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Five Steps for Creating the Perfect Instagram Content Plan

Five Steps for Creating the Perfect Instagram Content Plan

A content plan for Instagram is a highly powerful tool in determining whether you can achieve a success on this social platform or not. In fact, it makes the difference between Gram accounts that convert sales and those that only bring multiple likes. But don’t be frightened, as creating a winning Instagram content plant isn’t a painful or laborious task. All that you need is to approach the task with responsibility, devotion and a clear mind. Another thing you need to do is to adhere to the step-by-step guide we’ve prepared for you here, at InstaBF. This is the service you can rely on whenever you need likes, comments, views or followers for your Instagram or IGTV account. Ready to be enlightened? Let’s start it!



Clarifying the Lifestyle You Sell


Prior to creating a content plan, clarify the lifestyle that you sell through your Insta grid. For instance, if you want your target audience to dream of wearing the same sexy bikinis you have on sale, you’d better offer them through images of travel inspiration. You can also share packing tips, photos of the most fashionable resorts around the world, as well as the best wanderlust quote you can find!

On the hand, in case your followers are mostly homebodies who love to spend their time in their cozy comfortable houses and you offer stylish decor items, share home inspiration, the trendiest designs, as well as your happy customers and their stories that lie behind the homewares you’ve crafted so accurately!

In these both and all other cases, there is a Golden Rule you ought to remember if you are a business owner on Instagram. This rule is “People don’t buy what you sell, they buy who they can become when they have your products”!



Get an Efficient Planning Tool


Now, when you thoroughly understand your customers and their “secret dreams”, you need to get yourself a planning tool that will help you create a content plan you will love to follow. This can be a scheduling tool that will help you plan everything beforehand and see what your feed will look like for the upcoming week or even month!



Creating the Content Themes


It’s significant to think of a good content theme that can get results. If you can’t think of such, we have some recommendations:

  • behind-the-scenes
  • inspiration
  • products
  • quotes
  • education
  • testimonial
  • community


Surely, this list is incomplete and if your niche is recipes, for instance, go courageously ahead and us it!  



Selecting a Posting Schedule


Whether you post on Instagram once a week, twice a week or every day, make certain you do it on a consistent basis. Only this way you can create firm relationships with your audience. Just imagine the disappointment of an Insta user who has found an account with cool content but hasn’t turned up for weeks!

What concerns the best time for posting on Instagram, we have already referred to that subject here on InstaBF.



Using Seasonal Offers and Promotions


If you have something festive, new, fun, and exciting you’d like to share with your followers, make certain you have secluded a special place for it on your content plan. Once you sit to make a plan, check out the internet to find out whether there are appropriate days for such content in the near future. Here are a couple of the funniest days to use:

  • World Dream Day on the 25th of September
  • International Coffee Day on the 1st of October
  • Sandwich Day on the 3rd of November


Adhere to all these steps every time you create a content plan for your Instagram account and be certain you’ll be a great success!

Mind-Blowing Halloween Content Ideas for Your IG Account

Mind-Blowing Halloween Content Ideas for Your IG Account

One of the funniest and spookiest times of the year is Halloween (well, at least for those living in the western part of the world). And it’s definitely worth celebrating this amazing day with a chic and a huge portion of horror even on Instagram, isn’t it?! And if you have already started thinking about your Halloween costume, your treats or the club you’re going to spend the night it, it’s also worth considering transporting this celebration into your Instagram account, too. So, with this said, InstaBF, one of those rare IG and IGTV providers you can fully trust, is going to reveal 11 best Halloween content ideas to try out this Halloween. You can start right away!



Creating a Mood  

not take a photo in a pumpkin patch if you have one nearby? You needn’t dress like going to a Halloween party. Instead, opt for your favorite fall outfit and organize a photo session for you surrounded with plenty of pumpkins yet to pick up. Or, to appear a bit scary beforehand, you can move your photo session to a forest. The major conditions, in this case, will be taking a photo when it’s already or nearly dark, and… not being afraid to go to a forest when it’s already or nearly dark! Both types of photos are better to post at least several days before the day of Halloween just to create a mood.



Carousel Spooky Story


If you feel like creative, why not invest your mood into a scary Instagram story? For this, make use of various graphics and post them in an IG carousel. You will succeed with this, if you are a writer who can create a sort yet really thrilling scaring story, or you are an ordinary IG user who has a spooky story idea to share with his audience.



Get Something Spooky but Cutesy

Aren’t you a big fan of Halloween? Or perhaps you have no intention to scare your followers? In both cases, you can opt for something cutesy and at the same time Halloween themed.



Insta Stories Mini-Movie


The fact you can add music in IG Stories makes it possible to put together a series of fun or scary videos and make it look like a mini-movie. This can be your Halloween makeup tutorial, a collection of posters of your favorite horror movies, etc. Whatever it is, if the theme is of Halloween and supported with an appropriate background music, you are sure to get the Halloween party started right on Instagram.



Home Decor Inspiration

Do you love decorating your house appropriately for Halloween? Why not share the results with your followers?!



Movie Guide for Halloween


Do you consider yourself a big movie buff and have a wonderful collection of horror movies you’d like to share with your followers? Halloween is the best time to share a series of covers from your favorite movies as a recommendation.



Halloween Insta Giveaway


If you run your own brand on Instagram, Halloween is the best occasion to promote it through a giveaway. This can be a Starbucks gift card for several spiced pumpkin lattes or a coupon for a big sale on your branded Halloween-themed scarves. It doesn’t matter, just organize an appropriate contest and encourage your followers to participate with a luscious giveaway promise!



Halloween Makeup Look

An inseparable part of a Halloween outfit is the makeup. One simply can’t go past a freaky scary makeup look on this celebration. Why not share a tutorial or the mere result in a carousel post to your audience?!



Halloween Party Food Inspiration

Who can pass by tasty and Halloween-inspired treats?! There are multiple ideas you can repost or implement on your own to share with your followers in IG Stories!



Halloween Costumes

Do you feel awkward sharing your Halloween costume or want to save the secret up to the party time? Then why not share the funny costume of your pet?



Halloween Quotes


Using a Halloween quote on your Instagram feed is going to create the right atmosphere and predispose your followers to something more impressive, something grandiose! Quotes are multiple, use any you like incorporated into a graphic or used as a caption.

Instagram for Your New Dropshipping Business: Part Two

Instagram for Your New Dropshipping Business: Part Two

Welcome back to InstaBF, one of the best providers of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers! In our previous post, we talked about the advantages of Instagram as a platform for establishing a dropshipping business on. We also spoke about how easy it is to settle a Gram business account! And now it’s time to address such crucial themes as what mistakes to avoid and what steps to undertake to make your dropshipping business prosper and bring you the anticipated profit.



Things You Might Be Doing Wrong

So, you have already created your Instagram business account and follow a certain strategy you have adopted. But, unfortunately, if others benefit from their Instagram marketing campaign, it doesn’t seem to work in your favor. What’s the reason? Most probably there are certain defects in your approach and use of the strategies. Particularly which, we shall discuss now.

  • No Uniqueness

Taking into consideration that plenty of Instagram dropshipping retailers actually may offer the same as you, it will be more difficult for users to distinguish. In fact, being involved in the same product line as many others isn’t a serious problem, yet offering all the stuff in a similar way is sure to be a great issue. Making not unique posts may be one of your mistakes.


  • Irregularity

Irregularity in making posts is the next serious mistake to avoid. Making a post once or twice a week will make followers forget about you. This can be one of the reasons that Instagram marketing is not working for your dropshipping business.


  • Not Accessible to Public

The worst thing that you can do for your dropshipping Instagram business, is keeping the account private. A non-accessible account has no chances for incurring profits.


  • Not Using Available Filters and Tools   

You can upload a photo to your personal Insta account without enhancing it, but when the matter concerns images for a business account, not making use of the accessible tools and filters may become the reason for having not so attractive feed.


  • Lack of Interaction

Interaction is the key toward success. If your dropshipping business was not a success, most probably you showed passive behavior toward your followers.


  • Improper Use of Hashtags

An improper use of hashtags is able to generate quite big problems to your Insta dropshipping business. If you were not attentive to the hashtags used, most probably your error lies here.



How You Can Optimize Your Instagram Dropshipping Business Marketing


Now, when you know what should be avoided, by all means, it will be expedient to pass on what should be undertaken to make your dropshipping business even more profitable. Here are the key points:


  • Use Appropriate Hashtags

Using the appropriate hashtags makes products offered visible to the targeted audience. Hashtags are the best tools for categorizing photo and video content you share on this social network. Hence, be specific, don’t rush to use the top hashtags as each of them is used thousands of times every minute, but pick up particularly those hashtags which best describe your content and deliver it to target users. And remember to create your own branded hashtags!


  • Use Insta Tools to the Maximum

Instagram tools are great for optimizing an Insta marketing technique to the maximum. Keep track of the “INSIGHTS” to get the crucial information about particularly which posts get the highest engagement. The “PROMOTE” option, meanwhile, will change your most popular posts into adverts. Through the latter, you can initiate your target audience.


  • Create Tempting Visuals

To have an easily-recognizable brand on Instagram, you should work on the visuals and make them noticeable. For this, use Insta filters, be consistent with the style and colors you choose, make sure you create every visual content with quality and not quantity in mind, use captions that are smart yet don’t hide the influence of the visuals.


  • Involve Yourself

Be active on Instagram, if any of your followers have certain issues or questions related to your dropshipping business, make sure you provide timely, polite and satisfying answers. Follow the content of your followers, get engaged with them, and show you are interested in each of them.


  • Pick Up the Perfect Time for Posting

Before you make any post, make sure most of your followers are online. This will be a real boon for any dropshipping business!

Killer Instagram Story Ideas by Leading Brands to Up Your Game

Killer Instagram Story Ideas by Leading Brands to Up Your Game

An Instagram Story is perhaps the most powerful feature of this social network. And its users seem to never get tired of thinking of new ways to amaze their followers. As a reputable Instagram and IGTV provider, InstaBF has already provided you with several amazing ideas on how to make some creative Instagram stories. But now we’d like to add other killing ideas from Gram leading brands. We are sure, good ideas are never enough!



Gary Vaynerchuk Recommends Creating Content Series

It’s really hard to come up with grandiose content ideas every day to post on your social media account. On the other hand, it’s impossible to create a firm connection with your audience if you are behaving inconsistently on Instagram, or there is no brand theme in your content. What to do? Start with content series! This idea was inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk. That’s how he manages to appear to his audience with fresh and quality content every day! Just have a look at Gary’s #WallPaperWednesday or the #60SecClub story series.



Condé Nast Travaler Suggests Recycling and Building on Other Content

Another creative idea is to recycle the best of other content you have, such as blog posts, images or videos and turn it into something new. Surely, you need only a small part of that content, while the thorough variant can still be used where it was planned. For this, just make certain that your Story viewers will get the value of the story without being obliged to click over the see the original content. For instance, Condé Nast Traveler is quite a success in this. Just watch the annual road trip guide of this account and get inspired how to balance fun facts and your promotional CTA.



You Can Share UGC just as Mercedes Benz Does

As an Instagram brand, you must be aware that customers can become an untapped source of wonderful content! Just ask them if you can share their posts and be certain, they will be more than simply grateful for that! This will bring them some new followers, while you will have a great idea of always fresh and authentic Instagram Story ideas! For example, Mercedes Benz shares Stories with its customers’ images on a regular basis. This way this mega-popular brand effectively promotes its cars while sharing stunning stories for its followers!



Starbucks Collaborates and Posts Interviews

Like every brand should do, Starbucks has constant interviews with its followers. The results are always awesome and can serve as a win-win content for Stories.

Recently, this famous brand cooperated with S’well and a talented artist Curtis Kulig to create a unique design for its new bottle. After this, Starbucks used its interview with this artist as an Instagram story which was a great success among its followers.

Just the same way, you can showcase someone’s thoughts behind your new product release if you are running a business on Instagram.



Go Behind the Scenes with Aritzia

Every business has much more than it meets the eye. So does your Instagram business! What else if not some grandiose behind-the-scenes content can make highly compelling Instagram stories! Every fan loves to see and learn how his favorite product comes together, so why not show that to them?! If you are a fashionista, most probably you are familiar with a fashion boutique Aritzia. Quite lately, the official Instagram account if this boutique revealed how they created the design of their new window display using 3D printing. So can you do. Whether you have a big business or just sell handmade things through your Instagram account, the stuff behind the scenes will always be attractive to your followers. Use this idea from time to time.

How You Can Drive Targeted Traffic from Instagram to Your Website

How You Can Drive Targeted Traffic from Instagram to Your Website

Having grown a large and most-importantly engaged following on Instagram is significant for every brand. Yet, if you can’t manage to get them from your Gram’s profile directly to your website, that won’t give you much benefit. Therefore, now InstaBF, the service you can rely on whenever you need to order Instagram or IGTV likes, comments, views or followers, is going to reveal some strategies that will help you drive particularly targeted traffic from Gram to your website. Besides, we’ll find out how you can get more leads to grow your brand.



Driving Traffic from Gram to Your Website


There is only one secret to effectively generate traffic from Gram directly to your websites – creating fabulous content. Instagram is based on posting amazing content. It doesn’t matter if you have adopted a good strategy or have any grandiose ideas. If the images you post aren’t compelling, nothing else will work. The best thing about this is that there are multiple ideas about how you can boost the images you post, you can even engage your audience in a conversation with them. Besides, in case you are a brand that sells software, services or products, the options seem to be endless. Post videos, tutorials, lifestyle images, quotes, etc.



Strategies for Driving Traffic from Gram


If you have managed to collect thousands of followers on Instagram, this means that the content you post is appreciated and people have started to love your brand. Yet, you shouldn’t stop on this but try to lead your followers to your website. How? Here are the most-working strategies:


Using Lead Offers

Unlike LinkedIn or Facebook that provide great advertising options for brands, leading generation from Instagram is a bit harder. For this, get some piece of your content gated that will make people subscribe to your email list to get an access to it. Afterward, create a mobile-friendly landing page to post that content and include the link to it in your bio.



Using Shoppable Posts

Once Instagram introduced the Shoppable posts feature, people got a thoroughly new way for shopping products without any hustle and bustle. Due to it, people can make purchases from the feeds. Therefore, with a small investment, you can use shoppable posts to represent a good opportunity for increasing sales.



Using Instagram Stories

With the help of Instagram, there is already a unique chance to talk directly to your customers. Today this social media looks and feels much more human than plenty of other advertising campaigns. Even more, Instagram Stories make advertisements appear more trustworthy. They don’t have to be professionally made, they feel personal and authentic which makes them that much effective in people’s eyes. Make it possible for your followers to swipe up stories, direct them to your website’s URL or any specific page you want and don’t forget to add the CTA in the story.



Using Influencer Marketing

Instagram influencers have a great power over their followers’ decisions in making purchases. With the help of the latter, great attention can be drawn to any product or your business overall. Today major influencers cooperate with brands only for a flat fee, yet those with fewer followers often agree to free products. Hence, find a couple of influencers (or more if you can afford) that have an audience that is most likely to get interested in your brand, order authentic and organic posts that will make them click on the link mentioned and get directly to your brand’s website.