Social media platform has made a huge step to our life and has become a significant part of it. Instagram and Facebook are two giants of this field and the competition between them is as active as never before. Perhaps the reason for this is the tremendous steps Instagram makes toward the pick of popularity. And today is the day of revealing particularly which features differentiate Facebook from Instagram. InstaBF has organized a Facebook VS Instagram battle and welcomes you as a spectator!

Number of Users

Taking into consideration the fact that Facebook is much older than Instagram, it isn’t surprising that FB has more followers than Insta.


If Instagram is more catered to the youth and celebrities, FB is equally used by all ages. Instagram has perhaps all features that attract kids and youngster people. Hence, if you plan to advertise certain products on either of this social platforms, base it on these demographics.


When the matter concerns privacy, Facebook offers a wider range of privacy features. It allows regulating the privacy of every post, activity, and status you make. Instagram, meanwhile, only offers either private or public account versions.

Algorithm Techniques

As far as you are interested in the comparison of Facebook’s and Instagram’s algorithm techniques, the pros go to Instagram. Even though Facebook gives better techniques for text contents, Instagram is a lot more efficient with photo/video content. Besides, the quantity of advertisements on Facebook has gone too far irritating. So, the content of Instagram posts is more approachable for users than that of Facebook.


The interface of Facebook is much more complicated than that of Instagram. With its too many features, FB causes great confusion within new users, which can’t be said about the users of Instagram. Here everything is simpler. Though it may seem a bit messy at the first sight, users easily get used to Insta’s interface.

Adv Platform

Both Facebook and Instagram are fantastic platforms for advertising products. Depending on the advertisement type you want to set, you can choose either of them. If FB provides much space for content ads, Instagram is catered to attracting customers from the first sight with the help of commercial photos and short videos. Ads here are quick and brief, hence enchant visitors abruptly.

Compatible Devices

Instagram is an application compatible only with tablets and mobile devices. Facebook, meanwhile offers all the variants together. However, Windows 10 makes it possible to get the desktop version of Insta from Google Apps.

Integrating Other Accounts

Do you have many social accounts and want to link them to each other? Well, quite not a bad idea unless you are using only Facebook. The latter doesn’t give you such a chance. Instagram, meanwhile, is open for integrations. Being an Insta user, you can link your Google Drive, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Dropbox accounts.

So, both Facebook and Instagram are convenient and interesting social networks. Yet, Instagram is the sound of the youth and the future! It keeps developing and spreading its popularity in the world with a rapid speed. If you are an Instagram user, InstaBF has a special offer for you. We can provide you with as many likes, followers, and comments as you may need for increasing your Insta engagement. We promise you won’t regret!