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Strategies to Sell Out Your Event on Instagram

Strategies to Sell Out Your Event on Instagram

Instagram is broadly used by people around the world to discover brands and businesses. The multi-million Insta profiles of businesses active on a daily basis make the platform a grandiose one for developing. Just the same way, any event organized and promoted well on this social media gets the opportunity to grow their audience only adhering to a few steps. These are:

  • Post content that can draw the attention of target users;
  • Make it straightforward for users to get more information about the event and the purchase of tickets;
  • Encourage Insta users to use your tags and post at your event thus driving more people to check on your event.


This is the “flywheel” of every successful event discovery. However, to put it into motion, it’s necessary to first engage event goers on Gram so that they do their part in the cycle. How? InstaBF, a credible IGTV and IG provider, is going to reveal it right away!



Engage People to Grow Your Audience


Most Instagrammers get inspired by the content posted by businesses. According to the statistics, one-third of most-viewed IG Stories are posted by particularly businesses. And events here even have an advantage over businesses – live experiences are significantly more photogenic! Hence, if you are promoting an event, make certain you post lots of engrossing content. Make every part of your event vivid through IG live and recorded videos, images, Stories. Once users realize they can get a colorful glimpse at the action, they will yearn to get more.

Start teasing your audience weeks or even months beforehand. Build excitement and hint them about the exceptional experience your event promises them. By the way, the two-thirds of every business profile gets visits from non-followers. And an authentic and interesting content posted on a regular basis is a sure way to convert these visitors into followers.



Turn Followers into Ticket Buyers


Once Instagrammers following you engage with your content they will want to experience your event themselves. Unfortunately, interest doesn’t mean buying tickets. To achieve this, first of all, make buying tickets right from a smartphone an utmost easy process. For this:

  1. Insert a URL on your Insta profile that connects the profile to ticketing or registration. Make certain your followers won’t have to navigate all over your website homepage to find where to buy tickets.
  2. As Instagrammers come from mobile phones, it’s important to optimize the payment process so that it is displayed and operated well on mobile devices.
  3. Create a “Get Tickets” button right on your Insta profile.



Encourage Instagrammers to Share Their Experience


People love seeing others’ unique experiences on Instagram and other social media. And even one person’s post from a fantastic event can inspire several friends to learn more about it and follow the Instagram account of that event. In fact, around 48% of event visitors attend festivals and shows just to have content to share on Instagram knowing well it encourages others for a discovery, too. This is a unique flywheel on its own. So, with this said, there are four steps (some need investments) that will help you engage your Insta following. These are:

  1. Contests drawing users to post their own images from your events and tag new friends;
  2. Collaborations with influencers, vendors, speakers and sponsors to post about your event;
  3. Creating photogenic scenes at your venue to encourage Instagrammers to take photos and post them;
  4. Creating hashtags that your followers and Instagrammers interested in your event can use to post about your festival or event.  


The more followers talk about your event, the faster your promotion flywheel will spin, thus growing the interest and attendance to your event!

What Music Promoters Should Know About Instagram Geotagging

What Music Promoters Should Know About Instagram Geotagging

Are you a music promoter? If yes, then you must be posting on Instagram daily. Your posts most probably are devoted to artists and their tours. Besides this, as a good Insta promoter, you must be adhering to a well-defined hashtag strategy, as well as have a unique feature Get Tickets button right on your profile. If all this refers to you, then you are doing your work well. And what about geotagging? Have you included this key step in your Instagram strategy? If not, it’s high time to think about it. Geotagging is the same as assigning a specific location to all Insta posts of the festival or venue you promote. With it, you can reach up your target and local audience much easier. Just imagine how high the chances of getting found by those fans who are making location-based searches become! All this is a sure way toward attaining more engagement, more ticket sales, and a higher recognition level.

So, today one of those IG and IGTV providers you can apply to round the clock is going to share with you the four essential things every music promoter should know about Insta geotagging.



Geotagged Posts Bring 80% More Engagement


According to the statistics, those posts the locations of which have been specified, get around 80% more engagement than others. Additionally, such high engagement is even more quality as it comes from better-qualified customers. These can be local fans who are interested in both regional and local events.

So, if you tag the same location on all posts made in the same location within the framework of the same music event, you are sure to create content and buzz at the location thus inspiring other users to tag that very location in their posts.

And at last, once you add a location, your fans will find you easier in the real world if they suddenly determine to join your event.



Geotagging Adds Images to a Photo Map


Whether to tag the city or specify the precise address of the venue is up to you. But if you opt for the latter, you will benefit a lot. When your fans tap the geotag you mentioned, they will be able to see all the images tagged to that very location both by you and your fans. This might encourage them to post their own photos and tag to that location.  Besides, with a photo map, you will interact with fans that have come to the show directly.

By the way, if you have stored some photos to post later, you can do it from your home and tag the location they were taken in. Instagram doesn’t imply you have to be in the exact location to be able to use a geotag.



Setting Up Your Event as a Geotag Location Is Quite Easy


If you can’t find the location you need for your event in Instagram’s list of locations, there won’t be any problem with adding a new one. In fact, it’s very simple. Just adhere to the following steps:

  1. Make certain you have switched on the location services on your gadget. If it’s an iOS device, go Settings>Account Setting>Location.  
  2. Get to your target area, make a check-in post, and enter the name of the event as the location. Search results at the bottom of the list and tap the option “add a new location”.
  3. Pick up the right type of business from the prompts.
  4. Once it asks for the location, click on “I’m currently here”.
  5. Once you publish your status, the new location will appear on IG.



Use Location Stickers in Instagram Stories


IG stories are promised to be the future of both Instagram and generally social media. Hence, this is something you simply have no right to ignore. Now you can use location stickers right on Instagram stories. Besides, if the location is the name of your festival, you will be able to include your brand name right on your story.

Claiming Your Instagram Account on Pinterest

Claiming Your Instagram Account on Pinterest

Pinterest and Instagram. What does unit these two social networks? Perhaps the fact that they are both grandiose channels for businesses! And due to the latest innovation that allows claiming an Instagram account on Pinterest, you have even greater chances of promoting your brand on both platforms. From now on, there is a real chance to get attribution on any Pins originating from an Insta account despite the fact that someone else might have done the pinning. Besides, this way you have an access to a more dependable analytics system, as well as deeper insights concerning the performance of your content.

So, if this interested you, InstaBF will gladly present to your attention a guidance on how you can claim an Insta account on Pinterest. InstaBF is a credible service offering amazing packages of Instagram and IGTV likes, followers, views, and comments on beneficial conditions.



How You Can Claim an IG Account on Pinterest


If you plan to link your Instagram account on Pinterest, you will have to do it from the mobile version of Pinterest. For this, just get to your Pinterest profile, and tap the lovely button in a hexagon form located in the top-right corner. Now you can open “Edit Settings” and find the new section titled “Claim Accounts”. Here you will find several options including Etsy, YouTube and, of course, Instagram! Toggle the switch you will find in front of the latter and log into your IG account. After this, you’ll see an authorization window popping up to confirm. After this, you will have your IG account connected to Pinterest just as you wished!

In fact, linking these two accounts promises tons of benefits to you. Particularly which, let’s find out together.



Benefits You Will Get by Claiming Your IG Account on Pinterest


Accessing to Better Analytics


Perhaps the major benefit of claiming an IG account on Pinterest, a wider and more credible array of Pins’ analytics are opened to you. Whenever you or any other Instagrammer share any post of your IG to Pinterest, you become able to track any actions taken on that particular Pin.

However, remember that to have this analytics, your Pinterest account should be of a business type.



Getting Attribution on All of Your Pins


The next significant benefit of linking an IG account to Pinterest is obtaining attribution on any Pins originating from IG. With this said, in case you or another person creates a Pin with the content of your IG account, that very Pin will have the picture of your profile, as well as a new “Follow” button on it. And once a person taps that Pin, he will be redirected to your Instagram account. Meanwhile, by tapping the follow button, they will follow you on Pinterest.



Getting More Traffic from Pinterest


This benefit is closely related to the previous one. By linking an IG account to Pinterest and thus obtaining greater attribution on all Pins originating from IG, you significantly raise your chances of getting more traffic and more monthly viewers to both IG and Pinterest accounts.

How You Can Use Quotes in Your Instagram Strategy

How You Can Use Quotes in Your Instagram Strategy

Some Instagram users accept quotes just as decent “filler content” pieces. Actually, they are much more than that. They are useful tools for plenty of businesses on their way toward achieving their bravest marketing goals (building brand affinity and driving sales). As you have probably guessed, InstaBF, a remarkable Instagram and IGTV provider you can trust anytime you need likes, comments, followers and views, is going to turn to the significance of quotes for Instagram users, especially IG business owners.



Using Quotes in Your Instagram Marketing


Despite the fact that quotes were initially used only when Instagram users ran out of ideas what to post (and still some people adhere to this phenomenon), they can be used for a number of other reasons and purposes, as well. They can be especially useful in promoting Insta campaigns. How? Let’s find this out together:


Engaging the Audience


The primary and perhaps the simplest reason why brands use quotes is engaging their audience thus creating deeper relationships. What makes this great is that one can use quotes to take the strategy in any direction suitable for the brand. If the brand is all about fun and entertainment, happiness-inducing quotes in bright designs can be perfect. More serious and inspirational quotes, meanwhile, are better for appropriate brands.


Sharing Testimonials

Instagram quotes are also a great means of sharing testimonials. Surely, it may look somewhat too cut-and-dry, yet it is highly beneficial for a business. And this technique is broadly used by numerous brands. For instance, @tartecosmetcs shares multiple positive and even humorous testimonials on their account.


Starting Conversations


It’s far not that easy to make followers engage with your posts. Instagram quotes, meanwhile, can generate more activity in the post’s comments if they are intriguing and provocative. Generally, this step has its positive results. For instance, @supergoop loves sharing stimulating and sometimes question-based quotes just to answer the multiple questions they receive in one answer.


Building Product Awareness

Another efficient means of using quotes on Instagram is building product awareness. Use them to remind your followers about the new e-commerce product features you are currently selling. This can be seen from the bright examples of such popular brands as @brooklinen and @casper. They quite often share quotes related to their products thus building brand affinity.


Promoting a Campaign or Project


Instagram quotes can also be used to promote current projects and campaigns. The results promise to be more than satisfying – you will engage multiple comments and raise the interest toward your project on this social network just as @jengotch did recently.



Creating Instagram Quotes Templates


So, if you feel encouraged to use a quote for boosting your Instagram brand awareness and drive more sales (if you own an IG business), you would also like to know how you can create some. The two most practical and effective tools for this purpose are Canva and Adobe Spark. Use either to create branded content via engaging quotes and you won’t regret!

Everything You Should Know About Instagram Verification

Everything You Should Know About Instagram Verification

Such a phenomenon as Instagram’s verification has always been accepted as something mysterious by the social media users. What factors are taken into account when IG decides to verify an account or not? Does the number of followers the account has affect this decision? These and a bunch of other questions were always like a bone in Instagrammers’ throat! Fortunately, Instagram has recently explained how the whole verification process is carried out. Moreover, the social media made it possible for its subscribers to apply for account verification without leaving the application. So, if you are interested in verifying your account for upgrading your brand on this virtual platform, you’ll find this post greatly useful! InstaBF is one of the leading IG and IGTV providers and wants to do everything so that its customers take the most from Instagram!



Requesting a Verified Badge for Your Instagram Account


To request a badge for your Gram account, log into it, pass to the three lines in the right top corner of the screen. From here you’ll access the settings and can tap the Request Verification option. After this, you are to fill out the brief form that includes your name, Insta nickname, your category. Besides, it will be necessary to attach your Government-issued ID form. Once everything is completed, tap Send.



Requirements for Getting Verified


The requirements of Instagram verification are very strict. Besides the primary conditions that include being a public figure, a brand or celebrity, there are a number of other requirements, as well. Here are them:




The primary condition for having your account verified is authenticity. With this said, we mean your account must represent a real person, an entity or a registered business.




The next point is the uniqueness. The account is to be the original presence of the business or celebrity it represents. This means that despite having multiple profiles on Instagram, a brand can have only one account verified. Anyway, there happen cases when Instagram makes exceptions for certain language-specific accounts, as well as those having different fashion lines, sports and countries.




Only a complete account with the profile photo, bio, and at least one post can apply for verification. Besides, it mustn’t have any link to other social media.




And the last requirement that Instagram has for an account applying for verification is the notability. The account is to represent a famous and widely-searched-for brand, person or entity.



After You Have Applied for Verification


Soon after you have applied for verification, you get a notification from Instagram about their decision. In case of a denial, you will be obliged to wait a month before having the chance of applying again. Yet, if the answer is positive, you can already find the verification badge on your account.

Instagram warns that once it finds out the applicant has provided them with false information in the application, they will not only remove the verification badge but can also delete the account.

Remember that Instagram verification badge is one of the most effective keys to building credibility and trust among Instagram users.

Five Mental Health Tips for Instagrammers and Social Media Marketers

Five Mental Health Tips for Instagrammers and Social Media Marketers

It’s not a secret that social media managers, influencers and entrepreneurs face a certain set of mental health challenges having to spend the greatest part of the day on the internet. If you fall into this category of people, it is worth thinking about taking a break from your smartphone, your Instagram account (just as any other social media account) and technology in general. Just think yourself, when did you last spend a whole day without checking your phone? Whether social media is your passion or your job, taking time to decompress and giving your mind some rest from the screen is simply crucial for one’s mental health. And once this starts to seem impossible, it means it’s high time to think seriously about the matter. Being concerned with its customers’ mental health, InstaBF, a popular IG and IGTV provider, would like to share some tips on how to find a balance between social media and rest. As “quitting” Instagram is definitely not an option, you are sure to find these tips useful:



The Usefulness of Daily Meditation


Mediation has been proved as an efficient means of fighting against anxiety, stress, depression, high blood pressure. So, taking as little as only ten minutes out of your social media marketer’s workday won’t harm it in any way. Yet, if you devote those ten minutes to meditating, you are sure not only to feel much better and stress-free but also increase your work productivity and creativeness.

In case you don’t have any practice in meditating, it will be expedient to make use of Headspace free application. The latter is a great tool in helping you to press the reset button and helping to refocus your brain.



Controlling the Instagram Feed


Scientists warn ordinary users of Instagram, as well as social media marketers to do a quick audit of their Instagram feeds once they feel the social media has started to affect their mental health. How to curate an Instagram feed that will be appropriate for you? Just follow the following points:

  • Unfollow those accounts which you think can’t make you feel good;
  • Mute those keywords that upset or trigger you;
  • Follow happy and inspiring accounts that can make your time fun;
  • Control all the comments you get by blocking certain words and phrases you wouldn’t like to read under your posts;
  • Set intentions.


Set Limits by Monitoring the Screen Time

Did you know that on average, an Instagrammer spends two hours viewing, liking, commenting and posting on IG?! And when the matter concerns a social media marketer, this number is to be at least quadrupled. If you are one, set time limits on your gadget (the latest iPhones allow tracking the time spent on IG). You can also make use of the Moment application.



Set Self-Care Goals

When overburdened with much work, you may forget such simple self-care goals as taking a medicine, doing a short exercise, etc. With the help of Aloe Bud free application, you can track them. This will help you find a better balance between the work times on IG and your little but important self-care goals.



Taking a Break from IG


If the above-mentioned tips haven’t had any significant results on your mental health, it’s time to take a break from Instagram. Even if your job is connected with this social media, it’s still possible to take breaks on weekends and evenings. For this, schedule your posts in advance and assign a co-worker to monitor the engagement they get during the weekend.