Instagram collections are quite useful tools. Surely, their fame can’t be compared with that of Instagram Stories, yet they might appear of great use if you at least consider them. These collections may of great assistance for those who want or keep track of some important posts and have the opportunity to view them any time they wish.

At first, Instagram collections were called just “saved posts”. Later they were expanded and turned into collections (also named Pinterest-like boards). Here users can save user-generated content, recipes, tutorials, etc. and have all of them neatly organized. Actually, saving an Instagram post is quite a straightforward task. By tapping the “bookmark” under the post, you will have it added to your collection. You can later view it by passing to the “bookmark” located right above your feed.

So, if you are now reading this post on InstaBF’s blog, you are probably interested in the best ways of using Instagram collections. Let’s get started.

Managing UGC

Are you planning to create a company by using UGC? Instagram will help you a lot. A marvelous Insta feed can be organized particularly with user-generated content. And where should you find relevant content? Surely in the wild and save engaging posts in your Instagram collection. This will make all a way easier. Make use of this fabulous solution when reposting something interesting and not wishing to cease your feed browsing.

So, with the help of Instagram collection, you are going to easily save every captivating post your stumble upon to make your user-generated content stunning!

Keeping an Eye on Competitors

Are you in a competitive niche? If yes, then you must definitely be spying on your competitors on Instagram from time to time. This is a natural thing and Instagram’s collection tool is going to assist you. The great thing here is that no one except you has an access to your collection. Hence, none of your competitors will ever know you are scouting around what they are up to. Using this tool, you may save their products’ lines, their captions, and even the hashtags they have used. All this information can be used later as an inspiration, for predictions and any other purpose. By the way, Instagram has made it possible to create a separate collection for each competitor you have.

Founding Digital Moodboard

Everyone in this life needs something to get inspired from and keep moving on. Instagram suggests creating your own digital moodboard via a collection filled with whatever inspires you. If you come across a photo that makes you feel warmer, an image that energizes you, or a quote that motivates you, you can save it in your collection to view again whenever you feel down.

Instagram collections may really be very helpful if used properly and purposely

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