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Five Steps to Find Best Instagram Hashtags Relevant to Your Brand

Five Steps to Find Best Instagram Hashtags Relevant to Your Brand

Trying to gain followers on Instagram without the use of hashtags is a lost game. These simple small tools are inseparable in categorizing posts so that Insta users with respective interests can find you. In fact, you can accept hashtags as a roadmap to your content. Nevertheless, it’s far not always easy to pick up the right hashtags for achieving success. Therefore, a popular Instagram and IGTV provider InstaBF would like to address the matter of hashtags this time. Together we shall learn how to find the best hashtags and use them strategically. So, with this said, let’s get to work!



Search on Instagram


You can’t but know about the Instagram integrated search bar Explore. By typing the necessary keyword and choosing the “tags”, you will be provided with a list of hashtags that all include your relevant keyword. By studying the results and the posts they are used for tagging, you will determine which of them are overused and which can still bring you the desired results. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake, as errors can help you figure out what works for your brand and what not. Spend some time generating potential keywords relevant to your audience and brand.  


Try Related Hashtags


It’s funny but nowadays it is already possible to follow certain hashtags on Instagram. Yes, you heard it correctly! Check out the hashtags that have IG accounts devoted to, and find people to engage with there. Besides, as long as you are on a certain hashtag’s page, bother to have a look at the list of related hashtags (on the top of the page). The latter is a real goldmine of potential working hashtags to try out.



Check Out Your Competition


Concentrating only on your account and forgetting your competitors can be a fatal mistake! Make sure you are always aware of what others in the same niche as you are doing. Visit their profiles, review what hashtags they use the most. You may find that using the same hashtags might appear beneficial for you, too. Besides, by looking to Instagram influencers posting about things relevant to your brand, you can get some really working hashtag inspiration.



Look Back for Past Successes


Why search elsewhere if you can find working hashtags right in your account?! Just check out those posts you have made which performed the best and brought you the highest engagement. Whatever hashtags you used, you can reuse them now, when you are in need of relevant and resourceful hashtags.

However, when you reach this step, be cautious to use only those tags from your past, which can be actual today, too. Otherwise, you risk losing followers who might feel deceived.



Create New Brand Hashtags  


Who said that you have to use only existing and widely used hashtags?! You can always make up your own ones that will fit your brand specifically. A hashtag related to your original product/service may find traction as Insta users will discover it.

Additionally, giveaways, contests, influencer campaigns may all be marked with unique tags. And if this step won’t bring you new followers quickly, all of them, however, will be genuinely interested in your brand and offers. Agree that it’s worth a try!  

Using Automation for Getting More Instagram Followers

Using Automation for Getting More Instagram Followers

Want to achieve better social media marketing results spending less time and efforts? Then you are to make use of certain social media automation tools. And a lot of them were created especially for Instagram. Would you like to know how to succeed in Instagram by using automation? Then keep up with InstaBF, a leading provider of IG and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers.



Finding and Following New Accounts Through Automate Services


There are different Instagram automation bots available on the internet that vary in terms of the services. For instance, InstaBF is among those services that offer you different packages at different prices. Generally, to make use of automation bots you need to tell the hashtags and accounts you’d like to follow. After this, the bot will start following the mentioned accounts, as well as those coinciding with the stated hashtags. Besides, these accounts are added gradually on a daily basis so that you get a natural-looking account activity.



Automating the Posting Schedule


Other automation services allow scheduling posts beforehand. This way you can efficiently batch the entire content creation process, thus devoting only some time a week on creating the necessary content to entertain your target audience. Besides, due to these automation services, your posts will appear on your account at the very exact time most of your followers. You won’t be obliged to access Instagram every day, instead, you can focus on those tasks that can’t be automated.



Automating Comments


If some people are sure that automating comments always appear spammy, this doesn’t have to be true. If you do everything correctly and set the bot right, you will be able to leave relevant comments without looking fake.  

Anyway, you’d better set automate comments on only a few photos per day. The reason is that bots interact with thousands of photos on a daily basis and programming relevant comments on all of them would be simply impossible. Besides, it will be great to pair automated and manual genuine comments.



Automating DM


Just like with automated comments, direct messages can be entrusted to bots, too. Nevertheless, as it’s really hard to create contextually relevant messages for each follower. Hence, you will have to use generic phrases such as “Thanks for following” or “Big Sales Approaching”, etc., and limit direct messaging automatically to a small number of accounts every day.



Save Time but Don’t Avoid Work


After setting a bot just one time, you mustn’t walk away and forget about checking it. If you do it, then that will mean you are escaping work and seeking an easy way to monetize your Instagram. Surely, you have the right to have such kind of a desire, but relying on automation completely won’t get you very far. You should still spend some time on creating content for your followers manually and engaging your followers. Establishing stable customer relationships can’t be fulfilled with 100% automation. Use bots just for getting assistance, and not doing your job.

Instagram Stories AR Filters by Leading Brands

Instagram Stories AR Filters by Leading Brands

If you find the term “augmented reality” a bit futuristic, then most probably you have forgotten that you deal with a part of it on a daily basis. In fact, those cute face filters such as lovely puppy ears or cat whiskers on Instagram are all AR filters. And taking into consideration the huge number of people using them on Instagram Stories, many brands have undertaken to create and sell their own brand filters. These filters provide such a funny and interactive way of attracting new followers and increasing brand awareness! And if you feel interested, the amazing Instagram Stories filters we are going to present to your attention right now at InstaBF will definitely be of a great benefit to your brand! InstaBF is a leading provider of IG and IGTV likes, comments, followers and views. We are always there whenever you need!



Kylie Cosmetics

One of the first brands introducing their AR filters was Kylie Cosmetics. Choosing an AR filter for your Story, you can try on various lipsticks from Kylie’s cosmetics brand. Once you find a certain shade suits your complexion, you can courageously go and buy it! So, you see that this filter is not only great fun to use, but also quite helpful if you intend to get a new lipstick.


Adidas Originals

Have you noticed how popular retro-looking images were last year? Most probably vintage filters will be on a high trend in the new 2019 year, too. And due to Adidas Originals’ custom AR filter, you can give your photos a vintage feel, too. Applying this filter to a photo, it will add a “glitch” effect plus the brand’s logo. This is a highly trendy filter and will boost your brand awareness efficiently.



Gucci Beauty

It might sound surprising but Gucci Beauty launched its Instagram account not so long ago. However, despite this, they managed to launch their own Story filters which look simply gorgeous! This filter gives one a chance to choose one of three looks all of which are reminiscent of the baroque- and renaissance-period. All these looks were designed by Alessandro Michele and feature details in Gucci brand’s theme including lipstick, pearl earrings, etc.



NBA’ Dunk Cam

Among the initial AR filters, we can find NBA’s Dunk Cam AR filter. This is an amazing filter adding which your image is guaranteed to become so interactive! Anyway, unlike the previous ones, this AR filter is not promotional. Instead, it’s highly funny! Once you choose it, your photo or video will be enriched with a dunking basketball player. By the way, it works both for front and back cameras.



Maddie Ziegler’s Kindness Face

Maddie Ziegler, a popular American actress and dancer, has already got nearly 13 million followers on Instagram! A couple of months ago she partnered with Instagram and the result was amazing! A new AR Stories filter was added to promote kindness. It adds lots of pretty hearts to a selfie and a myriad of kind comments in different languages when shooting with your rear camera. Besides, using the filter, you are encouraged to tag a friend you want to support.

Blondes VS Brunettes on Instagram

Blondes VS Brunettes on Instagram

The debate “blondes vs brunettes” is as old as the hills! People keep on quarreling which women look prettier, sexier, or which are smarter and which duller. They also say that blondes have more fun than brunettes, they are easier to deal with and enjoy life to the full. Platinum blonds have been in style ever since the days of such beauty icons as Marilyn Monroe or Brigitte Bardot. On the other hand, brunettes can have so much good time themselves, as well! Their exact shade ranges from light brown to jet black.

The rise of social media with Instagram, in particular, has inspired numerous ladies to follow and share both their personal and artistic sides. In the last few years, we have witness millions of gorgeous images of as blondes so brunettes. But which are more popular on Gram? Which women have a better following and higher engagement rates? Today, the entertaining blog of InstaBF, a leading IGTV and IG provider, is going to showcase some of the most striking blondes vs gorgeous brunettes of Instagram. It was really tough to figure out the best accounts, as Instagram is filled with accounts of superior ladies whether light-haired or dark-haired.



Fiesty Blondes on the Podium!


Though not always with blonde hair, Jennifer Lawrence is mostly loved particularly when she appears in this light hair hue. Jennifer has around 65K followers on Instagram. In her feed, we can see not only images from various shows, the Red Carpet, magazines, movie shootings but also of her everyday life. There are plenty of images where you can see Jennifer in real life with friends and fans.

Another blonde rocking Instagram is Romee Strijd, a Dutch model and Victoria’s Secret angel. With over 5 million followers, this beauty is a real Instagram star! She shows what it means to lead a luxury life through over two thousand posts! Yet, on the other hand, there are some that show Romee with her beloved and babies. She seems to prove that a blonde sexy woman can be not only successful in her career but also in her private life.

Extravagant and always one-of-a-kind Poppy Delevingne is another gorgeous Instagram blonde! This English actress and model has got nearly 1.5 million followers.

Other popular blondes on Instagram are Ola Rudnicka, Ginta Lapina, Lara Stone, Georgia May Jagger, Elsa Hosk, and others.

Most popular blonde hair hues are platinum blonde, Cream Soda, Vanilla Milkshake, Cider and Spice,



Sassy Brunette Goddesses


Now, to level the score, it’s time to pass to the most fabulous brunettes on Instagram!

Beyond any doubts, Kim Kardashian is number one brunette on Instagram! Having around 123 million followers, this woman is definitely the epitome of “famous for being famous”! Her reality shows, clothing line, her marriage to Kayne West … There is so much Kim can share with her fans on a daily basis, and most importantly, her super sexy look!

Kat Dennings is our second Instagram celebrity with dark hair. Her feed is a highly entertaining one with so much to see and learn about Kat! And 2.8 million followers don’t deprive themselves of enjoying this pretty brunette’s posts.

Other adorable brunettes on Instagram include Nina Dobrev with 16.5 million followers, Lupita Nyong’o with 6.2 million followers, Victoria Justice with 15.9 million followers, and others.

Hiding Hashtags on Instagram

Hiding Hashtags on Instagram

Some time ago Instagram announced about the intention to allow users to hide hashtags from their posts. Most probably you have noticed yourself that the long lists of hashtags (sometimes reach up to 30 tags per post or caption) ruin the whole aesthetic look of this social platform while Instagram is all about good aesthetics! As the new feature presumes, not all hashtags added to a post will be displayed. However, will this new option be only beneficial? And generally, is that a good thing? InstaBF, your reliable friend in the industry of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, followers and views, is going to find answers to these questions right away! Just keep up with us.



How You Can Hide Hashtags on Instagram


If you want to make your posts look neat and clean with no spammy or messy clutters of hashtags, it makes sense to hide them. This is a straightforward task that won’t take you much time. Here’s a detailed guideline how you can do it:


  • Download a text editor for your device.
  • Make five dots – type a dot and then press return. Repeat this five times to get a pretty vertical line of dots on the left side of the note.
  • List the necessary hashtags. You can add up to 30 hashtags per one Instagram allocation.
  • Copy all of the content including the line breaks and dots. On most devices, a long press will bring up the copy option.
  • Go to your Instagram account. Upload the image or video you intend to post and create an appropriate caption. While doing this, there’s no need to add any hashtags. Just post the content and share with your followers.
  • Add your comment. Tap the button indicating comments, open it, paste what you have copied from the text editor (use a long press to bring the option).


After all these actions, your post will be accompanied with all the relevant hashtags (hence targeted at the right audience) which, yet, won’t be visible to viewers. You will just have a clean image with no cluttered caption underneath.


To Hide or Not to Hide? That Is the Question!


Instagram hashtags are such useful tools in promoting the necessary content to the right audience! Hashtags help people find the content they need, enables businesses in promoting their products/services, and generally, make crafted posts more discoverable. Quite many brands don’t find it necessary to hide any hashtags and proudly display them. Generally, whether to hide hashtags or not majorly depends on your marketing goals and your target audience.

Anyway, though appearing aesthetically more pleasant, hidden hashtags may also cause certain problems. In fact, the new option may lead to fewer users browsing the hidden hashtag feeds which, in its turn, will lead to brands’ lower engagement and a lower number of new followers discovering the brand through hashtag feeds.

So, to find what works for you and what not, you mustn’t be afraid to test it. Go ahead and find out what is more beneficial particularly for your brand!

Special Features for Instagram Influencers Already in Test

Special Features for Instagram Influencers Already in Test

Instagram is going to test a whole collection of features created especially for high-profile users like influencers!  According to the report, celebrities will get better control over their Instagram accounts including filtering direct messages, getting better access to deep analytics of their followers’ counts. InstaBF, one of the most reliable services you can trust whenever you need to order a package of Instagram or IGTV likes, views, followers or comments, suggests getting a deeper look at this report and at what Instagram users with big accounts can hope for together.



More Control Promised


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the giant social media Instagram has undertaken to test a new feature of giving more control to a small group of users. If the results are satisfying, the feature will be available for more high-profile accounts already in the upcoming year.

This pack of “more control” includes filters for direct messages. The latter will allow creators to enable specific people to contact them. The privileged Instagrammers will get access to such data as how many users follow and unfollow their account. Additionally, various labels will be available for use to help point media queries to the right channels.



Growth Insights


Instagram influencers, brands and all other users with high engagement rates, will get a broader overview of their accounts’ progress. It will provide deeper information on Stories, posts, feed, and IGTV. Besides, the growth of insights will hint about particularly what type of content posted was more popular. Using such data, creators will have a better image of how to use the best working posts for attracting more followers. And vice versa. Learning what type of content posted brings little engagement, account owners can avoid making the same mistakes.

As stated in the report of Ashley Yuki, a product manager, Instagram creators form an impressive part of our community. This is a great platform for building fan communities, as well as personal brands.



More Upcoming Tools


If there were no specific features, Instagram celebrities would be similar to regular users, with no customized experience. Even though quite many creators assign themselves as business accounts as a resource, they find the feature is not tailored to their needs. Particularly that’s why the new features will be available for such an important part of Instagram as creators. In fact, these specialized features are only the first part of the tools this social media plans to roll out to influencers’ benefit.

Nevertheless, Instagram refused to give any specific release dates for future tools. In all cases, the upcoming tools will create a real boom on the network!