5 Whys Your Instagram Feed Might Be So Boring

5 Whys Your Instagram Feed Might Be So Boring

Do you keep your Instagram account purely for sharing your best moments with friends or you want to enjoy the internet fame that only Instagram can provide? In the case of the latter, you won’t find it insulting if we clarify why your Gram account might appear boring in users’ eyes. With the help of this post by InstaBF, one of the leading Instagram and IGTV providers in the industry, you will learn from your mistakes and make your account more attractive!



Too Much Narcissism

Do you really think Instagram users are fond of staring at your face several times a day? Well, this could be possible if you were a super-famous Instagram influencer or a celebrity, which we doubt you aren’t. Anyway, we have nothing against selfies, they are OK, but sometimes Insta users become too narcissistic and this definitely irritates other users. The golden middle of selfies for an average Gram account is only 20% of the whole feed. Surely this doesn’t refer to beauty gurus who just ought to share multiple selfies of not themselves, but their makeup art! And if you are a makeup artist, don’t forget to occasionally change your face expression, the angle of shooting, the background, and the lighting. 



Poor Quality

In the game called Instagram, you can never make the absence of a professional equipment an excuse for posting low-quality images, don’t forget this ever! If you have installed the Instagram application, then you must be owning a smartphone. With the help of the latter, it’s possible to take if not superb, but at least good quality visual content. For this, make certain you are attentive toward the following aspects:

  • Good lighting. This is the key toward taking great shots! The best variant is, of course, natural light. Hence, try to take the majority of your photos outdoors.


  • The best composition. A photo doesn’t have to be filled with much stuff to be effective. Find the beauty in minimalism.


  • Take your photos with your back camera. Front cameras usually have worse parameters than back ones. Hence, you’d better avoid making selfies, giving your preference to portrait images instead.




Messy Feeds

Another repulsive feature your account may have is the messy feed. Forget about all those collage-making apps that make an Instagram feed look like an attic with too much old stuff! Instead, opt for minimal and simple images and believe, they look much more eye-catching. If you are to shoot something bright, use a simple, background, while more complex and interesting backgrounds are to be left for simpler images.



Absence of a Theme

The themes for running an effective Instagram account are numerous ranging from grid layouts to color themes, from object themes to minimalistic themes, etc. By posting your pictures, you are telling different stories to your followers and the absence of a specific theme you are faithful to (you can also mix and match them), you are risking to have a certain image get lost among others or even worse – spoil the whole feed!




Inconsistent Posting

There two possible mistakes you can do with the frequency of posting on Instagram:

  1. You post too often and people can’t already stand seeing you in their Gram so much!
  2. You make an interesting post, attract new followers, and… make them wait for another post for too long. In fact, so long that they already feel disappointed and even angry!

So, making a post per day is the best variant to neither bore nor make people wait long!

Six Tips on How to Stay Safe on Instagram

Six Tips on How to Stay Safe on Instagram

Today, it’s hard to imagine yourself without having an account on such a giant social network as is Instagram. You share your photos, videos, thoughts with friends, and sometimes forget about the importance of protecting your online-self from hackers, malware, etc. InstaBF, one of the most popular Instagram and IGTV providers, cares about its clients’ safety and is going to present to your attention some significant tips on staying safe and secure on this social platform.



Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Breaking one’s social account’s password is not so difficult. And if you suspect your password might appear in the hands of a hacker, you’d better set up a two-factor authentication. This way, after entering your password, you will have to insert a special code sent to your phone number via text. For this, pass to Settings, Two-Factor Authentication and tap the “Require Security Code”. From now on, you will have to enter that code to sign into your account. A bit tiresome, yet highly safe!



Control Your Content Viewers

Surely you might like the idea of having a public account that raise the opportunity of attracting new followers. But is that safe enough? Remember that keeping your account public, anyone on Gram can see your photos, your locations (if you tag), what type of content you like, your comments, etc. To keep yourself and your account safe, you’d better switch to a private account. This way, no one can follow you without your permission. Besides, even Google can’t index your photos to its image search.



Report Accounts

If you have been harassed by a certain Gram account, get inappropriate content, to simply happen to see a doubtful account, Instagram encourages you to report about it. Even if the account in question belongs to a real user and not a hacker, Gram will suspend it if it finds the account breaches its terms of service.



Manage Your Photos

Your photos can be shown on Instagram either on your own account or on your friends’ accounts when they tag you. In the case of the latter, you may lose your control over who interacts with your images. Therefore, do never neglect the photos you are tagged it, check them out attentively and untag yourself if you find it expedient. There is also an option to preclude new photos of you being tagged and added to your profile generally. For this, go to Settings, then Photos of You, and turn off the option by tapping Hide from My Profile. This way you will untag yourself from numerous photos at once.



Securing Your Payments

It’s already possible to buy things directly from an Instagram story or post. For this, you have to insert your credit card number. But are you sure it’s safe to keep your credit card info right on Instagram? Even if you do this to facilitate your further online purchases, make certain you have enabled a pin code for preventing others’ from a shopping spree with your bank account. So, to keep unauthorized individuals away from your credit card, go to Settings, then Payments and click on Security tab. Now can create a four-digit code and use it every time you are to use your linked card info.



Revoke Access to Third-Party Applications

There are certain third-party applications, which can connect your Insta account yet aren’t associated with this service. Even if they may seem harmless at the first sight, your privacy is not guaranteed against being compromised. Among these services, we can mention Followgram, InstaView, Cityowls, Instagreat, Webstagram, InstaGallery, and others. Through these services, hackers can get access to your account quite easily. To avoid this, make certain you have canceled access to any third-party app from your account settings.


Adhere to all these tips and don’t let the fear of being attacked by hackers scare you away from Instagram.

Using Instagram Profile as Your Website Home Page

Using Instagram Profile as Your Website Home Page

Nowadays, more and more people turn to Instagram instead of Googling the products or services they are interested in. Right this way, even though you may have your own website, the Insta profile you have is more likely to be acquired as your homepage. And if your primary aim was to convert your website visitors into consumers, now it should become converting them into your Instagram followers. For this, you’ll need to optimize your Insta profile. InstaBF, one of the most credible modern sources for gaining Instagram likes, comments and followers on an affordable basis, will reveal the major steps for profile optimization. But before that, let’s understand how consumers use the Instagram social network as a search engine.

Instead of looking for a certain product through Google or any other search engine and getting the brand’s highly edited photos, one can find the product’s or service’s images posted by real users. For instance, if you’re planning to leave abroad and need a hotel, the most authentic information and photos can be found right through Instagram users. Photos and videos (plus live videos) posted by real people who’ve been there and can tell for sure whether it’s worth staying at a particular hotel or not will be more useful than the information you can find in a hotel brochure.

So, if you do use this social network-search engine, why shouldn’t others do the same to find your brand?! Here are several practical and productive means of optimizing your brand’s Instagram profile and converting visitors into followers.

Instagram Bio = Above the Fold Copy

Your Instagram bio has the same function of the”above the fold” copy of your brand’s website, i.e. it tells the visitor what your brand is and what it can offer, without the need to scroll down the feed. The space for a bio is limited, hence you’ll have to combine preciseness and the major info. Focus on your target customers in the bio, explaining how you can inspire or help them. If you are “selling” services, make sure you have stated your contacts.

The link in Instagram Bio = Call to Action

An attractive call-to-action is equally important for both a website and an Instagram profile. Depending on your business type, whether it offers services or products, the CTA can be different. It may inspire people to shop, subscribe, have a look at your portfolio, etc. Through your CTA, tell visitors what they will get by clicking on the link stated in your bio.

Instagram Story Highlights = Website Pages

Without a doubt, besides the homepage of your website, you also have other pages such as “about”, “production”, Terms and Conditions”, “FAQ”, etc. Acquiring your Instagram stories highlights as those website categories, you can recreate them right on the Instagram platform. Devoting a single highlight to a certain collection, for instance, your followers won’t have to get redirected to your website once they get interested in a certain product (and believe, they don’t do it).

Instagram Aesthetic = Your Brand

It goes beyond any consideration that your Instagram profile must reflect your brand just as your website does. People can recognize your brand through the dominant brand color, a logotype, unique fonts, etc. What matters here the most, is that you pick up one aesthetic design, whether it is white and black, super colorful, dark and rustic, abstract, etc.

Running an Instagram Audit

Running an Instagram Audit

Have you been struggling to increase your Instagram account engagement spending months and years on it, yet haven’t made out what works for you and what not? Perhaps it’s time to run an Instagram audit. Surely, this is not the funniest thing to spend time on, yet if your aim is to achieve success on Instagram, it’s definitely where you should start your work from.

InstaBF is going to provide you with authentic and useful steps to undertake when auditing your account right now. But before that, let us remind you we are the service you can always rely on whenever a new “portion” of likes, views, comments or even followers are needed. Be aware that all the accounts we utilize belong to real users with active engagement on Instagram. What concerns the prices set, you’ll definitely be pleasantly surprised.

Key Performance Indicator

The important thing to check out before passing to actions is revisiting the Key Performance Indicator and goals when you first set your account. Did you plan to increase your sales through Insta adds? Or perhaps you just needed to enlarge your brand awareness? In any case, make sure you have set one (well, at least not too many) attainable and specific goal your Instagram account should complete.

Know Your Audience

The next step is checking out your knowledge in your audience. Do you know who your followers are? Which of your posts do they like the most? At what time are they usually online? Who do they follow besides you? Find answers to all these questions to reveal how well you are aware of your audience.

Personal to Business

Did you know that Instagram provides more opportunities to business profiles as compared with personal ones? These users have an access to different advertising opportunities and analytics. Consequently, remember that business is the way to go and turn your profile from Personal to Business, from Private to Public.

Check your Bios

The first impression on Instagram users is made with bios. Surely, your feed is also important, but make sure your bio is decently completed. Check out the following points:

  • name (your and your company’s full name)
  • avatar
  • skills
  • URL
  • contacts

Build a Brand

Consistency is the next point you need to check out. Check, whether you have developed a unique style and have adhered to it in your photos and content. This will make your brand recognizable. The same refers to times of your posts. It’s really crucial to find the golden middle neither to annoy your followers nor to make them forget you.

Your Social Media Content

Another point that strongly needs auditing is the content you post. The way toward success here is mixing photos, carousel posts, and videos, as well as adding a spice to them with relevant hashtags and geolocations. Moreover, don’t forget to comment and like other brands’ posts to send an algorithm to Instagram that your profile is active.

Followers Engagement

Do you drive engagement? The next step of your Instagram audit is aimed to reveal this. Having multiple followers means nothing unless they interact with what you post. And there are several points that may lead to low ER:

  • Shadowbans
  • Content not relevant to audience
  • Poor content
  • Lack of promotion

To make a productive Instagram audit, make sure you have checked all the steps mentioned above. And don’t ever get upset, just develop a strategy and stick to it!

How You Can Become Good Instagram Influencer

How You Can Become Good Instagram Influencer

Do you have thousands of followers on Instagram who are eager to learn anything you agree to share with them? Then why not make use of it and become an influencer and earn quite not bad profit? Believe, this is a dream job perhaps for every Instagram user, yet far not all of them can become one. So, in case you are up to achieving the honorable status of an “Instagram influencer”, you will need to put in the work. InstaBF will gladly introduce to you five most effective steps for this. But before this, let us present our offer that is sure to attract you. We are the service which can provide you with a multitude of likes, views, comments, and followers. By relying on us, be certain all your new followers will be real people and not bots.

Now let’s pass on the tips we promised you.

Choosing a Niche and Standing for Something Real

Every real influencer on Instagram should use his/her brand as his/her personality. The key to success here is adhering to one’s identity. Make sure your Instagram niche thoroughly corresponds to your lifestyle. Be authentic and be fair to your fans whether there are thousands of them or millions. Are you interested in fitness, or perhaps you are a true art-addict and can draw marvelous canvas yourself? No matter what you are good at, you just need to stick to that and be faithful to your beliefs. If your fans suspect you are imitating a life you simply dream of and not lead yourself, you will instantly lose them. View your fans as your friends, and create only meaningful content t you can be proud of yourself.

Building Creative Brand Aesthetic

Managing a social network account for a certain business, it’s crucial to keep aesthetics in mind. The presentation of the brand should be creative and consistent. Particularly these features will help your brand thrive at. By creating a brand aesthetic, first think of the colors, photography style, images and other stuff that aligns with your business. Curate your Instagram account content will increase the number of your followers and your exposure to them.

Don’t Stop Evolving

Instagram constantly undergoes changes. A successful influencer is able to embrace every change and test out any new feature the platform offers. Conservativeness is something you need to forget about and be open to innovations. Read articles, follow other bloggers and influencers, and search inspiration in your community.

Create Real Relationships

A great means of strengthening your online connection with your followers is moving it offline. Dedicate some time to meeting your fans, followers and the members of fellow influencers. Create real friendship with some you feel more connected to, organize some joint activities you all are interested in and are good at the most to pass all that online for other followers to see.

Use Productivity Applications

Let applications offered to help you as an Instagram influencer. Be sure, you simply can’t go far without them. Use diverse apps for taking grandiose photographs, collecting UGC, planning your feed before posting, editing photos for preserving persistent brand aesthetic, and other purposes.