Making Impressive Instagram Bios

Making Impressive Instagram Bios

Did you know that as little as 0.2 seconds are enough for an online visitor to form an opinion about an Instagram account? And whether you are a simple Instagram user, or have a business account, it’s definitely important to create really good bios. At first sight, it may seem to be a straightforward task, yet it does really require some efforts and thinking. Here and now we shall help you create a good first impression with your account bios and convince the greatest part of visitors to click that “follow” button! Besides providing as many likes, comments, and followers as you need, InstaBF website is also ready to give you some really crucial advice. Just keep on reading to the end, find the most suitable means for you, apply for a huge “portion” of followers. Together, you and InstaBF will make your account stand out in the crowd!

Use Your Real Name

For making an impression of a reliable Instagram user (or business), the first step is mentioning your real name. Make sure your profile is filled out with your real name and not the username you use on Instagram. This way your followers and customers will find you easier and make sure they are dealing with a true person and not an impostor. However, along with your real name, you can make some sprucing. If you or your company is especially famous for a certain thing, you are free to use it right by the side of your name.

Include Your Skill Details

If the purpose of your Instagram account is to get distinguished for the services/skills you have, it’s crucial to mention about them right in your bio. It should accurately state your profession, special skills, as well as interests and hobbies. This information will not only introduce you to the millions of Instagram users but will also determine whether they’ll follow you or not.

Implementing Keywords

Undoubtedly, using a keyword in a bio does never improve the searchability. On the contrary, it makes everything more complicated. Yet, along with this, the correctly chosen keywords included in the bio will help people, who are interested in engaging your account, find you easier. Use such keywords that best describe both your and your target audience’s core values! This way your followers will have a better image of how reliable, compatible you are, and what you can offer them.

Using the Right Link in a Bio

Instagram is very strict when the matter concerns posting an active link in a profile. However, a user’s bio is where one has the right to post a single clickable link. A business can make use of this and send its followers directly to its official website or blog. E-commerce businesses, meanwhile, find this somewhat irritating as they need to send their visitors to different websites of different product sellers. Just the same way you can mention your email address in your bio. This way you’re going to be more common for your possible followers to contact you.

Be Creative

Doubtlessly, all the points mentioned above are crucial. But you should also remember not to make your bio look like a brief biography. Instagram is actually a lighthearted medium and you needn’t make it appear stricter. Express your fun side right in your bio and expect new followers soon. Use emojis for spacing the text, involve the branded hashtag, change the font, apply line breaks, use a CTA, etc.

Creating Effective Ads on Instagram

Creating Effective Ads on Instagram

Are you running an online business and think about incorporating Instagram into its promotion? Our congrats! This is a smart idea as long as you know how to make your Instagram advertisements attractive. So, to help you generate revenue, we shall hint you how to create Insta ads which work well for eCommerce.

Did you know that according to a recent investigation, Instagram had the greatest influence on the shopping habits of people around the world when the matter concerned the beauty, fashion, and other style-related spheres? Therefore, it definitely makes sense to undertake all the below-mentioned tips:

Make it Simple

The first rule to adhere to is keeping everything easy. Your customers, who find it somewhat difficult to deal with Instagram online shops, should be able to change their user behavior. This refers especially to the cases when you sell products to customers who have no idea how to make a purchase online. To make everything simple, it’s enough to offer the copy of your product and a brief CTA (call-to-action). By the way, make sure you mention your discount or sale offer right at the beginning, otherwise, your customers may miss it not scrolling down.

Make Friendly Ads

As compared with Facebook, Instagram is not that much filled with advertisements. Therefore, not to make it appear as an inorganic content on this social network, you’d better make it seem as if posted by a friend. Make sure it doesn’t stick out. Just add value to your ad instead of blatantly selling any product.

Concentrate on Your Target Audience

Before creating any advertisement and posting it on Instagram, it’s crucial to concentrate on the main target audience. Be certain, if you plan to make sales for everyone regardless the gender, age or style, you will experience a huge fail. On the other hand, you shouldn’t have a too-narrow target either. A couple of great tools used by Facebook are KPI and the split test. Use them, try and find out what segment of people notice your ads the most and adjust them to your possible clients’ expectations. For instance, it’s been proved that middle women (from 45 to 54) are more attracted by video advertisements than younger ones. The latter, meanwhile, find photo ads more practical and effective.

Additionally, by including Facebook Pixel into your page, you’ll be able to retarget the audience which was interested in your previous posts. This way you’re going to have alive conversations and discussions under your advertisements on Instagram.

Create the Aura of Trust

Who would like to order a product from a service that has few followers or positive comments?! Surely none! Therefore, it’s mandatory to have a huge number of followers even if you are just starting your business. InstaBF can solve this issue for you. We can provide you with as many likes, comments, and even followers as you may find necessary for creating the image of a trustworthy online shop on Instagram. All of our profiles look real with regular posts and followers. With our little assistance, your online business will flourish before your eyes!

A Brief Guide for Male Instagrammers

A Brief Guide for Male Instagrammers

An explosive mainstream of Instagram fame has spread in recent years all over the world. With more than three hundred million users active every day, this social network has become an inseparable part of our lives. Moreover, some users have created a far better virtual life and prefer spending more virtual time than real. Instagram seems to be overcrowded with celebrities who make tendencies, and hordes of teenage girls, who follow those tendencies. And if you are a young or middle-aged man with an average level of physical attractiveness, it will be definitely hard for you to glow on Instagram. Surely, you can survive on this platform, yet if you want the fame and appreciation that popular Instagrammers enjoy, you will need to work harder.

However, InstaBF can solve the problem in another way. Just contact the service and order as many likes, comments or even followers as you may need regardless your purposes. The company works 24/7 to proceed every client’s orders in a timely and professional manner.

Anyway, before you apply to InstaBF for a “pile” of likes, we’d like to give you a few advice pieces how to win numerous followers on your own!

Flaunt Your Style

If you look gorgeous in a well-cut suit, remember to take a selfie in front of your office mirror. Just the same way, if you have just bought a stylish new jacket, don’t be shy to show it off. Instagram users love fashionable clothes and are sure to take your new stylish look for granted.

An expensive (or at least expensive-looking) watch is another thing Instagrammers simply adore. Post a thematic photo and enjoy a flow of likes next time.

Avoid Being Very Flashy

With photos of sports cars, expensive hotel rooms, and even naked porn stars, you won’t impress anyone on Instagram (unless you surpass Dan Bilzerian). To create an image of a gentleman on Instagram, try not to appear too flashy. However, if you, for instance, have had a flight on a helicopter, or can boast of an enviable seat on an important match, sharing a photo-proof of this will be a clever step!

Post Motivated Quotes

Posting a witty quote is the clue to attracting more and more followers these days. No longer do stereotype quotes like “if smb wants to be a part of your life, he will find a way to do it”, or “if I didn’t say a word, it doesn’t mean I didn’t notice anything” and the like appeal to Instagram users. People are fed up with clever sayings and need funny and positive quotes to set a mood for the whole day. Just for observation, the fat Jewish Josh Ostrovsky has millions of followers not for his “handsome” belly, but for his sense of humor he is not shy of to emphasize through his photos and quotes.

Snapping Landscapes

Remember that summer holidays photos you post on Instagram should never be restricted to “hot dog legs” or your half-naked body near the pool (even if you are super hot). Give a part of your Instagram photos to nature. Do never miss a chance of snapping a breathtakingly beautiful scenery while you are on a vacation.

Promoting your Instagram properly — how to do it better?

Promoting your Instagram properly — how to do it better?

Instagram is a popular social platform in which people exchange photos, mark the posts of other users, communicate through postings and comments. Promotion of the profile in this net is one of the directions of business. Doing it, you can earn great money, but for this you need to promote your account properly. How to do it?

Why Instagram?

It is Instagram that occupies a leading position among social platforms on the Internet, since most of the traffic falls on it. The audience of this platform uses the Instagram mostly to exchange photographs that capture various life moments. It publishes live and human content that has users be more receptive and open.

Also, the great advantage of this social network is that it has its own application, which can be installed on various mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones. That is, users can go into the profile and anywhere and anytime. Given the rapid rhythm of modern life, it is very convenient.

How to promote Instagram independently?

To do this, follow some of the recommendations below:

  1. Create and complete a profile.

Pay attention to the avatar — this is the first thing that other users see. If the account was created for business, use the logo of the company or the products offered as the photo page. Use all of your responsibility to design the profile. In the description, add a location label of the company, tell everybody about its activities and be sure to add a link to an external site owned by your company.

  1. Publish posts that are necessary to attract subscribers and potential customers.

The photos in posts should be qualitative, accompanied by a short description and thematic hash tags #. Do not make obsessive advertising posts — they will scare off users! Perfect advertising posts must be simple and designed with humor.

  1. Communicate with the audience: respond to comments under publications.

After registering the profile and publishing the first posts, you can start Instagram promotion. All the methods described below are aimed at attracting live followers.

So, what you need doing:

  • Get thousands of likes and subscribers with InstaBF for cheap.
  • Search profiles for mutual advertising. They are needed for a free exchange of posts. However, accounts should not be competing, but they can have a similar theme. For example, if you are promoting a clothing store, find the profile of the accessories store for the inter-association.
  • Put the right hashtags that will help the audience find your publications. If the records are useful and interesting, people will subscribe to your updates.
  • Create contests for the Instagram audience. It always attracts new subscribers.
A Short Guide to Instagram Stories

A Short Guide to Instagram Stories

The interface of Instagram Stories is intuitively clear to everyone, but some features are not obvious. Some sort of quick manual would be useful to a first-timer who’s going to post a story on Instagram. Though, it may be helpful for experienced users too.


If you are on the point of posting your story, the first thing you have to do is to swipe from the left part of the screen to the right on the Instagram homepage. To make photo or video, press the circle on the bottom of the screen. By swiping down one may open the media selection window.

There’s also another way of making a story. Just choose the tab of your account where your photos are shown and press “+” near the profile image.

Shooting modes

Instagram Stories feature maintains five modes of video making:

  • “Live stream”. Having chosen this option, you may broadcast from the camera of the smartphone. After finishing of the air you can share the video on Instagram.
  • Usual mode. A quick tap makes photos, a long pressing creates a video clip.
  • “Boomerang”. That means a short animation. Boomerang-mode would be great for shooting dynamic clips.
  • Reverse mode. It allows you to play video backwards.
  • “Free hands”. By a quick tap one may launch a 15-second shooting, and there’s no need to hold the record button.

The maintained formats

Videos and photos in Instagram Stories are vertical. By importing of horizontal media files they are cut. For choosing the desired image area before the story posting you may use the cutting option in a standard picture editor.

Maximum video length amounts to 15 seconds. In case you import a longer clip, it will be shortened. It’s possible to upload only those pics and videos to the story which have been made within the last 24 hours.


If you want to add a sticker to your story, just press the respective icon after shooting or swipe up the screen.

By pressing the sticker and holding your finger on it you may delete it. There will appear a dustbin icon at the bottom of the screen, and you have to transfer it right there.

Adding a selfie

On the screen line of stickers you may find an icon with a cam. Use it for making a selfie and implementing it to your story. The borders of image can be blurred or accented with a white frame. Selfie-option lets you express your emotional attitude to what you’ve posted.

Adding music

Alas, there’s no such a feature which would allow a musical accompaniment for a story. Still, you can do it. Music on the smartphone goes on when you’re watching Instagram stories. The same applies to the video shooting: just turn on the favorite song on a streaming service or in a social network and start creating your story!

Now you see how to operate that feature. For more popularity visit InstaBF – here it’s possible to buy likes, subscribers and views. It’s never too late to become an Instagram star!