The phenomenon of Instagram

The phenomenon of Instagram

Nowadays everyone knows what Instagram is, there are millions of users. What attracts all of them? What makes Instagram so popular all over the world? InstaBF knows answer to these questions and we are going to tell you about it in a bit. If you are interested – stay tuned!

Online attention and approval on Instagram

All of us like attention and approval: we are born in society, raised by people and communicate with other people. It is something that unites all people in the world, because it is common for everyone. Nobody likes to be isolated for a long time, it is not natural for us. Everyone seeks approval from others, because this is how you learn that you are doing right, besides, it can keep you motivated to continue doing your thing no matter what it is.

The phenomenon of Instagram is rather simple ­­– with a like, a new follower or comments we get online approval that makes us feel better, even happier. Moreover, whereas being praised by parents and friends has become an ordinary thing, which isn’t always objective, a rewarding like from a stranger can give a bigger boost to one’s confidence.

What else you can find on Instagram

Of course, for some people likes and followers are not a priority. They just want to follow their friends and see what is going on in their lives. Others consider their Instagram pages to be some kind of electronic photo album, where they can post different moments of their lives and share them with other people at the same time.

However, there is something absolutely different from personal accounts on Instagram, and namely Instagram accounts for business purposes. Here we don’t speak about inner urge to get approval from people (however it may take place), but about goals and aims of brand development as well as raising money and marketing. It can be fun to read it, but once again, all those things are tightly connected with likes, followers and comments on Instagram, and we can even say that the prosperity of your Instagram account depends on them.

Likes, followers and comments

Likes, followers and comments are three pillars on which the phenomenon of Instagram is built. Likes stand for approval from people, followers show us that people are interested in the account and what this account represents (it can be one’s job, personality, business etc.), and comments are a way of interaction between users. All things considered one can say that the idea of Instagram is simple and this is what makes this social network so successful.

InstaBF and Instagram

After reading this article you may have an idea of how powerful the phenomenon of Instagram is. Depending on your own aspirations and ambitions you can always rely on our service. We work with both small and big accounts and help them to achieve their goals.

How to go viral on Instagram

How to go viral on Instagram

Instagram Fame is one of the most desirable things for Internet users. An enormous amount of books, webinars, blogs and many more are dedicated to Instagram promotion. The virus effect is characterized by the instant sharing of information. Step by step, account becomes famous. You can achieve that for free or by paying for followers, likes and views.

Instagram promotion for free

We wrote a lot about this topic. Free promotion implies different activities: you should know something about marketing, communication rules and business strategies of promotion on the Internet.

According to users, the fastest way to boost up followers and likes is to write hashtags. Try it! Mention the location as people are curious to know it. Your profile mustn’t be confidential — users don’t like to wait, all of them want to see the content instantly.

Your Instagram profile should stick to one topic, but viewers like variety. Try to post bright and different pictures, but in the same style.

Catch the moments, show followers how unique you are.

Besides hashtags and location, use special tools (filters, brightness, contrast and so on), that’s how you can make really cool photos even better.

Celebrities are well-promoted people, so learn from them, analyze their strategy, observe what they post and how often.

Live full life and then you won’t have a problem making cool pictures for your profile. Visit sensational events, take pictures of intriguing details, show the other side of your personal life, and it would also be great if you take a photo of someone well-known and hashtag this celebrity’s name, it’ll draw a lot of attention.

After people have subscribed for you, all you have to do is communicate with them and post something interesting because you have received real people, but not numbers. It is pleasant to people when you are pleasant to them!

Buying followers, likes and views

InstaBF offers you an opportunity to promote your account regularly and qualitatively. Buying followers and likes allows you to create a certain image. You can buy high-quality product at acceptable prices. It’ll also help you to save time and establish a reputation. You will be able to save a lot of energy, while the result will be striking!

To sum up, we can just say that having good content is the main rule to attract followers, even if you buy them. Qualitative stylish photos create fashionable image. Add buying followers, likes and views and you already have a successful account. Then you can move toward starting your own business and creating a business account. See InstaBF blog to read more about this.

Tips for how to become Insta popular

Tips for how to become Insta popular

Instagram popularity consists of likes, followers, views and comments. It’s the main goal of bloggers and brands. If you’ve just signed in and you’re craving Insta popularity, you should learn some tips how to make your account famous in a short period of time.


The first step is to create catchy and easy name. Think about yourself and choose Instagram name, which would be reflect your personality to make followers recognize you immediately. Then, upload an artful profile photo, choose a theme according to your interests.


What’s the next? How to make Instagram content noticeable? First of all, photos and videos must be artful and creative. Try to pick up something interesting and qualitative and then use Instagram filters to create artful and aesthetic material, don’t forget to choose the best photo to attract followers. Also you can try the technology of storytelling — Instagram is a great tool to show you bright lifestory. One more important element is to write hashtags.


So, you’ve produced high-quality content, but you still haven’t the desirable amount of likes and followers. Don’t get fret. The most effective way to save time, get noticed and acquire social standing is to buy Instagram followers, because to get new followers you need followers from the start. Thus, if you don’t want to buy them, you’re putting everything on the line — your idea will got out of fashion and you’ll never lure new people.