Seven Psychology Facts that Will Interest an Instagram Marketer: Part Two

Seven Psychology Facts that Will Interest an Instagram Marketer: Part Two

We are back with our seven amazing psychology facts that affect Instagram users’ behavior on this social network. You, as a Gram marketer, should be aware of them and learn how to use them for the benefit of your brand and your marketing campaign. In the previous post, InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider, addressed to three psychological facts to take into account, and now we’ll continue with the rest four ones:



How the Halo Effect Impacts Instagram Users’ Perceptions


The type of immediate judgment of a person, thing or place based on our first impression, is known as the Halo effect. According to it, once we see a beautiful person, our overall impression of him/her makes us evaluate his/her specific traits in the same manner. It’s like you never get a second chance to make people change their first impression about you. The same takes place on Instagram. We can’t but let a single quality (attractiveness, in most cases) of a brand or an ordinary Gram user influence our overall judgment for his other unrelated aspects.

How can you use the Halo effect to your brand’s benefit? Just see, a celebrity or an influencer endorsement has a great impact on the perceptions of the brand they cooperate with. Ordinary users start to subconsciously associate the pretty (mildly said) traits of the influencer or celebrity immediately with the brand or the advertised product.

So, to leverage the Halo effect in your Instagram marketing, you have the following options:

  1. Emphasize the successful deal with a recognizable client or get a customer testimonial from him/her;
  2. Cooperate with an Instagram celebrity or a recognizable influencer;
  3. Associate with other famous companies which can enhance your brand.



The Frequency Illusion


Have you ever noticed a thing you have just heard about, noticed or seen, suddenly start to crop up all the time giving you the feeling that everybody around you thinks and talks exactly about it? Perhaps multiple times! This phenomenon is known as “the frequency illusion” in psychology. And once the feeling that more people pay attention to it becomes stronger, it signifies you are noticing it more. How does this happen? Let’s psychologists explain.

Such a reaction is caused by two processes. The first one is the selective attention. Once you get struck by something new (let it be a new word, idea, etc.), on an unconscious basis, you start looking for it everywhere and, as a result, notice more often than you should.

The confirmation bias is the second process. During it, the more often you meet the thing you noticed, the more you get assured in its righteousness.

Form the point of an Instagram marketer, this is a good chance to affect customers. Once they really notice your brand, they will see it “everywhere”! Hence make your logo impressive.



The Impact of Colors on Instagram


It’s a known psychological fact that colors greatly react to one’s behavior on Instagram and other social platforms. According to the latest studies, people build their nearly always unchangeable impression about a person or product within the first 90 second of interaction. And up to 92% of those impressions are based on the color perception. Therefore, consider the color of your Instagram content and plan, yet without forgetting to watch how that color lines with your brand voice.

Here we mention what emotions the most widespread colors evoke in a person:

  • Red: the sense of urgency
  • Green: relaxation and wealth
  • Yellow: youth and optimism
  • Blue: security and trust
  • Pink: romanticism
  • Orange: aggressiveness
  • Purple: calmness
  • Black: strength and powerfulness



Psychology behind Sharing


So, after having discussed the basic 6 psychological facts affecting peoples’ behavior on Instagram and generally, on all social platforms, it will be wise to address to the main 5 psychological reasons why people share others’ posts:

  1. Insta users want to have the better lives that other users are enjoying (94%);
  2. Insta users intend to spread the idea or concept they deeply believe in (84%);
  3. Insta users share posts just to have other people comment and engage with their accounts (81%);
  4. Insta users wish to build and cherish visual relationships on Instagram (80%).
  5. Insta users want to make their account a reflexion of their online identity (68%)


Let these neat psychology discoveries help you in creating the best Instagram content and increase your engagement, boost your sales, bring you more followers, or whatever your purpose is.

Seven Psychology Facts that Will Interest an Instagram Marketer: Part One

Seven Psychology Facts that Will Interest an Instagram Marketer: Part One

If we combine two words “psychology” and “social media”, you will wonder what do these two phenomena have in common, won’t you? Believe it or not, much more than you could ever have imaged! Why people like, comment, share, click or make an online purchase have very simple psychological explanations. And now, in this and the upcoming posts, InstaBF will address to seven physiological facts knowing which will help you develop your Instagram marketing campaign, get more followers and increase your sales through this social network. But before we start our topic, let us remind you about the beneficial offer InstaBF has for you. Here you can order multiple likes, comments, views, and followers not only for your Instagram account but also IGTV channel, as well.

So, with the topic and its importance explained, as well as our great offer introduced, let’s head on into the mystery world of psychology and its effects on people’s behavior on Instagram.



Transparency Can Build Trust with Customers


Transparency is the key to creating reciprocally trustful relationships between a brand and a customer. Do never conceal your flaws or exaggerate your merits. By the way, InstaBF is among those services which appreciate transparent relationships with their clients.

As you know, people like to question marketing claims, hence there is no sense in hiding any product shortcomings you might have. Eventually, your customer will find out about them on their own, yet won’t look at your brand as a credible one any longer. There is such a concept in business advertising as the Lemon Ad. This is the advertising type that mentions not the merits but the flaws of the product. By the way, it works not less effective as the ordinary. So, whether you are making an Insta ad through stories or ordinary posts, remember to be frank about your services/products.



The Power of Emotions


Did you know that customers’ emotions (quite often even contagious) can serve as a powerful tool for brands? As stated in a report by Psychological Science, evoking emotions significantly increases the percentage of shared posts. And the more positive the post is, the higher that percentage is. The reason for this is that a positive post evokes happy and kind emotions in a person and, as a result, that person wants to share his momentary happiness with friends. That’s why it is recommended to avoid sad and depressing posts, giving preference to happy and funny ones enriched with emojis. A lovely emoji has been proved to activate the same part of the brain as those face-to-face interactions, thus making the one who makes the post and the one who reads it more connected.

By the way, Apple’s new emojis which are known to copy your exact facial expressions is a great means of making your followers more attached to your posts.



Reciprocity Increases Action


In fact, the concept of reciprocity is quite simple. If someone makes a good thing for you or behaves well to you, you want to do the same in return. Let’s take the simplest example: a friend has made an awesome gift to you on your birthday and you want to make your surprise even more prominent. Do you already guess how to smartly use this psychological fact to your brand’s benefit?

You, as an Instagram marketer, can organize giveaways, provide your followers with useful free content and recommendations they are most likely to be interested in, free design templates, or simply send stickers from time to time! This depends on your brand. Be certain, your concept of reciprocity will work for you as long as you are the first to give away the free thing before asking something in return (or just expecting)!

5 Whys Your Instagram Feed Might Be So Boring

5 Whys Your Instagram Feed Might Be So Boring

Do you keep your Instagram account purely for sharing your best moments with friends or you want to enjoy the internet fame that only Instagram can provide? In the case of the latter, you won’t find it insulting if we clarify why your Gram account might appear boring in users’ eyes. With the help of this post by InstaBF, one of the leading Instagram and IGTV providers in the industry, you will learn from your mistakes and make your account more attractive!



Too Much Narcissism

Do you really think Instagram users are fond of staring at your face several times a day? Well, this could be possible if you were a super-famous Instagram influencer or a celebrity, which we doubt you aren’t. Anyway, we have nothing against selfies, they are OK, but sometimes Insta users become too narcissistic and this definitely irritates other users. The golden middle of selfies for an average Gram account is only 20% of the whole feed. Surely this doesn’t refer to beauty gurus who just ought to share multiple selfies of not themselves, but their makeup art! And if you are a makeup artist, don’t forget to occasionally change your face expression, the angle of shooting, the background, and the lighting. 



Poor Quality

In the game called Instagram, you can never make the absence of a professional equipment an excuse for posting low-quality images, don’t forget this ever! If you have installed the Instagram application, then you must be owning a smartphone. With the help of the latter, it’s possible to take if not superb, but at least good quality visual content. For this, make certain you are attentive toward the following aspects:

  • Good lighting. This is the key toward taking great shots! The best variant is, of course, natural light. Hence, try to take the majority of your photos outdoors.


  • The best composition. A photo doesn’t have to be filled with much stuff to be effective. Find the beauty in minimalism.


  • Take your photos with your back camera. Front cameras usually have worse parameters than back ones. Hence, you’d better avoid making selfies, giving your preference to portrait images instead.




Messy Feeds

Another repulsive feature your account may have is the messy feed. Forget about all those collage-making apps that make an Instagram feed look like an attic with too much old stuff! Instead, opt for minimal and simple images and believe, they look much more eye-catching. If you are to shoot something bright, use a simple, background, while more complex and interesting backgrounds are to be left for simpler images.



Absence of a Theme

The themes for running an effective Instagram account are numerous ranging from grid layouts to color themes, from object themes to minimalistic themes, etc. By posting your pictures, you are telling different stories to your followers and the absence of a specific theme you are faithful to (you can also mix and match them), you are risking to have a certain image get lost among others or even worse – spoil the whole feed!




Inconsistent Posting

There two possible mistakes you can do with the frequency of posting on Instagram:

  1. You post too often and people can’t already stand seeing you in their Gram so much!
  2. You make an interesting post, attract new followers, and… make them wait for another post for too long. In fact, so long that they already feel disappointed and even angry!

So, making a post per day is the best variant to neither bore nor make people wait long!

How You Can Set Up Your First Successful Instagram Advertisement

How You Can Set Up Your First Successful Instagram Advertisement

No matter if you have already grown your Instagram following to your plateau or you are just going to launch something new and awesome, you will feel somewhat worried making a decision to set up your first Instagram ad. How to begin this quite responsible task? What are you supposed to present in it? Let these and other related questions bother you no longer, as popular Instagram and IGTV provider InstaBF is here to hold your hand and walk you through the laborious process of creating the first Insta ad! You can even act while reading this post surely adhering to all the steps we shall describe in details.



The Concept

The first step in your first Gram Ad is coming up with a working and creative concept or idea, as you may like. It must grab your target customers’ attention while not contradicting your brand. To come up with all this stuff easily, just consider what result you’d like to achieve with your ad campaign. Is your intention to make people laugh like a loon and click your ad to watch it once more? Or you plan to make your followers hurry to click and buy the product advertised by an Insta influencer? So, as you have guessed, only a strong concept tied to a clear objective can make up a compelling ad on Instagram.



The Format

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about creating an Instagram ad is the format of a photo. Yet, do not think so narrow. There are other quite more entertaining and effective ad formats to consider. For instance, you can use a carousel ad (whether photo- or video-based, choose yourself) or a newsfeed ad. Ads in Insta Stories are effective, too. If you manage to set up them correctly, you can achieve a low cost-per-click. Just make sure every ad lasts 14 seconds not to be parted.

However, if you feel uncertain, you’d better not risk and choose the simplest format for the start, which is a single image with an accurate and beautiful copywriting.



The Objective

To the get the results you anticipate, it’s crucial to have the right objective. For example, if you optimize your Gram Ads for such specific outcomes as Website Conversions, Mobile Application Installs, or Website Clicks, achieving actual results is more than possible. For this, however, you may need these:

  • Specific Website Link and Google Analytics for Website Clicks;
  • Campaign Links for Mobile Application Installs;
  • FB Pixel on Website for Website Conversions.



How to Start It

Here are the basic steps to follow accurately:

  • Log into FB Ads Manager from a PC desktop;
  • Tap the “Create Ads” if it’s your first advertisement, or tap the “Manage Ads” in case you’d like to review past ones;
  • Click on “Create” and choose the objective and start setting up your first ad;
  • There is an option to select “Create multiple new ad sets” for those who want to test audience variations of the Insta ad and find out particularly which brings you the anticipated results.

By the way, the first Instagram Ad can help you test your target audience location, your image and video success, and your Insta Ad copywriting for captions.



Monitor the New Ad

Monitoring your first Instagram ad by having all the advertisement variations running for a couple of days (will cost you $5 per day), you can easily detect which type of ad works best for your brand and which the most costly to run is. As a result, you will end up having the ad type that gets you a low cost per result. Great, isn’t it?

Top Six Instagram Hashtag Rules for Business Owners

Top Six Instagram Hashtag Rules for Business Owners

Those Instagram business users, who have already been effective in gaining an army of followers and driving sales, will confirm that a clever use of hashtags is one of the keys to success. And if you promote your business on particularly this social network, there are six golden rules of using hashtags to your benefit. In this post, InstaBF, a service which offers you multiple Insta and IGTV likes, views, comments, and followers, is going to address to these important rules.



Use All the Thirty Hashtags

Some Instagram experts are sure that using all thirty hashtags available will be a mistake and your post may get lost in that stuff. They say that around a dozen hashtags per post are an optimal variant. However, if you can and need to use all the thirty hashtags, why not? But how you can differentiate right tags from wrong (like #love #cool, etc.)? Just make certain the tags you use to get into your target market. What can your potential customer search for to get to your niche? Bare this in mind and start “investigating” your competitors. What hashtags do your top competitors use? Combine the two groups of hashtags revealed and add those that Instagram recommends for you.



Put them in Order

Now, when you have a huge list of hashtags relative to your brand, don’t hurry to use them all willy nilly. It’s better to test them and find out which are working for you the best. This can be detected by using the hashtags. Keep a track on which tags bring you more likes, comments, and new followers.

Another way of checking this is searching the hashtag on Instagram and looking at the place your posts are on.

During all these processes, remember to put them in order depending on how many times you use them. Check this order regularly and once you find out this or that hashtag brings you more engagement, keep on using them until you hit your plateau.



Add Hashtags to Comments, but Not Captions

Surely, there is absolutely no difference for a hashtag whether it is added to comments or captions. In all cases, it will work as it would. Yet, when one sees too many hashtags in captions, that irritates a bit. People have to visually scroll down till they get the start of the caption text. Hashtags added to comments, meanwhile, make them look nicer and more engaged.



Add Hashtags Before Making the Post

Maybe you know and maybe not, but the Instagram algorithm does not start working unless the hashtags are added to a post. This means that if your post without any hashtag collected, say 100 likes and comments, they will be annulled the moment you add a hashtag belated. Hence, do it before making the post. Besides, the faster you add hashtags to your post, the faster your target market will find you!



Change Hashtags Regularly

Remember you searched for a huge stuff of hashtags in the Rule #1? Now it’s time to start using the vast majority of them. Recently, people talked about Instagram Shadow Ban a lot. And it turns out to be more expedient for brands to change the hashtags they use on a regular basis. Be certain, you hashtag research will give you at least three sets of hashtags to change out from time to time.   



Look Where You Use Your Hashtags

Using your brand’s name as a hashtag doesn’t mean others won’t use it, either. But when you add that hashtag into your Bio, Instagram search of that hashtag will directly lead to your account! And what’s the purpose of a hashtag if not that?!  

And don’t forget to actively use your hashtags in Stories and regular posts!

Six Tips on How to Stay Safe on Instagram

Six Tips on How to Stay Safe on Instagram

Today, it’s hard to imagine yourself without having an account on such a giant social network as is Instagram. You share your photos, videos, thoughts with friends, and sometimes forget about the importance of protecting your online-self from hackers, malware, etc. InstaBF, one of the most popular Instagram and IGTV providers, cares about its clients’ safety and is going to present to your attention some significant tips on staying safe and secure on this social platform.



Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Breaking one’s social account’s password is not so difficult. And if you suspect your password might appear in the hands of a hacker, you’d better set up a two-factor authentication. This way, after entering your password, you will have to insert a special code sent to your phone number via text. For this, pass to Settings, Two-Factor Authentication and tap the “Require Security Code”. From now on, you will have to enter that code to sign into your account. A bit tiresome, yet highly safe!



Control Your Content Viewers

Surely you might like the idea of having a public account that raise the opportunity of attracting new followers. But is that safe enough? Remember that keeping your account public, anyone on Gram can see your photos, your locations (if you tag), what type of content you like, your comments, etc. To keep yourself and your account safe, you’d better switch to a private account. This way, no one can follow you without your permission. Besides, even Google can’t index your photos to its image search.



Report Accounts

If you have been harassed by a certain Gram account, get inappropriate content, to simply happen to see a doubtful account, Instagram encourages you to report about it. Even if the account in question belongs to a real user and not a hacker, Gram will suspend it if it finds the account breaches its terms of service.



Manage Your Photos

Your photos can be shown on Instagram either on your own account or on your friends’ accounts when they tag you. In the case of the latter, you may lose your control over who interacts with your images. Therefore, do never neglect the photos you are tagged it, check them out attentively and untag yourself if you find it expedient. There is also an option to preclude new photos of you being tagged and added to your profile generally. For this, go to Settings, then Photos of You, and turn off the option by tapping Hide from My Profile. This way you will untag yourself from numerous photos at once.



Securing Your Payments

It’s already possible to buy things directly from an Instagram story or post. For this, you have to insert your credit card number. But are you sure it’s safe to keep your credit card info right on Instagram? Even if you do this to facilitate your further online purchases, make certain you have enabled a pin code for preventing others’ from a shopping spree with your bank account. So, to keep unauthorized individuals away from your credit card, go to Settings, then Payments and click on Security tab. Now can create a four-digit code and use it every time you are to use your linked card info.



Revoke Access to Third-Party Applications

There are certain third-party applications, which can connect your Insta account yet aren’t associated with this service. Even if they may seem harmless at the first sight, your privacy is not guaranteed against being compromised. Among these services, we can mention Followgram, InstaView, Cityowls, Instagreat, Webstagram, InstaGallery, and others. Through these services, hackers can get access to your account quite easily. To avoid this, make certain you have canceled access to any third-party app from your account settings.


Adhere to all these tips and don’t let the fear of being attacked by hackers scare you away from Instagram.