Tricky Ways of Creating Wow Instagram Stories

Tricky Ways of Creating Wow Instagram Stories

Are you planning to wow your faithful followers with your marvelous Instagram stories and raise your brand awareness? Well, it’s a wonderful idea as long as you know how to create mind-blowing stories for your Instagram account! Right now, InstaBF is going to state several ways of creating trendy, impressive and utmost engaging Instagram stories.

Stories Matching Your Brand Colors

To show off your brand’s unique personality, keep in mind its color palette when designing your stories. Use the existing brand color to stay truthful to the initially picked up color pallet and all the posts including Stories you make will be easily recognizable. If you can’t find the exact color you need, just hold your finger down on any color and a broader color wheel will be accessible. Find the color shade you need with the help of the eyedropper tool.

The Power of Drop-Shadow Effect

Adding a text to your Instagram stories is definitely a win-win step, yet what if you add a drop-shadow effect to the content posted?! Believe us, a couple of simple tricks will make your stories appear more creative and professional. It’s a wonderful idea to create a drop-shadow look to add more depth and dimension to your stories’ content. For this:

  1. Access to writing by typing the “Aa” icon
  2. Tape your message
  3. Access again to “Aa” and write the same message yet in another color
  4. Arrange the upper layer of your message in a way for the bottom message layer to go slightly off-center

Beautiful Fonts for Your Instagram Stories

The Type tool of Instagram offers a variety of font types which you can use to your benefit. Combine brushes and pens, mix fonts and colors to create a contemporary typographical effect. For this, follow the few steps mentioned below:

  1. Write every word of your phrase or sentence separately so that to move and format easier
  2. Change every word’s font individually so that they appear more emphasized
  3. Change the size, font, and color of your words until you get a satisfying result
  4. Once your message is aligned and centered, you will get a helpful guideline

InstaBF recommends mixing lowercase and uppercase letter, highlights and fonts so that your Instagram stories eventually stand out. You can also download stylus to a broader spectrum of font opportunities.

Pinning Emojis, Stickers, and GIFs

Enriching the top banner of your Instagram stories with emojis, texts, and stickers is not a bad idea. But what if you can incorporate all of them right into your videos and boomerangs and arrange them pop up at the necessary moment?! Sounds attractive, doesn’t it? Be certain, your followers will get surprised and engaged once they see a funny element pin in the middle of the story video! To implement this, follow this brief instruction:

  1. Record a short video for your Instagram story
  2. Add stickers, GIFs, emojis, etc.
  3. Keep the added element tapped
  4. Choose where you want that element to pop up by using the bottom slider
  5. Once you find where you want to place the element, tap “Pin”

So, you see that there are pretty interesting ways of adding brightness and fun to your Instagram stories. These several methods will help you increase your popularity on this social network. And InstaBF is another means of raising the number of your followers on Instagram. Just order as many likes, followers and comments as you may find necessary for this and be certain everything will be performed to the highest quality level!

2018 Olympic Games: New Opportunities for Instagram Businesses

2018 Olympic Games: New Opportunities for Instagram Businesses

Creating an accessible means for sports fans to follow the Olympic Games and feel a part of this sports festival is not the only merit Instagram Stories have. Due to this platform, multiple businesses found a way of increasing their popularity around the whole world. A massive “march” has begun to persuade athletes to partner with diverse brands, mostly those selling sports goods. Winter Olympic Games and Instagram together are a great tool for businesses to reach up to fresh and engaged audiences. Not making use of the tons of opportunities Instagram Stories feature has opened to businesses would be the greatest mistake! With a good approach, a brand can cooperate with athletes, who are capable of reaching to thousands of users with only one photo/video posted in the Stories. Businesses can translate this type of collaborations into conversions for their business and scores of brand new followers. InstaBF wants to present to your attention a couple of bright examples of successful cooperation between brands and sportsmen. But before that, it will be definitely great for you to have a look at our special offer. InstaBF offers as many likes, comments, and followers as you would like to get. And all this at an inexpensive cost. InstaBF provides exceptionally real-looking profiles, hence you needn’t worry about shadowbans.

Here are a few successful examples:

  • One of the best examples of an effective partnership between athletes and brands is that between Mark McMorris, a Canadian snowboarder and RBC. The bronze medalist actively advertised the Avion Card of the brand throughout the entire Olympic Games. And once Mark made a Story with the Card, RBC immediately boosted that post thus getting to even more of Mark’s followers!
  • Another example can be seen by the collaboration between Tessa Virtue, Figure Skating gold medalist, and Hudson Bay. She proudly wears the brand’s Virtue x Victory jacket and illustrates that fact on her Instagram Stories. This way the brand creates an immense interest among Instagram users about the behind-the-scenes content and promotes its products to potential customers.

Importance of The Right Influencer Choice

Influencer marketing together with Instagram Stories is in the top of the popularity right now. And this type of business partnering with influencers, that is athletes, in this case, tends to grow even more in the course of time. And as there are far more “precious” influencers today involved in the Olympic Games than ordinary ones. However, it’s also crucial to pick up the right athlete. For instance, a company selling snowboarding apparel shouldn’t find it rational to cooperate with a figure skater. Brand relevance in these cases is crucial not to appear inauthentic.

The Gold of 2018 Winter Olympic Games Goes to Instagram Stories

The Gold of 2018 Winter Olympic Games Goes to Instagram Stories

2018 Winter Olympic Games have been keeping the world in a festive tension since the 9th of February. And this brought forward a funny fight between different social networks including Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and, of course, Instagram. And even if the first three are getting filled with new photos of sportsmen and the most important events of the Games on a daily basis, none of them can be compared with the success Instagram Stories are enjoying at the current time period. Thousands, if not millions of new photos and videos are added to Insta stories constantly attracting more and more followers.

It’s noteworthy that if 2014 Winter Olympics was the Twitter Olympics, and 2016 was epic for Snapchat, the gold of 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang goes to Instagram!

InstaBF wants to bring to your attention how Olympic Games were illustrated through Instagram Stories. But prior to this, we would like to remind you about a wonderful possibility of increasing the number of your followers. InstaBF offers several packages of likes, comments, views, and followers on an affordable basis. All these will be provided by real-looking profiles, hence you needn’t worry about the safety of your account!

Versatility of Instagram Stories in Olympics

According to Georgia Sapounas (Canadian Olympic Committee digital director), Instagram’s Stories are the best way of capturing the excitement and atmosphere of Olympics without appearing boring. The Stories function is versatile and very easy to use with the opportunity to share videos that won’t stay longer than a day. And this is a great means to follow your favorite sportsman’s days in Olympics. For instance, if you are Shaun White’s fan, you are sure to be following all his achievements in Olympics as this three-time Olympic gold medalist sportsman started sharing with his experiences about the Games right from the moment he started his journey to Pyeongchang in the plane. Every day he shares every important (and maybe not so) moment of his arrival in Olympics. He speaks directly to his fans, shared his experiences and the emotions when he got his third gold medal! And all this was possible due to Instagram Stories feature. Additionally, along with his gold medal, Shaun hit his 1 million followers’ barrier!

If you follow the popular food blogger Tieghan Gerard and her marvelous meal recipes, you must have noticed her sharing wonderful moments right from the Olympics. Her younger brother Red Gerard is participating in the games, and Tieghan has managed to share every amazing moment form their arrival to Pyeongchang to Red’ gold medal run! By the way, after this, Red gained not less not more than 200 000 new followers!

According to Sapounas, the entire committee immensely benefited from Instagram Stories this year, as this feature took the Canadian delegation to the center stage, what can’t be said about Summer Olympics in Rio 2016.

New Instagram Story Features: Rumors

New Instagram Story Features: Rumors

Are you thrilled about the upcoming new features that Instagram Stories are promised to be supplemented with? Yes, we, too. They do really sound attractive! The brand new features may be of a great benefit not only to ordinary Instagram users but also business profile owners. And if you are still unaware particularly what Story features are likely to be rolled out to Insta users, we have dug out them and are ready to present to your attention. Check them out!

Text-Only “Type” Posts

The first innovation Instagram is testing for its Stories now, is the “Type”. This is a text-only posting option that will be found right by the side of Boomerang, Hands-Free and Live options at the screen bottom. Choosing this option, the user can create a Story by simply typing what he wants (his caption). There will be four font types available each with a respective background color. These are Modern (pink), Typewriter (typewriter machine grey), Strong (black), and Neon (turquoise, purple, green, grey). Once confirmed, the feature is expected to have expanded options of background, font, and customization.

The “Type” feature is sure to bring much personality to Instagram stories. Businesses and brands, meanwhile, will have better conditions for making announcements, share with coupon codes or make special offers.

Reposting Other’s Stories

Another fantastic new feature of Instagram Stories we are most likely to see in the near future is reposting others’ stories you are tagged in. According to the announcement lately made, when making a story and mentioning others in it, you’ll be instantly notified that they will be allowed to repost your Story for up to twenty-four hours.

From the brands’ point of view, this is definitely a beneficial feature. So, mentioning other users and brands in your story, it will be much likely to be reposted by them. This way you will get exposed to even a larger audience.

Screenshot Alerts

Have you always enjoyed the feeling of spying other Instagramers when you screenshot their stories? Well, whether good or bad for you, Instagram is planning to start notifying users when someone screenshots their stories. When you do it for the first time, you get a notification from Instagram with a warning that the next time he/she will be alerted about it. And when you do it for the second time, an alert message will be sent to him/her about you screening a story just made.

Nevertheless, if we think broadly, this can also be used to one’s benefit. For instance, you can track what kind of stories you make are more screenshot by your followers, and optimize them for the future.

Giphy Library Added to Stories

A Giphy integration into Instagram Stories has been tested for around some time. If you have the opportunity to add emojis, hashtags, polls and location stickers to your stories, Instagram wants to make it real to also add gif-like stickers. A wide library of most diverse and captivating Giphy stickers is expected to be added in a while.

So, all these features really excite, yet Instagram has yet spread only rumors about their incorporation into Stories. It’s already definite, that Instagram intends to pay special attention to Stories, and the tests of these features have yet shown good results. Let’s hope we’ll soon see them in use. But before that, you might like hearing about the unique offer InstaBF has for you. Being one of the most reliable services in the industry that provides likes, comments, views, and followers to Instagram users, we are ready to accept orders 24/7. Just contact us whenever convenient for you and be certain that your order will proceed in a timely manner! All the followers your account will obtain are real users with active engagement.

Everything About Instagram Stories you Need to Know

Everything About Instagram Stories you Need to Know

Instagram fascinates its followers with a series of interesting features and there can be no doubt that Stories are the most useful. According to the statistics, around twenty-five hundred million people use this feature every day. What other proof do you need to start posting grandiose stories?

Stories got this mind-blowing popularity as they allow the user to post a bunch of photos instead of selecting carefully every single photo to post as usual. Besides, the photos included in the story are viewed as a slideshow. By the end of the day, they disappear giving you the opportunity to post a fresh story related to the new day.

Let’s observe some other details about Instagram stories.

Adding and Removing Stories

Adding a story to an Instagram account is as easy as ABC. To launch your Stories, just swipe right from your main screen. Then you can either shoot a photo/video on the spot or upload it from your camera roll. And after you save your new Story, telling about your unique (or maybe not so) experiences, it will be available for twenty-four hours. When the time expires, the content automatically disappears. However, if for some reason you no longer want the story to be seen, just delete it, Instagram has made this possible!

Instagram Helps to Make Unique Stories

  • Want to add some fun to your story? Why won’t you make Boomerang videos?! These short videos that play forward and backward look so fun and exciting on Instagram! To make one, just go to your Stories camera and choose the Boomerang mode. Tap record and a brief burst of photographs will be taken. As a result, you will have a gif-like effect.
  • Another great tool to use for taking mind-blowing Stories is the Hands-Free button. With its help, you can fix your phone and set the timer. You will have three seconds to get a charming posture before the camera will shoot you. Right this way, you can take a tutorial video for your followers on Instagram.
  • Instagram has made it possible to make live videos, too. The moment you start your broadcast, by choosing the Live option and an appropriate filter, your followers will be informed you are online. Even if you add a friend, both of you can use absolutely different filters. By the way, there is a “magic” button on Instagram named Rewind that can puzzle your friends! It will play your videos backward. Be sure they will be definitely confused especially if it’s the first time you make use of the Rewind.
  • With a bevy of customization options, Instagram does not yield to Snapchat. Switch on a filter to both your Story photos and videos (even live), add ready stickers from the huge gallery or turn your face into a unique sticker, or just completely forget about posting a photo and opt for making an art instead. Just select the color and make dots or stripes in any size on the canvas. Instagram encourages its users to reveal their inner artist and share the results with followers!

Share whatever you wish in your Stories while InstaBF will support you in getting as many likes, comments or followers as you wish! Become more known, appreciated and admired on Instagram with InstaBF.