As we have learned from the previous post about Instagram Pods, these are effective means of increasing your Instagram engagement unless you use them properly. Now, let’s find out whether they are as safe as efficient, and how to create a really good Insta Pod to join.

Are Instagram Pods Safe to Use?

Undoubtedly, with the new algorithms of Instagram and Shadowbans, one is feared to undertake any new step. And if you are concerned whether joining a certain Pod may cause you problems, right now we shall offer you a way to avoid them.

If you have joined only one Pod and don’t show any activity beyond the Pod’s borders, this may trigger a red flag on Instagram. The service may consider you a bot and freeze your activities on the social network. Therefore, it’s advisable to join at least several Engagement Groups and interact with others on a regular basis, as well.

Additionally, for a safe use of Instagram Pods, the service encourages its users to stay away from groups with 1, 000+ members created on Telegram.

Creating Successful Instagram Pods

It’s crucial to be strategic when building up an Instagram Pod. And if you intend to build a thriving and strong Pod that will improve your and your Pod’s members’ engagement, stick to the several advice pieces we offer here:

  1. Choose only active members. You can find this out by checking the activity of their accounts.
  2. Choose only those members which have audiences similar to yours.
  3. Choose members living in the same or near time zones.
  4. Include all the members in the Pod to a DM group on Instagram. For this, find the “house” icon and click it. Then find the “plane” icon, then tap the “plus” icon to the right top. After this, you can already mention all your members’ names you want to include in the group.
  5. Make sure you have sent a welcome message to each of your Pod’s members with accurate guidelines. Don’t forget to state all the rules of your Pod including how many posts must be shared per day, how many photos should be liked and commented, etc.
  6. Keep track of your members’ activity in the Pod. If you find any member gets the shares and comments he/she needs but doesn’t respond appropriately, you can ask him/her to leave the group.
  7. Overestimate the effectiveness of your Instagram Pod on a daily basis. Once you have an inactive member or someone leaves the group, be alert to substitute them with new members.

An Instagram Pod is really a helpful tool for increasing the engagement of your Instagram account. And whether you create your own Pod and invite others, or intend to join an already existing Engagement group, it’s important to do it not for spamming your photos and getting extra likes, but for meeting new like-minded individuals. Work as one unit.

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