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How You Can Add Music to Your Instagram Content

How You Can Add Music to Your Instagram Content

Agree that Instagram is a lot more fun when music is incorporated into it! And the music feature of this social network is not only a means to show off for ordinary users, but can also be a part of a great marketing campaign for brands. With this said, whether you are an ordinary user of a business owner on this social platform, it definitely makes sense to make use of the new Instagram music stickers. If the latter is yet not accessible for you, InstaBF, a service where you can get as many IG and IGTV likes, comments, followers and views as you like, will offer several other ways to add music to your Gram account.



Briefly about Instagram Music Stickers


InstaBF has already spoken about this amazing Instagram feature in one of its previous posts. Hence, here we shall be as brief as possible. The Music Stickers new feature is totally free of charge and designed for Stories. Gram itself offers an array of most different songs to anyone’s taste. Unfortunately, it is not available in the whole world. Therefore, if you can’t find it on your Instagram account, you’d better skip this part and pass directly to other ways of incorporating music to your “virtual self”!

So, once you want to add music to your Instagram Story with the music sticker, follow these simple rules:

  1. download the image you want to use as a Story;
  2. tap the smiley sticker on the right top corner;
  3. scroll down to the “Music” sticker;
  4. browse the offered songs (sorted into Moods, Popular, Genres category) or use the search icon to find the song you want;
  5. once you find what you searched for, tap it to add and click “Done”.



Other Means of Adding Music to Instagram


Another way to add quality music to your Instagram account thus increasing your brand awareness and boosting a rise in your engagement is making use of royalty-free music. This is the audio you can use for enriching your social media or website content. There are as totally free royalty-free music sites, so those that require a premium cost. As a rule, it’s worth the cost as they offer superior quality engaging music. So, let’s now have a look at our short golden list of royalty-free music sites.


Epidemic Sound

With a royalty-free license, Epidemic Sound site offers an impressive array of music from most diverse genres. Depending on the use, the price for a subscription differs. You can subscribe for a whole month (costs £10 per month) or make use of the single track licensing option.



YouTube Audio Library


The Audio Library of mega-popular YouTube is another service you can make use of. The greatest advantage of this option is that it’s possible to narrow down your search to any specific song you’d like. It provides a Free (public domain) and Creative Commons licenses.




Being a part of the StoryBlocks network, AudioBlocks offers quite a large selection of tracks including as music, so only sound effects and loops. In fact, there are over 100, 000 options available currently. Additionally, the prices here are quite affordable. The starting plan is worth $9 per month. Prices for other plans range up to $65 per month. The most expensive subscription cost set ($65 per month) allows the user to make use of the whole library of images, music, and video.

Black Hat Instagram Techniques You’d Better Avoid

Black Hat Instagram Techniques You’d Better Avoid

Do you know what “black hat” is? This is an underhanded technique which can break a rule or even a set of rules. And if you are trying to present your social media account better than it is, it means you are engaging in the black hat. And if at first sight, you may find it beneficial, in the long run, it can ruin your presence on Instagram. Black hat tricks include sharing malicious links, creating dummy accounts to increase the number of followers and engagement, using certain programs that help you automatically follow new accounts. Generally, black hat tricks also include buying followers, comments and likes if the source is a fake account. When dealing with InstaBF, in the meantime, you get engagement from real HQ looking profiles from which you will only benefit.



Why Is Black Hat Bad?


First of all, the black hat ruins one’s Instagram and, generally, social media reputation. Once people find out you are trying to dupe them, you will instantly lose both them and the chance of getting new ones. And anti-advertisement on your account will spread among their followers, then among the followers of their followers … The chain is endlessly long.

On the other hand, fake automated followers do never stay engaged long as they aren’t real people. That’s why you’d better forget about inflated numbers that provide absolutely no real value.



Black Hat Tactics You’d Better Avoid


Here are the main black hat tactics you should avoid by all means if you want to create a remarkable Instagram account and prosper your business through it.


The Same Content on across All Social Media Accounts


If you are sharing the same messages across all your social media accounts including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., you are doing a big mistake. Surely, this way you save time and keep all your accounts active. In fact, this way you run the risk of achieving quite bizarre results. The reason for this is that the vocabulary and style of every social platform differ just as the caption length and image formatting. If you use a certain word or expression in one platform and it’s super trendy, the same word or expression might be inappropriate for another platform. What to do instead? Just be authentic on every social platform, make fluent content for each of them separately and you’ll get real conversations with all your followers – let them be on Instagram or any other social media.




Automation on the social network means using paid bots to attract followers, get likes, derive backlinks, generate comments, etc. If you resort to this, all the new followers you attract will quickly unfollow you once they find out how unauthentic you and your brand are in reality. And the “likes” you have got will be turned to “hates”. Instead, opt for engaging only with real people and in real time, provide them with real thoughts and content.


Spamming Instagram


If you start spamming Instagram by posting extraneous and unrelated posts, people will soon despise you. There’s no Instagram user who will stand spam and your brand will be worn down with no prospect of being built up again. Accordingly, follow these steps:

  • Be real
  • Post responsibly
  • Be engaging and polite
  • Be personal
  • Do all these on your own without resorting to any bots


Sharing Shady Content and Pages


This black hat technique involves stuffing keywords (adding irrelevant keywords and phrases to manipulate the search ranking), hidden text (adding keywords which are invisible for readers yet visible for search engines), exchanging or buying links, cloaking, etc.


You see, there are multiple ways of breaking Instagram and generally social media rules but if you dare, be prepared to pay dues! Losing your efforts and money invested in black hat tricks is only the beginning. Your manipulations are sure to be followed by ruining your Instagram reputation as a brand.

Why an Instagram Influencer Needs to Switch to Business Profile

Why an Instagram Influencer Needs to Switch to Business Profile

Did you know that not only brands but also influencers on Instagram need a business profile? Only this way they can get the most out of their Gram marketing. Generally, anyone who is using Instagram as a means for earning money should switch to a business profile. If you are an Instagram influencer, hurry to switch your profile to business. Why? InstaBF, one of the most remarkable IG and IGTV providers in the entire industry, is going to explain it right now.



Benefits of an Instagram Profile


Here are the main pros you will find out if you switch to a business profile:


  • Contact Buttons


One of the main advantages of a business profile is the availability of contact buttons. The latter can take your visitors straight to the necessary destinations. These buttons involve the telephone number, email address, buy … (here you can insert tickets, products, paid tutorials, etc.)


  • More Advanced Analytics


The Instagram social network has claimed to provide its users with advanced analytics specially catered to business profiles. Hence, if you are a smart Instagram marketer or influencer who bases his Gram campaigns on the analytics, you’d better switch to a business profile beforehand.


  • Industry Clarified


Those who have already switched to Instagram business profiles are aware that for this one needs to have a Facebook business page. When setting it up, you are also to select an industry best defining your profile. Particularly that industry will show up on your Gram profile, too. Besides, it’s possible to change the business industry from the settings.


  • Scheduling Tool Changes


Besides the new analytics promised by Instagram, social media has also reported about upping the security measures. Accordingly, only business profile owners will get an access to social media scheduling tools in the near future. Hence, if you are making use of any scheduling platform (no matter which), you will have to switch to business profile to keep on using it.


  • Better Recognition by Brands


One of the major things brands pay attention to when deciding whether to cooperate with an Instagram influencer or not is how seriously they approach Instagramming. Be certain, every brand susses out the real intentions of an influencer (if they are just for free stuff or look for serious collaborations) before offering an agreement. One of the things that can assure them in your serious intentions is turning your profile into a business one.



False Rumors Spread About Instagram Business Profiles


Most rumors spread about Instagram business profiles refer to a significant drop of reach once they turn to business profile. Actually, this has nothing to do with the reality. In fact, these rumors are spread by those Instagram users who refuse to put enough effort into creating the right content, developing a hashtag strategy, watching out the consistency of posting.

However, in case you stay dissatisfied with a business profile, which is less likely, there’s always a chance to get back to a personal profile. Just go to the settings and scroll down until you find the option to revert a personal profile.

How You Can Promote Your Blog on Instagram With No Expertize and No Money

How You Can Promote Your Blog on Instagram With No Expertize and No Money

Blogging has become quite a profitable business during the past several years. In fact, anyone who has a determination and passion toward this job can start a blog even not having money to invest or any technical experience in the field. Additionally, having some really useful recommendations by professionals, you can step into the blogging world with no fear or hesitation. Ready? If yes, then let InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider give you some advice tips to succeed in your starting blogging experience.



Find Your Passions


For starting a blog, you should realize well why you are doing that. For this, write down your passions, your interests, as well as what you are good at. This way you will get a precise image what your social media blog will be about. Besides, you can define your tone. The latter can be witty, inspirational, educative, etc. Just make sure you adhere to your main theme and style, so that not to disappoint your followers later.



Discover Your Target Audience


Shares, traffic, likes, increased engagement… All these are impossible to get if you don’t target to the right audience. You can call them your tribe, faithful people on the other side of the technology who are impatiently waiting to see your next post. They are eager to share, comment and interact with you both as an Instagram blogger and a personality. How can you find the right people? Conduct some surveys among your competitors, those who share your interests and who already have an “army” of loyal followers. Making some smart and on-the-spot comments and getting into a conversation with them right under your competitors’ posts, most probably you will soon see them complete the range of your followers.



Scheme a Memorable Brand


Do you want to stand out with your blog and then link it to your Instagram account? Then you need a memorable brand. A brand is much more than simply a name or even the URL. It must accurately transfer the essence of your blog and personally you. To find something catchy, remarkable, but at the same time congruent to your brand, follow these several steps:

  • Brainstorm several variants
  • Test them with your target audience
  • Get your domain name
  • Get your logo designed
  • Create respective content including images and videos with special applications like Canva
  • Use the new branding element in all social media accounts with Instagram in particular



Get a Web Host


If you choose to get a self-hosted solution instead of using WordPress, you will do the right step. Just think yourself, once you have your traffic grown, you will have to deal with a frustrating site migration. To avoid this, InstaBF recommends going for a self-hosted website. Additionally, today it’s far not so expensive as it used to be. You will also need to create a hosting account.



Create Compelling Content


Suppose you have already got your niche, created a host account and picked the right blogging platform (WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, etc.). What’s next? Start creating compelling content and promoting it on Instagram. The latter is the ideal platform for attracting the right audience and forwarding them directly to your blog. You can use such a great feature as Instagram Stories to hint about your newly published blog post.

Anyway, before that, have a glance at our checklist of what makes a blog post compelling:

  • It features a headline which induces a link;
  • It tells a naturally flowing story;
  • It’s filled with visual cues and diverse media;
  • It includes a smart formatting throughout for an easy reading;
  • It focuses only on one key point and the whole post supports it;
  • It encourages readers to take an action (share it on Instagram, comment, sign up for your mailing list, etc.).


Only if you support all these points, your Instagram followers will acknowledge the value of your blog and drive more traffic to not only your Instagram account but also your website.

Getting the Most out of Instagram’s Close Friends List

Getting the Most out of Instagram’s Close Friends List

Most probably there have been cases when you wanted to share an Instagram Story only with a couple of your followers of IRL friends but didn’t know how to. Now, with Instagram’s Close Friends list, this has become so convenient! In fact, this feature is among the most practical and useful ones this social network has. It allows handpicking only a group of followers or friends and to share your Gram Stories with them, while no other Gram user can see it. Now you can be selective with who can watch your daily shares and who not. If this feature is new to you, let InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider present to your attention this feature in details. Be certain, you and your brand can highly benefit from Close Friends list.



What Is It?


As we have already stated, this feature makes it possible to change the way you use Instagram. Instagram Stories are a means of expressing the best about your brand, sharing your everyday moments. However, once your Gram community has grown, there might be some Stories you’d like to keep only for your closest friends and real acquaintances.

The Close Friends list can be created and added whenever you need to without any participant in it knowing about his/her presence or absence in the list. Like with ordinary Stories, those designed for chosen people will be available for only 24 hours. The difference is that when you create a Story for your Close Friends list, a green circle will round your profile picture. Only you and those who have the right to see your current Story can see that green signifying circle. Other followers not included in the list will neither see the green circle nor learn about any new Story.

Just the same way, once you are in someone’s Close Friends list, his private posts will stand out among other due to the green circle.



How You Can Create a Close Friends List


So, if you want to appear more private with only some of your followers with the help or your Close Friends list, learn how you can create it right now:

  •    Get to your profile page and tap the three lines on the right top
  •    Choose Close Friends
  •    Tap “Add” next to the names of all those Instagram users you want to be included in the list (you can also tap “search” to look for new friends)
  •    After all the necessary people are added to the list, tap “Done.


Remember that this list isn’t final and it can be changed anytime you wish. Besides, no one will ever be notified about being added or removed from your Close Friends list.



Sharing Stories with Close Friends


Now, when your Close Friends list is ready, it’s time to share your first Story with them. This is as easy as making an ordinary Story. Take a photo, video or upload a ready one right from your smartphone, add any GIF, Stocker or Poll you want and once the Story seems to be ready to be posted, click Close Friends in the left lower corner. The Story will be shared only with the users included in your list.  



How Your Brand Will Benefit from Close Friends List


Even though the Close Friends list feature might be available to you for already a while, it has actually been released worldwide recently. How can you use it for the benefit of your brand? In case your brand works closely with some Gram influencers or collaborators for Gram campaigns, you may need to create a list to include only them. This way you may share posts that might interest them yet be not designed for your followers.

Just the same way, if you are a fitness trainer, for instance, you may want to share some tips or recommendations dedicated only for some of your followers (who are your customers in real life, for instance). As clients, they will see the information posted for them, while all your other followers won’t even learn it was published.

Why Beards Rock on Instagram

Why Beards Rock on Instagram

Who said that Instagram is only for glamorous young girls’ fashionable posts?! There are so many brutal machos’ images here that keep the balance between the feminine and real male beauty on Instagram! And the vast majority of these men appear to be bearded. Today InstaBF has picked up a more entertaining topic to speak about than usual. We shall explain why Beards rock on Instagram! But before passing to our main theme, let us first introduce to you InstaBF’s amazing offer! This reputable service suggests increasing the number of your Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers with the simplest method – ordering them from us. All the profiles are HQ real-looking ones and won’t cause any suspicion among either your true followers or Instagram algorithm.

Men with beards have always done great things to make the world a better place to live. From Socrates to Yosemite Sam, these men were praised for their unique intelligence and strength. And even though there might be a dozen or two of people who won’t agree that beard is great, we shall find out why they are wrong through Instagram examples.



Beards for All Occasions

Despite the stereotype that bearded men look only like bikers, beards are actually incredibly adaptable. Depending on the style you want to create, use an appropriate outfit and your beard will help you achieve the expected result. In fact, a bearded man can look anything he wishes – a biker, a lumberjack, a great thinker, etc.



Beards Create a Manlier Look

Surely, having a baby-soft skin is a great advantage. Yet, you start doubting about it the moment you see images of those sexy brutal Instagram men all of which have beards. As long as a macho appearance is more important than a neat look, bearded men are on the winning side!



Beards Help You Create an Image of a Great Thinker

Have you noticed that if a beardless man who is sitting opposite you is starring off into space, it seems that his mind has started wandering to other things, not any of which is manly, well, probably. However, the same situation with a bearded man starring off looks totally different! In fact, a bearded man looks like being deep into significant thoughts solving the whole world’s problems! They look not only more brutal but also much wiser and mature! Be sure, women do believe in this.



Beards Bring Fame

There can be no doubts that bearded men are much more popular than those with shaved soft facial skin. Don’t you believe in this? Then make sure you check out some of Insta’s hashtags including #beardlife, #beard, #beardsofinstagram, and others. These hashtags will show you not only millions of images and billions of likes but also a fantastic amount of unique beards! Surely, the greatest part of them does not belong to celebrities, yet what a fame each of them enjoys on Instagram!

So, if you got assured that beards are really fantastic, go have your own grown. Yet, if you are one of those rare men who can’t grow a beard, search “beard germs” in Google and comfort yourself!