Have you been waiting for the long, vertical form videos on Instagram to shoot and post some grandiose videos? If this refers to you, we are glad to declare that your hour has come! It’s already available both on the native Instagram and standalone IGTV applications. What is IGTV? How does IGTV work? Let’s find answers to these and many other questions with InstaBF, the leading Instagram provider in the industry.


What is IGTV?


Instagram is all about the innovative, hence why shouldn’t it plan to disrupt the traditional TV experience and then update it for a contemporary mobile experience? IGTV serves right for this purpose. For instance, did you know that since Youtube became popular, the amount of time people watch TV has decreased up to 40%? And since the mobile video is sure to increase its popularity rapidly, Instagram intends to bet big particularly on this format. IGTV was launched, therefore.

Today, any Instagram user can create his own IGTV channel and upload videos for his followers. The vast majority of accounts have only ten minutes for shooting a video, yet larger accounts have up to one hour. As Instagram informs, they plan to eliminate any time limits soon.

To watch an IGTV video posted by a friend, you can either launch IGTV app or Instagram. On every Instagram profile, there is an IGTV button. Besides, whenever your friend posts a video, you will get a notification on Instagram. All the videos are available without any advertisements, yet.

Additionally, there is an IGTV channel titled “Popular” that includes the videos with the biggest number of views. Beside this channel, there are also two others – “For You”, which offers the videos that you might be interested in the most, and “Following”, which delivers a collection of videos from all your followers.

Facts about IGTV


IGTV offers only vertical videos

Vertical videos bring about a better mobile experience, yet it forces to either shoot videos in two ratios or crop it in the end. To be short, more editing job is to be expected!

IGTV is much like YouTube

IGTV is designed rather for following one’s favorite vloggers or influencers, than watching programs or movies. In this, it’s much like YouTube than Netflix. Besides, the video posted here doesn’t have to be polished to perfection.

IGTV promises addictive mobile experience

As we have already mentioned, IGTV isn’t going to offer you your favorite TV shows, yet Instagram wants to make the overall experience of using it as pleasant as possible and a lot like traditional TV. Other users will have the chance to leave comments under any video or like it. And once you get bored with one video, you can swipe to the side and watch the next one.

Additionally, you can find a little search bar that’s hidden on the screen and make your search for any video easier.


How to Create IGTV Channel


To be able to post your videos on IGTV, you need to create a channel first. How to do it? Simple! Follow the few steps mentioned below:

  • Sign in to the IGTV application;
  • Tap the settings gear symbol;
  • Click on “Create Channel”.

Now you already have your own channel and can upload a video. For this…

  • Go to your channel;
  • Tap the + symbol;
  • Pick up a video with a vertical ratio from your camera roll;
  • Give the video a title and a brief description;
  • Choose a cover photo;
  • Tap the “Post” icon and enjoy your video uploaded to your IGTV channel.

So, now you know basic information about IGTV and what it’ for. Of course, InstaBF Team couldn’t ignore launch of this new platform and prepared new packages of IGTV Likes, IGTV Views and IGTV Comments which you can check out on our website, so you can become more popular with InstaBF!