It’s been already several months since Instagram started testing the platform’s ability to repost Stories. And since all the reviews left are positive, the social network decided to roll it out officially. This news is sure to cheer especially those Instagram businesses, which make big investments, particularly on the Stories feature. With the help of this new feature, Insta users can easily repost others’ stories, which can be of a great profit to businesses. Now let’s get a closer look at this “already” officially fixed feature, as well as some other updates of Instagram Stories. But prior to that, let’s recall what offers InstaBF has for all Instagram users. Different packages of likes, comments, and followers with real looking profiles are awaiting you here, on InstaBF. We fulfill all orders within the shortest possible times and on affordable conditions. So, if you are planning to increase your Insta engagement by increasing the number of your followers, InstaBF is at your full disposal.

Reposting Instagram Stories

In fact, Instagram businesses started actively using Insta Stories since the feature first appeared on the platform. Instagram started to be accepted as a gold mine of user-generated content businesses benefited from immensely. And it was the matter of time when the network would make reposting stories possible.

However, story reposting isn’t available for all users yet. Those, who can already use it, will find “Add This to Your Story” button on Insta’s DMs whenever other users tag them in their Stories. Once this button is tapped, you’ll be redirected to your profile’s Story interface. Here you may make any edits or share the story just as it is, the choice is yours.

If you have an Instagram business, you can repost your customers’ reviews they make in their stories instead of screen saving them to create a separate story later like you used to do. Agree, that it will save you much time and nerves!

Now let’s address other features new to Instagram Stories. All the following updates, however, are available only for Android operation system, yet. The social media promises to make them work for iOS in the near future, too.

Uploading Multiple Images/Videos to Stories at Once

Now, uploading numerous photos and videos for the Insta story at once and then previewing the entire story you plan to make before posting is possible. Besides being time-saving, this feature also makes it possible to wait for a stronger internet connection before uploading the entire story at once. To do this, just click on the new icon located in the upper right corner when you swipe up from the Stories camera. Then you can select as many as ten images, edit each of them, and they will be uploaded in the order you have chosen.

Adding Location to Stories

From now on, whenever you make an Instagram story and add a locations ticker to it, the social media will instantly suggest locations close to where the image or video was taken. Even though this new update isn’t as fantastic as the previous ones, it’s definitely quite helpful.