If you wonder whether managing an Instagram brand account is easy or not, the answer is “No”. This is an endless juggle of posting at the perfect time, keeping the engagement high, and always searching for new ideas to overwhelm the Instagram algorithm. Sticking to what’s working for you is sure to bring its results, yet trying out some new types of Stories and posts will bring a fresh look to your Instagram feed. 

Want to try this strategy yet can’t think of anything interesting? Here, at InstaBF’s blog, we shall cover some really awesome ideas to help you introduce a new type of content to your eager followers. 



Give Your Followers a Mind Break with a Puzzle


Nowadays life is quite busy and we hardly have time for difficult things. To appear out of the box, don’t post usual photos but create those which will make your followers pause and think a little. 

For instance, Casper mattress company often posts puzzles related to sleep and relaxation. They use lovely graphics and animation for smart puzzles to entertain their followers. And even though there is no prize for those who solve the puzzles, self-satisfaction is enough for the brand’s fans. 

Whatever you post remember that the purpose is to make your audience pause in the scroll or taps. 



Write an Interesting Caption First and Find a Suiting Photo Then


Does your brand have a distinctive voice? Why won’t you challenge yourself to write a caption and only then create or find an appropriate image? This will be great fun and very convenient. Actually, you might have some specific content you’d like to share with your followers while picking up a respective image won’t be of any difficulty. 



Be a Part of a Recruiting Challenge


Challenges are thought of and brought to life every week or even month. How often you take on it depends on your engagement level. If you plan to execute a challenge, you will need to either look it up among pre-existing ones or think of a new one that makes sense for your brand. You’d better think of such a challenge that will encourage your followers to take part and post their own images. 

The purpose of an Instagram challenge is to create anticipation and expectation among your followers. 



Run a Flash Sale on Instagram Stories


Quite of then the feature of disappearing repels Instagrammers from Stories. However, you can make use of this fact and use your Stories for flash sales. This can range from expected to surprising ones. And since such sales can last only one day, people will hurry to obtain the product as long as it’s possible. 

As a rule, you can sue this idea to announce limited stock products, giveaways or short-term discounts. Once you make flash sales common for your Instagram Stories, you will watch the engagement of your Stories analytics rise.


Catching up with fresh Insta post ideas has become quite difficult with the ever-changing algorithm. However, with some great ideas and devotion, you can stay on top for your target audience. These were only a few ideas you can make use of for your Instagram brand account. Be a little bit creative and you will soon come up with your own ones.