Perhaps every girl feels the same jealousy when scrolling through another more famous girl’s Instagram feed filled with super catching photos. Whether it’s an image of a girl basking in the sun on the beach with golden sand or one when she is sipping a fancy freakshake in a cafe, you can’t but start thinking about getting up out of your bed and creating some Instagram-worthy images of your own. Surely, traveling a lot and leading a luxury lifestyle sounds great, but it’s far not realistic in most girls’ lives especially when they are on a college budget. Nevertheless, if you have determined to create some awesome pictures to up your Instagram game, InstaBF is here to support you. First of all, it offers to order as many Instagram likes, comments and followers (also for IGTV accounts) as you may need. Seeing what a huge number of followers keeps an eye on your feed will make other users get attracted. And secondly, InstaBF would like to share some really working tips to help you make your Instagram account look like you have a chic life. So, eyes wide open and pens ready to make notes, we head on:



Photo editing apps

Remember to never post a photo without editing it beforehand. Otherwise, your feed will look untidy and unprofessional. For instance, VSCO Cam is an essential tool in creating some marvelous images for an Instagram account. It features numerous filters with the help of which you can transform a photo. Once you dig in the miraculous world of VSCO features, most probably you will become a fan of photo editing.



Fancy food pictures

Perhaps you have already noticed what great popularity food has on Instagram. You have certainly admired the appetizing looks of the meals pictured, yet can’t be certain in the good taste, can you? Hence, even if you are having a simple breakfast, arrange your plate artistically, place a flower in a glass near it, take a photo and post it on your feed. Become the person you can’t eat a meal without snapping an image for Gram beforehand.



Feet are in

Even if you think your feet aren’t the most photogenic part of your body, Instagram will think otherwise. Such images as you can see above can document all the places you have been in a creative way. Besides, this way the surrounding around doesn’t have to be a world-known destination.

P.S. Make sure your nails are painted or your boots aren’t thorn.



Use Candids for unique images

Duck-lip selfies are already a past. Today pictures showcasing real emotions like laughter, a sincere smile or a dreamy condition will score you higher points. Go for that instead of stereotyped selfies.



Images from the back

Images taken from behind are really stunning. This is a great way to highlight not only your outfit but also where you are. Take the pose that best fits the surrounding: you can throw your hands in the air and your head to the sky, pose as if you are running or take V gesture with your hands.



Use the nature around you

Have you noticed that nature has a magic power of appearing grandiose in any photo even if you don’t? Hence, even if you have no opportunity to head to some remarkable destination, use the local forest, park or even the drops of rain on your window to take some attractive images. Be sure, there is no one who wouldn’t appreciate nature-inspired images.



Set up is a game changer

Who said you can’t take some nice pics right at your place? Just pick up a theme and find respective items around your house. Place the items in a lovely mess on the floor in the bathroom and take the so-popular flatlays! Or you can put on some lovely socks, switch on your laptop, grab a glass of tea and take a photo. Such an image will warm up your followers on winter cold evenings.