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Collaborating with the Right Instagram Influencers

Collaborating with the Right Instagram Influencers

Influencer marketing has proven to be a great growth asset once the matter comes to growing a business on Instagram. This refers to not only big brands but also small ones. In fact, small businesses get the ability to level-up a campaign, create the so-important brand awareness and get to new audiences by cooperating with the right influencers. And all this without blowing the budget. 

Nevertheless, small brands find working with Instagram influencers quite daunting. You get to complete such important tasks as finding the right influencers, setting the campaign purposes and deadlines, measuring and tracking success, managing the budget, etc. And if all this frustrates you, too, InstaBF, a popular Instagram and IGTV provider, will present to your attention several steps adhering to which, you will have a productive Instagram collaboration. 



Identify Your Influencer Campaign Goals


Prior to starting the search for an Instagram influencer, it’s important to clearly identify your goals – what do you want to achieve with that collaboration. Whether it’s a short-term seasonal campaign with an intention to raise your brand awareness, or a long-term one planning to boost your sales, get a precise idea of what you want to achieve. A clear vision of your goals will help you picture the best influencers for that task. 



Search Instagram Down for Influencers


Now it’s time to focus on finding the right Instagram influencers for your marketing campaign. In case you need an Influencer for a co-branded project, start with those influencers who are already interested in your brand. Such collaboration will not only make them work more diligently but will also seem more natural in the eyes of their numerous followers. For this, check your “tagged in posts and Direct Messages to find any influencer who has tagged your brand in their posts or stories, watch your followers’ list and look through the comments made on your posts. You can also find influencers in your niche through relevant hashtags.



Reach Out to The Target Influencers


So, now when you already have created a list of potential influencers you can cooperate with, it’s time to reach out to them. Research for the correct contact details and first email them. Surely, you can DM them, but contacting through an email is more professional. Once in touch, ask for their media kit, introduce yourself as best as possible (your role in the brand, the brand’s purpose, etc.), and state it clear why you have chosen particularly that influencer. 



Lead Transparent Negotiations 


There’s no strict pricelist of cooperating with Instagram influencers. Hence, get a very clear outline on both what you expect the influencer to deliver on their part of the contract (ex. 3 posts, 1 video, 6 Stories with the brand mentioned, the deadlines, etc.) and how much you can afford to pay them for the job. 



Share Useful Resources


Providing your influencers with a pack of data will significantly speed up them. So, remember to share such crucial resources on your brand as its style guide, editorial style guide, press releases and talking points, FAQs. 



Follow the Analytics


Finding the right influencers to collaborate with is important, undoubtedly. But not less important it is to track and measure your campaign’s success. For this, you can use Insta’s paid partnership feature, set up UTM tagging for further posts the influencers will make, ask for feedback from them.



Be Grateful 


And finally, the last and perhaps the most pleasant step in cooperation with an Instagram influencer is saying “thank you”! You can do this through a token of your brand’s products, a gifted item from your last collection, a gift or sale card, etc.

So, these were the seven crucial steps following which you are going to have a long-lasting partnership with Instagram influencers. 

Best Instagram Travel Accounts 2019 to Get Inspired

Best Instagram Travel Accounts 2019 to Get Inspired

When summer has approached, staying indoors is really difficult, if not impossible. In our search for ways to escape everyday life, Instagram becomes a lifebuoy. It’s an amazing source of discovering the world. No matter if you are scrolling through Insta feeds to be just whisked away from your boring routine or you need some inspiration for your upcoming summer vacation, you will find the following travel accounts magnificent! Each of them will make you dream of exploring this huge world! So, ready to explore five of the most inspiring Instagram travel accounts of 2019? Then keep up with InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider! 





Most travelers associate traveling with original food. In fact, the cuisine is an inseparable part of exploring a new culture. Melissa, the owner of a popular Instagram account @girleatworld has undertaken a one-of-a-kind approach to her endless traveling around the globe. She has been to a great number of countries from Jordan to Ukraine, from Tasmania to Australia. And during all these tours she has been showcasing the local tourist destinations through food. This great foodie regularly posts incredible photos of most different cities posing with a local delicacy. This is the account that has been filling over 388k Instagram followers with wanderlust not forgetting to make their mouth water, either! 





Traveling is not a job, neither it is a hobby. It’s something that comes from within, it’s a lifestyle. For a Los-Angeles-based dentist and travel photographer Tiffany, the owner of this travel blog, exploring new lands is a life purpose. You can see that through the stunning landscapes and fantastic images of her Instagram account. She immerses her in new cultures so artfully that the images make you completely obsessed! 





In a search for the best travel accounts on Instagram, you can’t bypass Christina’s. Having traveled in as many as 61 countries and having enjoyed luxury holidays, this travel addict gladly shares her experiences with around 79k followers. Even though you can’t learn any peculiarities of traveling or good recommendations by Christina watching her enjoy 5-star resorts in stylish clothing, you can simply watch the life we all dream of having! 





How many people do you know living life with a constant sense of wonder? If none, here is a charming Italian girl Stefania. Having traveled around five continents and more than 35 countries, she has been documenting all her moves to the most picturesque parts of this world! Watch her images from Vietnam, Morocco, Kuwait and many other countries, and see what a unique brand voice she has got! 





Are you from those who would abandon their 9-to-5 desk job to spend the life globe-trotting? Would you dare? American-born Lauren dared and she is totally content for that! You can see that from her awesome Instagram travel account @girlgoneabroad. Lauren has traveled to South and Central America, Thailand, African and most countries of Europe. To support her travelings, she does odd jobs from time to time. Through her numerous itineraries, travel stories, and images, Lauren wants to inspire people to see the world from a new light.

Outstanding Florists You Should Follow on Instagram

Outstanding Florists You Should Follow on Instagram

Flowers make an event beautiful, fragrant, and simply adorable especially if that event is a wedding ceremony. Flowers have that unique power to push your big day to another level. This refers to not only flower bouquets but also flower arrangements and arbors. And you, as an Instagram user, are most probably constantly in a search for the necessary wedding attributes. To facilitate your task, we have made some serious research here on InstaBF’s blog and separated some of the best wedding florists you should follow on Instagram. InstaBF is your faithful service providing Instagram and IGTV likes, views, comments and followers on an affordable basis. Here are they in no particular order:





The Byron Bay-based florists Poppy and Fern are real geniuses. The designers have styled several grandiose wedding ceremonies and celebrations. And anything they touch with their blooms, they transform into a real miracle. Besides wedding flower decorations, this brand also does flower crown workshops for brides and their bridesmaids. Their Instagram grid pleases the eye with pinks, purple and peach soft flowers. 





Bondi-based company George & Smee are engaged in creating mind-blowing floral arrangements, as well as furniture, styling and prop hire. You see, you can make use of a combination of services and have a fantastic event organized! Just have a look at their Instagram account and get amazed by inspiring table setups, sunny and bright flowers, and fun quotes, as well as some behind the scenes of media events you will find interesting to see. 





These astonishing Sydney-based florists offer fabulous arrangements of bright blooms and setups. They are professionals in handling any wedding, let that be big or small. Having nearly 30k followers on Instagram, this brand keeps an amazing theme with photos of lovely flower arrangements. Their feed is bright and captivating full of diverse blooms in different colors. 





Flirty Fleurs with around 59k followers on Instagram is one of the leading blogs in the industry of flowers. The blogger is also a remarkable floral designer who has concentrated on exceptional flower types. Their Instagram profile is filled with one-of-a-kind images of blooms, floral arrangements, as well as behind-the-scenes of their work. Here flowers form a unique piece of art. 





Federica Ambrosini is known as the flower princess of Italy. This amazing floral designer offers an unforgettable tour to luxurious weddings and other high-end events she has decorated the halls for on her Instagram account. Over 46k Instagram users are keeping an eye on her works and breath-taking images!





This Instagram account belongs to a prominent UK flower writer and photographer Rona Wheeldon. This woman really knows which flowers are the most beautiful for the camera and has a keen eye for detail. Just have a look at her Insta page and you will get the utmost pleasure from the out-of-the-box approach Rona has toward photographing flowers. 

Four Ways of Using Instagram Stories Chat Sticker

Four Ways of Using Instagram Stories Chat Sticker

Instagram has recently introduced the golden ticket to creating an engaged Instagram community – the Stories Chat Sticker. With the help of the latter, you can start real conversations with exceptionally real Instagram users – no bots are allowed! These human group chats will help you gain more followers and boost your brand awareness. Additionally, giving you the power to choose who joins your chat or what the chat should be about, Instagram makes it easier to convert viewers to engaged followers and then customers. So that you start using this amazing new feature, we have picked up four most strategic ways for your business! Keep up with InstaBF to learn even more about benefiting from Instagram!



Invite Local Customers to IRL Events


If you are going to have a special in-store event or a conference, it’s easy to bring the community together with Instagram Stories chat sticker. If there are any burning questions related to the event, you can answer them beforehand right during the chat. Using this new feature on this purpose is highly beneficial, as you bring those people together who not only enjoy your brand but who also share the same location. So, you build up a mini-community without even pushing your service of product around a specific location. 

And do not forget to introduce yourself in the chat as people should know they are dealing with a real human behind the brand’s chat. 



Get Customer Feedback and Insights


Another wonderful means of using Instagram Stories chat sticker is hosting a group for sincere customer feedback. Here you have a chance to choose up to 31 people who can join the chat. If you want to keep it small, pick up only half a dozen followers and get their insights about your brand. By the way, this way you may crowdsource ideas which might be highly useful for brand’s promotion. 

If you want to reach out to only a specific group of followers, give specific topics for questions and conversation. Check their profiles before adding them to the group chat to get ensured they fit your chat topic. 



Share Exclusive Info or a Promo Code 


Every marketer’s purpose is to convert their followers into shoppers. And if you have such an aim, too, use Instagram Stories chat sticker. Invite followers to participate in your exclusive chat where you will make a striking brand announcement or share special shopping promo code. This way you will create a sense of exclusivity and give back to your most engaged users. Still, you can set some limits on the promo code (within a certain time frame, once per customer, etc.). To make this work, add a time limit on joining the chat and mention that you’ll be sharing a promo code to give the stories a shade of urgency and make your followers act promptly. 



Target an Ultra-Niche Group of Users


By inviting only some of your followers to take part in your Stories chat, you can share some peculiar posts you don’t want many people to see. For this, create a Close Friends list and share an Instagram story with a chat sticker inviting them. For instance, if there are Instagram influencers following your brand, create a Stories chat to invite them to be a part of your ambassador program. Here you can chat with all of them on your conditions without ordinary users learning about it. 

Create Unique Instagram Stories with These Three Applications

Create Unique Instagram Stories with These Three Applications

Can you imagine your day without checking your friends’ Instagram Stories? Personally, we can’t. A modern man starts his day with a cup of coffee while checking into Instagram to see what’s new among his friends. A unique attractive Instagram Story is able to not only set good mood among your followers but also make them remember you. This is a feature that every Instagram brand should always keep in mind. Stories are the ideal marketing tool to use for selling your brand story quicker and in a far more creative way. And if you find you need some help to fulfill your Story ideas, this post is just for you. InstaBF is a popular provider of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, followers and views you can trust whenever you want to raise your engagement rate on Gram. The service offers several affordable packages to suit any client’s needs. But besides this, we are engaged in delivering some useful and interesting content to our clients. We have already referred to creating Instagram Stories here on InstaBF’s blog, and now we have picked up three applications you can use to create exclusive Stories! So, let’s get down to work:





Collages have been on trend since they were first introduced to social media users. And if you want to get creative with particularly collages, this application is a perfect choice! The app has a wide stock of free and paid templates to choose from. You can add them to both photos and videos and post via Instagram Stories. The content can still be filtered (the intensity adjusted), text added and a background edited. There is also a block of pre-selected colors, patterns, and gradients in the MADE application. But if you wish something picky, have a look at the color picker. Once everything is to your heart’s content, share the result directly on Instagram or save to your camera roll.





Static images are good but they sometimes become boring, don’t you agree with it? To add some movement to them and post as Instagram Stories, InstaBF suggests considering the HYPE TYPE application. This is a real world of animated text graphics. If you have your own text, fill in. If not, the application will offer random quotes. The variety of animated test types that’s available already with a series of pre-selected color palettes flatters the eye. Add thematic music, resize the image and post on Instagram as a Story. 





Are you fond of videos and video Stories in particular? If yes, then Impresso is definitely the best choice for you. The application has grouped over a hundred videos by size and category so that you can find the best one for you easily. There are paid and free videos, both of which can be filtered and edited (background, text, etc.). The background is chosen from either your camera roll or Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels stock images. It gives you a unique chance to add music and animations to get truly awesome and original results in the end. You can resize your video to post on almost any social media platform including Instagram. 

Creative IGTV Content Ideas for Your Brand

Creative IGTV Content Ideas for Your Brand

Although introduced already a year ago, Instagram’s IGTV is still in the experimental phase for media users. Accordingly, first, it’s still not determined particularly which type of content is effective for brands on this channel. And secondly, significantly fewer brands use IGTV for promotion in comparison to Instagram Stories. You can conclude from this that small and mid-size brands can benefit from this significantly. It’s much easier for them to stand out here as the competition is not hard. They can connect with more followers and attract some extra attention. In fact, the possibilities for IGTV are endless. You can get as creative as you wish on this platform. How to start? What type of content to post to stand out? How much money will you have to invest in your IGTV videos? These are questions we shall get covered right away. In fact, there are brands making wonders on IGTV without breaking the bank. And if you want to learn how, keep up with InstaBF, a remarkable Instagram and IGTV provider.  



Ideas of IGTV Content to Steal from Established Brands


Are you interested in how IGTV is put at work? Here are several examples you can learn from for promoting your brand on this platform.


  • Kvell Collective – Simple and Funny IGTV Content 


Most probably you have heard about Kvell Collective or have used the animated stickers on your social media content sold by this creative studio. Whenever the brand had a new line of stickers to announce, they used the IGTV platform. They kept it simple, yet bright and captivating – an animated sticker moving to upbeat music against a solid-colored background. Indeed, entertaining on-brand videos are a smart way to advertise a new collection of stickers. 


  • Honest Company – Raw, UGC IGTV Content


Honest Company was founded by famous actor Jessica Alba. This is a brand devoted to natural beauty and baby products. The brand set a series showing four pregnant women’s stories on IGTV. In fact, the videos were shot by the women themselves while the brand just cut-together them into a mini-documentary IGTV series. If you want to build stronger connections with your audience, follow this brand’s example as the raw feelings of the series immediately relates to Honest Company’s customer base of mothers seeking real, natural and “honest” products for themselves and their babies. 


  • Tiffany & Co. – Repurposed TV Commercials 


The remarkable jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. uses its IGTV channel to reach the audiences that don’t watch TV. It simply posts all the TV commercials it shots on new jewelry pieces. And if you have already spent a significant amount of money on television commercials, you can easily re-format them to post on IGTV channel. 


  • Bulletproof – Educational IGTV Content


Most probably you have drunk the flagship product Bulletproof coffee of food, drink and supplements brand for high performance Bulletproof. This brand’s products are especially popular among biohackers – people who care about the science lying behind recipes and ingredients or most products nowadays. The brand has launched an IGTV series of educational videos explaining technical terms and ingredients of their products. These videos are made in a highly engaging and colorful way. Most of them are animated with a narrator explaining the stuff. To make this approach a low-budget option for your brand, you can use slideshows.