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Three Inspiring Instagram Themes for Bloggers by Prominent Brands

Three Inspiring Instagram Themes for Bloggers by Prominent Brands

Unlike other social media such as Facebook or Twitter, Instagram gives its users an attractive feature – using exclusively images and videos for promoting social sharing. Most probably you have noticed that Instagram feeds drastically differ from each other, with some appearing more attractive than others. Moreover, appearing on some Gram users’ accounts, you can feel a distinctive style. And if you are a popular blogger and want to preserve your fame on the platform, you must incorporate a unique Instagram theme into your feed, too, thus raising the memorability and aesthetics of your feed. Here InstaBF, a dependable service you can order Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers from, is going to share with you some really mind-blowing Instagram themes to apply to your feed. Choose any that fits your style and be certain you are going to attract numerous new followers soon!



Guns N’ Roses: Darker and Blacker

Getting to the Instagram page of this 80s popular metal brand, you are going to be pleasantly surprised. To emphasize it’s rebellious metal roots, as well as the penchant for playing to large crowds at night, the band actively uses dark colors and motifs. Just watch it and you will get assured yourself that the presence of vibrant hues isn’t mandatory to make up a popular Instagram account and achieve a large following.



Cirque du Soleil: Cool Colors

Not only the majestic performances of Cirque du Soleil are a true sight to behold, but also the theater’s Instagram account. Surely, the images of performers doing insanely athletic activities are mind-blowing. But here we are talking about the use of cool colors that make up a soothing and relaxing experience once you watch them. Starting from the logo and ending with every image posted, the brand uses cool shades so that its viewers feel the calming grace they deliver in all performances. And if you would like to get the same feel and look for your IG account, consider applying a watercolor pattern background.



White Space for Everyone from Lacoste

No other brand can utilize white space to showcase the crisp, classic and neat production it offers so effectively as the vaunted Lacoste brand. By saying white space, we imply not the pure white background, but the negative space that denotes the area around an object or between several objects in one picture. Go to Lacoste’s Instagram page and watch the multiple images of timeless polo shirts, sneakers, hats sunglasses, and other products highlighted by the “white space”. So, if you want to make your content stand out with clarity, it’s a good idea to use a cracked white paint image via your IG feed background. The latter will heighten the effect of white space.


So, you see that IG themes are a surefire way of turning your simple Instagram feed to a remarkable one?! You can make it stand out from milliards of other accounts by simply choosing the right theme and showing how versatile you can appear. Your brand is limited exceptionally by your own creativity – exploit photography techniques, special touches and colors to take your IG feed to a thoroughly new level.

New Year’s Eve Ideas When You Are Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go

New Year’s Eve Ideas When You Are Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go

It is quite possible that you will have a casual night in this New Year Eve. Perhaps you are too tired for outdoor fun and festivities or you are simply being budget conscious. In all cases, that shouldn’t be a reason to disappoint your followers with an absent Story! Besides, it’s really sad when you are dressed up to a holiday yet have nowhere to go.   

You need to make your New Year’s Eve visionary, as with every guest you welcome, let that be your significant other or a friend, you get a thousand photo opportunities! Making the most of your closet and imagination, you are certain to get some really dazzling social media-worthy images! Throw some glitter in the air and take a shoot, get closer to the window while there are fireworks outdoors and take a shoot… Variants are numerous, just choose one that fits you most. Can’t make up your own ideas? Well, InstaBF, a leading brand name in the industry of Instagram and IGTV providers, is going to share with you some simple yet working ways of creating thematic images right for your New Year’s Eve. Ready? Let’s get it started!



Model Mirror Selfie

Mirror selfies are so popular as never before! And you can freely be out-of-the-box by setting the mirror your backdrop just as Gigi Hadid did! Just see what a glamorous picture she got by simply standing before the mirror in her little black dress and hair rock-messed. Find an appropriate caption such as “I’m working on a new me”, for instance, and your great Story is ready!



Bored with my Bestie


There’s absolutely nothing wrong about being a bit sassy and blunt with your boredom. If you are hanging out with your bestie this New Year’s Eve, it’s quite possible that you two will be simply drinking hot tea or chocolate, and not the champagne with bubbles! Using this moment to show that it is actually not dreary to sip from a distance while others are getting drunk in clubs. In all cases, some hot gossip and a hot date are guaranteed! The best caption for the case is “Drink responsibly”!



Staying in with My Squad

Do you know what’s the magic of New Year’s Eve? Anything could happen this evening! In fact, it’s a start of something new and you may never know how you will end up the night. Perhaps your dear squad will visit you and you will end up singing at a karaoke joint. In all cases, your night will be well-spent and worth showing in your Instagram Story!

A great caption for the occasion can be “I can’t really see another squad tryna cross us” by Drake.



Chilling with Your Cat


Hey, it’s time to wake the cat lady in you! New Year’s Eve can’t be thorough without your best bud lying next to you or on your legs. You are a dynamic duo and can make real wonders with your four-legged friend! Decorate it with a garland or sparkles! Make some crazy selfies with your cat under the Christmas Tree and post an Instagram Story. Be certain, no one will notice you aren’t celebrating New Year outdoors once they see the charming muzzle of your kitten (well, that may be your puppy, as well). Such a post can be accompanied with a “You have got to be kitten me, it’s New Years?!” caption.

5 Great Instagram Bio Advice Pieces to Attract Your Perfect Followers

5 Great Instagram Bio Advice Pieces to Attract Your Perfect Followers

If you are approaching the task of getting new followers for your Instagram account seriously, creating an efficient bio should be your priority. Particularly this part of your Instagram profile can either take you to the next level on this social network or pull you down.

Generally, it takes only a second or two for an Insta user to determine whether to follow someone on Gram or not, meaning you have only this short time to convert your account visitors into followers. Having a poorly-written or even worse – a blank bio you will lose all your chances to present to visitors’ attention your feed, even if it’s a gorgeous one! Here, at InstaBF, one of the most credible IG and IGTV providers you can find on the market, we truly believe you should have an utmost captivating and accurate Instagram bio. How? We’ll find this out right away!



Target at Your Perfect Follower


Surely, the more followers you have the better. But the principle “quality is better than quantity” works here, too. You need to attract your ideal followers who will raise your engagement rate. Hence, consider values, demographics, dreams, and goals of your perfect followers before creating the bio. Ask yourself what they would like to see on your account and the more specific you can get the better. Your target audience should feel as if you are talking particularly to them once they land on your account and read your bio.



Present Your Real Self


Virtual life allows one to become anyone he’d like to. Yet, if your purpose on Instagram is to drive attention and popularity particularly to your true self, make certain you are frank in your bio. Use your real name, the one your audience knows and may use to find you.  

Besides, it will be better if you tell your followers who you are in reality without any exaggerations. Definitely, you need to present the best of you and how helpful your account may be for your followers. As bios are to be quite short, use the keywords that best resonate with your target followers. Just make sure you never lie and can deliver what you claim.



Don’t Forget about Clickable Links


Do never forget that once you add a “@” or “#” in an Instagram bio, the next word becomes a clickable link. The latter can take the visitor to another profile or a hashtag. This is your best chance of driving attention to the account that greatly matters to you. This can be your blog, your website or your organization, whatever important from your point.

Besides, the presence of clickable links in an Instagram account’s bio makes it look more professional!



Where’s the Highlight Reel?


Putting everything important about your account in as few as only 150 characters is quite a difficult task. And sometimes you can’t find the perfect words for that. Right for this, you can use Stories Highlights feature to show what you have just mentioned in the bio. Think of this feature as an advertisement means and save particularly those Stories that best illustrate what you presented in the bio. This can be an “About Me” highlight, or answers to the most commonly given questions, etc.



Sum Up with a CTA


In this social media age, engagement matters more than mere numbers. And to offer your account visitors interaction with you and your brand, sum up your Instagram bio with an appropriate call to action. With this, you provide them with a reliable means of getting in touch with you, whether it’s a branded hashtag or a website link. If you are running a business account on Instagram, you can also mention the physical address, email, and the telephone number of your company.

How You Can Customize Fonts to Upgrade Your Instagram Games

How You Can Customize Fonts to Upgrade Your Instagram Games

Instagram font options are so rich. When creating an Instagram Story, you have up to five options to choose from. But when it refers to making comments, writing captions or your bio, there is unluckily only one font to get along by. Would you like to change this? What if we told you there is a chance you can use to access more fonts on this social network? Fonts can help you spruce up your Gram bio, create a more branded look in Stories and appear more individual and unique. A renown Instagram and IGTV provider InstaBF wants to explain to you how you can find and use custom Instagram fonts. Just keep on reading and you’ll get it.



Custom Fonts in Bio, Comments and Captions


By editing your Instagram images in a consistent way, uploading highlight covers for Stories and making use of multiple other options, building a distinct visual brand on Gram won’t be any problem. However, when you see that you are limited with only one font option when it comes to captions, bio, and comments, it really pisses you off! To change the game and unlock millions of Instagram-compatible fonts, you will have to use a web tool or an application. For this, follow these few simple steps:


  • Choose a new Instagram font from such applications as Fonts for Instagram, Instagram Fonts, or Fonts – for Instagram. What makes these tools so unique, is that one can test a font for the compatibility with Instagram beforehand.


  • Type and paste the text in your preferred font in the captions, bio or comments.


However, InstaBF advises not to overdo with the fonts particularly if your account is a business one. Apply only a little customization, as much of that will make your account appear not professional.  



Custom Fonts on Instagram Stories

Unlike with the rest of Instagram, Stories give a wide choice of fonts. Here one has as many as five options to choose from  – modern, classic, typewriter, neon, and strong. However, in case the five options don’t suffice, you can always apply for more branded font types. How? Check this out:


Use a Graphic Design Application

There are different graphic design tools available. Among the most trustworthy ones, it’s worth mentioning Typorama, Canva, Font Candy. After opening any of these tools, get to the “Your Story” point. Choose the “Blank” option or one of the given templates. After this, upload a background or an image, and click the “+” button. Additionally, there is an option to choose one of the text templates or write your own.

Here you have the chance to customize the line height, the alignment, as well as the size of the fonts, etc. Once you find everything is superb, just download the designed image to your camera roll and upload it to Stories.


Use a Template of Instagram Stories

Another means of using your preferred fonts in an Instagram Stories is using a template. The major benefit of this option is that pre-made Gram Stories templates are schemed by professional designers and they always look fantastic.

Five Steps for Creating the Perfect Instagram Content Plan

Five Steps for Creating the Perfect Instagram Content Plan

A content plan for Instagram is a highly powerful tool in determining whether you can achieve a success on this social platform or not. In fact, it makes the difference between Gram accounts that convert sales and those that only bring multiple likes. But don’t be frightened, as creating a winning Instagram content plant isn’t a painful or laborious task. All that you need is to approach the task with responsibility, devotion and a clear mind. Another thing you need to do is to adhere to the step-by-step guide we’ve prepared for you here, at InstaBF. This is the service you can rely on whenever you need likes, comments, views or followers for your Instagram or IGTV account. Ready to be enlightened? Let’s start it!



Clarifying the Lifestyle You Sell


Prior to creating a content plan, clarify the lifestyle that you sell through your Insta grid. For instance, if you want your target audience to dream of wearing the same sexy bikinis you have on sale, you’d better offer them through images of travel inspiration. You can also share packing tips, photos of the most fashionable resorts around the world, as well as the best wanderlust quote you can find!

On the hand, in case your followers are mostly homebodies who love to spend their time in their cozy comfortable houses and you offer stylish decor items, share home inspiration, the trendiest designs, as well as your happy customers and their stories that lie behind the homewares you’ve crafted so accurately!

In these both and all other cases, there is a Golden Rule you ought to remember if you are a business owner on Instagram. This rule is “People don’t buy what you sell, they buy who they can become when they have your products”!



Get an Efficient Planning Tool


Now, when you thoroughly understand your customers and their “secret dreams”, you need to get yourself a planning tool that will help you create a content plan you will love to follow. This can be a scheduling tool that will help you plan everything beforehand and see what your feed will look like for the upcoming week or even month!



Creating the Content Themes


It’s significant to think of a good content theme that can get results. If you can’t think of such, we have some recommendations:

  • behind-the-scenes
  • inspiration
  • products
  • quotes
  • education
  • testimonial
  • community


Surely, this list is incomplete and if your niche is recipes, for instance, go courageously ahead and us it!  



Selecting a Posting Schedule


Whether you post on Instagram once a week, twice a week or every day, make certain you do it on a consistent basis. Only this way you can create firm relationships with your audience. Just imagine the disappointment of an Insta user who has found an account with cool content but hasn’t turned up for weeks!

What concerns the best time for posting on Instagram, we have already referred to that subject here on InstaBF.



Using Seasonal Offers and Promotions


If you have something festive, new, fun, and exciting you’d like to share with your followers, make certain you have secluded a special place for it on your content plan. Once you sit to make a plan, check out the internet to find out whether there are appropriate days for such content in the near future. Here are a couple of the funniest days to use:

  • World Dream Day on the 25th of September
  • International Coffee Day on the 1st of October
  • Sandwich Day on the 3rd of November


Adhere to all these steps every time you create a content plan for your Instagram account and be certain you’ll be a great success!