Some time ago Instagram announced about the intention to allow users to hide hashtags from their posts. Most probably you have noticed yourself that the long lists of hashtags (sometimes reach up to 30 tags per post or caption) ruin the whole aesthetic look of this social platform while Instagram is all about good aesthetics! As the new feature presumes, not all hashtags added to a post will be displayed. However, will this new option be only beneficial? And generally, is that a good thing? InstaBF, your reliable friend in the industry of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, followers and views, is going to find answers to these questions right away! Just keep up with us.



How You Can Hide Hashtags on Instagram


If you want to make your posts look neat and clean with no spammy or messy clutters of hashtags, it makes sense to hide them. This is a straightforward task that won’t take you much time. Here’s a detailed guideline how you can do it:


  • Download a text editor for your device.
  • Make five dots – type a dot and then press return. Repeat this five times to get a pretty vertical line of dots on the left side of the note.
  • List the necessary hashtags. You can add up to 30 hashtags per one Instagram allocation.
  • Copy all of the content including the line breaks and dots. On most devices, a long press will bring up the copy option.
  • Go to your Instagram account. Upload the image or video you intend to post and create an appropriate caption. While doing this, there’s no need to add any hashtags. Just post the content and share with your followers.
  • Add your comment. Tap the button indicating comments, open it, paste what you have copied from the text editor (use a long press to bring the option).


After all these actions, your post will be accompanied with all the relevant hashtags (hence targeted at the right audience) which, yet, won’t be visible to viewers. You will just have a clean image with no cluttered caption underneath.


To Hide or Not to Hide? That Is the Question!


Instagram hashtags are such useful tools in promoting the necessary content to the right audience! Hashtags help people find the content they need, enables businesses in promoting their products/services, and generally, make crafted posts more discoverable. Quite many brands don’t find it necessary to hide any hashtags and proudly display them. Generally, whether to hide hashtags or not majorly depends on your marketing goals and your target audience.

Anyway, though appearing aesthetically more pleasant, hidden hashtags may also cause certain problems. In fact, the new option may lead to fewer users browsing the hidden hashtag feeds which, in its turn, will lead to brands’ lower engagement and a lower number of new followers discovering the brand through hashtag feeds.

So, to find what works for you and what not, you mustn’t be afraid to test it. Go ahead and find out what is more beneficial particularly for your brand!