The term “Instagram Shadowban” has been much talked about in recent months. With its appearance, it hampered the normal operation of hundreds of Instagram accounts making users worry about their posts.

Instagram makes constant updates providing over seven hundred million of people worldwide lead an active social life. It’s obvious, that an overload can lead to malfunctioning from time to time. Yet, be cautious not to take them for shadowbans.

If you are concerned with such an Instagram failure as Shadowban, here you’re going to learn how to avoid or remove any probability of getting banned by the service.

What Instagram Shadowban Is

Instagram is constantly being overloaded and may result in the decrease of multiple’ users’ accounts. And if you are experiencing one, don’t hurry to blame Instagram for shadowbanning your account. Instagram shadowbans only those accounts, owners of which don’t comply with Instagram’s terms and conditions. An Instagram shadowban is the complete transformation of an active account to an invisible one. Besides, the user loses his right to reach new people on Instagram. If your account, for some reason, has undergone a shadowban, your tagged photos will no longer be seen in the hashtags. Even though your followers will still be able to view your photos, but you’ll become invisible to anyone else on Instagram. So, you’ll lose your chance to get any new followers.

Am I Shadow Banned?

If you suspect your account has been shadow banned, you can check this out right now. Just ask a couple of acquaintances who are not your followers on Instagram to check whether they can see the photos you post with the hashtags used. If they can’t find you, your account is sure to be banned. If, however, any of them sees you, then there must be certain malfunctions with Instagram at the moment.

Why Instagram Shadowbans Accounts

As a fact, Instagram does not obviously state it fulfills shadowbans on its users. Yet, as it turns out, they do really exist and plenty of Instagram users affirm their accounts were banned. The major aspect that can lead to a ban is the “spammy” nature of the account. Other activities to cause a ban are as follows:

  • the use of Instagram’s Terms of Service violating software
  • the abuse of the daily and hourly limits Instagram brings forward
  • the use of an abused or broken hashtag
  • a too-quickly reported account

Getting Back Your Account to Normal

If you have faced an Instagram shadowban, you have the chance to get it back to normal. For this, you will need to undertake a few steps.

First, cease using any form of automation access from your API. Believe us, you don’t need any Autobot in order to increase the number of followers. Instead, you can turn to InstaBF and order as many followers as you wish to have! Your desire is an order for us. We also offer you likes and comments by real users. We have made our best to provide our customers with the best conditions for them to rely on us!

Your next step to get back your once-active account will be removing all abused/broken hashtags, as well as deleting them from all previous posts.

After the above-mentioned two steps, you’ll have to wait for two days and only then access your account. After this, it’s necessary to abide by all guidelines set by the community. Remember, that everyone is punished for breaking rules, even if it’s a virtual arena.