Are you planning to wow your faithful followers with your marvelous Instagram stories and raise your brand awareness? Well, it’s a wonderful idea as long as you know how to create mind-blowing stories for your Instagram account! Right now, InstaBF is going to state several ways of creating trendy, impressive and utmost engaging Instagram stories.

Stories Matching Your Brand Colors

To show off your brand’s unique personality, keep in mind its color palette when designing your stories. Use the existing brand color to stay truthful to the initially picked up color pallet and all the posts including Stories you make will be easily recognizable. If you can’t find the exact color you need, just hold your finger down on any color and a broader color wheel will be accessible. Find the color shade you need with the help of the eyedropper tool.

The Power of Drop-Shadow Effect

Adding a text to your Instagram stories is definitely a win-win step, yet what if you add a drop-shadow effect to the content posted?! Believe us, a couple of simple tricks will make your stories appear more creative and professional. It’s a wonderful idea to create a drop-shadow look to add more depth and dimension to your stories’ content. For this:

  1. Access to writing by typing the “Aa” icon
  2. Tape your message
  3. Access again to “Aa” and write the same message yet in another color
  4. Arrange the upper layer of your message in a way for the bottom message layer to go slightly off-center

Beautiful Fonts for Your Instagram Stories

The Type tool of Instagram offers a variety of font types which you can use to your benefit. Combine brushes and pens, mix fonts and colors to create a contemporary typographical effect. For this, follow the few steps mentioned below:

  1. Write every word of your phrase or sentence separately so that to move and format easier
  2. Change every word’s font individually so that they appear more emphasized
  3. Change the size, font, and color of your words until you get a satisfying result
  4. Once your message is aligned and centered, you will get a helpful guideline

InstaBF recommends mixing lowercase and uppercase letter, highlights and fonts so that your Instagram stories eventually stand out. You can also download stylus to a broader spectrum of font opportunities.

Pinning Emojis, Stickers, and GIFs

Enriching the top banner of your Instagram stories with emojis, texts, and stickers is not a bad idea. But what if you can incorporate all of them right into your videos and boomerangs and arrange them pop up at the necessary moment?! Sounds attractive, doesn’t it? Be certain, your followers will get surprised and engaged once they see a funny element pin in the middle of the story video! To implement this, follow this brief instruction:

  1. Record a short video for your Instagram story
  2. Add stickers, GIFs, emojis, etc.
  3. Keep the added element tapped
  4. Choose where you want that element to pop up by using the bottom slider
  5. Once you find where you want to place the element, tap “Pin”

So, you see that there are pretty interesting ways of adding brightness and fun to your Instagram stories. These several methods will help you increase your popularity on this social network. And InstaBF is another means of raising the number of your followers on Instagram. Just order as many likes, followers and comments as you may find necessary for this and be certain everything will be performed to the highest quality level!