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Four Ways of Using Instagram Stories Chat Sticker

Four Ways of Using Instagram Stories Chat Sticker

Instagram has recently introduced the golden ticket to creating an engaged Instagram community – the Stories Chat Sticker. With the help of the latter, you can start real conversations with exceptionally real Instagram users – no bots are allowed! These human group chats will help you gain more followers and boost your brand awareness. Additionally, giving you the power to choose who joins your chat or what the chat should be about, Instagram makes it easier to convert viewers to engaged followers and then customers. So that you start using this amazing new feature, we have picked up four most strategic ways for your business! Keep up with InstaBF to learn even more about benefiting from Instagram!



Invite Local Customers to IRL Events


If you are going to have a special in-store event or a conference, it’s easy to bring the community together with Instagram Stories chat sticker. If there are any burning questions related to the event, you can answer them beforehand right during the chat. Using this new feature on this purpose is highly beneficial, as you bring those people together who not only enjoy your brand but who also share the same location. So, you build up a mini-community without even pushing your service of product around a specific location. 

And do not forget to introduce yourself in the chat as people should know they are dealing with a real human behind the brand’s chat. 



Get Customer Feedback and Insights


Another wonderful means of using Instagram Stories chat sticker is hosting a group for sincere customer feedback. Here you have a chance to choose up to 31 people who can join the chat. If you want to keep it small, pick up only half a dozen followers and get their insights about your brand. By the way, this way you may crowdsource ideas which might be highly useful for brand’s promotion. 

If you want to reach out to only a specific group of followers, give specific topics for questions and conversation. Check their profiles before adding them to the group chat to get ensured they fit your chat topic. 



Share Exclusive Info or a Promo Code 


Every marketer’s purpose is to convert their followers into shoppers. And if you have such an aim, too, use Instagram Stories chat sticker. Invite followers to participate in your exclusive chat where you will make a striking brand announcement or share special shopping promo code. This way you will create a sense of exclusivity and give back to your most engaged users. Still, you can set some limits on the promo code (within a certain time frame, once per customer, etc.). To make this work, add a time limit on joining the chat and mention that you’ll be sharing a promo code to give the stories a shade of urgency and make your followers act promptly. 



Target an Ultra-Niche Group of Users


By inviting only some of your followers to take part in your Stories chat, you can share some peculiar posts you don’t want many people to see. For this, create a Close Friends list and share an Instagram story with a chat sticker inviting them. For instance, if there are Instagram influencers following your brand, create a Stories chat to invite them to be a part of your ambassador program. Here you can chat with all of them on your conditions without ordinary users learning about it. 

Create Unique Instagram Stories with These Three Applications

Create Unique Instagram Stories with These Three Applications

Can you imagine your day without checking your friends’ Instagram Stories? Personally, we can’t. A modern man starts his day with a cup of coffee while checking into Instagram to see what’s new among his friends. A unique attractive Instagram Story is able to not only set good mood among your followers but also make them remember you. This is a feature that every Instagram brand should always keep in mind. Stories are the ideal marketing tool to use for selling your brand story quicker and in a far more creative way. And if you find you need some help to fulfill your Story ideas, this post is just for you. InstaBF is a popular provider of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, followers and views you can trust whenever you want to raise your engagement rate on Gram. The service offers several affordable packages to suit any client’s needs. But besides this, we are engaged in delivering some useful and interesting content to our clients. We have already referred to creating Instagram Stories here on InstaBF’s blog, and now we have picked up three applications you can use to create exclusive Stories! So, let’s get down to work:





Collages have been on trend since they were first introduced to social media users. And if you want to get creative with particularly collages, this application is a perfect choice! The app has a wide stock of free and paid templates to choose from. You can add them to both photos and videos and post via Instagram Stories. The content can still be filtered (the intensity adjusted), text added and a background edited. There is also a block of pre-selected colors, patterns, and gradients in the MADE application. But if you wish something picky, have a look at the color picker. Once everything is to your heart’s content, share the result directly on Instagram or save to your camera roll.





Static images are good but they sometimes become boring, don’t you agree with it? To add some movement to them and post as Instagram Stories, InstaBF suggests considering the HYPE TYPE application. This is a real world of animated text graphics. If you have your own text, fill in. If not, the application will offer random quotes. The variety of animated test types that’s available already with a series of pre-selected color palettes flatters the eye. Add thematic music, resize the image and post on Instagram as a Story. 





Are you fond of videos and video Stories in particular? If yes, then Impresso is definitely the best choice for you. The application has grouped over a hundred videos by size and category so that you can find the best one for you easily. There are paid and free videos, both of which can be filtered and edited (background, text, etc.). The background is chosen from either your camera roll or Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels stock images. It gives you a unique chance to add music and animations to get truly awesome and original results in the end. You can resize your video to post on almost any social media platform including Instagram. 

Five Artists Introducing Amazing AR Effects for Your Instagram Stories

Five Artists Introducing Amazing AR Effects for Your Instagram Stories

Would you like to make your Instagram Stories more creative and unique? Sure you would. Making use of AR effects is a wonderful idea. For this, you need to follow creative artists on Gram to get access to their AR effects. Although Spark AR Studio was launched only a year ago, it has got great popularity among artists and designers who have amazing filters to offer to other users. These artists have really pushed the boundaries of this technology and have therefore grown large and engaged audiences on Gram. So, InstaBF, a prominent provider in the market of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers, is going to help you entertain your followers and entice new ones through some really awesome AR effects. Let’s get down to work right now!



@fcvkrender Suggests Getting Crystallized


This Instagram account belongs to a Montreal-based digital artist Frederic Duquette. Although Frederic is a self-taught artist, all the beaming future landscapes, sharp architectural geometry and dazzling crystalline arrangements that he offers on this account look mesmerizing. Such artists as Katy Perry, 88GLAM, ILoveMakonnen and others are Frederic’s fans. Duquette offers around a dozen effects on Instagram all of which represent his unique brilliant style with crystals, chains, snakes …



@itscovl Suggests Getting Groovy


Would you like some colorful and bold AR effects for your Instagram Stories? Is yes, then those created by a South Florida designer D’ana Nunez are great for you! One of Nunez’s latest filters is the “Groovy, baby” in the style of the psychedelic aesthetic of the ’70s. The filters perfectly infuse the fun and vibrant style of the account with Palm Springs aesthetic. Follow this amazing designer and get an opportunity to entertain your followers with bright and fun filters.



@tokyyto Offers Colorful Cartoons


Another range of unique and funny filters for Instagram Stories is offered by Tomas Posse. The range includes multi-colored and bizarre-styled cartoons. The first filter by this artist was “TK2”. This AR filter was inspired by the works of Argentinian artists Lolo Amrdz and others. It offers a selection of various bright colors.



@felipepantone Offers Geometric Fantasies


You might have heard about Felipe Pantone, an Argentinian-Spanish artist who has decorated the walls of the Palais de Tokyo in Paris and Mesa Contemporary Arts Center with the 80s- and 90s-inspired frescoes. However, once this artist introduced his AR effects for Insta Stories, his reputation rose even higher. These filters include a wonderful mixture of neon gradients, graffiti, geometric abstractions. Today there are six various AR effects on Instagram Stories the most impressive of which are Ultra, Optimchrome, Chromodynamics. Suggests Entering the Future


Liam O’Neill is a talented graphic designer and menswear from London. He has introduced a whole collection of futuristic effects in cyborg-esque style. Today thousands of Instagram users from the whole world are attracted by these filters.

All five AR effects are amazing. Try each of them to find yours!

Video Effects for a Perfect Instagram Story

Video Effects for a Perfect Instagram Story

Like a devoted Instagrammer, you must have spotted the fabulous new video effects this social network has recently added to Stories’ capabilities. As Instagram Stories keep on rapidly growing in popularity, users need updates and new opportunities to make them even more impressive and remarkable. And now InstaBF, a popular Instagram and IGTV provider, will present to your attention several ways of adding flair to your Insta Stories, highlighting a video of a product or an event, increasing Instagram engagement, and creating a signature style for you on this social media. So, with this said, let’s dive into it right away! In fact, you can add video effects both prior to filming a Story and after it.


  • Subtle Video Effect


The Subtle filter has been created to soften an image. It will even give a bit o’face tuning. If you aren’t sure what effect to go to in your Story video, this will be the right choice.



  • Bloom Video Effect


Another amazing video effect for an Instagram Story is the Bloom effect. This reserved effect brings some color, as well as some bokeh goodness to a video. Be sure, your followers will appreciate your new Bloom videos!



  • Watercolor Video Effect


Artists and super-creative Instagrammers can’t stay indifferent to Watercolor effect. The latter makes any video truly unique and creative, especially when it has vibrant colors.



  • Duo Tone Video Effect


Do you consider yourself particularly original and a little bit crazy? Do your followers love your extraordinary content? If yes, then this somewhat polarizing effect is the perfect option for you.



  • Led Starburst Video Effect


Another interesting Video effect is great for those videos that have something in the center to drive attention to. Led Starburst is the effect you need to focus whatever you have in the center of your video.



  • B&W Film Video Effect


There are millions of big black and white film fans on Instagram. Are you one of them? If yes, then this filter is ideal for you. It’s a lot of fun particularly for models, actors, comedians, or those who want to add some old timely fun to their Stories.



  • Red Gradient Video Effect


Using this video effect for your Instagram Stories is somewhat dangerous. In fact, it has a lot of red! Use it wisely and make your signature effect only when you get your followers’ appreciation.



  • Prism Light Video Effect


Want to add some color yet not on the whole video? Prism Light subtle rainbow video effect will be great!



  • Glitter Video Effect


One of the most favorite video effects of plenty of Instagrammers is Glitter. If you don’t feel comfortable throwing a bucket of glitter in the air every time you shoot a video, give a go to Glitter video effect. It’s amazing for making glamorous and fun Stories.


So, you see there’s a bunch of new effects you can make use of any time you find your Instagram Story video looks somewhat boring. This was only the “surface” and there are plenty of others to give a try, too. By the way, Instagram adds new juicy options regularly. Don’t miss your chance but try them all to find the most suitable one to emphasize your unique brand voice.

Using Instagram Stories Countdown Sticker to Your Brand’s Benefit 100%

Using Instagram Stories Countdown Sticker to Your Brand’s Benefit 100%

Instagram keeps on surprising its users with new features. And if your aim is getting more traction with your sales or events, this social network has a perfect feature to use – Instagram Stories countdown sticker. The latter will make it so easy to announce about an upcoming important event (this can be a new product launch, an in-store sale, etc.) in a creative way! The sticker will count down to the appropriate date and time. Once your followers subscribe to the countdown event, they will be notified when the time is up and the countdown is complete. Agree that this is a fantastic means of engaging with your Gram followers and customers, as well as getting them to opt-in to exciting special promotions and events. Do you agree with this? Even if you doubt, InstaBF, a remarkable company offering various packages of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, followers and views on a highly affordable basis, is going to explain and show how you can use the Stories countdown sticker to your benefit.



Using Instagram Stories Countdown Sticker


Adding this new countdown sticker is much like adding any other interactive sticker. To add it you need to tap the sticker button once the Instagram Stories content (whether photo or video) is uploaded. In the list of stickers find the Countdown one. As the latter is new yet, there might be some regions it is unavailable in. If you can’t find one even after updating Instagram application, you will have to wait till it becomes available in your region, too.

So, suppose you are a lucky Instagram user and have found the countdown sticker. Now you are to name it. What name you’d better give it depends on the event you are using it for. For instance, if it’s intended to announce about the upcoming sale or promotion, you could name it “One-Day-Sale” or simply “Save up to 50%”. Anyway, remember that it shouldn’t be too wordy, as the Story itself can provide your followers with more context.

After the countdown is titled, pass to setting the time. There are two options here to choose from. The first option is the “All Day”. The countdown will lead up to a day and the ticker will stop straight at midnight on the selected day. Just the same way, you can set the hour and minute. The countdown sticker can also be beautified by changing the background color (there’s a color wheel at the top). And once you find your countdown sticker looks exactly as you wanted it, click “Done” and it will be shared.

Additionally, people who have seen your Instagram Story with the countdown get the option to follow it and be reminded once it’s over and the promised event is already available. Besides, once this happens, you will get a notification. In case of having less than fifty thousand followers, that notification will be sent to you via a direct message.





Agree that the new Instagram Stories countdown feature opens new horizons for Gram businesses. No matter if you have an event, a sale or anything else to promote, sharing a countdown on it in the Stories is a perfect means to generate better results.