Instagram seems to never sleep, always busy introducing innovations to its one billion monthly active users. This time it’s the turn of Instagram Nametag. This brand new feature by our favorite social media was created to make it much easier for its users to promote themselves and attract new followers in a more public setting. Briefly to say, you no longer need typing long usernames. Are you already interested? If yes, keep on reading this article and InstaBF will explain how you can set up your own Nametag and grow followers with this new feature. Before that, get acquainted with what InstaBF has to offer you and all its customers. Here you can order likes, comments, followers and views for both your Instagram and IGTV accounts on an affordable basis. InstaBF gives you a real chance to raise your Instagram engagement in the quickest way.


Setting Up a Nametag


So, now when you are already aware of the benefits of applying to InstaBF, we can go on with our new Instagram feature Nametag and first find out how you can set up your Nametag.


Update the Application


Anytime Instagram presents a new feature and you can’t find it, the first thing to do is to update the application. Go to the Play Market or App Store (depends on your device), tap Instagram and update the application manually. Once updated, you are sure to have an access to the latest features including the Nametags.


Go to Your Profile


To get an access to the new Nametag feature, go to the top bar of your profile where you can find such icons as the options list, the archive button and the option to find new followers. Particularly here you’ll detect a new icon via a little square framed around the outside. It’s worth to mention that the Nametag can be changed as many times as you wish and how often you wish. Hence, you needn’t worry the first try is not perfect. Practice, develop and you’ll have the Nametag that perfectly meets your expectations.


Choose a Style


After opening the new Nametag feature, the first thing that you will notice is that you can customize it and change the styles for an impressive final look. These are the three basic style options to make a selection:


  • A colorful background like those offered in Stories;
  • A selfie with a variety of stickers offered (for this tap on the glasses);
  • A tiled emoji background (only one emoji can be picked up).


The style of the Nametag can be changed whenever you need. For instance, if you are planning to go out in a red dress, you can set a respective emoji that day. Yet, on the other hand, if you are owning a business profile and plan to use your Nametag on posters, visit card, flyers, or other promotional materials, you’d better keep the Nametag consistent.


Growing Insta Followers with Nametag


Instagram Nametag feature was created with a purpose to make it easier for users to gain followers especially if they have long usernames you don’t feel like typing. For this, you can share your Insta Nametag on other social networks. For example, you can share it on your Facebook business profile, Facebook group, on LikedIn. Or you can print your Nametag on your store’s posters, on business cards or posters for pop-up events.

Involve this new feature in your Instagram marketing strategy and you will soon see the benefits.