With around seven hundred millions of users in the whole world, Instagram is one of global leading social networks. Surely, facing the same features with no updates during the time may repel them ho matter how much they like the network structure. Therefore, Instagram has adopted the policy of expanding the old features and offering totally new ones every month! November is not an exception, either.
Instagram wants to surprise its users with the updated Story format, and the chance to host split-screen videos on Instagram Live.

Bring the Past to the Present

Instagram introduced the Story format in 2016 and it was high time to make some crucial changes. If users could only post Instagram Stories in real time or at least use the fresh content (not older than 24 hours) from their camera rolls before, now, from November 2017, they get the unique opportunity to bring past to the present! Your old photos saved in the gadget can make your current stories from now on!
The 24-hour limit was definitely constricting and Instagram had to review it. Actually, users are really grateful for this update, as not all of them have constant access to the internet. So now, when you click to add a story with a photo from your camera roll, instead of getting the already-annoying “last 24 hours” phrase, you will see just “camera roll”. Additionally, if you had the photos you could post in your Instagram story displayed horizontally, from now on you will get them aligned vertically. This is sure to immensely facilitate the deal!
When a user will be uploading an old photo or video in his Story, he will get a lovely sticker with the date and time of taking pop up. Undoubtedly, this will add a nostalgic feel to your post. Yet, however, if your intention is to fake spontaneity, you can just drag the sticker to the bin and have a clear post! Thrilling, isn‘t it?
By the way, Instagram made is possible to view stories using the desktop version of the network. From November on, stories will cease to be mobile-only!

Host Friends in Live Version

Are you making a live Instagram broadcasting and want a friend to join? Once you start it, you can see who’s viewing you online. Invite any of them you trust to share your broadcast and have a split-screen broadcast with them. Besides, you can receive and accept requests by those who want to join you. Just make sure it’s worth trusting them in real-time!

Making Your Instagram Account Popular

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