Instagram never sits still. It keeps on upgrading its best tools and working on new ones. What has our favorite social media prepared for us this time? Let’s find out this together with InstaBF – a reliable friend of yours when it comes to Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, followers and views. You can order them at the most profitable prices in the market right away!



New Shop Account Showcasing Brands


In Huffington Post article, it was announced that Instagram has added a new @shop account to showcase small businesses and their owners right ahead of the new Checkout feature. Brands and Instagram small business owners are really happy about all this as they have big chances to be featured. As quick as in 24 hours after the account was launched, it score around 14k followers. You, as a brand owner, have no chance to post on this account, yet it will work for the popularity of your brand undoubtedly.

Here are several crucial points to be aware of:

  • The target audience of the account is female and between 20 and 30;
  • The account’s content manager is Belz Ray, who has worked with such remarkable brands as GQ, Vogue, and W;
  • Images here have bright colors and block backgrounds;
  • Every post includes a quote by the brand owner;
  • The most predictable industries to feature here are home decor, beauty, and fashion.



The New Chat Sticker


Have you ever wished you could chat around an Instagram user’s Story? So have multiple other users and Instagram heard you all. This new sticker is going to make it possible to join a group chat after viewing a Story. This is a definitely powerful tool for accounts in order to:

  • Engage in other account’s group chats so that to connect with different accounts;
  • Create much more interactive communities;
  • Encourage dialogues around your brand’s most important topics.


Agree that this all sounds great! To benefit from this new feature, there are several wonderful ideas. Here are they:

  • Start a controversial topic (this will encourage furious discussions);
  • Join different group chats to find out potential followers;
  • Engage with stories on a group chat so that you get a bigger influence on other accounts.



Appeal Post Takedowns


Instagram has been allowing to filter posts as “spam” or “inappropriate” depending on their content. Now Instagram is adding another option as well. Soon Instagram users will be able to request a review of the content that has been taken down. Accordingly, once your or your customer’s post has been wrongly taken down, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Send an appeal and have the post reviewed by another specialist;
  • Get Instagram’s decision;
  • After the second review, Instagram may restore your post.


Instagram has been combining AI and human reviewers in order to keep our favorite social media fair and safe for its users. And this new filter is perfect proof of that.


These were the several new things we couldn’t miss out and not let you know. Once they become available, use them wisely to the benefit of your brand.