Instagram Shoppable Posts & Shopify As Your Business Best Friends

Instagram Shoppable Posts & Shopify As Your Business Best Friends

Shopping on Instagram officially is already a reality. The social network has set off a local Shopify integration via Instagram Shoppable Posts that allows tagging and shopping goods straightly from your Insta posts so easily. And even though first tried in autumn of 2016, this feature has been officially launched only recently. Currently, it’s available only in nine countries including Germany, Canada, the UK, Brazil, Spain, France, Australia, Italy, and the United States. InstaBF, the service providing Instagram likes, comments, and followers on a reliable and affordable basis, wants to introduce to your attention the importance of Instagram shoppable posts. Additionally, we’ll provide you with a brief guide how you can create these posts and make your business even more profitable. Just stay tuned!

Benefits of Instagram Shoppable Posts

Instagram shoppable posts’ global release boosted the total transformation of this casual social platform into a high-scale sales channel for brands and businesses. This feature immensely facilitated making purchases on Instagram. Now you don’t have to leave Instagram application, you can fulfill your entire buying process starting from discovering a pretty product and ending with its checkout directly on the shoppable post.

Surely, clickable stories and the links mentioned in the bio were a great benefit, yet neither can be compared with the power and convenience of shoppable posts. The traffic of consumers is sent to the business directly from these posts – convenient for both the consumer and the business. A couple of taps on the post and the desired product is purchased!

Creating Shoppable Posts

Before we turn to the instructions, we need to observe a few mandatory conditions implied by Instagram.

  • You need to be located in one of the nine countries this feature is active in (mentioned in the first paragraph of the article).
  • Your Instagram account should be business and not personal.
  • You have to obtain a Shopify store (a paid option).
  • Your Shopify store is to have a Facebook sales channel.
  • The latest Instagram version is required (either on Android or iOS).

After implementing all the steps mentioned above, it’s time to adding your Instagram sales channel to the Shopify store. The latter will link the products included in the Shopify to your Insta business profile. The necessary “+” button that will let you add an Instagram channel can be found in the Sales Channel section of Shopify. Afterward, you will be requested to log into your Facebook page and verify the Insta account there. All that will be left to you, is enabling the feature. For this, get to the Shopping section in your Instagram. You will get a notification, after which you will be able to link the product catalog of Shopify to your account.

Tagging Products

Not it’s high time to try Instagram Shoppable posts “in action”! There is absolutely no difference between the process of tagging other Instagram users and tagging products in posts. The Tag Products option is already available for all the posts you make in your business profile linked to the Shopify. In fact, this new affirmed feature can become a real game changer for Instagram businesses!

Tricky Ways of Creating Wow Instagram Stories

Tricky Ways of Creating Wow Instagram Stories

Are you planning to wow your faithful followers with your marvelous Instagram stories and raise your brand awareness? Well, it’s a wonderful idea as long as you know how to create mind-blowing stories for your Instagram account! Right now, InstaBF is going to state several ways of creating trendy, impressive and utmost engaging Instagram stories.

Stories Matching Your Brand Colors

To show off your brand’s unique personality, keep in mind its color palette when designing your stories. Use the existing brand color to stay truthful to the initially picked up color pallet and all the posts including Stories you make will be easily recognizable. If you can’t find the exact color you need, just hold your finger down on any color and a broader color wheel will be accessible. Find the color shade you need with the help of the eyedropper tool.

The Power of Drop-Shadow Effect

Adding a text to your Instagram stories is definitely a win-win step, yet what if you add a drop-shadow effect to the content posted?! Believe us, a couple of simple tricks will make your stories appear more creative and professional. It’s a wonderful idea to create a drop-shadow look to add more depth and dimension to your stories’ content. For this:

  1. Access to writing by typing the “Aa” icon
  2. Tape your message
  3. Access again to “Aa” and write the same message yet in another color
  4. Arrange the upper layer of your message in a way for the bottom message layer to go slightly off-center

Beautiful Fonts for Your Instagram Stories

The Type tool of Instagram offers a variety of font types which you can use to your benefit. Combine brushes and pens, mix fonts and colors to create a contemporary typographical effect. For this, follow the few steps mentioned below:

  1. Write every word of your phrase or sentence separately so that to move and format easier
  2. Change every word’s font individually so that they appear more emphasized
  3. Change the size, font, and color of your words until you get a satisfying result
  4. Once your message is aligned and centered, you will get a helpful guideline

InstaBF recommends mixing lowercase and uppercase letter, highlights and fonts so that your Instagram stories eventually stand out. You can also download stylus to a broader spectrum of font opportunities.

Pinning Emojis, Stickers, and GIFs

Enriching the top banner of your Instagram stories with emojis, texts, and stickers is not a bad idea. But what if you can incorporate all of them right into your videos and boomerangs and arrange them pop up at the necessary moment?! Sounds attractive, doesn’t it? Be certain, your followers will get surprised and engaged once they see a funny element pin in the middle of the story video! To implement this, follow this brief instruction:

  1. Record a short video for your Instagram story
  2. Add stickers, GIFs, emojis, etc.
  3. Keep the added element tapped
  4. Choose where you want that element to pop up by using the bottom slider
  5. Once you find where you want to place the element, tap “Pin”

So, you see that there are pretty interesting ways of adding brightness and fun to your Instagram stories. These several methods will help you increase your popularity on this social network. And InstaBF is another means of raising the number of your followers on Instagram. Just order as many likes, followers and comments as you may find necessary for this and be certain everything will be performed to the highest quality level!

Blocking and Being Blocked on Instagram

Blocking and Being Blocked on Instagram

Instagram is a broad virtual platform with over 600 million users from around the globe. It’s natural, that you won’t like to be regularly mentioned, liked and commented by people you don’t like or even know. Specially for this, Instagram has created the blocking option. But what happens after you block an Insta user? Or can you find out whether you’ve been blocked by another Instagram user? InstaBF is going to reveal the answers to all these issues right away.

However, prior to passing to today’s direct topic, we would like to introduce our wonderful offer – several packages of Instagram likes, comments and followers! With our help, you will increase not only the number of your followers but also your account engagement.

Blocking Instagram Users

First of all, if you feel embarrassed by the attention from unknown users, you’d better turn off your public account and switch to private one. This way you will restrict the access to spam users to your account. However, if there’s a particular user you no longer wish to “ramble” in you Insta account, you can make your account invisible to him by blocking that particular user. Be aware that if your account is public, it will seem to be removed to that person on merely Instagram yet not on the web. By typing the address of your account in the web, they will be able to access it. Therefore, switching on the private profile, you will solve this problem. The blocked person won’t get any notifications about the blocking. They will just find out that they no longer can interact with you even by the private chat. Even if you like the blocked user’s content or place a comment, it will immediately disappear. Blocking restricts any kind of interaction between you and that particular user.

Finding Out If You Are Blocked

Have you noticed there are no updates from a certain Instagram user in your timeline? Haven’t you thought he/she might have blocked you? If you are already overwhelmed by nagging doubts, let’s find out if you’ve been blocked on Instagram. The simple method of revelation implies a few steps described below. Let’s check them out:

  1. Open your Instagram account.
  2. Search the Instagram user you suspect in blocking you. If the user’s account is supposed to be public, you must find him/her in the People Tab. On the other hand, in case you are “dealing with” a private profile, it won’t be seen here. Instead, you can try to “detect” the user in the list of your mutual friends. If you find any post from that user, then you are not in “blocked” relationships.
  3. After you find the “suspected” profile, have a closer glance at it. In both cases, you will be able to see how many followers he/she has, or how many people he/she follows. The number of posts will be seen, too. However, most probably you won’t be able to access his/her photos or videos.
  4. The next and final step is tapping the “Follow” button. If being blocked by that particular Instagram user, you will not be allowed to do that.

So, as we have found out not seeing the content shared by an Instagram user and not being able to Follow him/her has only one explanation – you have been blocked!

Third-Party Applications to Raise Your Instagram Game

Third-Party Applications to Raise Your Instagram Game

Much like Facebook, Instagram has moved to algorithmic feed. Therefore, generating more impressive content (the accent is on the photos and videos) becomes a significant issue. And if Instagram provides quite wonderful editing features and built-in filters, sometimes they seem to be not enough for achieving the desired results. If you need a powerful third-party application to seriously raise your Instagram game, you are welcome to InstaBF’s post! Right now we are going to draw your attention to several most powerful and at the same time safe apps to boost your Insta engagement. However, prior to passing to them, we are sure you would like to get a closer look at our special offer – a package of likes, comments, and followers. Order as many of them at a cheap price as you need. Be certain, all profiles are real-looking and won’t cause any suspicion to your account.


BLACK and Camera Noir for Unique Black-And-White Photos

Do you remember the black-and-white filter of Instagram called Gotham? Yes, it was later substituted by other filters such as Inkwell and Moon (only for videos). Neither are of the same quality as Gotham. And if you are a fan of noir photographs and are in a search of a decent application, even if it’s a third-party one, the iOS-only app BLACK is a wonderful choice! The curve tool of the application allows regulating contrasts and tones, while the fade tool can twist shadows. Even though the application is free, the enhanced editing filters will cost an extra fee ($0.99).

Another effective tool for black-and-photos Camera Noir is offered at the price $2.99 and is compatible with Apple devices.


Perfect365 and FaceTune for Perfect Selfies

Do you find your selfies need some improvement to attract followers? If yes, and your smartphone filers don’t satisfy you, we are glad to recommend using the FaceTune (costs $3.99) and Perfect365 (free of charge) applications designed for both Android and iOS devices. In fact, both are amazing tools for airbrushing and smoothing your skin, resizing your face features and even whitening your feet on photographs. You are sure to love your Instagram selfies more with either of them.


Hyperlapse and Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile for Time-Lapses

With absolutely no doubt, these two applications are the bests for those who intend to create time-lapses in their photos to post on Instagram. The first app is iOS based one, while the second app is compatible with Android devices, too. They can successfully speed up/down videos, while the image-stabilization is more than simply decent. By implementing your smartphones gyroscope, the applications can measure and eliminate any shaky frames thus providing perfectly smooth results!


Enlight and Giphy Cam for Extraordinary Photos/Videos

Instagram is a broad platform to express all kinds of emotions! And if you find your followers mostly love your somewhat silly or extraordinary posts, it’s definitely worth to make use of Enlight or Giphy Cam applications. The applications serve as photo editors that can turn any photo into a marvelous modern piece of art!

How to Turn Your Pet Into an Instagram Celebrity

How to Turn Your Pet Into an Instagram Celebrity

Did you know that there are Instagram profiles of pets that have attracted millions of followers from around the globe? And these pets bring really big money to their owners. These lovely dogs, cats, foxes, rabbits, hamsters and other animals look so cute and adorable that it’s simply impossible not to like their profiles and become truthful followers. Anyway, their natural charm is definitely not enough for having a success on Instagram’s platform. The pet’s owner should have a good knack for design, marketing, and social media strategy. Especially for our little pets and their owners, we have gathered several most essential tips on how to make them Instagram famous and make money from it.


Choose the Best Descriptive Brand

Before setting a pet’s account, first, you need to choose a brand that perfectly describes your pet. For instance, if you can best describe your pet as a troublemaker, or a curious little thing, get to state it in the profile. Additionally, make sure all the photos you post later coincide with the chosen brand. This way your pet’s followers will know what to expect when visiting the profile. It’s really crucial to keep things consistent. If your beloved pet’s brand is something like “nature-adorer”, it will be at least odd to post the pet in high-end hotel rooms surrounded with luxury and gleam. And visa versa, city dogs should not constantly appear photographed in forests.


Don’t Settle for Less

An immense number of followers brings not only great fame to pets but also quite good profit to their owners. As soon as your pet’s account hits 20k followers’ scale, you are going to start earning money. But before this, you won’t be likely to get anything more than free stuff by cooperating with companies. They will approach you with offers to exchange free food or goods for your pet to photos of your pet with the products posted in its account. And even if it may sound tempting, it will definitely repel more serious brands. They will expect you to cooperate with them for free, too. Hence, if you’re seriously planning to profit from your pet’s account, hold out for a paycheck.


Implement Hashtags and Post Systematically

Regular posting will help you keep your pet’s followers interested. Whether you take fresh photos/videos of your pet every day or devote some time to gather a pack of photos/videos to spread them over the upcoming weeks, make sure you provide your followers with new content at least five days a week. Most owners of famous Instagram pets make a couple of posts every day!

What concerns hashtags, you’d better utilize them for every post made. This way people can find your pet’s account easier through Insta’s “Discover” feature.


Enjoy It

No matter how many hours you have to spend on your pet’s Instagram account, or how much profit it brings to you, you won’t succeed unless you love what you do. Enjoy every minute spent with a camera in your hands and your beloved pet posing for you. Be certain, people feel particularly which photos were taken with great love and tenderness!

InstaBF is sure that adhering to the few points mentioned above, you will make your lovely pet a real Instagram celebrity in a timely manner! Yet, if you need a start for it, InstaBF is ready to help you! Order likes, comments, views, and followers for your pet on an affordable basis. All the comments will be made by real users with active engagement rate. It will be an honor for us to contribute to the rise of your pet’s Instagram career!