The New Security Tools and Updates Announced

The New Security Tools and Updates Announced

Instagram is constantly busy updating its features and introducing new ones all dedicated to improving the experience of its users on this social network. And the latest wide-ranging set of new tools, introduced to public hours ago, is addressed to transparency and security. The set includes three important updates. Today InstaBF, one of those rare providers of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, followers, and views you can trust without hesitation, will refer to each tool separately. Let’s pass onto each of them directly.



“About This Account” Section Update

Due to the new “About This Account” section, Instagrammers will be able to receive more information and evaluate the legitimacy of any other user of this social network. You can access this new feature by clicking on the menu button of the account with a substantial reach you are interested in. Such information will be provided as the country the account was based in, when it was created, accounts that share followers with that user, as well as what usernames that account has changed during the past year. Additionally, the new feature links account with impressively large audiences to Insta ads that it runs. This is all addressed to solving the recent talks around the transparency of advertisements and the disinformation spread inside social networks. From September 2018 on, those users who have accounts with large audiences will be able to review the info about their accounts. That information will afterward become publicly available.

After the first phase of this feature’s practical usage, the tool will launch to all Instagrammers all over the world.



Getting the Verified Badge

The next not less significant new feature will provide Instagrammers a chance to apply for and get the blue verified badge. The process of application is no longer opaque, but standardized. A verified badge is mostly needed by notable public figures, global brands, celebrities, or international entities Insta accounts represent. Seeing this badge next to an Instagram account, users will understand they are dealing with an authentic representative of that celebrity or brand.

To request this badge, the Insta user must go to the menu of his account, select Settings, and click on “Request Verification”. After the application, Instagram will review it and request the applier’s username, full name and a copy of his legal or business identification. None of this information will be exposed to the public. If any of these data are missing or are incorrect, Instagram won’t verify the account.



Support for Third-Party Authenticator Applications

And the last innovation by Instagram is addressed to making this social network more durable against threats and attacks made by hijackers on Instagram accounts. The added support to the third-party authenticator applications such as DUP Mobile and Google Authenticator will make 2FA (the two-factor authentication) much safer than before.

Mike Krieger, Instagram co-founder and CTO, mentions in his latest statement, that the service won’t stop on this and will keep on working to improve spam and abusive content filters in order to make this giant social network a safe and pleasant place for its milliard users!

5 Instagram Updates Revealed at F8 Facebook Conference

5 Instagram Updates Revealed at F8 Facebook Conference

A few days ago, the popular annual Facebook F8 conference took place. During the two fantastic days of social media knowledge, a bunch of really exiting Instagram updates for the whole 2018 year were revealed. We bet you wonder which those updates are and how you can benefit from them. Not willing to make you wait long, InstaBF is ready to speak about each of the five updates right now. Yet, before that, let us remind all those Insta users who don’t succeed in getting the desired number of likes, comments, and followers for any reason, that InstaBF is one of the most reliable and responsibly working Instagram providers on the market! A single order is enough to raise your Instagram engagement impressively!

1. The New Insta Explore Page

Since June 2015, Instagram’s Search and Explore page has undergone really impressive changes. This year, however, promises to bring the biggest alternations that were announced at F8. It’s not new that Instagram shows its users the famous posts they are likely to be interested in the most based on what they usually watch. But from this year on, there will be also a chance to explore posts by interests through the feature “channels”. The latter makes the suggested content thoroughly tailored to your preferences, rather than leaving the choice to only Instagram’s presumption.

Anyway, Instagram users will have to wait for an uncertain time period to get such a control over the content they see, as the social media hasn’t yet declared the date for the new “channels” feature release. Well, at least we know it will be available this year!

2. Group Video Chat

Making video calls makes people feel closer to each other when it’s not possible to do it physically. Taking the popularity of this feature into consideration, Marc Zuckerberg announced about incorporating Video Chat into Instagram this year. With its help, two and more Insta users will be able to connect each other privately. As it became obvious through the demo version, users will find a new camera icon on the private DMs tapping which they will connect that particular user. Besides, it will be possible to minimize the chat window to scroll through the platform while chatting. This new feature is said to appear during the upcoming few weeks.

3. AR Camera Effects for Stories Face Filters

As it became known during the F8 conference, making and sharing your own filters especially for Insta Stories will soon be possible both for ordinary users and brands. These AR camera filters new to Instagram are to go viral, as, to use them, you have to see a friend, an influencer or a brand using it. This new feature will, by the way, open opportunities for users to try Kylie Cosmetics lip kits within their Insta Stories. Funny, right?

4. New Song Sharing Tools for Instagram Stories

Up till now, if you want to make a song as your Instagram story, you have to simply post a screenshot without the opportunity to have it play. The new “Sharing to Stories” feature will give a solution to that problem. As it was announced, once you listen and like a song in Spotify, you can share it through your Instagram Stories by simply clicking the new “share” button in the application. This way the song will appear a sticker, which is actually a deep link to that song in Spotify.

5. Filtering Out Bullying Comments

And the last announcement made about Instagram at F8 conference refers to automatically filtering bullying comments. The new feature based on machine learning identifies bullying language and removes the comments automatically instantly after it’s posted. This “bullying language” includes words and expressions that contain attacks on users’ character or appearance, threats, and insults.

New to Instagram Stories

New to Instagram Stories

It’s been already several months since Instagram started testing the platform’s ability to repost Stories. And since all the reviews left are positive, the social network decided to roll it out officially. This news is sure to cheer especially those Instagram businesses, which make big investments, particularly on the Stories feature. With the help of this new feature, Insta users can easily repost others’ stories, which can be of a great profit to businesses. Now let’s get a closer look at this “already” officially fixed feature, as well as some other updates of Instagram Stories. But prior to that, let’s recall what offers InstaBF has for all Instagram users. Different packages of likes, comments, and followers with real looking profiles are awaiting you here, on InstaBF. We fulfill all orders within the shortest possible times and on affordable conditions. So, if you are planning to increase your Insta engagement by increasing the number of your followers, InstaBF is at your full disposal.

Reposting Instagram Stories

In fact, Instagram businesses started actively using Insta Stories since the feature first appeared on the platform. Instagram started to be accepted as a gold mine of user-generated content businesses benefited from immensely. And it was the matter of time when the network would make reposting stories possible.

However, story reposting isn’t available for all users yet. Those, who can already use it, will find “Add This to Your Story” button on Insta’s DMs whenever other users tag them in their Stories. Once this button is tapped, you’ll be redirected to your profile’s Story interface. Here you may make any edits or share the story just as it is, the choice is yours.

If you have an Instagram business, you can repost your customers’ reviews they make in their stories instead of screen saving them to create a separate story later like you used to do. Agree, that it will save you much time and nerves!

Now let’s address other features new to Instagram Stories. All the following updates, however, are available only for Android operation system, yet. The social media promises to make them work for iOS in the near future, too.

Uploading Multiple Images/Videos to Stories at Once

Now, uploading numerous photos and videos for the Insta story at once and then previewing the entire story you plan to make before posting is possible. Besides being time-saving, this feature also makes it possible to wait for a stronger internet connection before uploading the entire story at once. To do this, just click on the new icon located in the upper right corner when you swipe up from the Stories camera. Then you can select as many as ten images, edit each of them, and they will be uploaded in the order you have chosen.

Adding Location to Stories

From now on, whenever you make an Instagram story and add a locations ticker to it, the social media will instantly suggest locations close to where the image or video was taken. Even though this new update isn’t as fantastic as the previous ones, it’s definitely quite helpful.

New Changes in Instagram Algorithm

New Changes in Instagram Algorithm

Several days ago, on the 22nd of March, the Instagram social network made an announcement about a significant change in the network’s system. As they state, this change was long been anticipated by multiple users. And if you are one of those Instagrammers wondering whether the chronological feed is again back or not, you are welcome to InstaBF’s blog. Right now we are going to have a close look at all these Instagram algorithm changes. But prior to that, we would like to introduce you our special offer – packages of Instagram likes, comments and followers at an affordable price. Let InstaBF assist you in increasing your Instagram engagement as quickly as within a couple of days.

How Instagram’s Chronological Feed Turned into Algorithm

Before we pass on to the latest changes made, let’s recollect when and how the so much loved chronological feed order was transformed into an algorithm.

Back in 2016, Insta substituted the chronological feed with an algorithm. The latter brought much more relevant content to every user and was aimed to organize the tones of videos and photos people shared every day. However, despite this smart idea, Insta users along with businesses became immensely frustrated. All that mattered for a chronological feed was posting the right content when one’s audience was most active. The Instagram algorithm, meanwhile, presumed multiple diverse factors including how long followers watch your Instagram post, what content type users engage with, etc. All this reacted in a significant decrease in user’s engagement rates. And now, after two years, it seems that Instagram has undertaken some really useful measures.

New Changes Already Applied

Now let’s review what particular changes were applied.

First of all, the new button “New Posts” will make it possible to refresh your feed manually. As Instagram states, they were receiving many complaints about the feed refreshing automatically when it was least expected and bump the user to the top. Now, with this improvement, one can pick up the time when it’s most convenient for him/her to refresh the feed.

The next change, which is actually much more important than the first one, prevents older posts from appearing in the top of the feed. With this new feature, your feed will always look fresher than before. Anyway, this doesn’t mean that the old chronological feed is back again. The same algorithm that was being used during the past two years, was just adjusted to the users’ convenience.

Additionally, the latest changes also give more significance to the time when users make posts rather than what is being posted.

What Influence New Algorithm Changes Will Have On Users

So, with all the new changes applied, the advanced Instagram algorithm still won’t bring any changes to users’ feeds. Yet, there are certain aspects users, especially business account owners should be warned about.

First, remember that the time you make a post is as important as never before.

If the algorithm found you would be interested in a certain post, you would see it in your feed even if it had been posted several days before. But now, Instagram promises to set your feed free from old posts. This, in its turn, decreases the lifespan of every post. Accordingly, businesses should be more accurate picking up the time for posts or do it much more frequently than before.

Major Instagram Updates of November 2017

Major Instagram Updates of November 2017

With around seven hundred millions of users in the whole world, Instagram is one of global leading social networks. Surely, facing the same features with no updates during the time may repel them ho matter how much they like the network structure. Therefore, Instagram has adopted the policy of expanding the old features and offering totally new ones every month! November is not an exception, either.
Instagram wants to surprise its users with the updated Story format, and the chance to host split-screen videos on Instagram Live.

Bring the Past to the Present

Instagram introduced the Story format in 2016 and it was high time to make some crucial changes. If users could only post Instagram Stories in real time or at least use the fresh content (not older than 24 hours) from their camera rolls before, now, from November 2017, they get the unique opportunity to bring past to the present! Your old photos saved in the gadget can make your current stories from now on!
The 24-hour limit was definitely constricting and Instagram had to review it. Actually, users are really grateful for this update, as not all of them have constant access to the internet. So now, when you click to add a story with a photo from your camera roll, instead of getting the already-annoying “last 24 hours” phrase, you will see just “camera roll”. Additionally, if you had the photos you could post in your Instagram story displayed horizontally, from now on you will get them aligned vertically. This is sure to immensely facilitate the deal!
When a user will be uploading an old photo or video in his Story, he will get a lovely sticker with the date and time of taking pop up. Undoubtedly, this will add a nostalgic feel to your post. Yet, however, if your intention is to fake spontaneity, you can just drag the sticker to the bin and have a clear post! Thrilling, isn‘t it?
By the way, Instagram made is possible to view stories using the desktop version of the network. From November on, stories will cease to be mobile-only!

Host Friends in Live Version

Are you making a live Instagram broadcasting and want a friend to join? Once you start it, you can see who’s viewing you online. Invite any of them you trust to share your broadcast and have a split-screen broadcast with them. Besides, you can receive and accept requests by those who want to join you. Just make sure it’s worth trusting them in real-time!

Making Your Instagram Account Popular

Would you like to enrich the number of your Instagram followers, comments and likes? The best solution is trusting InstaBF! Make your account more popular and visited, and get profits from it. We shall proceed your order the moment you make the payment. Be certain, your expectations are going to be exceeded!