Unlike other social media such as Facebook or Twitter, Instagram gives its users an attractive feature – using exclusively images and videos for promoting social sharing. Most probably you have noticed that Instagram feeds drastically differ from each other, with some appearing more attractive than others. Moreover, appearing on some Gram users’ accounts, you can feel a distinctive style. And if you are a popular blogger and want to preserve your fame on the platform, you must incorporate a unique Instagram theme into your feed, too, thus raising the memorability and aesthetics of your feed. Here InstaBF, a dependable service you can order Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers from, is going to share with you some really mind-blowing Instagram themes to apply to your feed. Choose any that fits your style and be certain you are going to attract numerous new followers soon!



Guns N’ Roses: Darker and Blacker

Getting to the Instagram page of this 80s popular metal brand, you are going to be pleasantly surprised. To emphasize it’s rebellious metal roots, as well as the penchant for playing to large crowds at night, the band actively uses dark colors and motifs. Just watch it and you will get assured yourself that the presence of vibrant hues isn’t mandatory to make up a popular Instagram account and achieve a large following.



Cirque du Soleil: Cool Colors

Not only the majestic performances of Cirque du Soleil are a true sight to behold, but also the theater’s Instagram account. Surely, the images of performers doing insanely athletic activities are mind-blowing. But here we are talking about the use of cool colors that make up a soothing and relaxing experience once you watch them. Starting from the logo and ending with every image posted, the brand uses cool shades so that its viewers feel the calming grace they deliver in all performances. And if you would like to get the same feel and look for your IG account, consider applying a watercolor pattern background.



White Space for Everyone from Lacoste

No other brand can utilize white space to showcase the crisp, classic and neat production it offers so effectively as the vaunted Lacoste brand. By saying white space, we imply not the pure white background, but the negative space that denotes the area around an object or between several objects in one picture. Go to Lacoste’s Instagram page and watch the multiple images of timeless polo shirts, sneakers, hats sunglasses, and other products highlighted by the “white space”. So, if you want to make your content stand out with clarity, it’s a good idea to use a cracked white paint image via your IG feed background. The latter will heighten the effect of white space.


So, you see that IG themes are a surefire way of turning your simple Instagram feed to a remarkable one?! You can make it stand out from milliards of other accounts by simply choosing the right theme and showing how versatile you can appear. Your brand is limited exceptionally by your own creativity – exploit photography techniques, special touches and colors to take your IG feed to a thoroughly new level.