From the hundreds of million registered accounts on Instagram, twenty-five millions belong to diverse brands. This number seems to have started growing as this social platform proved to be a highly “fertile soil” for running a business. It’s a highly active platform where brands have all the chances to build a brand awareness, find and attract target customers, and eventually driver sales. One of the most efficient tools of Instagram business accounts is the Instagram Story. Today InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider, is going to reveal how you can generate leads with this feature of  “all-mighty” Instagram!



The Science Lying Behind Instagram Stories


As the State of Instagram Marketing in 2018 shows, around sixty-four percent of businesses accept Instagram Stories as a powerful means for promoting their businesses. It was proven by Social Media Today that the more posts you make in your stories, the lower the competition rate is. Therefore, for a higher engagement, it’s better to keep the story in a single digit range. How can you profit from the relationships with your story viewers? Remember that Instagram is, first of all, an acquisition channel. It will help you redirect potential customers to your brand’s website. And even though most brands mistakenly think that the user actions can be performed right on the social network, in reality, people prefer to engage with their favorite brands right through their official websites.

So, briefly to say, an Instagram Story is a wonderful channel for generating the initial interest among your customers, yet capitalizing on that very interest is not that easy.



Generating Leads


A good strategic plan is a basis for increasing the engagement. And having a high Instagram engagement rate is beneficial as long as it grows your leads and respectively sales. To increase your Instagram profitable engagement and generate leads with your Gram Stories, it’s crucial to work out a comprehensive strategy. How to do that? Let’s find out all the steps together:


Set up a Target Audience


A precisely-worked out audience persona is the core of a good marketing tactic. How to scheme one, InstaBF has already addressed to. So, if your researches show there are few people on Instagram coinciding with your audience persona, it’s better to drop the idea of generating leads through Instagram Stories. If not, move ahead.


Establish Your Brand’s Website Campaign


Make sure once a visitor is on your website, he is immediately aware what to do. The conversion element is to be ready and waiting for each and every visitor. Here are what your Instagram campaign should convert:


  • A specific landing page;
  • Compelling message;
  • GFPR compliance.


Creating Capturing Instagram Stories


Now, when all the follow-up steps are well established, it’s time to create some awesome Instagram stories. Here you first need to take into account your target audience – the audience persona. Your stories should be fun and entertaining, or interesting and essential particularly to them. Use CTA and clickable links in all your stories, apply to influencer takeovers (especially if you are a new brand to Instagram) we have already talked about in one of our posts, host an Instagram competition or giveaway. Remember that every story should not only represent your brand, but they must also make your customers feel a part of it (well, at least want to become a part of it).


Test, Measure, Improve


The final essential steps in running an effective Instagram campaign are testing, measuring and improving. With this, we mean finding out how many leads your Instagram stories generate for your business. Improve those elements that turned out to be not that effective or which are not so profitable.

So, as you can see, to generate leads and increase your product sales, you have to be both strategic and creative.