Instagram seems to be everywhere touching every sphere possible including culinary. You will agree if we say that every day you can see a new photo or video of a delicious-looking croissant, an extraordinary freak-shake, a healthy salad offered by diverse cafes or restaurants appear on your feed. Nearly all of them are colorful, appetizing and simply amazing. Running a food business nowadays is a harsh business, yet with the help of Instagram, it’s more than possible to stand out in this competition. If you own a food business and want to use this social network for its promotion, follow the few steps described below by InstaBF. This famous provider of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, followers and views can help to make your venue generate a huge buzz online that will lead to people lining up out your door.


Doing a Research

If you are passionate toward your work, you are sure to be eager to run to your kitchen and experiment like a crazy scientist! However, you needn’t hurry as researching prior to getting to work is the halfway towards a success in business. So, it’s better to grab a pen and paper, turn on your PC and start seeking for the trendy dishes and ingredients. It’s so important to understand particularly what can make your cafe popular and what can make people talk about, come to taste and return for more. Briefly saying, you always need to have a current top-selling meal. This can be cocktails, unique ice-creams, hotcakes, milkshakes (freak-shakes are rather popular among the youth). Search down social media platforms, see what influencers like to post, and, of course, track your own sales report.


Brainstorming Some Ideas

What would you add to your menu or how would you upgrade your cafe if you had all the money of the world? Don’t laugh, but write down any sensible idea that comes to your mind. Afterward, call in your entire team starting with baristas and ending with the waiters to ask the same question. Once you notice some common ideas flowing, fix them and start working to implement them as much as possible. Working with visitors directly, sometimes your staff may notice what you can’t and suggest a better idea than you could. Besides, this way your workers will feel more valued and operate as a unit, devoting more energy and passion into creating something they believed would work.


The Wow-Factor

Do you remember how you were eager to take a photo of the meal you were served the other day and post it to your Instagram feed? Particularly that’s the wow-factor! It’s something that makes people like, remember, and speak about immediately. If you are a success in making your meals appear on Instagram by your cafe visitors, a rise in sales is to be expected! So, remember that any dish you prepare and serve is to be photogenic!


Documenting the Entire Process

Have you noticed how artfully fashion brands hint about new clothing lines? What about the buzz that movie trailers create on the web? Use the same technique on your Instagram account to keep your followers engaged. Whenever you are going to introduce something new in your menu, post some well-schemed teasers and sneak peeks of what’s going to be offered to your cafe visitors in the near future. Let your followers-visitors be a part of your cafe’s fairy tale and they’ll love to stay in it further.

Additionally, it will be great to use Story polling feature to find out what your visitors prefer more in your menu.

Posting Photos


Every time you prepare something delicious and beautiful for any visitor, take a photo and upload it to your Insta’s page and tag the visitor who ordered it (if he/she is your follower). Remember that the mere sight of delicious meals stimulates the appetite!