A true Instagram fan never gets enough of this application and is always eager to see something new from the developers. Especially for such faithful Instagrammers, InstaBF, a popular IG and IGTV provider, is going to present some exciting features coming soon to Instagram. All about them was announced at the Facebook Developer Conference #F82019. So, here we go:



A Brand New Camera for Stories


Stories form perhaps the most popular feature of Instagram. And it’s not a surprise that one of the most important new features is designed for Stories. This is “Create Mode” – the new camera mode. It is going to have a semicircular mode switcher due to which we can find the necessary tool easier. Swiping right, you find various shooting options (Superzoom, Boomerang, Rewind) while swiping left, you get access to Stories’ creative tools such as GIFs, stickers, text, etc.

Additionally, the new Creative Mode will let you create a Story without having to upload a photo or video first. It’s especially convenient for those who want to share a text-based story or a poll.



Donation Sticker for Stories


If you believe charities must be organized more often this new feature will please you. The donation sticker for Stories is designed to help people collect money for nonprofits. To make use of it, tap the sticker icon after uploading or taking a photo for an Instagram Story. Afterward, choose the nonprofit organization from the provided list. The creative tools of IG will help you customize your fundraiser. After the donation goes live, you can view the entire sum of money raised by swiping up on the story. Instagram guarantees that 100% of the raised money will go to the supported organization.



Creator Profiles


Currently, there are two profile options on Instagram – personal and business. However, soon there will be a third one – creator profile. Owners of creator profiles will have access to a number of in-depth analytics and exclusive features. The major advantage of a creator profile over a business one is the access to Creator Studio on desktop. It has a series of analytics metrics (demographic information, the data whether the audience is online, engagement statistics). Besides this, Instagrammers will be able to view follow/unfollow data, thus influencers can see particularly which content works better.

Other advantages of creator profiles include more DM filtering options, the opportunity to designate the preferred contact method.

Anyway, there are also some downsides to mind. For instance, an Instagram creator profile isn’t connected to the API. Accordingly, an Instagrammer owning a creator profile can’t use any third-party analytics tool or schedule posts automatically. Besides, this new profile will be available only for those Instagram influencers who have got a specific account standing.



Instagram Influencers Tagging Products


If before only brands could tag products, now Instagram influencers will be able to tag any clothing they’re wearing. This way Instagrammers can buy those articles even without leaving the application. Very soon, artists, public figures, publishers, athletes will be able to tag products they use on images posted.