November 2019 Instagram Holidays

November 2019 Instagram Holidays

Instagram marketing can be fundamental in increasing brand awareness and reaching the target audience as for influencers, so for brands, creators, and small-business owners. One of the smartest and most working ways of boosting your marketing is building it around holidays. Making use of this technique you will reach to more people due to the trending holiday hashtags and create a hustle around your brand thanks to the actual contests you can organize on holidays. If you feel this will work for your brand, InstaBF, a popular provider of Instagram and IGTV likes, viewers, comments, and followers, will gladly introduce to your attention the most popular November holidays. So, see which holiday can be used as a theme for promoting your brand on Instagram.



National Nacho Day


The amazing snack originated from Mexico, nachos are widely enjoyed. In fact, they are popular all over the world and many food courts are known for offering delicious nachos. And if you own a cafe or restaurant where visitors can taste these awesome tortilla chips dressed in salsa, melted cheese, guacamole, jalapenos, sour cream and plenty of other topping options, don’t miss your chance to remind your Instagram followers about your menu on November the 6th. Share any content related to nachos let those be images or tested recipes. Think out of the box and you will get a fabulous opportunity to raise your brand awareness right on the National Nacho Day!



World Diabetes Day


Diabetes is a leading cause of many conditions decreasing the quality of life and eventually leading to an early death. These include heart disease, blindness, kidney failure, amputation. November 14th is dedicated to increasing the knowledge of diabetes among people. So that to prevent type 2 diabetes or get used to living with type 1 diabetes, plenty of seminars are annually organized on this day. Whether you are a brand offering goods proper for diabetic people or simply wish to say you are aware of this illness, do that on November 14th. If you have a big and engaged following, you can even encourage people for donations addressed to babies born with type 1 diabetes.



International Men’s Day


Every year on November the 19th, people all over the world celebrate International Men’s Day. This holiday aims to shed a light on those issues that men are concerned with (suicides spread among men under 50 much). Besides this, the holiday celebrates the roles that men play in society. It’s surprising to see that harmful toxic gender stereotypes are still so prevalent in the 21st century! Influencers, brands, and celebrities join discussions to spread positiveness on the matter on the social network. Join them to keep your brand’s name on the view.





Thanksgiving is a family holiday devoted to celebrating the year’s harvest. US citizens gather over a traditional roast dinner to enjoy a roast turkey, corn pudding, cheese grits, and each other’s company. 

Every year on this holiday, Instagram feeds are filled with roast dinner images with all the love, trimmings and gratitude. Whether you are a brand or not, make sure to spread Thanksgiving cheer on your Instagram account. Post respective images and quotes, organize contests… options seem to be endless. Just be part of every important celebration of November to increase your brand awareness. 

Instagram Post and Story Ideas for Your Brand Account

Instagram Post and Story Ideas for Your Brand Account

If you wonder whether managing an Instagram brand account is easy or not, the answer is “No”. This is an endless juggle of posting at the perfect time, keeping the engagement high, and always searching for new ideas to overwhelm the Instagram algorithm. Sticking to what’s working for you is sure to bring its results, yet trying out some new types of Stories and posts will bring a fresh look to your Instagram feed. 

Want to try this strategy yet can’t think of anything interesting? Here, at InstaBF’s blog, we shall cover some really awesome ideas to help you introduce a new type of content to your eager followers. 



Give Your Followers a Mind Break with a Puzzle


Nowadays life is quite busy and we hardly have time for difficult things. To appear out of the box, don’t post usual photos but create those which will make your followers pause and think a little. 

For instance, Casper mattress company often posts puzzles related to sleep and relaxation. They use lovely graphics and animation for smart puzzles to entertain their followers. And even though there is no prize for those who solve the puzzles, self-satisfaction is enough for the brand’s fans. 

Whatever you post remember that the purpose is to make your audience pause in the scroll or taps. 



Write an Interesting Caption First and Find a Suiting Photo Then


Does your brand have a distinctive voice? Why won’t you challenge yourself to write a caption and only then create or find an appropriate image? This will be great fun and very convenient. Actually, you might have some specific content you’d like to share with your followers while picking up a respective image won’t be of any difficulty. 



Be a Part of a Recruiting Challenge


Challenges are thought of and brought to life every week or even month. How often you take on it depends on your engagement level. If you plan to execute a challenge, you will need to either look it up among pre-existing ones or think of a new one that makes sense for your brand. You’d better think of such a challenge that will encourage your followers to take part and post their own images. 

The purpose of an Instagram challenge is to create anticipation and expectation among your followers. 



Run a Flash Sale on Instagram Stories


Quite of then the feature of disappearing repels Instagrammers from Stories. However, you can make use of this fact and use your Stories for flash sales. This can range from expected to surprising ones. And since such sales can last only one day, people will hurry to obtain the product as long as it’s possible. 

As a rule, you can sue this idea to announce limited stock products, giveaways or short-term discounts. Once you make flash sales common for your Instagram Stories, you will watch the engagement of your Stories analytics rise.


Catching up with fresh Insta post ideas has become quite difficult with the ever-changing algorithm. However, with some great ideas and devotion, you can stay on top for your target audience. These were only a few ideas you can make use of for your Instagram brand account. Be a little bit creative and you will soon come up with your own ones. 

Creative IGTV Content Ideas for Your Brand

Creative IGTV Content Ideas for Your Brand

Although introduced already a year ago, Instagram’s IGTV is still in the experimental phase for media users. Accordingly, first, it’s still not determined particularly which type of content is effective for brands on this channel. And secondly, significantly fewer brands use IGTV for promotion in comparison to Instagram Stories. You can conclude from this that small and mid-size brands can benefit from this significantly. It’s much easier for them to stand out here as the competition is not hard. They can connect with more followers and attract some extra attention. In fact, the possibilities for IGTV are endless. You can get as creative as you wish on this platform. How to start? What type of content to post to stand out? How much money will you have to invest in your IGTV videos? These are questions we shall get covered right away. In fact, there are brands making wonders on IGTV without breaking the bank. And if you want to learn how, keep up with InstaBF, a remarkable Instagram and IGTV provider.  



Ideas of IGTV Content to Steal from Established Brands


Are you interested in how IGTV is put at work? Here are several examples you can learn from for promoting your brand on this platform.


  • Kvell Collective – Simple and Funny IGTV Content 


Most probably you have heard about Kvell Collective or have used the animated stickers on your social media content sold by this creative studio. Whenever the brand had a new line of stickers to announce, they used the IGTV platform. They kept it simple, yet bright and captivating – an animated sticker moving to upbeat music against a solid-colored background. Indeed, entertaining on-brand videos are a smart way to advertise a new collection of stickers. 


  • Honest Company – Raw, UGC IGTV Content


Honest Company was founded by famous actor Jessica Alba. This is a brand devoted to natural beauty and baby products. The brand set a series showing four pregnant women’s stories on IGTV. In fact, the videos were shot by the women themselves while the brand just cut-together them into a mini-documentary IGTV series. If you want to build stronger connections with your audience, follow this brand’s example as the raw feelings of the series immediately relates to Honest Company’s customer base of mothers seeking real, natural and “honest” products for themselves and their babies. 


  • Tiffany & Co. – Repurposed TV Commercials 


The remarkable jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. uses its IGTV channel to reach the audiences that don’t watch TV. It simply posts all the TV commercials it shots on new jewelry pieces. And if you have already spent a significant amount of money on television commercials, you can easily re-format them to post on IGTV channel. 


  • Bulletproof – Educational IGTV Content


Most probably you have drunk the flagship product Bulletproof coffee of food, drink and supplements brand for high performance Bulletproof. This brand’s products are especially popular among biohackers – people who care about the science lying behind recipes and ingredients or most products nowadays. The brand has launched an IGTV series of educational videos explaining technical terms and ingredients of their products. These videos are made in a highly engaging and colorful way. Most of them are animated with a narrator explaining the stuff. To make this approach a low-budget option for your brand, you can use slideshows. 

Instagram Marketing Ideas for June

Instagram Marketing Ideas for June

With day becoming warmer and longer, we get prepared for summer. And what about your Instagram business? No matter whether summer is a slow time for your business or it is booming, you need to get prepared for the season properly. Fulfilling some efficient June marketing ideas, you will give a good start to your business this summer. So, InstaBF, a popular IG and IGTV provider, will present to your attention some grandiose marketing ideas right away. Here are they:



National Donut Day, June 1st


Whether your business is in the food industry or not, you can turn National Donut Day to your benefit. In fact, there is a number of ways you can incorporate the event to your business and make a sweet start for this summer. For instance, host an event with a local bakery or organize an online challenge the prize of which will be a box of sweet donuts.



World Environment Day, June 5th


On June 5th Instagram users will be definitely interested in environmentally conscious actions. You can collect donations for a charity devoted to environmental protection or you can offer eco-friendly products form a limited edition. All these will boost in promoting green business practices and keep clients think highly of your company. All the posts made on this day are better to be in earthy tones for an especially attractive appearance.



Father’s Day, June 17th


This is perhaps the holiday that nearly all of us can connect with. In fact, it’s the day you can try new marketing ideas being sure they’ll be a success. However, your Father’s Day marketing must be genuine and somewhat personal. It should refer to your target audience’s fathers and touch their hearts. For this, you can organize a special Father’s Day gift or discount card if your customers come with their fathers.



First Day of Summer, June 21st


The summer solstice is the ideal time to give a beach party or organize a beach challenge. A giveaway with a gift purchase relevant to the event. This can be a koozie or a beach blanket. To gain traction on your Instagram account, build a blog post on funny summer activities.



Taking a Dog to Work Day, June 22nd


This is the event you can use to promote positive vibes on your Instagram account. Actually, this is the day when you can help your followers knowledge men and women who have dedicated their lives to the public. We should all know them! Hence, feature a remarkable member of the community on your Instagram account, tell about him/her in the caption. Or you can offer big discounts to those in public service and then post about it.



Public Service Day, June 23rd


If you have a pet, you definitely know that after taking care of him for some time, he becomes a family member. Be sure your followers feel the same about their pets. Hence, it’s important to recognize and celebrate this small yet so funny holiday – taking your dog to your workplace. Besides posting an image of your dog in your workplace, you can offer some free treats or organize an Instagram contest. Use special hashtags and encourage your followers to post images of their pooches at their workplaces. An impressively higher engagement rate is guaranteed.

Three Inspiring Instagram Themes for Bloggers by Prominent Brands

Three Inspiring Instagram Themes for Bloggers by Prominent Brands

Unlike other social media such as Facebook or Twitter, Instagram gives its users an attractive feature – using exclusively images and videos for promoting social sharing. Most probably you have noticed that Instagram feeds drastically differ from each other, with some appearing more attractive than others. Moreover, appearing on some Gram users’ accounts, you can feel a distinctive style. And if you are a popular blogger and want to preserve your fame on the platform, you must incorporate a unique Instagram theme into your feed, too, thus raising the memorability and aesthetics of your feed. Here InstaBF, a dependable service you can order Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers from, is going to share with you some really mind-blowing Instagram themes to apply to your feed. Choose any that fits your style and be certain you are going to attract numerous new followers soon!



Guns N’ Roses: Darker and Blacker

Getting to the Instagram page of this 80s popular metal brand, you are going to be pleasantly surprised. To emphasize it’s rebellious metal roots, as well as the penchant for playing to large crowds at night, the band actively uses dark colors and motifs. Just watch it and you will get assured yourself that the presence of vibrant hues isn’t mandatory to make up a popular Instagram account and achieve a large following.



Cirque du Soleil: Cool Colors

Not only the majestic performances of Cirque du Soleil are a true sight to behold, but also the theater’s Instagram account. Surely, the images of performers doing insanely athletic activities are mind-blowing. But here we are talking about the use of cool colors that make up a soothing and relaxing experience once you watch them. Starting from the logo and ending with every image posted, the brand uses cool shades so that its viewers feel the calming grace they deliver in all performances. And if you would like to get the same feel and look for your IG account, consider applying a watercolor pattern background.



White Space for Everyone from Lacoste

No other brand can utilize white space to showcase the crisp, classic and neat production it offers so effectively as the vaunted Lacoste brand. By saying white space, we imply not the pure white background, but the negative space that denotes the area around an object or between several objects in one picture. Go to Lacoste’s Instagram page and watch the multiple images of timeless polo shirts, sneakers, hats sunglasses, and other products highlighted by the “white space”. So, if you want to make your content stand out with clarity, it’s a good idea to use a cracked white paint image via your IG feed background. The latter will heighten the effect of white space.


So, you see that IG themes are a surefire way of turning your simple Instagram feed to a remarkable one?! You can make it stand out from milliards of other accounts by simply choosing the right theme and showing how versatile you can appear. Your brand is limited exceptionally by your own creativity – exploit photography techniques, special touches and colors to take your IG feed to a thoroughly new level.