Instagram is trying to keep up with its popularity constantly offering the clients new features. These features come frequently with regular updates allowing user to use the platform in a better and more convenient way. It also provides enormous support to be competitive on the market and attract new users. Individuals always want something new that encourages them to use the network and share their content in much more convenient way. Some of the update features were released not a long time ago and already have gain lots of people’s popularity. Here we will have a look at some of these features.

Instagram gallery updates

A few months ago Instagram introduced new feature that allowed users to publish multiple photo and video in a single post. Before this update all the content must have been published in a square format. Multiple images can now be posted in a single format and it includes both the portrait and landscape images. It is applicable for both photo and also video.

This update could not be described as a massive one but it certainly gives users a lot of flexibility and an opportunity for creativity. In the past, people could not do it as on many occasions they could face a problem when a set of images needed to be posted and it was only suitable and applicable for landscape view. Hence, it must have been posted separately. Now the new update would allow greater opportunity.

Instagram engagement now could be monitored via Facebook

On many occasion in the past it is much easier to get to a social network such as Facebook to monitor what is going on and communicate to your friends there. Thanks to the most recent update Instagram engagement could be done directly from personal Facebook page. Both platforms can now communicate easily with each other and allow users to monitor what is going on both of them. It makes usage much more convenient and simple to handle.

Most of people use both Facebook and Instagram. Once something is going on Instagram page when someone is making a comment or like your content, clients immediately notified of that on Facebook. It is certainly a very attractive feature as many people at work or at home stay on Facebook for the most of the times. Engaging to comments and review what is going on from a fb profile is very convenient.

New features

These features making the use of Instagram even more popular. It allows users to experience a new way of how to use this wonderful platform. Indeed, making your Instagram page popular is not easy as individuals will need substantial amount of subscribers and received like on constant basis. This problem could be solved with ease as we now have InstaBF service where Instagram users can purchase the needed amount of likes, followers, views and comments below the content that has been posted. It explores plenty of new possibilities for Instagram users attracting potential advertisers or third parties that will require your posts promoting them. New features will allow you to publish better content and whilst on Facebook never miss a profitable deal from third parties and this is all thanks to InstaBF. We will help you to promote the account and be ahead of the others in terms of profit making.