Adding links to Instagram stories: Instructions and Tips for marketers

Adding links to Instagram stories: Instructions and Tips for marketers

Without any doubt, social networks have turned into one of the most efficient advertisement tools of nowadays. Still, when it comes to getting orders and process online sales, lots of companies prefer to operate their own online shops using a dedicated domain. So, establishing good redirection channels on social networks becomes crucial for proper conversion rates. Adding a link to your Instagram stories is exactly what you need to ensure the stability of the traffic from IG to your online store or personal website.


How to add a link to your Instagram stories

Please note that adding links to Stories is available only for business accounts having more than 10.000 followers. If you don’t have enough of them you can always purchase followers from InstaBF.


And if you have enough subscribers follow the instructions below.

a) Create an Instagram story

The Story can be launched in the respective section of the Instagram app (swipe up to get there and upload previously taken photos) or use the dedicated Instagram Stories application.


b) Attach the link

Tap on the link icon, the new window will appear in which you can paste/type the required URL. To complete attachment, tap on the “Done” button (if you are using iOS) or on the check mark (if you are an Android user).

Now the link icon is highlighted and your Instagram story has become an effective marketing channel for your online store.


c) Keep posting

Prepare a decent content plan for your story – there are lots of various content types available, so there is enough space for your creativity. Modify your images with filters, add some stickers and use the text as a call-to-action object. It may vary from the simple “Check our website” inscription to more complicated things like comic-style speech balloons that will reveal the main points of your story.


Be careful not to overload the story with excessive decorations. Try to keep your followers concentrated and agitated at the same time. This is the key to involve and convert as many leads as possible.

The above said is right for adding links to your stories: do not add them to every post and make sure that every link is valuable in the context of the story and in the context of your marketing strategy. Think of it like a game of chess and avoid unnecessary manipulations. Keep it rational.



How to make the links in your Instagram stories work as conversion channels


Here are a few ideas on how to integrate IG Stories and attached links with your marketing strategy. Surely, you cannot use any of these tips as a magic bullet that can be used universally. But they may give you food for thought and become a good foundation for your own techniques:


Integration with blogs

Think of your Instagram Stories as a quick way to notify your followers about the new posts appearing in your blog. By adding links to blog posts you can increase the traffic dramatically. We also recommend giving a short teaser of the content you post on your blog to get more clicks. It would be also great to make this teaser unique for Instagram.



Instructions, manuals, and tutorials

Any DIY activity may be a good example of such a trick. Just share the final results on Instagram (whether it is a wonderful dish or a project of something like DIY furniture) as a teaser and attach the link to the full instructions and the step-by-step report on your website. This will boost the traffic and increase conversion.



Exclusive content

As you have probably noticed, the main idea is to think of your content as a good dinner; Instagram stories, in this case, should be regarded as appetizers before the main course. Make them spicy and irresistibly tempting. For example, do not hurry to post the results of a contest or a giveaway on Instagram, use the link in Stories to drive your followers to the page with the results on your website.

If you have some content time, feel free to experiment with sneak peeks or short “behind-the-scenes” videos/photos that will be published mostly on your website with short teasers on Instagram.



Product and service advertisement

Make sure that your links to products and discount notifications are not too annoying. Too often ads posting may ruin your audience and distract them from your profile. Try to arrange the ads creatively and make them as interactive as possible. Your ad should look like a piece of art or a sheet of a comic book; it may even look like a post from your everyday life with all its imperfections. But they should never look like ads or banners.


We hope that this article will help you to make your Instagram Stories more interesting to your followers and get more likes. And getting more likes and views means getting more clients for your business. So, unleash your creativity and keep posting!

Using Instagram Stories for Generating Leads

Using Instagram Stories for Generating Leads

From the hundreds of million registered accounts on Instagram, twenty-five millions belong to diverse brands. This number seems to have started growing as this social platform proved to be a highly “fertile soil” for running a business. It’s a highly active platform where brands have all the chances to build a brand awareness, find and attract target customers, and eventually driver sales. One of the most efficient tools of Instagram business accounts is the Instagram Story. Today InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider, is going to reveal how you can generate leads with this feature of  “all-mighty” Instagram!



The Science Lying Behind Instagram Stories


As the State of Instagram Marketing in 2018 shows, around sixty-four percent of businesses accept Instagram Stories as a powerful means for promoting their businesses. It was proven by Social Media Today that the more posts you make in your stories, the lower the competition rate is. Therefore, for a higher engagement, it’s better to keep the story in a single digit range. How can you profit from the relationships with your story viewers? Remember that Instagram is, first of all, an acquisition channel. It will help you redirect potential customers to your brand’s website. And even though most brands mistakenly think that the user actions can be performed right on the social network, in reality, people prefer to engage with their favorite brands right through their official websites.

So, briefly to say, an Instagram Story is a wonderful channel for generating the initial interest among your customers, yet capitalizing on that very interest is not that easy.



Generating Leads


A good strategic plan is a basis for increasing the engagement. And having a high Instagram engagement rate is beneficial as long as it grows your leads and respectively sales. To increase your Instagram profitable engagement and generate leads with your Gram Stories, it’s crucial to work out a comprehensive strategy. How to do that? Let’s find out all the steps together:


Set up a Target Audience


A precisely-worked out audience persona is the core of a good marketing tactic. How to scheme one, InstaBF has already addressed to. So, if your researches show there are few people on Instagram coinciding with your audience persona, it’s better to drop the idea of generating leads through Instagram Stories. If not, move ahead.


Establish Your Brand’s Website Campaign


Make sure once a visitor is on your website, he is immediately aware what to do. The conversion element is to be ready and waiting for each and every visitor. Here are what your Instagram campaign should convert:


  • A specific landing page;
  • Compelling message;
  • GFPR compliance.


Creating Capturing Instagram Stories


Now, when all the follow-up steps are well established, it’s time to create some awesome Instagram stories. Here you first need to take into account your target audience – the audience persona. Your stories should be fun and entertaining, or interesting and essential particularly to them. Use CTA and clickable links in all your stories, apply to influencer takeovers (especially if you are a new brand to Instagram) we have already talked about in one of our posts, host an Instagram competition or giveaway. Remember that every story should not only represent your brand, but they must also make your customers feel a part of it (well, at least want to become a part of it).


Test, Measure, Improve


The final essential steps in running an effective Instagram campaign are testing, measuring and improving. With this, we mean finding out how many leads your Instagram stories generate for your business. Improve those elements that turned out to be not that effective or which are not so profitable.

So, as you can see, to generate leads and increase your product sales, you have to be both strategic and creative.

Pro Tips for Creative Instagram Stories

Pro Tips for Creative Instagram Stories

One can’t deny that Stories form if not the basis of Instagram, then at least one of the most important features. In fact, the first thing that comes to mind when launching Instagram is checking your friends’ stories and, of course, creating yours for that day. With people becoming more and more creative, it becomes quite harsh to compete with today’s leading stories. Putting aside the social media’s updates and new features that we constantly expect so much, putting our creative muscles to work becomes a necessity. Actually, there are so many under-used current features from gimmicks to cool tricks that can help us scheme simply fabulous Instagram stories to amaze our followers and attract new ones. And today, InstaBF, a reliable provider of Instagram likes, comments and followers on an affordable and timely basis, wants to share some grandiose ideas with you.


A Photo inside a Photo


Putting a selfie sticker on your Instagram Story is the same as having an image inside another. Needless to say how funky this looks! Besides, this trick gives you much space for working out your imagination and implementing the bravest ideas. How to do it? Just adhere to the following guide:

  1. Open your stories;
  2. Record or upload a story;
  3. Open the stickers for stories;
  4. Choose the icon “camera”;
  5. Take a selfie or a simple photo (the choice is up to you);
  6. Move the new selfie/photo to the necessary spot.


Playing with this feature as much as you want, you’ll create some fantastic stories!



Making Live Photos Boomerangs

Live photos are always so nice as long as you know how to use them productively but what if we turn them into Instagram boomerang stories? Won’t they become even more interesting? For this, no magic trick is needed. A couple of steps mentioned below will help you create a marvelous Instagram Story today!

  1. Pick up a live photo or take a new one;
  2. Open the Stories feature;
  3. Upload your live photo;
  4. Tap and hold the live photo till it is converted into a Boomerang.




A Revealing Instagram Story


Most probably you haven’t used the brush tool so much (if you’ve ever used) for creating Instagram Stories. And today, it’s high time you do this little funny trick, and amuse your followers. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Stories in Normal Mode;
  2. Upload your photo;
  3. Pick up a brush;
  4. Tap and hold long on the color you wish;
  5. Pick up the eraser;
  6. Erase the little space on the photo you want to be seen.



Bring in the Rainbow

You definitely love writing in colors. And who doesn’t? It’s a cool trend and the cooler is only to write in rainbow colors. For this, you could select a color for each letter one by one. But you are searching a way to do it like a Pro, don’t you? We’ll tell you how to.

So, choose the text that you want to turn into a rainbow. Using only one finger tap and hold the color you want. Use another finger to hold tightly to the blue text selector line. Once done, you’ll need to move those both fingers at the same speed. Don’t hope to succeed form the first time. Try this technique a couple of times and you will get your speed and coordination right. Once you’ve practiced enough, you’ll create rainbow texts for Instagram Stories easily!



Adding Music to Your Stories


Music makes wonders! Life would be so boring without music, won’t it? And if you haven’t been adding music to your Instagram stories, you have missed a lot. Did you know that Instagram has announced about adding a native music feature to Stories? Nevertheless, till that, we’ll have to follow these simple steps and DIY:

  1. Open your phone’s music application;
  2. Tap the play button on the song you want to add to a Story;
  3. Open Instagram Stories and record a video.


The New Question Sticker on Instagram

The New Question Sticker on Instagram

Instagram does never stand still. It is constantly developing. During the past couple of months, this social network introduced several innovations which were all accepted by Instagram users with great appreciation and enthusiasm. And now the new question sticker is going to make Instagram Stories even more interactive and fun!

It was a couple of weeks ago that Instagram announced about the incorporation of this new feature into the application. And today it is already officially available on both Android and iOS devices running the Version 52 of Instagram application.

Being your true friend in the magic world of Instagram, InstaBF is ready to bring to your attention anything you need to know about this new feature. InstaBF is one of the most credible providers of Instagram likes, comments and followers (from the recent times on provides likes, views an comments for IGTV channels) in the industry. The prices here are affordable, and the service is provided at the highest levels. All this plus real-looking HQ profiles, what else do you need for a quick rise in Instagram engagement?


What the New Question Sticker Is

Undoubtedly you are well aware of the emoji and poll stickers that let Insta users to “vote” on questions submitted in others’ stories. The new question sticker, however, changes the rules of the game. Adding this sticker to your story, you invite your followers to submit questions right in your story so that you can answer them online. This means that putting all your followers, as well as those users who got interested in your story (in case you own a public account) in the driving seat.

In fact, together with the new emoji slider and the polling stickers, new question stickers can bring quite an easy way of interacting with your followers. Agree, that this is a great feature especially for Instagram business accounts. This new feature can open doors for brands to engaging with their followers. It will allow to collect feedback on the products, as well as crowdsource ideas.


How You Can Use the New Question Sticker

Adding a question sticker to an Instagram Story doesn’t require special skills. Even though it involves a couple of more steps than if you were to add any other kind of interactive sticker, everything may be done in a matter of seconds. How is it done? Just check out this:

  1. Upload a photo/video for your Instagram Story;
  2. Pick up the new sticker;
  3. Type out your prompt (eg. in the queue… ask me some questions!);
  4. Place the prompt on the photo/video;
  5. Share it on the Instagram story.


Once one of your followers wants to ask you a question, he/she will need to tap the sticker and type it. There is no limitation to the number of questions to be asked. To see what questions are waiting for you, just open the story and swipe it up. To respond a question, tap the question and type your answer. Afterward, you will need to share it as a new story.

Instagram wants to remind you that whenever you share a question asked you, neither their username nor their image will be shown.

Add a Soundtrack to Your Instagram Story with the New Music Sticker

Add a Soundtrack to Your Instagram Story with the New Music Sticker

This summer is super active and beneficial for the Instagram social network. Not only did the number of active monthly users hit the billion line, but it also introduced a series on innovations to its users. First, we were excited with the launch of IGTV, then Gram added the Video Chat feature in DM, and now we are glad to tell you that it’s already possible to add music to Instagram Stories with the help of the new Music sticker! No longer you are obliged to perform a series of complicated steps so that your Story is enhanced with your beloved soundtrack. Instagram presents thousands of hits and other music to suit your Story’s mood. And today, in the blog of InstaBF – the provider of Instagram and IGTV likes, views, comments and followers, we are going to tell you all the important things you should know about this new feature.


Who Can Enjoy the New Feature

Unfortunately, the new Music sticker is yet not available for all Instagram users. In the press announcement taken place a few days ago, it was stated that only Android and iOS devices from several countries can already use the Music sticker. Which countries? These are the US, the UK, Germany, Australia, Sweden, France and New Zealand. When the feature will expand to other countries is yet not known. However, being a widely used and adored social network nearly all over the world, most likely we shall observe the new Music sticker appear in accounts of all users regardless of the country in the near future.


How You Can Add a Soundtrack to Your Instagram Story


Do you already feel excited to post a Story to your favorite beat? Believe, there are few things simpler than that. Just follow these few steps.

Update or re-download the latest version of the Instagram application. After this, open the camera icon on your account and take a photo or video for an Instagram story. Once done, open the Stickers from the top of the screen and see the new Music sticker option already in its place. Tap it and you will appear in a huge library of songs to choose from. Like in many other players, here you can either browse a song by genre, mood or what’s currently popular or tap in the search and find it. There is also a play button so that you can preview the song before you add it to your Story. Once the song is chosen, you are free to rewind or fast-forward as many times as you wish to find the perfect part for your photo/video. If you wish to add anything else like GIFs or hashtags, do it now and then post your ready story!

Additionally, owners of iOS devices can also pick up the song they want and only then take a photo or video. All that you need for this is to go to the camera in stories and get access to the Music prior to taking a photo. All other steps are the same. It’s all so simple and fan, isn’t it?


What Music Instagram Offers



You might be aware of the recent partnership between Facebook and record labels. Due to it, Instagram’s music library is quite a rich one filled with tracks by such popular artists as Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa, Guns N’Roses, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Kendrick Lamar, and plenty of others.

So, there is definitely more than a few songs proper for any Instagram Story mood!