How You Can Drive Targeted Traffic from Instagram to Your Website

How You Can Drive Targeted Traffic from Instagram to Your Website

Having grown a large and most-importantly engaged following on Instagram is significant for every brand. Yet, if you can’t manage to get them from your Gram’s profile directly to your website, that won’t give you much benefit. Therefore, now InstaBF, the service you can rely on whenever you need to order Instagram or IGTV likes, comments, views or followers, is going to reveal some strategies that will help you drive particularly targeted traffic from Gram to your website. Besides, we’ll find out how you can get more leads to grow your brand.



Driving Traffic from Gram to Your Website


There is only one secret to effectively generate traffic from Gram directly to your websites – creating fabulous content. Instagram is based on posting amazing content. It doesn’t matter if you have adopted a good strategy or have any grandiose ideas. If the images you post aren’t compelling, nothing else will work. The best thing about this is that there are multiple ideas about how you can boost the images you post, you can even engage your audience in a conversation with them. Besides, in case you are a brand that sells software, services or products, the options seem to be endless. Post videos, tutorials, lifestyle images, quotes, etc.



Strategies for Driving Traffic from Gram


If you have managed to collect thousands of followers on Instagram, this means that the content you post is appreciated and people have started to love your brand. Yet, you shouldn’t stop on this but try to lead your followers to your website. How? Here are the most-working strategies:


Using Lead Offers

Unlike LinkedIn or Facebook that provide great advertising options for brands, leading generation from Instagram is a bit harder. For this, get some piece of your content gated that will make people subscribe to your email list to get an access to it. Afterward, create a mobile-friendly landing page to post that content and include the link to it in your bio.



Using Shoppable Posts

Once Instagram introduced the Shoppable posts feature, people got a thoroughly new way for shopping products without any hustle and bustle. Due to it, people can make purchases from the feeds. Therefore, with a small investment, you can use shoppable posts to represent a good opportunity for increasing sales.



Using Instagram Stories

With the help of Instagram, there is already a unique chance to talk directly to your customers. Today this social media looks and feels much more human than plenty of other advertising campaigns. Even more, Instagram Stories make advertisements appear more trustworthy. They don’t have to be professionally made, they feel personal and authentic which makes them that much effective in people’s eyes. Make it possible for your followers to swipe up stories, direct them to your website’s URL or any specific page you want and don’t forget to add the CTA in the story.



Using Influencer Marketing

Instagram influencers have a great power over their followers’ decisions in making purchases. With the help of the latter, great attention can be drawn to any product or your business overall. Today major influencers cooperate with brands only for a flat fee, yet those with fewer followers often agree to free products. Hence, find a couple of influencers (or more if you can afford) that have an audience that is most likely to get interested in your brand, order authentic and organic posts that will make them click on the link mentioned and get directly to your brand’s website.

Best Instagram Business Ideas for Beginners

Best Instagram Business Ideas for Beginners

Instagram has turned into a “fertile soil” for founding and prospering a small business. Overall, today there are around eight million business profiles on this social network and the tendency to move businesses to Gram seems to only increase. And if you’ve been thinking about starting a business on Insta yet lack any ideas, then you are at the right place. InstaBF, one of the most credible providers of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers on the market, is going to help you make money on this visual platform. Here are several most sensible ideas that promise to work if you are stubborn, resolute and hardworking.


Product Placement and Sponsored Posts

Are you a success in attracting multiple followers and creating an impressive engagement on Instagram? If yes, then this idea is right for you. Right after you hit a certain scale of followers (say, around 10, 000), start selling sponsored products. By this, we mean the job of an influencer. This is perhaps the most profitable job one can ever find. You make posts promoting a certain brand or product and get paid for that. In fact, the more followers you have and the more popular you are, the higher you can charge for such posts. If you don’t know where to start, find recommendations at Fohrcard.



Sell Photographies


Most probably you know that Instagram is all about genuine photos and videos. And quite constantly people feel their ideas of new images have expired and they start searching for ways to get some ready unique photos. Whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer, if your photos are really amazing and you simply store them, just start selling your works. Promote them right on your Instagram account, or use such apps as Glashot or Phope. Usually, every photo brings $5.



Sell Art and Handcrafted Items

Do you have a hobby and want to make money on it? Then why not promote it on Instagram? If you make fine jewelry, sculptures, calligraphed items, be certain you can sell them not only on Amazon or eBay but also on Instagram. This is a great platform to publicize and market your craft to the entire world!



Affiliate Marketing


Are you good at attracting new followers? Then this small business is right for you. There are sites that offer you to become an affiliate marketer (eg. Amazon, Clickbank). Given a link,  you are to promote sales on your Instagram page and get quite not a bad profit for that.



Real Estate

Real estate is a huge multi-million dollar industry. The power of Instagram in this industry, meanwhile, is often underestimated. In fact, registering to a real estate agency and getting properties under your responsibility to sell, you can promote them right on your Instagram account. Concentrate on attracting target audience and let them see the best images of the properties under sale on your account.



Event Photographer


You know well that the whole idea of this social network was built around images. And like it was right at the beginning, today to this platform is great for professional photographers. If you cover events as a photographer or fulfill custom photo sessions, the best means of promoting your talent and services is Instagram.

Awesome Instagram Caption Ideas in Case You Are Lost of Words

Awesome Instagram Caption Ideas in Case You Are Lost of Words

Sometimes thinking of a great caption is freaking difficult. And if you feel lost for words, too, there is no need to stress about it. So, instead of beating yourself up, you can turn to InstaBF for advice. Credible help is here right now provided by Instagram marketing specialists. In fact, there are numerous lyrics and quotable words of wisdom that can best describe your current emotions and what you want to deliver to your followers. Not less are funny and sarcastic quotes that may be useful in some cases.

So, right now and right here at InstaBF popular provider of Instagram likes, comments and followers (now IGTV views, likes, and comments are available, too), we are going to bring to your attention some simply amazing inspiration captions!


Story Telling

Storytelling is an art that you can master if you really have something important to say to your followers. These longer-length captions are a great way of dramatically increasing one’s engagement on Instagram. As a rule, they have the following common features:


  1. From four to five paragraphs;
  2. The first sentence is designed to grab attention immediately;
  3. They render a personal story about the brand or the person;
  4. They are usually attached to photos of a person or a group of people.


What makes story-telling captions so efficient? People start trusting you more if you share a story or a personal experience of yours with them in your captions – that’s the key!


Amusing Your Followers


Everyone has some embarrassing moments, awkward interactions or silly mistakes in his life that can make incredible and super hilarious Instagram captions! So, why not use them? Don’t forget adding the right emojis and you will transfer the real situations into virtual most accurately. Such captions can be short like “Dad Jokes” or longer.


Movie Quotes

Most probably you have noticed that certain movie quotes have lives of their own and using them triggers immediate meaning for both the one who uses it and those who read it. Depending on the audience you have, you will be either obliged to use quotes from the “Bible” of movies (i.e. widely popular ones) or be free to use sayings from less known films. However, when using them, it’s crucial to make sure they go well with the photo you share. Combining them correctly, you can even turn a serious quote into a funny one.  

Here is a short list of most interesting movie quotes you can turn to on your drought days:


  • “After all, tomorrow is another day” (Gone With the Wind);
  • “There’s no place like home” (The Wizard of Oz);
  • “Why so serious?” (The Dark Knight);
  • “I’ll be back” (The Terminator);
  • “Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me, aren’t you?” (The Graduate).


Get it from Books and Songs


Books are considered endless sources of wisdom and there can be no denial about it. It will be definitely wiser to extract some great saying while you read a book, let it be a fiction or other literature. This way you’ll have some great ideas stored for not inspired days.

Just the same way, you may come across a line in a song that will appeal to you greatly. It’s going to be OK to use a song lyrics in captions. Today there are artists whose songs have really deep meanings. Mostly, these can be rappers. For instance, Drake, Kanye West, Eminem, Adele, Michael Jackson and many others have used wonderful lines in their songs you can quote in your captions. Here are a few examples:


  • “I’m learning to be brave, in my beautiful mistakes” (Pink);
  • “You learn more in failure than you ever do in success” (Jay-Z);
  • “Would you believe in what you believe in if you were the only one who believed in it?” (Kanye West)
  • “I know they say the first love is the sweetest, but that first cut is the deepest” (Drake).
Six Amazing Instagram Content Ideas When You Feel Stuck

Six Amazing Instagram Content Ideas When You Feel Stuck

Instagram can sometimes be such a harsh social media! Having a huge number of followers appears too binding especially if Instagram is your means of living. You have to be creative, post original and interesting content to keep all your followers engaged. Otherwise, you will soon watch them unfollow you. Anyway, well acknowledging all this, sometimes it happens that you can’t think of an inspiring Instagram post while missing it will mean disappointing your followers.

Especially for you and other Instagram users who feel stuck, InstaBF, one of the leading Instagram providers on the market, would like to share some amazing content ideas for your next post!



What are you good at? Perhaps you are a beauty blogger or a hairstylist? In such cases, ask a friend to be your model for a day and teach your followers how to create a casual makeup or hairstyle. Just the same way you can share your tips how you use your favorite products.

If you are a fitness trainer, think of a simple yet healthy meal and share its recipe via a tutorial. Be certain, recipes for appetizing yet healthy meals are endless, so are people interested in them!


Inspiration for Outdoor Adventures

There is a sad statistic that technologies have become the huge part of our lives leaving a practically very little place for outdoor adventures. And did you know that exercising outdoors can improve one’s cognitive function, increase memory capability, lower anxiety and, of course, boost good mood?! Therefore, no matter who you are and what is your passion, inspire your followers to spend some time outdoors every day. Make a post about you running, exercising, climbing, or simply walking while explaining its benefits. You will get a wonderful post while helping your followers live healthier.


A Flat Lay of Your Bag Content

If you have a big number of followers, they are sure to be eager who you are in everyday life. A good means of giving them an insight into your personality is posting a “bag-spill” photo/video. This can be as your handbag or clutch, so your work bag, artist bag, gym bag, makeup bag. You can also show what’s there in your shopping bag, yet be careful not to make any brand’s advertisement.



Mondays are perhaps the most-hated days for the vast majority of people. To make that day less tensed, take a photo of your work desk with a steaming cup of coffee on it, add a motivating/encouraging caption and post it. Be sure, it will help your followers hate Mondays a bit less.


Your Muse

Is there anyone who inspires you to work or simply be better? Perhaps it’s your parent, your sweetheart, or simply an artist/writer? Showcase him/her and reveal why you admire that person, how he/she helped you become an individual. Besides being a good idea for an Instagram post, it’s a wonderful way to acknowledge someone’s direct influence on your life. This way you will also motivate your followers to look around and find their muses that might be standing so close!


Sneak Peek

If you have been working on a certain project which is yet not ready to be revealed, you can post a little snippet of it. This will create some mystery among your followers, keep them entertained and your feed filled with quality content even if you had no idea what to post a couple of minutes earlier.


Ideas for Easter Instagram Campaign

Ideas for Easter Instagram Campaign

Easter is the holiday that one simply can’t stay indifferent to. With all those painted eggs, the greenery, lovely rabbits and the plentiful of sweets, it makes you feel somewhat happier, careless and blessed whether you are a five-year-old kid or mature man in his fifties. And if you want to celebrate this holiday online with your Instagram followers this year, there are several amazing ideas of Easter social media campaigns.

Actually, it’s a fantastic decision to base your Instagram marketing around certain holidays as this way you connect with your customers and make them associate your brand with sweet and warm holiday memories. Generally, it will be great to start the Easter marketing campaign a bit earlier, and if you haven’t undertaken anything yet, you can save this post by InstaBF for the coming year. However, you still have time and can exploit some of our recommendations to make your Insta brand a part of this grandiose holiday!

Holding a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

You must be yearning for the past childhood days when you hunted Easter eggs with your friends. Be certain, so do your followers and customers. So why not have some fun right online, on your Instagram account?! You can hide Easter eggs in your posts and launch a competition for your followers. To encourage them to search better and more frequently, set a prize for the one who will find all the hidden eggs the first. This is a win-win option for both entertaining you and your customers, and raising your account engagement rate. People will be incentivized to check in your account every now and then throughout the entire “hunting” period!

Take Inspirational Cover Photos

Beyond any doubts, your customers will expect to see some thematic pictures on your Instagram account. Why disappoint them if you can satisfy their expectations while advertising your products?! For this, think broadly and offer unique advertising photos that include what you have to offer and this amazing holiday. Don’t forget about your wishes to your customers. You can deliver the latter through a 15-second Instagram story video (it’ll be fantastic if you manage to put on those funny rabbit ears while shooting the video).

Organize a Caption Competition

All Instagrammers are fond of competitions with no exception! And when it’s Easter “at the doorstep”, it’s high time for a funny competition. Post an interesting picture (relating to Easter, of course) and ask your followers leaves their smartest and most entertaining captions. Don’t forget to remind your followers about the prizes. This will motivate them to be especially creative.

Counting Eggs/Sweets

To present your brand in a more light-hearted manner and interact with your followers, post a picture of a huge jar with eggs or little candies. Ask your customers to guess how many eggs or sweets there are in the jar and share their opinion right under the photo. The number of captions you will gather under your post is sure to amaze you just as the wonderful fun time you will have with your followers online!

Selfies with Easter Eggs

And the last idea to attract your followers interact with your Easter campaign is asking them to post a selfy with an Easter egg or chocolate rabbit! Let your followers get acquainted with each other right on your account’s platform!

So, these are several simple, yet quite effective ways of engaging your customers at Easter while raising the engagement of your Instagram account. InstaBF wants to wish you a great Easter and offers several packages of Instagram likes, comments, and followers. We guarantee absolute security and anonymity.