Do you keep your Instagram account purely for sharing your best moments with friends or you want to enjoy the internet fame that only Instagram can provide? In the case of the latter, you won’t find it insulting if we clarify why your Gram account might appear boring in users’ eyes. With the help of this post by InstaBF, one of the leading Instagram and IGTV providers in the industry, you will learn from your mistakes and make your account more attractive!



Too Much Narcissism

Do you really think Instagram users are fond of staring at your face several times a day? Well, this could be possible if you were a super-famous Instagram influencer or a celebrity, which we doubt you aren’t. Anyway, we have nothing against selfies, they are OK, but sometimes Insta users become too narcissistic and this definitely irritates other users. The golden middle of selfies for an average Gram account is only 20% of the whole feed. Surely this doesn’t refer to beauty gurus who just ought to share multiple selfies of not themselves, but their makeup art! And if you are a makeup artist, don’t forget to occasionally change your face expression, the angle of shooting, the background, and the lighting. 



Poor Quality

In the game called Instagram, you can never make the absence of a professional equipment an excuse for posting low-quality images, don’t forget this ever! If you have installed the Instagram application, then you must be owning a smartphone. With the help of the latter, it’s possible to take if not superb, but at least good quality visual content. For this, make certain you are attentive toward the following aspects:

  • Good lighting. This is the key toward taking great shots! The best variant is, of course, natural light. Hence, try to take the majority of your photos outdoors.


  • The best composition. A photo doesn’t have to be filled with much stuff to be effective. Find the beauty in minimalism.


  • Take your photos with your back camera. Front cameras usually have worse parameters than back ones. Hence, you’d better avoid making selfies, giving your preference to portrait images instead.




Messy Feeds

Another repulsive feature your account may have is the messy feed. Forget about all those collage-making apps that make an Instagram feed look like an attic with too much old stuff! Instead, opt for minimal and simple images and believe, they look much more eye-catching. If you are to shoot something bright, use a simple, background, while more complex and interesting backgrounds are to be left for simpler images.



Absence of a Theme

The themes for running an effective Instagram account are numerous ranging from grid layouts to color themes, from object themes to minimalistic themes, etc. By posting your pictures, you are telling different stories to your followers and the absence of a specific theme you are faithful to (you can also mix and match them), you are risking to have a certain image get lost among others or even worse – spoil the whole feed!




Inconsistent Posting

There two possible mistakes you can do with the frequency of posting on Instagram:

  1. You post too often and people can’t already stand seeing you in their Gram so much!
  2. You make an interesting post, attract new followers, and… make them wait for another post for too long. In fact, so long that they already feel disappointed and even angry!

So, making a post per day is the best variant to neither bore nor make people wait long!