One of the most effective ways of boosting your Instagram engagement is making use of some great hashtag hacks! Particularly which? Let’s find out that together with InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider.



Add as Many Hashtags as You Wish


Is there any right amount of hashtags to add to an Instagram post? Some Instagram users recommend using from five to ten tags while others (expert Alex Tooby, for instance) advise using the maximum 30 tags allowed. Most probably this number must be picked up individually. And if you have found out your account benefits from using multiple hashtags, there is a grandiose hack that will let you use even more than 30 tags in one post! However, make use of that hack only when you have more than 30 super-relevant hashtags you simply can’t miss out.



Add Line Breaks Before Hashtags


Many Instagrammers complain about Instagram removing line breaks from captions. This is definitely annoying especially when you invest much love and energy into creating captions. By adding individual symbols (such as dashes or stars) you could create the necessary line breaks. And now you can do this with special applications. And if you have determined to include around thirty hashtags, using line breaks will make them look less messy and cluttered.



Pick Up Hyper-Relevant Hashtags for Higher Engagement


If you are a fan of those ultra-popular hashtags such as #instagood, #love, etc. you must know that using them won’t raise your engagement. All that you can expect are a few likes. To raise engagement, opt for super-relevant and niche hashtags that best describe your brand and meet your target audience’s needs.



Adding Hashtags to Insta Stories to Appear on Explore Page


One of the best ways of making your Insta content more discoverable by new audiences is adding hashtags not only to ordinary posts but also to Stories. Once Instagramers look for a hashtag, they can view real-time stories on the hashtags’ page. So, to make use of this, add a hashtag either through using the hashtag sticker (allows adding only one tag) or typing your hashtags out with the text tool. The second method allows adding as many as up to 10 tags on one Story!



Hiding Hashtags in Stories


Surely, hashtags boost the discoverability of Stories, yet they can also ruin its aesthetic look (especially when you post several tags on one Story). To avoid this, simply hide the tags. How? Just type them and then pinch to make them small (not too small or Gram will not register them). After this, hide them with an image sticker or a GIF. Additionally, you can write the hashtags in the same color that is your Story background. This way they will blend into the background while still being searchable.



Adding Hashtags to Bio


Another great means of driving engagement to Instagram posts through hashtags is including them into our Bio. This is highly functional. You see, this way you can promote your Gram community, announce campaigns, and even highlight your branded content. However, mind that hashtags in bio are clickable only on the web and not on the mobile application. Use this means to get the content created about you particularly by your followers, connect with your customers, and set long-term relationships with partners.

Implement these few hashtag hacks on your account and boost your engagement on Instagram!