Hashtags are an inseparable part of Instagram. Surely, the platform can well operate without any tags, yet an efficient hashtag strategy makes IG much more powerful. Particularly due to tags brands and Instagram marketers reach broader audiences, generate more engagement and attract more followers. However, this doesn’t mean any hashtag has that much power. If you want to “squeeze” all the power a hashtag has, you should experiment those you use, try new ones and build various combinations. Today InstaBF your faithful IG and IGTV provider is going to help you find the best hashtags for promoting your brand.



Make a Hashtag Research Before Using It


The first rule of using the right hashtag is making research on it beforehand. So that the tags you’ve picked boost your results, they must be perfectly relevant to your post and audience. Slightly relevant hashtags won’t do that. Do never go after super popular hashtags unless they are relevant to your post, otherwise, it will look spammy and bring you a bad reputation on Instagram.



Captions Clean of Hashtags


Instagram has made it possible to post up to thirty hashtags in one caption. Using all of them can be beneficial and is definitely tempting. However, agree that a caption full of tags looks messy and even spammy. To avoid this, you can post a clear caption and include all your hashtags in the first comment under the caption.



More Niche Tags


As we have already mentioned, using super-popular hashtags is really tempting. You get extra attention by using those tag researched by millions of people around the world. But are you sure you need particularly that kind of attention? If you make posts with #instagood, #love or other similar tags, your post will be viewed millions of times but those will be by people who won’t ever come back again for more posts of yours. That’s why it’s recommended to leverage niche hashtags in Instagram posts. They are the clue to a more targeted audience.



Mix Them


In the passage above we spoke about the benefits of using popular hashtags. However, don’t forget that the more popular the hashtag is the less your chances are your post will be noticed. Therefore, use a mixture of hashtags. These can be super niche tags that gather 100-1000 posts or middle-of-the-road ones gathering hundreds of thousands of posts.



Don’t Use the Same Tags


Agree that sometimes it’s tempting to use those hashtags, which you think, were a success over and over. We deeply advise you not to. If you do that you will end up facing the same audience over and over. Besides, the Instagram algorithm isn’t there to let you learn which tags work for your brand the most. So, explore and try new tags.



Measuring Results to Optimize Your Hashtag Strategy


Anyway, if you still plan to discover which hashtags work for your brand the best, it’s worth having a glance at your Instagram insights. This way you will get better ways to improve your hashtag strategy and move further. Constantly keep a close eye on your analytics.

Obviously, there are other ways of bringing a post to success. But hashtags aren’t the thing to neglect. Use them, monitor your metrics and see your efforts bring a good outcome.