Creating an Efficient and Thriving Instagram Pod

Creating an Efficient and Thriving Instagram Pod

As we have learned from the previous post about Instagram Pods, these are effective means of increasing your Instagram engagement unless you use them properly. Now, let’s find out whether they are as safe as efficient, and how to create a really good Insta Pod to join.

Are Instagram Pods Safe to Use?

Undoubtedly, with the new algorithms of Instagram and Shadowbans, one is feared to undertake any new step. And if you are concerned whether joining a certain Pod may cause you problems, right now we shall offer you a way to avoid them.

If you have joined only one Pod and don’t show any activity beyond the Pod’s borders, this may trigger a red flag on Instagram. The service may consider you a bot and freeze your activities on the social network. Therefore, it’s advisable to join at least several Engagement Groups and interact with others on a regular basis, as well.

Additionally, for a safe use of Instagram Pods, the service encourages its users to stay away from groups with 1, 000+ members created on Telegram.

Creating Successful Instagram Pods

It’s crucial to be strategic when building up an Instagram Pod. And if you intend to build a thriving and strong Pod that will improve your and your Pod’s members’ engagement, stick to the several advice pieces we offer here:

  1. Choose only active members. You can find this out by checking the activity of their accounts.
  2. Choose only those members which have audiences similar to yours.
  3. Choose members living in the same or near time zones.
  4. Include all the members in the Pod to a DM group on Instagram. For this, find the “house” icon and click it. Then find the “plane” icon, then tap the “plus” icon to the right top. After this, you can already mention all your members’ names you want to include in the group.
  5. Make sure you have sent a welcome message to each of your Pod’s members with accurate guidelines. Don’t forget to state all the rules of your Pod including how many posts must be shared per day, how many photos should be liked and commented, etc.
  6. Keep track of your members’ activity in the Pod. If you find any member gets the shares and comments he/she needs but doesn’t respond appropriately, you can ask him/her to leave the group.
  7. Overestimate the effectiveness of your Instagram Pod on a daily basis. Once you have an inactive member or someone leaves the group, be alert to substitute them with new members.

An Instagram Pod is really a helpful tool for increasing the engagement of your Instagram account. And whether you create your own Pod and invite others, or intend to join an already existing Engagement group, it’s important to do it not for spamming your photos and getting extra likes, but for meeting new like-minded individuals. Work as one unit.

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New Instagram Story Features: Rumors

New Instagram Story Features: Rumors

Are you thrilled about the upcoming new features that Instagram Stories are promised to be supplemented with? Yes, we, too. They do really sound attractive! The brand new features may be of a great benefit not only to ordinary Instagram users but also business profile owners. And if you are still unaware particularly what Story features are likely to be rolled out to Insta users, we have dug out them and are ready to present to your attention. Check them out!

Text-Only “Type” Posts

The first innovation Instagram is testing for its Stories now, is the “Type”. This is a text-only posting option that will be found right by the side of Boomerang, Hands-Free and Live options at the screen bottom. Choosing this option, the user can create a Story by simply typing what he wants (his caption). There will be four font types available each with a respective background color. These are Modern (pink), Typewriter (typewriter machine grey), Strong (black), and Neon (turquoise, purple, green, grey). Once confirmed, the feature is expected to have expanded options of background, font, and customization.

The “Type” feature is sure to bring much personality to Instagram stories. Businesses and brands, meanwhile, will have better conditions for making announcements, share with coupon codes or make special offers.

Reposting Other’s Stories

Another fantastic new feature of Instagram Stories we are most likely to see in the near future is reposting others’ stories you are tagged in. According to the announcement lately made, when making a story and mentioning others in it, you’ll be instantly notified that they will be allowed to repost your Story for up to twenty-four hours.

From the brands’ point of view, this is definitely a beneficial feature. So, mentioning other users and brands in your story, it will be much likely to be reposted by them. This way you will get exposed to even a larger audience.

Screenshot Alerts

Have you always enjoyed the feeling of spying other Instagramers when you screenshot their stories? Well, whether good or bad for you, Instagram is planning to start notifying users when someone screenshots their stories. When you do it for the first time, you get a notification from Instagram with a warning that the next time he/she will be alerted about it. And when you do it for the second time, an alert message will be sent to him/her about you screening a story just made.

Nevertheless, if we think broadly, this can also be used to one’s benefit. For instance, you can track what kind of stories you make are more screenshot by your followers, and optimize them for the future.

Giphy Library Added to Stories

A Giphy integration into Instagram Stories has been tested for around some time. If you have the opportunity to add emojis, hashtags, polls and location stickers to your stories, Instagram wants to make it real to also add gif-like stickers. A wide library of most diverse and captivating Giphy stickers is expected to be added in a while.

So, all these features really excite, yet Instagram has yet spread only rumors about their incorporation into Stories. It’s already definite, that Instagram intends to pay special attention to Stories, and the tests of these features have yet shown good results. Let’s hope we’ll soon see them in use. But before that, you might like hearing about the unique offer InstaBF has for you. Being one of the most reliable services in the industry that provides likes, comments, views, and followers to Instagram users, we are ready to accept orders 24/7. Just contact us whenever convenient for you and be certain that your order will proceed in a timely manner! All the followers your account will obtain are real users with active engagement.

Making Use of Instagram Collections

Making Use of Instagram Collections

Instagram collections are quite useful tools. Surely, their fame can’t be compared with that of Instagram Stories, yet they might appear of great use if you at least consider them. These collections may of great assistance for those who want or keep track of some important posts and have the opportunity to view them any time they wish.

At first, Instagram collections were called just “saved posts”. Later they were expanded and turned into collections (also named Pinterest-like boards). Here users can save user-generated content, recipes, tutorials, etc. and have all of them neatly organized. Actually, saving an Instagram post is quite a straightforward task. By tapping the “bookmark” under the post, you will have it added to your collection. You can later view it by passing to the “bookmark” located right above your feed.

So, if you are now reading this post on InstaBF’s blog, you are probably interested in the best ways of using Instagram collections. Let’s get started.

Managing UGC

Are you planning to create a company by using UGC? Instagram will help you a lot. A marvelous Insta feed can be organized particularly with user-generated content. And where should you find relevant content? Surely in the wild and save engaging posts in your Instagram collection. This will make all a way easier. Make use of this fabulous solution when reposting something interesting and not wishing to cease your feed browsing.

So, with the help of Instagram collection, you are going to easily save every captivating post your stumble upon to make your user-generated content stunning!

Keeping an Eye on Competitors

Are you in a competitive niche? If yes, then you must definitely be spying on your competitors on Instagram from time to time. This is a natural thing and Instagram’s collection tool is going to assist you. The great thing here is that no one except you has an access to your collection. Hence, none of your competitors will ever know you are scouting around what they are up to. Using this tool, you may save their products’ lines, their captions, and even the hashtags they have used. All this information can be used later as an inspiration, for predictions and any other purpose. By the way, Instagram has made it possible to create a separate collection for each competitor you have.

Founding Digital Moodboard

Everyone in this life needs something to get inspired from and keep moving on. Instagram suggests creating your own digital moodboard via a collection filled with whatever inspires you. If you come across a photo that makes you feel warmer, an image that energizes you, or a quote that motivates you, you can save it in your collection to view again whenever you feel down.

Instagram collections may really be very helpful if used properly and purposely

InstaBF was glad to help you look at Instagram collections from another angle. We can also help your Instagram account become much more popular and draw traffic by providing you with as many likes, comments, and followers as you may find necessary. All you need to do is to place an order and complete the payment. Be certain, it will proceed in a quick manner!

Newest Instagram Features

Newest Instagram Features

Instagram is trying to keep up with its popularity constantly offering the clients new features. These features come frequently with regular updates allowing user to use the platform in a better and more convenient way. It also provides enormous support to be competitive on the market and attract new users. Individuals always want something new that encourages them to use the network and share their content in much more convenient way. Some of the update features were released not a long time ago and already have gain lots of people’s popularity. Here we will have a look at some of these features.

Instagram gallery updates

A few months ago Instagram introduced new feature that allowed users to publish multiple photo and video in a single post. Before this update all the content must have been published in a square format. Multiple images can now be posted in a single format and it includes both the portrait and landscape images. It is applicable for both photo and also video.

This update could not be described as a massive one but it certainly gives users a lot of flexibility and an opportunity for creativity. In the past, people could not do it as on many occasions they could face a problem when a set of images needed to be posted and it was only suitable and applicable for landscape view. Hence, it must have been posted separately. Now the new update would allow greater opportunity.

Instagram engagement now could be monitored via Facebook

On many occasion in the past it is much easier to get to a social network such as Facebook to monitor what is going on and communicate to your friends there. Thanks to the most recent update Instagram engagement could be done directly from personal Facebook page. Both platforms can now communicate easily with each other and allow users to monitor what is going on both of them. It makes usage much more convenient and simple to handle.

Most of people use both Facebook and Instagram. Once something is going on Instagram page when someone is making a comment or like your content, clients immediately notified of that on Facebook. It is certainly a very attractive feature as many people at work or at home stay on Facebook for the most of the times. Engaging to comments and review what is going on from a fb profile is very convenient.

New features

These features making the use of Instagram even more popular. It allows users to experience a new way of how to use this wonderful platform. Indeed, making your Instagram page popular is not easy as individuals will need substantial amount of subscribers and received like on constant basis. This problem could be solved with ease as we now have InstaBF service where Instagram users can purchase the needed amount of likes, followers, views and comments below the content that has been posted. It explores plenty of new possibilities for Instagram users attracting potential advertisers or third parties that will require your posts promoting them. New features will allow you to publish better content and whilst on Facebook never miss a profitable deal from third parties and this is all thanks to InstaBF. We will help you to promote the account and be ahead of the others in terms of profit making.

How to prevent offensive comments in Instagram

How to prevent offensive comments in Instagram

Social networks have now become an important part of almost every individual’s life enabling them to freely communicate with other, getting new friends, outlining something new for them and stay in grips with the news and events globally. One of the most important feature of this tool is that we can communicate to each other even if do not know an individual personally. It helps to determine the popularity of the profile, its content and consequentially the attraction for potential advertisers.

Introduction of “Kindness stickers”

The biggest problem many users have had is that negative comments were frequently left at the content that has been posted. Some views genuinely could have found it distracting and the others simply did it make things worse. Even though every comment that is left below the post counts as a strength for the profile some potential advertisers may carefully read through it and decide that the account is not quite right to advertise their products, services and sites.

Most recently Instagram said that so-called “Kindness stickers” are going to be introduced. It is done for purpose of cleaning up the platform, whereas the profile users will determine by themselves who to award and which sticker to use. Stickers will be a part of the heart stickers collection that represents different mood that you have got after reading the comment. All in all there are going to be six types of stickers that will showcase your attitude towards a particular Instagram user who comments on you content.

By the end of the day that would be easier to determine on whether a particular individual causes more assaults and harassments to the others, hence you can not only black list him but also it will be easier for the administrators to take the appropriate steps to make a warning or even close the account of such user.

Comment filter expansion

Together with the sticker one of the measures that will be introduced is the expansion of offensive filter for the comments made. It is already has been set for Portuguese, Arabic, German and French languages. These who speak and write in them (not necessarily the native speakers) were offensive in their comments more often than the others; hence these languages were the first, which filter was expanded. In the future the filter will be also set for the other languages.

InstaBF instant friendly boost up for the profile

These who have had the account for a long time know that it takes some time for substantial amount of followers to be reached. Very often the goal is not reachable ever at all. Therefore the InstaBF services are the best solution to get thousands of followers, likes views and of course comments. By applying to the service provided you will never experience assaulting comments below the published content that will not only negatively affect your mood but also distract others who had paid attention to your profile.

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