagram algorithm or change it anyway. 

When blogging, Google algorithm determines which posts must be shown in the first pages of the search results. However, this algorithm is much easier to understand and control. 

How to Get More Views On Your Instagram Stories

How to Get More Views On Your Instagram Stories

As a responsible Instagram marketer (or an ordinary user), you must be knowing that the future of Instagram belongs to the Stories feature. The latter is an ideal tool for getting feedback from your target audience and become super popular on this social network. Do you wonder how you can get even more views on your Instagram Stories? Find the answer straight away on one of the most remarkable IG and IGTV provider InstaBF’s blog. 



The Algorithm Instagram Uses on Stories


The same principle works on both Stories feed and regular feed. The algorithm evaluates the following points:

  • What type of content you prefer (watch and like);
  • How relevant the publications are;
  • In what relationships you are with the author of this or that post (this includes how often you like and comment on his posts, visit his account, etc.).

Additionally, the more active a user is the more likely his Stories will appear on the front of his friends’ Stories list. So, how can you use all this in the benefit of your marketing campaign? Let’s find out the best ways of creating Instagram Stories that will bring you many views.



How to Increase Your Story Views


  1. Post exciting stuff – It’s better to have fewer Stories yet quality ones instead of filling the whole place with poor-quality content that will be quickly scrolled through. 
  2. Make regular but not too frequent stories – When you post too many stories that fill the Stories line with dots (more than ten), it scares people. Generally, people aren’t expected to spend much time on your stories since this is a “consumed content” type of format. From 4 to 6 stories per day will be ideal.
  3. Add geolocations and hashtags to your stories – These are the pillars of fast promotion. Just make certain the tags are relevant. Not to waste time on searching new tags every day, make use of a hashtag generator. 
  4. Use all the perks that Instagram offers – You must have noticed that everything new is quickly perceived on Instagram. Hence, post palls and chat stickers, sliders, and quests, etc. 
  5. Save the most important stories in the highlights – This way people will still have a chance to review them and your views will go on growing. 
  6. Go live on Instagram – Organizing live broadcasts you will easily remind your followers about yourself since your broadcasting immediately appears in the front of their whole Stories list. However, remember not to overdo with live videos as too frequent notifications may repel people and they’ll unfollow you.
  7. Watch other Instagrammers’ stories – Most probably you know that mutual interest is a powerful driving force on this social network. The way you approach people on Insta (likes, comments, views) will turn to you.
  8. Get a business account to analyze the efficiency of your stories – Keeping track of which topics and story formats bring you the most views will help you appear even more entertaining on this platform. 
  9. Make your Instagram page “home” for your followers – Quality is much more significant than pure quantity. Having a hundred-thousandth audience only a thousand of which are active won’t be as efficient as having only three thousand ones following you half of which are active on your page. Agree that a return of 50% is much more beneficial than 1%!
Instagram vs Blogging: Part One

Instagram vs Blogging: Part One

With Instagram overwhelming social media sphere today, it becomes quite hard for people to distinguish between bloggers and Instagrammers. And those Instagrammers who identify themselves as bloggers, make the mess even bigger. Writing long captions, to their mind, makes them bloggers. It’s far not like that just as taking lovely photos doesn’t mean you are an Instagrammer. And if you are confused too, we shall clarify it straight away here on InstaBF’s, the most popular Instagram and IGTV provider’s blog. 


  • Defining an Instagrammer 

Any person registered and using Instagram is an Instagrammer no matter whether he has 10 or 10 million followers. As long as one uses this social platform, he is considered an Instagrammer.


  • Defining a Blogger

A blogger is a person who has a website where he/she writes about his favorite topic. This can be about food, traveling, sports, fashion, etc. 

Nevertheless, the tricky part comes when an influencer appears. The latter is the person who has the power of influencing other’s opinions and behavior through his internet presence. Both, a blogger and Instagrammer can be an influencer as long as there’s an audience inspired by them. 

Actually, these three terms – blogger, Instagrammer, influencer, are not opposite. They are rather complementary. 

Before Instagram influencers, brands mostly trusted bloggers to review their products and spread a word about them among their audience. Today Instagram influencers appear to be more influential and brands turn to them more often.  



Instagrammer vs Blogger: The Time Required for Building Audience


Whether you are interested in Instagram or blogging, the first thing to do is to create a dedicated audience. The people you target should become eager to engage with your content. Building a substantial audience for both an Instagram account and blog might take around three years and significant perseverance. 

However, there is one major difference in attaining audience. If an Instagrammer can buy followers or attract them with giveaways in short terms, the same can’t be said about bloggers. Mind that such type of audience hardly becomes engaged to buy the products you advertise. Hence, to become an Instagram influencer and have an interested audience for brand collaboration, it’s better to spend some efforts and time. A blogger, meanwhile, has no luxury of that kind. The Google algorithm won’t allow any manipulation with followers. Besides, it bases on several factors when determining how good a blogger’s articles are. These factors include SEO, content quality, how many links the article attracts, etc. Actually, there’s no exact formula of this algorithm. Hence, it will be simply impossible to trick the algorithm. 

So, growing following is time-consuming as for bloggers so for Instagrammers. And even though it is possible to accelerate that of Instagram through certain tricks, the results won’t be efficient. It will be definitely not beneficial in the long run.