Amazing Instagram Features to Expect

Amazing Instagram Features to Expect

A true Instagram fan never gets enough of this application and is always eager to see something new from the developers. Especially for such faithful Instagrammers, InstaBF, a popular IG and IGTV provider, is going to present some exciting features coming soon to Instagram. All about them was announced at the Facebook Developer Conference #F82019. So, here we go:



A Brand New Camera for Stories


Stories form perhaps the most popular feature of Instagram. And it’s not a surprise that one of the most important new features is designed for Stories. This is “Create Mode” – the new camera mode. It is going to have a semicircular mode switcher due to which we can find the necessary tool easier. Swiping right, you find various shooting options (Superzoom, Boomerang, Rewind) while swiping left, you get access to Stories’ creative tools such as GIFs, stickers, text, etc.

Additionally, the new Creative Mode will let you create a Story without having to upload a photo or video first. It’s especially convenient for those who want to share a text-based story or a poll.



Donation Sticker for Stories


If you believe charities must be organized more often this new feature will please you. The donation sticker for Stories is designed to help people collect money for nonprofits. To make use of it, tap the sticker icon after uploading or taking a photo for an Instagram Story. Afterward, choose the nonprofit organization from the provided list. The creative tools of IG will help you customize your fundraiser. After the donation goes live, you can view the entire sum of money raised by swiping up on the story. Instagram guarantees that 100% of the raised money will go to the supported organization.



Creator Profiles


Currently, there are two profile options on Instagram – personal and business. However, soon there will be a third one – creator profile. Owners of creator profiles will have access to a number of in-depth analytics and exclusive features. The major advantage of a creator profile over a business one is the access to Creator Studio on desktop. It has a series of analytics metrics (demographic information, the data whether the audience is online, engagement statistics). Besides this, Instagrammers will be able to view follow/unfollow data, thus influencers can see particularly which content works better.

Other advantages of creator profiles include more DM filtering options, the opportunity to designate the preferred contact method.

Anyway, there are also some downsides to mind. For instance, an Instagram creator profile isn’t connected to the API. Accordingly, an Instagrammer owning a creator profile can’t use any third-party analytics tool or schedule posts automatically. Besides, this new profile will be available only for those Instagram influencers who have got a specific account standing.



Instagram Influencers Tagging Products


If before only brands could tag products, now Instagram influencers will be able to tag any clothing they’re wearing. This way Instagrammers can buy those articles even without leaving the application. Very soon, artists, public figures, publishers, athletes will be able to tag products they use on images posted.

The New Appointment Bookings Feature on Instagram

The New Appointment Bookings Feature on Instagram

Ahead of National Small Business Week, Facebook has announced about enhancing a couple of small-business focused tools. One of them refers to booking and managing appointments right on Instagram (and Facebook, of course). This is especially beneficial for service-based businesses. If business owners had to spend a ton of time on scheduling customer appointments, gathering important information on them and sending reminders to them before, now all this can be done from a single device – your smartphone. Got interested? InstaBF, a popular Instagram and IGTV provider is going to introduce this updated tool in more details.



More about the New Feature


Since early 2018, Instagram’s “Book” button has been around. This was the time when Instagram set up the CTA button for business profiles. You must have noticed that by tapping the “Book” on a business account, you were taken to an external landing page where you could fulfill the booking. Moreover, so that to manage various bookings (Appointments by Square, Acuity Scheduling, etc.) a third-party service was to be used. Today Instagram is working on a booking feature that will allow users to book appointments in real-time without leaving the platform.



How You Can Use the New Appointment Feature


So, if you have a small business on Instagram and the new appointment booking feature interested you, first you need to have a Facebook Page and connect your Gram business profile to it. Click the blue CTA button below the cover photo on Facebook. After this, click “Start Setup” and “Next” to show all the available appointments, if you want to. Otherwise, tap “Not Now”. Remember that in this case, people will be obliged to request an appointment from you by messaging.

After that, you will need to add services and service descriptions by clicking “Next”. This includes duration, price, images, etc. Once all this is done, it’s time to connect the feature to your Insta account. The moment you have connected it, you will see a new “Book” button below the bio. Whenever someone on Instagram taps the button, they can confirm the appointment time. People will also be able to request the service type, add any extra information and finally click on “Request Appointment” to have the booking process complete.

After this, it’s up to you whether to send appointment reminders to customers or not. The list of your scheduled appointments can be found in the section of “Appointment” in the top of your Facebook page.



Final Thoughts


The best thing about this new Appointment feature is that it can be equally well used on Facebook and Instagram. This tool makes it possible to manage multiple bookings from a single location. Beyond any doubts, the feature streamlines the booking process on both channels making it a hassle-free thing to manage all appointments across both platforms.

And finally, the fact that you can follow up with customers through Messenger, you’ll be able to keep the conversation on and your customers engaged with your brand.

Special Features for Instagram Influencers Already in Test

Special Features for Instagram Influencers Already in Test

Instagram is going to test a whole collection of features created especially for high-profile users like influencers!  According to the report, celebrities will get better control over their Instagram accounts including filtering direct messages, getting better access to deep analytics of their followers’ counts. InstaBF, one of the most reliable services you can trust whenever you need to order a package of Instagram or IGTV likes, views, followers or comments, suggests getting a deeper look at this report and at what Instagram users with big accounts can hope for together.



More Control Promised


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the giant social media Instagram has undertaken to test a new feature of giving more control to a small group of users. If the results are satisfying, the feature will be available for more high-profile accounts already in the upcoming year.

This pack of “more control” includes filters for direct messages. The latter will allow creators to enable specific people to contact them. The privileged Instagrammers will get access to such data as how many users follow and unfollow their account. Additionally, various labels will be available for use to help point media queries to the right channels.



Growth Insights


Instagram influencers, brands and all other users with high engagement rates, will get a broader overview of their accounts’ progress. It will provide deeper information on Stories, posts, feed, and IGTV. Besides, the growth of insights will hint about particularly what type of content posted was more popular. Using such data, creators will have a better image of how to use the best working posts for attracting more followers. And vice versa. Learning what type of content posted brings little engagement, account owners can avoid making the same mistakes.

As stated in the report of Ashley Yuki, a product manager, Instagram creators form an impressive part of our community. This is a great platform for building fan communities, as well as personal brands.



More Upcoming Tools


If there were no specific features, Instagram celebrities would be similar to regular users, with no customized experience. Even though quite many creators assign themselves as business accounts as a resource, they find the feature is not tailored to their needs. Particularly that’s why the new features will be available for such an important part of Instagram as creators. In fact, these specialized features are only the first part of the tools this social media plans to roll out to influencers’ benefit.

Nevertheless, Instagram refused to give any specific release dates for future tools. In all cases, the upcoming tools will create a real boom on the network!

The New Instagram Nametag Feature

The New Instagram Nametag Feature

Instagram seems to never sleep, always busy introducing innovations to its one billion monthly active users. This time it’s the turn of Instagram Nametag. This brand new feature by our favorite social media was created to make it much easier for its users to promote themselves and attract new followers in a more public setting. Briefly to say, you no longer need typing long usernames. Are you already interested? If yes, keep on reading this article and InstaBF will explain how you can set up your own Nametag and grow followers with this new feature. Before that, get acquainted with what InstaBF has to offer you and all its customers. Here you can order likes, comments, followers and views for both your Instagram and IGTV accounts on an affordable basis. InstaBF gives you a real chance to raise your Instagram engagement in the quickest way.


Setting Up a Nametag


So, now when you are already aware of the benefits of applying to InstaBF, we can go on with our new Instagram feature Nametag and first find out how you can set up your Nametag.


Update the Application


Anytime Instagram presents a new feature and you can’t find it, the first thing to do is to update the application. Go to the Play Market or App Store (depends on your device), tap Instagram and update the application manually. Once updated, you are sure to have an access to the latest features including the Nametags.


Go to Your Profile


To get an access to the new Nametag feature, go to the top bar of your profile where you can find such icons as the options list, the archive button and the option to find new followers. Particularly here you’ll detect a new icon via a little square framed around the outside. It’s worth to mention that the Nametag can be changed as many times as you wish and how often you wish. Hence, you needn’t worry the first try is not perfect. Practice, develop and you’ll have the Nametag that perfectly meets your expectations.


Choose a Style


After opening the new Nametag feature, the first thing that you will notice is that you can customize it and change the styles for an impressive final look. These are the three basic style options to make a selection:


  • A colorful background like those offered in Stories;
  • A selfie with a variety of stickers offered (for this tap on the glasses);
  • A tiled emoji background (only one emoji can be picked up).


The style of the Nametag can be changed whenever you need. For instance, if you are planning to go out in a red dress, you can set a respective emoji that day. Yet, on the other hand, if you are owning a business profile and plan to use your Nametag on posters, visit card, flyers, or other promotional materials, you’d better keep the Nametag consistent.


Growing Insta Followers with Nametag


Instagram Nametag feature was created with a purpose to make it easier for users to gain followers especially if they have long usernames you don’t feel like typing. For this, you can share your Insta Nametag on other social networks. For example, you can share it on your Facebook business profile, Facebook group, on LikedIn. Or you can print your Nametag on your store’s posters, on business cards or posters for pop-up events.

Involve this new feature in your Instagram marketing strategy and you will soon see the benefits.  

New Instagram Feature: Muting Posts

New Instagram Feature: Muting Posts

Do you remember what a boom it was when Instagram first introduced the feature of muting Stories last year? Undoubtedly, it’s a real advantage for all users. Yet it was not enough. People were eager to learn when a similar feature would be offered for ordinary posts. And especially for you, we are glad to inform that Instagram officially declared about testing the new “mute in feed” feature on the 22nd of May. According to the announcement, this new feature allows a user to mute posts from those Instagram accounts which you follow yet want not to see any posts. With this feature, you don’t have to unfollow that user.

Surely, you may think this feature is of no special importance. Yet, just imagine what a control over your feed it will bring to you! From now on, you will have a greater power toward the content you see in your feed and this is definitely a growing trend in 2018.

So, as you have certainly guessed, InstaBF is going to speak more about this new feature in this post. But before that, let’s review what an advantageous offer InstaBF has for you and other Instagram users. From now on, you can order as many Instagram likes, comments, views and new followers with HQ profiles as you may need for increasing your Instagram engagement. Your order will be implemented in a timely and affordable manner.

And now, let’s have a deeper look at the new “mute in feed” feature.

What the New Feature Will Bring

Perhaps, everyone on Instagram has at least a couple of accounts that “litter” the feed with photos and videos that one has absolutely no intention to see every day. These might be accounts of old acquaintances, some colleagues or schoolmates you just greet and pass, etc. And this ability to hide a user’s posts from your feed without actually unfollowing them is something users have long been requesting. As an answer to all these requests, the social network announced launching yet the trial version of this feature early in the morning a couple of days ago. By muting the posts of a certain user, you still receive notifications whenever you are tagged in comments or posts of that person. Additionally, that user can never find out if you have muted his/her posts. And once you decide to “bring back” that user’s posts to your feed, there is an option of unmuting the account. Impressive, isn’t it?

How to Mute Users’ Posts

Actually, to mute an Instagram user’s posts is as easy as ABC. For this, first, click on the ellipses button (…) located in the right top corner of a random post of the user you want to mute. If Instagram has already “gifted” you with the new option, you will find it here under the name “Mute”. Pressing it, you will be offered to either mute only the posts or both the posts and stories from that account. The same can be done from directly the profile or by holding on a story in your tray.

So, if you are striving to have your Instagram feed personalized a bit more so that it includes only posts that really matter to you, this new feature is sure to please you.