Running an Instagram Audit

Running an Instagram Audit

Have you been struggling to increase your Instagram account engagement spending months and years on it, yet haven’t made out what works for you and what not? Perhaps it’s time to run an Instagram audit. Surely, this is not the funniest thing to spend time on, yet if your aim is to achieve success on Instagram, it’s definitely where you should start your work from.

InstaBF is going to provide you with authentic and useful steps to undertake when auditing your account right now. But before that, let us remind you we are the service you can always rely on whenever a new “portion” of likes, views, comments or even followers are needed. Be aware that all the accounts we utilize belong to real users with active engagement on Instagram. What concerns the prices set, you’ll definitely be pleasantly surprised.

Key Performance Indicator

The important thing to check out before passing to actions is revisiting the Key Performance Indicator and goals when you first set your account. Did you plan to increase your sales through Insta adds? Or perhaps you just needed to enlarge your brand awareness? In any case, make sure you have set one (well, at least not too many) attainable and specific goal your Instagram account should complete.

Know Your Audience

The next step is checking out your knowledge in your audience. Do you know who your followers are? Which of your posts do they like the most? At what time are they usually online? Who do they follow besides you? Find answers to all these questions to reveal how well you are aware of your audience.

Personal to Business

Did you know that Instagram provides more opportunities to business profiles as compared with personal ones? These users have an access to different advertising opportunities and analytics. Consequently, remember that business is the way to go and turn your profile from Personal to Business, from Private to Public.

Check your Bios

The first impression on Instagram users is made with bios. Surely, your feed is also important, but make sure your bio is decently completed. Check out the following points:

  • name (your and your company’s full name)
  • avatar
  • skills
  • URL
  • contacts

Build a Brand

Consistency is the next point you need to check out. Check, whether you have developed a unique style and have adhered to it in your photos and content. This will make your brand recognizable. The same refers to times of your posts. It’s really crucial to find the golden middle neither to annoy your followers nor to make them forget you.

Your Social Media Content

Another point that strongly needs auditing is the content you post. The way toward success here is mixing photos, carousel posts, and videos, as well as adding a spice to them with relevant hashtags and geolocations. Moreover, don’t forget to comment and like other brands’ posts to send an algorithm to Instagram that your profile is active.

Followers Engagement

Do you drive engagement? The next step of your Instagram audit is aimed to reveal this. Having multiple followers means nothing unless they interact with what you post. And there are several points that may lead to low ER:

  • Shadowbans
  • Content not relevant to audience
  • Poor content
  • Lack of promotion

To make a productive Instagram audit, make sure you have checked all the steps mentioned above. And don’t ever get upset, just develop a strategy and stick to it!

Why You Are Losing Instagram Followers

Why You Are Losing Instagram Followers

The number of followers is an important factor perhaps for every Instagrammer. Some users, yet may experience a loss of followers on a daily basis and get upset by that fact. Anyway, this is quite normal taking into consideration it’s a part of an Instagram account growing. Some people may have got bored by your content, while others may have just changed their priorities. And if you still can’t stay indifferent toward the always-changing number of your followers, let’s figure out the main reasons why this is happening to your account. Together, we shall bring life back to your Instagram feed.

First of all, make sure your account is not shadowbanned. Otherwise, you will definitely lose your followers. To avoid this, it’s recommended to stay in the “good books” of Instagram. Avoid using autobots, leaving racist or insulting posts, posting uncensored, cruel or inappropriate content.

And before we pas to the main points, remember that a good Instagram strategy unconditionally involves implementing the right hashtags. Learn how to use proper hashtags, yet remember not to overdo with them!

Inconsistent or Over-Posting

If you are losing more followers than attracting new ones, it’s worth reconsidering your posting schedule. If your posts are haphazard, they may appear unfamiliar (just like you) to the majority of your followers, and if you post more than normal (more than six times), they may soon annoy your followers. Make one or two interesting posts a day to keep them engaged, that’s the happy balance!

Poor Introduction

Another reason that may repulse Instagram followers is a poor bio or its absolute absence. The first impression you make on people is highly crucial both in real and virtual lives. Make sure your bio is filled with accurate and attractive information about your personality, profession/hobby, and interests. If people can’t see how your posts may be helpful to them, there will be no sense in following you.

Clunky Feeds

The most important part of your account is the feed of your photos. It’s important to have a generic trait in all your photos. This can be the quality of photos, their colors, the used highlights, etc. It’s definitely worth investing time and efforts in scheming an impressive feed on Instagram. Make sure every photo you post smoothly flows to the next one, and believe, this will skyrocket the number of followers.

Unattractive Captions

Good photos may interest your followers, but what will really engage them, are your captions. Once you notice a decrease in the number of your followers after a certain post, consider improving the captions. Describe the image you post by mentioning why it’s important or funny, tell a real story (when the photo was taken, under what circumstances …), place a question to have the audience involved in the post, use a good CTA (encourage your followers to leave a comment, tag a friend, click your bio’s link, etc.). After this, your followers will feel a part of your life and won’t definitely unfollow you.

Being Too Sales-y

Is the aim of your Instagram account to sell goods? Even if it’s so, you’d better think about making a certain part of your posts engaging educational or at least funny. Surely, you can promote your products, yet it’s important to present the products in an interesting way, and not simply “Buy the dress now, click here”.

These are the main reasons why you may experience the oppressive decrease in the number of your followers. Adhere to the advice given above, and you will stop it. And if you want to add followers, InstaBF can be of a great help. Here you can order not only tons of followers but also likes, comments, and views. By the way, all our accounts are real people and not bots! Try now and get assured yourself!

About Instagram Shadowban

About Instagram Shadowban

The term “Instagram Shadowban” has been much talked about in recent months. With its appearance, it hampered the normal operation of hundreds of Instagram accounts making users worry about their posts.

Instagram makes constant updates providing over seven hundred million of people worldwide lead an active social life. It’s obvious, that an overload can lead to malfunctioning from time to time. Yet, be cautious not to take them for shadowbans.

If you are concerned with such an Instagram failure as Shadowban, here you’re going to learn how to avoid or remove any probability of getting banned by the service.

What Instagram Shadowban Is

Instagram is constantly being overloaded and may result in the decrease of multiple’ users’ accounts. And if you are experiencing one, don’t hurry to blame Instagram for shadowbanning your account. Instagram shadowbans only those accounts, owners of which don’t comply with Instagram’s terms and conditions. An Instagram shadowban is the complete transformation of an active account to an invisible one. Besides, the user loses his right to reach new people on Instagram. If your account, for some reason, has undergone a shadowban, your tagged photos will no longer be seen in the hashtags. Even though your followers will still be able to view your photos, but you’ll become invisible to anyone else on Instagram. So, you’ll lose your chance to get any new followers.

Am I Shadow Banned?

If you suspect your account has been shadow banned, you can check this out right now. Just ask a couple of acquaintances who are not your followers on Instagram to check whether they can see the photos you post with the hashtags used. If they can’t find you, your account is sure to be banned. If, however, any of them sees you, then there must be certain malfunctions with Instagram at the moment.

Why Instagram Shadowbans Accounts

As a fact, Instagram does not obviously state it fulfills shadowbans on its users. Yet, as it turns out, they do really exist and plenty of Instagram users affirm their accounts were banned. The major aspect that can lead to a ban is the “spammy” nature of the account. Other activities to cause a ban are as follows:

  • the use of Instagram’s Terms of Service violating software
  • the abuse of the daily and hourly limits Instagram brings forward
  • the use of an abused or broken hashtag
  • a too-quickly reported account

Getting Back Your Account to Normal

If you have faced an Instagram shadowban, you have the chance to get it back to normal. For this, you will need to undertake a few steps.

First, cease using any form of automation access from your API. Believe us, you don’t need any Autobot in order to increase the number of followers. Instead, you can turn to InstaBF and order as many followers as you wish to have! Your desire is an order for us. We also offer you likes and comments by real users. We have made our best to provide our customers with the best conditions for them to rely on us!

Your next step to get back your once-active account will be removing all abused/broken hashtags, as well as deleting them from all previous posts.

After the above-mentioned two steps, you’ll have to wait for two days and only then access your account. After this, it’s necessary to abide by all guidelines set by the community. Remember, that everyone is punished for breaking rules, even if it’s a virtual arena.

Instagram prohibitions ― what you must know to avoid a block

Instagram prohibitions ― what you must know to avoid a block

Blocking an account in Instagram or deleting it is a nightmare of this extremely popular application users. A person with hundreds of subscribers and thousands of likes and posts will be depressed if something like that happens to him. Meanwhile, even a simple user will feel some pain inside him when he finds once he has lost an account – his “child”, taking so much energy, time and even money.

Studying the application Terms of Use, you’ll get what you must not do not to lose such an expensive and valuable account. Here are the most popular of them – learn these prohibitions by heart! These rules cannot be violated.

Protect your password and account

– You cannot share your password with anyone, because you are solely responsible for all actions taken from your account.
– When you wish maintaining a company account, you need to obtain a written permission for it – usually the company leader provides this stuff. If for some reasons your account is blocked, Instagram can ask you for this letter to prove that you really represent the company on its behalf.
– Do not sell already promoted accounts.

Kids under 13 rules

A child under 13 years cannot use Instagram. Parents of children registered in Instagram, can visit a special section created for them. Dads and moms will find them the answers to FAQ. It is possible to delete the child’s account if he is not 13 years old. This action, however, requires an official evidence of his age (screens of documents, for instance). When a child is over 13, you cannot delete his account even when you are a parent.

Violence and nude photos are prohibited

You cannot publish photos containing violence as well as illegal, aggressive, pornographic materials. Instagram can remove photos of naked or partially naked children, even if they are posted by parents with all their deep true parental love. Instagram knows how to take care of your child, and removes certain photos not just to delete them, but to avoid using such information for criminal purposes. Also you can not publish photos of female nipples. However, photos with scars from mastectomy or photos of women breastfeeding their babies are allowed. Meanwhile images of naked bodies in painting, sculpture and other arts are allowed.

Prohibition of insulting people

– You cannot slander, persecute, annoy, insult or threaten people. In general, you should not do it in real life, but Instagram does not rely on your decency and prescribes it in its Rules.
– When you really want to criticize someone, let it be celebrities. Instagram informs all its users that a critical discussion of people who appear in the news or have a large audience of fans based on their profession or activity is allowed.
– Calls for making some self-harm and “advertising” of suicide are prohibited.

Private information prohibitions

– It is forbidden to publish someone else’s private or confidential information and intimate photos. Take revenge on your ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends in other social networks or do it personally.

Stay away from Instagram website design

– You cannot edit and redesign your website in such a way that it creates a deceptive impression of communication with Instagram.
– Instagram logo is a trademark, and it cannot be copied and imitated.
– Do not use foreign domain names or web addresses in your user name. If you still want doing it, apply for permission from Instagram.

Spam and fake actions

– You do not have to create or send spam.

Meanwhile, buying likes at InstaBF is legal – do it easy and for cheap.

Posting photos

It is forbidden to upload photos that you did not do yourself. However, some users do it. If these posts are not offensive and do not constitute advertising, they may be ignored

Follow these simple rules, and you Instagram account will be never blocked.