The number of followers is an important factor perhaps for every Instagrammer. Some users, yet may experience a loss of followers on a daily basis and get upset by that fact. Anyway, this is quite normal taking into consideration it’s a part of an Instagram account growing. Some people may have got bored by your content, while others may have just changed their priorities. And if you still can’t stay indifferent toward the always-changing number of your followers, let’s figure out the main reasons why this is happening to your account. Together, we shall bring life back to your Instagram feed.

First of all, make sure your account is not shadowbanned. Otherwise, you will definitely lose your followers. To avoid this, it’s recommended to stay in the “good books” of Instagram. Avoid using autobots, leaving racist or insulting posts, posting uncensored, cruel or inappropriate content.

And before we pas to the main points, remember that a good Instagram strategy unconditionally involves implementing the right hashtags. Learn how to use proper hashtags, yet remember not to overdo with them!

Inconsistent or Over-Posting

If you are losing more followers than attracting new ones, it’s worth reconsidering your posting schedule. If your posts are haphazard, they may appear unfamiliar (just like you) to the majority of your followers, and if you post more than normal (more than six times), they may soon annoy your followers. Make one or two interesting posts a day to keep them engaged, that’s the happy balance!

Poor Introduction

Another reason that may repulse Instagram followers is a poor bio or its absolute absence. The first impression you make on people is highly crucial both in real and virtual lives. Make sure your bio is filled with accurate and attractive information about your personality, profession/hobby, and interests. If people can’t see how your posts may be helpful to them, there will be no sense in following you.

Clunky Feeds

The most important part of your account is the feed of your photos. It’s important to have a generic trait in all your photos. This can be the quality of photos, their colors, the used highlights, etc. It’s definitely worth investing time and efforts in scheming an impressive feed on Instagram. Make sure every photo you post smoothly flows to the next one, and believe, this will skyrocket the number of followers.

Unattractive Captions

Good photos may interest your followers, but what will really engage them, are your captions. Once you notice a decrease in the number of your followers after a certain post, consider improving the captions. Describe the image you post by mentioning why it’s important or funny, tell a real story (when the photo was taken, under what circumstances …), place a question to have the audience involved in the post, use a good CTA (encourage your followers to leave a comment, tag a friend, click your bio’s link, etc.). After this, your followers will feel a part of your life and won’t definitely unfollow you.

Being Too Sales-y

Is the aim of your Instagram account to sell goods? Even if it’s so, you’d better think about making a certain part of your posts engaging educational or at least funny. Surely, you can promote your products, yet it’s important to present the products in an interesting way, and not simply “Buy the dress now, click here”.

These are the main reasons why you may experience the oppressive decrease in the number of your followers. Adhere to the advice given above, and you will stop it. And if you want to add followers, InstaBF can be of a great help. Here you can order not only tons of followers but also likes, comments, and views. By the way, all our accounts are real people and not bots! Try now and get assured yourself!