Instagram Brand Hashtags as a Means of Visual Content Marketing Promotion

Instagram Brand Hashtags as a Means of Visual Content Marketing Promotion

A branded hashtag can become a powerful tool if used wisely. Surely, the primary purpose of a branded hashtag is promoting the business’s products and services. Yet, a series of other grandiose ways exist and each of them is sure to enhance your marketing efforts on Instagram. Right now, InstaBF is going to reveal them one by one. So, stay tuned!

Branded Hashtags Gather UGC

If you are interested in Instagram marketing, you must have heard about the power of Instagram user-generated content and the contests structured around it. These are very entertaining and, of course, all the vogue! And particularly this sphere is where your correctly picked up branded hashtag can make wonders! To benefit from such a UGC campaign, make up an ongoing contest based on the participants contributing something and expecting a reward in return. For instance, if your business is based on selling modern T-shirts, give a start to an online contest and encourage your followers to post their photos with your T-shirts on. And don’t forget about rewards for the most successful photos. This entire contest is to be tagged. Particularly here you will need a good brand hashtag.

Inspire Your Community with a Branded Hashtag

Storytelling on Instagram has an incredible influence on the social network’s users. Through images, people get the opportunity to tell about their experiences and inspire others. It will be quite a good idea to use a branded hashtag for inspiring your Instagram community and attracting new followers. For this, use an appropriate content and let people post their content with it just like Lulemon did. Their #thesweatlife hashtag got immensely popular on Instagram and motivated people lead a healthy lifestyle. As many as four hundred thousand posts were made with this brand hashtag!

Spread Behind-the-Scenes Branded Hashtags

Be sure, your faithful customers would like to know how the products they obtain are designed and created. Why not let them peek into this part of your business by the means of a branded hashtag?! They can get acquainted (well, at least through your brand tagged posts) with the people working on the production.

You can also use it to keep your customers aware of all the new products lines and company news.

Brand Tag an Upcoming Event

Are you going to host an event and seek a means to encourage your followers spread the content about it? A brand hashtag can be your solution. The latter will not only drive a huge engagement but also organize all the posts made with your brand hashtag on one page.

What you should be careful with, is creating a really catching brand hashtag to announce a special event. It needs to be so attractive that Instagram users want to retweet and repost it.

Brand Hashtags Promoting New Product Lines

And at the last, use branded hashtags for promoting your new product lines. Once your company releases new products, hurry to reach new people interested in them. To make this efficiently, use those brand hashtags that best describe particularly the new products.

These were the five ways of using branded hashtags for your business suggested by InstaBF. However, besides this, we would also like to present to your attention several packages of Instagram likes, comments, and followers. Order any package you need, and be certain, it will be implemented in a timely manner!

Creating Killer Brand Hashtags

Creating Killer Brand Hashtags

If you are searching a way to spread a word about your business on Instagram, using a branded Insta hashtag can be a wonderful solution. In fact, around seventy percent of hashtags are brand-orientated nowadays. Whether you use your brand name or an inspirational message as a hashtag, it can become a powerful tool in attracting visitors and increasing your engagement rate. The only thing you need here is to act wisely and pick up a really killer hashtag for your Instagram business. We’ll present to your attention how you can create mind-blowing brand hashtags. But before that, let us showcase you our special offer. InstaBF is able to provide you with multiple comments, likes, and followers to make your Instagram profile stand out. Order any package presented at an affordable price being calm for the safety of your account, as all profiles provided are real-looking ones with active engagement rates.

What Branded Hashtag Is

According to studies carried out, any post made with hashtags (at least one) gets around 12% more engagement than that without any hashtag. By amplifying the message you want to deliver to your followers, Instagram hashtags help you cover even a larger spectrum of audience. So, a branded hashtag is that which is originally catered right to your business. Whetted it’s the brand name, a tagline, or the name of a product line, it should clearly identify your business.

Creating Branded Hashtags

To help you create some killer brand hashtags, we have separated a few tips. Adhere to them and combine with those clever phrases and keywords you intend to use for a win-win result!

Make it Simple

Keeping the brand hashtag as simple and short as possible is important. Your followers and possible customers should be able to remember and spell the hashtag easily. However, this doesn’t mean the hashtag is to be primitive. For instance, if you own a coffee shop, there is no sense in tagging it with “#verytastyfood”. Instead, you can add “#foodforgourmets”.

Additionally, a good brand hashtag is to be simply spelled with no double letters or misspelled words. Avoid any kind of gibberish.

Add Some Wittiness and Humor

As statistics show, hashtags with humorous and witty phrases incorporated, tend to make a deeper impression on Insta users. For instance, once Red Bull made a post with #putacanonit and inspired users to upload creative photos tagging them the same way. This was quite a success and as a result, the post gathered around ten thousands marvelous photos of Red Bull tagged the same way!

Don’t Compete

The purpose of creating a good hashtag for your business is making people enthusiastic about discussing it on the social network. Your hashtag should be relevant and accentuated on the topic you want it to be. Therefore, prior to submitting it, make sure there are no active discussions over the same hashtag. You just need to be original, hence don’t compete with already-existing hashtags brought into the arena by other brands.

Make it Memorable

An impressive and memorable brand hashtag is always rolling off the tongue, that’s what Instagram users state. A good idea is to add a little bit of creativity. Apply familiar words which are, yet brand-centric.

Once you have created a truly efficient and imposing brand hashtags, it’s high time to spread them on the web. Use the hashtags in all marketing materials you post including emails, brand images, printed products, etc. And the last, make sure your brand hashtag is added to your profile’s bio. This way your true followers will know about the new hashtag and use it.

Instagram 2018 Hashtag Rules

Instagram 2018 Hashtag Rules

Instagram keeps on developing and what might be effective last year, may appear incompetent this year. InstaBF wants to present to your attention the new 2018 rules of using Instagram hashtags. Hashtags are still an efficient way of increasing your engagement and the number of followers on this social network. Right now we shall reveal all the rules of utilizing hashtags starting from Insta stories and ending with following them.


1. Keep Hashtags Relevant

Following hashtags is an option added to Instagram recently. This means that users are not obliged to search a certain hashtag or scroll through an unbearably long list of feeds to find your content. Instead, potential followers will see your content in their feed. Additionally, hashtagged content can from now on be marked (“Don’t show for this hashtag”). If there are too many such complaints from users, not only that particular content but the user’s all other posts are affected. Therefore, if Instagram’s algorithm propagandized the use of relevant hashtags, now this has become a must.


2. Don’t Use the Same Hashtags

If users could write down a series of hashtags relevant to the content type they are used to posting regularly and copy it for every post, in 2018 Instagram algorithm will see this as spam. This, in its turn, may affect the visibility of your post. It’s recommended to come up with a totally new list of hashtags for each and every post you are going to make this year.


3. Track the Effectiveness of Your Business Profile Hashtags

Instagram business profile owners have been privileged with the ability to analyze the effectiveness of individual posts they make. They can get the exact information how this or that post affects followers and what engagement they bring through hashtags. And if your Insta profile is business, too, go ahead and make use of the insights to optimize the hashtag strategy you follow.


4. Follow Hashtags that Interest You

Before the new 2018 year, it was announced that Instagram was going to make it possible to follow hashtags. And today, it’s already made! Whatever topic you are interested in, you can select to follow the relevant hashtag and get access to up-to-date posts. To choose a certain hashtag, just go to the page of the hashtag and click on the button “Follow”. Right from that moment, relevant top posts will appear in your feed.


5. Add Hashtags to Stories

Stories form perhaps the most significant part of Instagram and in 2018 Insta users can add hashtags right to their stories! This will make your content discovered by target audience even easier. For instance, if someone is searching the hashtag you have tagged your story with, your content will appear in his/her feed!


As far as you are interested in the best quantity of hashtags to use for a certain post, InstaBF can advise you use all thirty tags that Instagram allows. Surely, this may seem a bit awkward, yet is sure to assist in making your posts discovered easier! Another advice InsaBF wants to give you is making use of our amazing offer! We have schemed several packages of Instagram likes, comments and followers that can help you raise your profile engagement immensely! All the profiles are real-like and won’t cause any suspicion from aside. InstaBF is the service you can always trust and be sure we won’t let you down!

Do’s and Don’ts of Instagram Hashtags

Do’s and Don’ts of Instagram Hashtags

Instagram Hashtags are a great means to raise the engagement of your account and attract a more targeted audience, surely if you know how to use them smartly. Why it’s so important to allure exceptionally targeted Instagram users and not random ones? The reason is quite simple – these people will be sincerely interested in your content (all, and not a couple of photos alone) and hence, are more likely to become your constant active followers. To make your Insta account successful, it’s really crucial to have your targeted audience in mind whenever making a post. And now InstaBF will share Top Do’s and Don’ts of using Hashtags with you. But prior to this, let’s introduce you InstaBF’s attractive offer which is sure to be of a great benefit to you. We suggest supplying you with multiple likes, comments, views and followers for your Instagram account at an affordable price. When dealing with InstaBF, you needn’t worry about Shadowbans or having your activities restricted on Instagram, as all the accounts here are of real active users and not bots.

So, let’s go ahead and start with the Don’ts!

What You Shouldn’t Do with Instagram Hashtags

1. Avoid using hashtags that are extremely popular

The first advice will be to avoid using tags that have more than one million posts. These are really too big hashtags and your post is most likely to be “drowned” in them. Surely, in case you get a substantial engagement almost instantly after making any post and have an impressive number of followers, this doesn’t refer to you. But if you are an ordinary Instagram user, you’d better pick up Hashtags with fewer posts associated: 5, 000 – 500, 000 will be great!

2. Avoid using irrelevant hashtags

When adding a tag, make sure it not only describes what you felt at the moment of being photographed, but the photo itself promotes that tag. Otherwise, it may be an irrelevant hashtag and attract the wrong audience.

3. Don’t pick up tags that are based solely on a single photo or use new ones for every new photo

Remember that consistency is the clue toward achieving a success on Instagram and constant followers.

4. Never copy hashtags of your competitors

It’s essential to be unique and always “out of the box”. Even if you follow your competitors’ activity on Instagram, do never copy their hashtags exactly, but pick up the tags that best describe particularly your content, your business and may attract your audience!

5. Avoid including industry keywords or jargon in hashtags

When using a hashtag, do never use industry keywords or jargon expressions as they will attract rather your competitors that target audience. For instance, once you tag a photo with #adobeillustrator, an ordinary user, who is in a search of a #logodesign, won’t be able to find you.

How You Should Use Hashtags on Instagram

1. Use hashtags that best describe your content

Making an appropriate hashtag will be of a great benefit to both you and other Instagram users. If you make a precise tagging, the people interested in that same content will soon become your true followers.

2. Use all the hashtags allowed

Instagram allows to tag a photo with up to thirty hashtags and it’s your right to use them all. Surely, this may seem awkward from aside, yet will definitely benefit in exposing your account to a diversity of potential followers.

3. Build up a set of tags that go well with all the content you regularly post

If you nearly always post the same-like content, it will be wiser to write down a combination of hashtags and copy them every time you make a new post. This way you will greatly economize your time and attract the right audience to your feed.

4. Make use of hashtag research

It’s definitely worthy to have a look at the search bar on Instagram. Here you can find the most widely searched keywords, choose the most appropriate ones from the list according to your content, and if you consider they are what your target audience will search, use in the content you share.

5. Refresh your hashtags once a month

Generally, it’s advisable to change the set of hashtags you use every month if you find your posts no longer bring the engagement they used to. Depending on the top tags you use, you may find out which tags still work for you. So, keep them and change the rest.

Instagram Goes Even More Social

Instagram Goes Even More Social

Now you can view not only the Stories created by your friends and favorite Instagram users. Instagram has introduced location- and hashtag-based Stories. So you can see a compilation of posts created by the user community in a certain location or follow the hashtag and see what people think and feel about this or that topic or event. To include your post into a Location or a Hashtag Story you should either use the location/hashtag sticker or include the hashtag into the caption of your post. Check the Explore tab to learn more about the location Stories.

The new functionality provides excellent tools not only for average users eager to check what’s going on on a music festival or trying to find out whether the weather is worth going out today. Instagram claims there will be no ads in the Story search; still, It will be a very useful instrument for promoters, marketeers, eCommerce specialists allowing to get a direct reach certain target audiences

Here is a short description of a new functionality from Instagram: “From discovering new parts of your own city to jogging alongside the #fromwhereirun community all around the world, location and hashtag stories help you share these experiences as they unfold”.

The associated stories will include only the posts tagged with a location/hashtag sticker or an underlined hashtag. The users can also enable more wide distribution of the content by clicking “X” on their Stories view counter. This also indicates the number of views for the post in the Explore tab.

So, this is how you can add a geosticker to your post.

  1. Swipe right to start a Story and take a picture and tap the smiley icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Choose the location sticker from the respective menu. The system will offer a bunch of nearby places, use the search if you do not see the proper one.
  3. Adjust your sticker according to your taste. You can change the size, the appearance of the sticker and remove it by dragging it the trash icon.

Unleash your creativity, make your posts catchy and include them in location or hashtag stories – this maybe a great opportunity to gain more followers. Everyone is interested in what’s going on in their neighborhoods even if the live in the middle of nowhere. Location stories may be extremely useful for questing and flash mobs and for organizing local communities.

Hashtag stickers will help you to find followers all over the world – just create a proper content for like-minded people and you will get an amazing feedback. Use the search to analyze the trends and sculpture your content to be catchy and interesting and that’s it!