Instagram News You Need to Be Aware Of

Instagram News You Need to Be Aware Of

Instagram never sits still. It keeps on upgrading its best tools and working on new ones. What has our favorite social media prepared for us this time? Let’s find out this together with InstaBF – a reliable friend of yours when it comes to Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, followers and views. You can order them at the most profitable prices in the market right away!



New Shop Account Showcasing Brands


In Huffington Post article, it was announced that Instagram has added a new @shop account to showcase small businesses and their owners right ahead of the new Checkout feature. Brands and Instagram small business owners are really happy about all this as they have big chances to be featured. As quick as in 24 hours after the account was launched, it score around 14k followers. You, as a brand owner, have no chance to post on this account, yet it will work for the popularity of your brand undoubtedly.

Here are several crucial points to be aware of:

  • The target audience of the account is female and between 20 and 30;
  • The account’s content manager is Belz Ray, who has worked with such remarkable brands as GQ, Vogue, and W;
  • Images here have bright colors and block backgrounds;
  • Every post includes a quote by the brand owner;
  • The most predictable industries to feature here are home decor, beauty, and fashion.



The New Chat Sticker


Have you ever wished you could chat around an Instagram user’s Story? So have multiple other users and Instagram heard you all. This new sticker is going to make it possible to join a group chat after viewing a Story. This is a definitely powerful tool for accounts in order to:

  • Engage in other account’s group chats so that to connect with different accounts;
  • Create much more interactive communities;
  • Encourage dialogues around your brand’s most important topics.


Agree that this all sounds great! To benefit from this new feature, there are several wonderful ideas. Here are they:

  • Start a controversial topic (this will encourage furious discussions);
  • Join different group chats to find out potential followers;
  • Engage with stories on a group chat so that you get a bigger influence on other accounts.



Appeal Post Takedowns


Instagram has been allowing to filter posts as “spam” or “inappropriate” depending on their content. Now Instagram is adding another option as well. Soon Instagram users will be able to request a review of the content that has been taken down. Accordingly, once your or your customer’s post has been wrongly taken down, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Send an appeal and have the post reviewed by another specialist;
  • Get Instagram’s decision;
  • After the second review, Instagram may restore your post.


Instagram has been combining AI and human reviewers in order to keep our favorite social media fair and safe for its users. And this new filter is perfect proof of that.


These were the several new things we couldn’t miss out and not let you know. Once they become available, use them wisely to the benefit of your brand.

Add a Soundtrack to Your Instagram Story with the New Music Sticker

Add a Soundtrack to Your Instagram Story with the New Music Sticker

This summer is super active and beneficial for the Instagram social network. Not only did the number of active monthly users hit the billion line, but it also introduced a series on innovations to its users. First, we were excited with the launch of IGTV, then Gram added the Video Chat feature in DM, and now we are glad to tell you that it’s already possible to add music to Instagram Stories with the help of the new Music sticker! No longer you are obliged to perform a series of complicated steps so that your Story is enhanced with your beloved soundtrack. Instagram presents thousands of hits and other music to suit your Story’s mood. And today, in the blog of InstaBF – the provider of Instagram and IGTV likes, views, comments and followers, we are going to tell you all the important things you should know about this new feature.


Who Can Enjoy the New Feature

Unfortunately, the new Music sticker is yet not available for all Instagram users. In the press announcement taken place a few days ago, it was stated that only Android and iOS devices from several countries can already use the Music sticker. Which countries? These are the US, the UK, Germany, Australia, Sweden, France and New Zealand. When the feature will expand to other countries is yet not known. However, being a widely used and adored social network nearly all over the world, most likely we shall observe the new Music sticker appear in accounts of all users regardless of the country in the near future.


How You Can Add a Soundtrack to Your Instagram Story


Do you already feel excited to post a Story to your favorite beat? Believe, there are few things simpler than that. Just follow these few steps.

Update or re-download the latest version of the Instagram application. After this, open the camera icon on your account and take a photo or video for an Instagram story. Once done, open the Stickers from the top of the screen and see the new Music sticker option already in its place. Tap it and you will appear in a huge library of songs to choose from. Like in many other players, here you can either browse a song by genre, mood or what’s currently popular or tap in the search and find it. There is also a play button so that you can preview the song before you add it to your Story. Once the song is chosen, you are free to rewind or fast-forward as many times as you wish to find the perfect part for your photo/video. If you wish to add anything else like GIFs or hashtags, do it now and then post your ready story!

Additionally, owners of iOS devices can also pick up the song they want and only then take a photo or video. All that you need for this is to go to the camera in stories and get access to the Music prior to taking a photo. All other steps are the same. It’s all so simple and fan, isn’t it?


What Music Instagram Offers



You might be aware of the recent partnership between Facebook and record labels. Due to it, Instagram’s music library is quite a rich one filled with tracks by such popular artists as Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa, Guns N’Roses, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Kendrick Lamar, and plenty of others.

So, there is definitely more than a few songs proper for any Instagram Story mood!

New Instagram Feature: Muting Posts

New Instagram Feature: Muting Posts

Do you remember what a boom it was when Instagram first introduced the feature of muting Stories last year? Undoubtedly, it’s a real advantage for all users. Yet it was not enough. People were eager to learn when a similar feature would be offered for ordinary posts. And especially for you, we are glad to inform that Instagram officially declared about testing the new “mute in feed” feature on the 22nd of May. According to the announcement, this new feature allows a user to mute posts from those Instagram accounts which you follow yet want not to see any posts. With this feature, you don’t have to unfollow that user.

Surely, you may think this feature is of no special importance. Yet, just imagine what a control over your feed it will bring to you! From now on, you will have a greater power toward the content you see in your feed and this is definitely a growing trend in 2018.

So, as you have certainly guessed, InstaBF is going to speak more about this new feature in this post. But before that, let’s review what an advantageous offer InstaBF has for you and other Instagram users. From now on, you can order as many Instagram likes, comments, views and new followers with HQ profiles as you may need for increasing your Instagram engagement. Your order will be implemented in a timely and affordable manner.

And now, let’s have a deeper look at the new “mute in feed” feature.

What the New Feature Will Bring

Perhaps, everyone on Instagram has at least a couple of accounts that “litter” the feed with photos and videos that one has absolutely no intention to see every day. These might be accounts of old acquaintances, some colleagues or schoolmates you just greet and pass, etc. And this ability to hide a user’s posts from your feed without actually unfollowing them is something users have long been requesting. As an answer to all these requests, the social network announced launching yet the trial version of this feature early in the morning a couple of days ago. By muting the posts of a certain user, you still receive notifications whenever you are tagged in comments or posts of that person. Additionally, that user can never find out if you have muted his/her posts. And once you decide to “bring back” that user’s posts to your feed, there is an option of unmuting the account. Impressive, isn’t it?

How to Mute Users’ Posts

Actually, to mute an Instagram user’s posts is as easy as ABC. For this, first, click on the ellipses button (…) located in the right top corner of a random post of the user you want to mute. If Instagram has already “gifted” you with the new option, you will find it here under the name “Mute”. Pressing it, you will be offered to either mute only the posts or both the posts and stories from that account. The same can be done from directly the profile or by holding on a story in your tray.

So, if you are striving to have your Instagram feed personalized a bit more so that it includes only posts that really matter to you, this new feature is sure to please you.

New Instagram Story Features: Rumors

New Instagram Story Features: Rumors

Are you thrilled about the upcoming new features that Instagram Stories are promised to be supplemented with? Yes, we, too. They do really sound attractive! The brand new features may be of a great benefit not only to ordinary Instagram users but also business profile owners. And if you are still unaware particularly what Story features are likely to be rolled out to Insta users, we have dug out them and are ready to present to your attention. Check them out!

Text-Only “Type” Posts

The first innovation Instagram is testing for its Stories now, is the “Type”. This is a text-only posting option that will be found right by the side of Boomerang, Hands-Free and Live options at the screen bottom. Choosing this option, the user can create a Story by simply typing what he wants (his caption). There will be four font types available each with a respective background color. These are Modern (pink), Typewriter (typewriter machine grey), Strong (black), and Neon (turquoise, purple, green, grey). Once confirmed, the feature is expected to have expanded options of background, font, and customization.

The “Type” feature is sure to bring much personality to Instagram stories. Businesses and brands, meanwhile, will have better conditions for making announcements, share with coupon codes or make special offers.

Reposting Other’s Stories

Another fantastic new feature of Instagram Stories we are most likely to see in the near future is reposting others’ stories you are tagged in. According to the announcement lately made, when making a story and mentioning others in it, you’ll be instantly notified that they will be allowed to repost your Story for up to twenty-four hours.

From the brands’ point of view, this is definitely a beneficial feature. So, mentioning other users and brands in your story, it will be much likely to be reposted by them. This way you will get exposed to even a larger audience.

Screenshot Alerts

Have you always enjoyed the feeling of spying other Instagramers when you screenshot their stories? Well, whether good or bad for you, Instagram is planning to start notifying users when someone screenshots their stories. When you do it for the first time, you get a notification from Instagram with a warning that the next time he/she will be alerted about it. And when you do it for the second time, an alert message will be sent to him/her about you screening a story just made.

Nevertheless, if we think broadly, this can also be used to one’s benefit. For instance, you can track what kind of stories you make are more screenshot by your followers, and optimize them for the future.

Giphy Library Added to Stories

A Giphy integration into Instagram Stories has been tested for around some time. If you have the opportunity to add emojis, hashtags, polls and location stickers to your stories, Instagram wants to make it real to also add gif-like stickers. A wide library of most diverse and captivating Giphy stickers is expected to be added in a while.

So, all these features really excite, yet Instagram has yet spread only rumors about their incorporation into Stories. It’s already definite, that Instagram intends to pay special attention to Stories, and the tests of these features have yet shown good results. Let’s hope we’ll soon see them in use. But before that, you might like hearing about the unique offer InstaBF has for you. Being one of the most reliable services in the industry that provides likes, comments, views, and followers to Instagram users, we are ready to accept orders 24/7. Just contact us whenever convenient for you and be certain that your order will proceed in a timely manner! All the followers your account will obtain are real users with active engagement.

Major Instagram Updates of November 2017

Major Instagram Updates of November 2017

With around seven hundred millions of users in the whole world, Instagram is one of global leading social networks. Surely, facing the same features with no updates during the time may repel them ho matter how much they like the network structure. Therefore, Instagram has adopted the policy of expanding the old features and offering totally new ones every month! November is not an exception, either.
Instagram wants to surprise its users with the updated Story format, and the chance to host split-screen videos on Instagram Live.

Bring the Past to the Present

Instagram introduced the Story format in 2016 and it was high time to make some crucial changes. If users could only post Instagram Stories in real time or at least use the fresh content (not older than 24 hours) from their camera rolls before, now, from November 2017, they get the unique opportunity to bring past to the present! Your old photos saved in the gadget can make your current stories from now on!
The 24-hour limit was definitely constricting and Instagram had to review it. Actually, users are really grateful for this update, as not all of them have constant access to the internet. So now, when you click to add a story with a photo from your camera roll, instead of getting the already-annoying “last 24 hours” phrase, you will see just “camera roll”. Additionally, if you had the photos you could post in your Instagram story displayed horizontally, from now on you will get them aligned vertically. This is sure to immensely facilitate the deal!
When a user will be uploading an old photo or video in his Story, he will get a lovely sticker with the date and time of taking pop up. Undoubtedly, this will add a nostalgic feel to your post. Yet, however, if your intention is to fake spontaneity, you can just drag the sticker to the bin and have a clear post! Thrilling, isn‘t it?
By the way, Instagram made is possible to view stories using the desktop version of the network. From November on, stories will cease to be mobile-only!

Host Friends in Live Version

Are you making a live Instagram broadcasting and want a friend to join? Once you start it, you can see who’s viewing you online. Invite any of them you trust to share your broadcast and have a split-screen broadcast with them. Besides, you can receive and accept requests by those who want to join you. Just make sure it’s worth trusting them in real-time!

Making Your Instagram Account Popular

Would you like to enrich the number of your Instagram followers, comments and likes? The best solution is trusting InstaBF! Make your account more popular and visited, and get profits from it. We shall proceed your order the moment you make the payment. Be certain, your expectations are going to be exceeded!