Instagram Ads vs Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads vs Facebook Ads

One of the most efficient ways of gaining advanced audience targeting options, as well as trustworthy conversion tracking is making use of social media advertisements. Despite the fact that Facebook is the oldest media market with the biggest number of users, Instagram is a fresher and more modern platform, which offers far not worse conditions. And if you have business accounts on both platforms, you’d better make use of both in your ad campaigns. But once you have a limited ad budget, you have to limit your actions and think even more wisely. So, you should find out which platform can bring you the most revenue and only then invest in the campaign. To identify which platform is better for you, three major objectives are to be taken into consideration:

  • Engagement
  • Reach
  • Demographics


InstaBF, your true IG and IGTV provider, is going to address each point separately.





Did you know that over 70% of businesses worldwide have accounts on Instagram?! And this number increases rapidly promising to reach even higher numbers in the upcoming year. The reason for such a flocking is engagement. Over 80% of all Instagram users follow at least one brand, visit their websites through Instagram, contact them and even make purchases through this service. This statistic makes Instagram a great platform for running business ad campaigns.

Facebook engagement received from organic posts, meanwhile, change drastically yet the ad opportunities here are multiple, too.





The number of monthly active users on Instagram reaches up to one billion! This number definitely makes the social platform a perfect place for brand promotion. Besides, the organic reach of Instagram is impressively strong. There are certain features, such as “Suggestions for You” section, for instance, that significantly raise Instagram’s popularity and convenience of use.

What concerns Facebook, this oldest social platform has even a bigger number of active monthly users reaching up to 2 billion! Hence, if your primary purpose is the reach to target customers, Facebook might score higher than Instagram.





According to the statistics presented by Pew Research, the greatest part of Instagram users are females. Over 30% of women and around 24% of men use this social media on a daily basis. Besides, Gram is especially popular among young adults between 18 and 29. The number of Insta users on the background of total Internet users is 55%. Therefore, if your brand is targeted mostly at the youth, running an ad campaign particularly on Instagram is the right decision.

According to the same study conducted by Pew Research, Facebook is mostly chosen by adult users. In fact, around 80% of Internet adult users between 30 and 50 have accounts on Facebook. Like in the case of Gram, Facebook has more feminine users than male ones.


So, before investing in an ad campaign, it’s important to determine your brand’s primary goals and expectations. Facebook and Instagram each offer users unique benefits and features. And the right social media for running ad campaigns will be that which suite your brand’s requirements the most.

5 Instagram Updates Revealed at F8 Facebook Conference

5 Instagram Updates Revealed at F8 Facebook Conference

A few days ago, the popular annual Facebook F8 conference took place. During the two fantastic days of social media knowledge, a bunch of really exiting Instagram updates for the whole 2018 year were revealed. We bet you wonder which those updates are and how you can benefit from them. Not willing to make you wait long, InstaBF is ready to speak about each of the five updates right now. Yet, before that, let us remind all those Insta users who don’t succeed in getting the desired number of likes, comments, and followers for any reason, that InstaBF is one of the most reliable and responsibly working Instagram providers on the market! A single order is enough to raise your Instagram engagement impressively!

1. The New Insta Explore Page

Since June 2015, Instagram’s Search and Explore page has undergone really impressive changes. This year, however, promises to bring the biggest alternations that were announced at F8. It’s not new that Instagram shows its users the famous posts they are likely to be interested in the most based on what they usually watch. But from this year on, there will be also a chance to explore posts by interests through the feature “channels”. The latter makes the suggested content thoroughly tailored to your preferences, rather than leaving the choice to only Instagram’s presumption.

Anyway, Instagram users will have to wait for an uncertain time period to get such a control over the content they see, as the social media hasn’t yet declared the date for the new “channels” feature release. Well, at least we know it will be available this year!

2. Group Video Chat

Making video calls makes people feel closer to each other when it’s not possible to do it physically. Taking the popularity of this feature into consideration, Marc Zuckerberg announced about incorporating Video Chat into Instagram this year. With its help, two and more Insta users will be able to connect each other privately. As it became obvious through the demo version, users will find a new camera icon on the private DMs tapping which they will connect that particular user. Besides, it will be possible to minimize the chat window to scroll through the platform while chatting. This new feature is said to appear during the upcoming few weeks.

3. AR Camera Effects for Stories Face Filters

As it became known during the F8 conference, making and sharing your own filters especially for Insta Stories will soon be possible both for ordinary users and brands. These AR camera filters new to Instagram are to go viral, as, to use them, you have to see a friend, an influencer or a brand using it. This new feature will, by the way, open opportunities for users to try Kylie Cosmetics lip kits within their Insta Stories. Funny, right?

4. New Song Sharing Tools for Instagram Stories

Up till now, if you want to make a song as your Instagram story, you have to simply post a screenshot without the opportunity to have it play. The new “Sharing to Stories” feature will give a solution to that problem. As it was announced, once you listen and like a song in Spotify, you can share it through your Instagram Stories by simply clicking the new “share” button in the application. This way the song will appear a sticker, which is actually a deep link to that song in Spotify.

5. Filtering Out Bullying Comments

And the last announcement made about Instagram at F8 conference refers to automatically filtering bullying comments. The new feature based on machine learning identifies bullying language and removes the comments automatically instantly after it’s posted. This “bullying language” includes words and expressions that contain attacks on users’ character or appearance, threats, and insults.

Instagram vs Facebook

Instagram vs Facebook

Social media platform has made a huge step to our life and has become a significant part of it. Instagram and Facebook are two giants of this field and the competition between them is as active as never before. Perhaps the reason for this is the tremendous steps Instagram makes toward the pick of popularity. And today is the day of revealing particularly which features differentiate Facebook from Instagram. InstaBF has organized a Facebook VS Instagram battle and welcomes you as a spectator!

Number of Users

Taking into consideration the fact that Facebook is much older than Instagram, it isn’t surprising that FB has more followers than Insta.


If Instagram is more catered to the youth and celebrities, FB is equally used by all ages. Instagram has perhaps all features that attract kids and youngster people. Hence, if you plan to advertise certain products on either of this social platforms, base it on these demographics.


When the matter concerns privacy, Facebook offers a wider range of privacy features. It allows regulating the privacy of every post, activity, and status you make. Instagram, meanwhile, only offers either private or public account versions.

Algorithm Techniques

As far as you are interested in the comparison of Facebook’s and Instagram’s algorithm techniques, the pros go to Instagram. Even though Facebook gives better techniques for text contents, Instagram is a lot more efficient with photo/video content. Besides, the quantity of advertisements on Facebook has gone too far irritating. So, the content of Instagram posts is more approachable for users than that of Facebook.


The interface of Facebook is much more complicated than that of Instagram. With its too many features, FB causes great confusion within new users, which can’t be said about the users of Instagram. Here everything is simpler. Though it may seem a bit messy at the first sight, users easily get used to Insta’s interface.

Adv Platform

Both Facebook and Instagram are fantastic platforms for advertising products. Depending on the advertisement type you want to set, you can choose either of them. If FB provides much space for content ads, Instagram is catered to attracting customers from the first sight with the help of commercial photos and short videos. Ads here are quick and brief, hence enchant visitors abruptly.

Compatible Devices

Instagram is an application compatible only with tablets and mobile devices. Facebook, meanwhile offers all the variants together. However, Windows 10 makes it possible to get the desktop version of Insta from Google Apps.

Integrating Other Accounts

Do you have many social accounts and want to link them to each other? Well, quite not a bad idea unless you are using only Facebook. The latter doesn’t give you such a chance. Instagram, meanwhile, is open for integrations. Being an Insta user, you can link your Google Drive, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Dropbox accounts.

So, both Facebook and Instagram are convenient and interesting social networks. Yet, Instagram is the sound of the youth and the future! It keeps developing and spreading its popularity in the world with a rapid speed. If you are an Instagram user, InstaBF has a special offer for you. We can provide you with as many likes, followers, and comments as you may need for increasing your Insta engagement. We promise you won’t regret!

Setting a Business Profile on Instagram

Setting a Business Profile on Instagram

Business profile on Instagram has a number of advantages in comparison to personal profiles, chiefly when the matter concerns businesses. Confirming to the statistics, around fifteen million business profiles were set last year! This profile type allows businesses not only look more professional but also get analytic about their posts and followers, add active links to their stories, as well as promote advertisements via posts. And if you too are considering to switch to a business profile yet don’t know how to, InstaBF is going to unveil this right away! Composed of three steps, this is not so complicated task. Here are them:

Step 1: Creating a Facebook Page

The first step you need to undertake to turn your Insta profile from personal to business is making a Facebook page. For this, go to your Facebook account and click on the “Create Page”. The latter can be found in the drop-down menu. Afterward, you will be required to select the business category. Here we have four options to choose from according to your business type. Select proper photos for your Facebook cover and profile. After you have implemented all the actions described here, it’s time to pass to the next step.

Step 2: Linking Facebook to Instagram

Log to your Insta account and head to the profile page. In the top corner to the right of the page, you will get the “gear”. Click on it to get an access to the settings. Then, get the “Switch to Business Profile” and press it to proceed to your Facebook page. Remember that your Instagram account should necessarily be switched to Public. Make sure it’s not Private.

Look into your settings menu and find out whether you are stated as admin. If not, switch it. Only this way your Facebook page will appear as an option when tapping “Continue As”. Once you find your Facebook Page and choose it, go to “Next”.

Step 3: Setting Business Profile

Now, when you are in the final stage of turning your Insta personal account to a business one, you’ll be required to add your contact data. This involves telephone number, email, and address. This info is requested so that customers can easily get in touch with you. Once you are sure you stated accurate information, click on “Done” and enjoy the opportunities that only Instagram business profile can supply you. You wonder which? Let’s find out together!

Features of Business Profile

The business profile gives users a ton of advanced features that can all be very beneficial to businesses. The major features, however, are Instagram Insights, ads, promoted posts, contact button, active links added to Instagram stories. The latter, however, is possible only in case you have 10 000+ followers. Remember that if you still don’t have that 10 000+ followers to make use of this feature, InstaBF offers the best solution – get them right here and right now! InstaBF offers different packages of Instagram likes, comments, and followers catered to our clients’ needs. All these accounts are real-looking ones with active engagements.

With the help of business profile features, a business can grow the list of emails, drive huge traffic, and sell more products or services it offers. So, as long as businesses are not obliged to pay to have their posts delivered to their audience as sponsored posts on Instagram like they do on Facebook, the business profile is all-way advantageous!

Newest Instagram Features

Newest Instagram Features

Instagram is trying to keep up with its popularity constantly offering the clients new features. These features come frequently with regular updates allowing user to use the platform in a better and more convenient way. It also provides enormous support to be competitive on the market and attract new users. Individuals always want something new that encourages them to use the network and share their content in much more convenient way. Some of the update features were released not a long time ago and already have gain lots of people’s popularity. Here we will have a look at some of these features.

Instagram gallery updates

A few months ago Instagram introduced new feature that allowed users to publish multiple photo and video in a single post. Before this update all the content must have been published in a square format. Multiple images can now be posted in a single format and it includes both the portrait and landscape images. It is applicable for both photo and also video.

This update could not be described as a massive one but it certainly gives users a lot of flexibility and an opportunity for creativity. In the past, people could not do it as on many occasions they could face a problem when a set of images needed to be posted and it was only suitable and applicable for landscape view. Hence, it must have been posted separately. Now the new update would allow greater opportunity.

Instagram engagement now could be monitored via Facebook

On many occasion in the past it is much easier to get to a social network such as Facebook to monitor what is going on and communicate to your friends there. Thanks to the most recent update Instagram engagement could be done directly from personal Facebook page. Both platforms can now communicate easily with each other and allow users to monitor what is going on both of them. It makes usage much more convenient and simple to handle.

Most of people use both Facebook and Instagram. Once something is going on Instagram page when someone is making a comment or like your content, clients immediately notified of that on Facebook. It is certainly a very attractive feature as many people at work or at home stay on Facebook for the most of the times. Engaging to comments and review what is going on from a fb profile is very convenient.

New features

These features making the use of Instagram even more popular. It allows users to experience a new way of how to use this wonderful platform. Indeed, making your Instagram page popular is not easy as individuals will need substantial amount of subscribers and received like on constant basis. This problem could be solved with ease as we now have InstaBF service where Instagram users can purchase the needed amount of likes, followers, views and comments below the content that has been posted. It explores plenty of new possibilities for Instagram users attracting potential advertisers or third parties that will require your posts promoting them. New features will allow you to publish better content and whilst on Facebook never miss a profitable deal from third parties and this is all thanks to InstaBF. We will help you to promote the account and be ahead of the others in terms of profit making.