Getting More Instagram Comments without Appearing Sleazy

Getting More Instagram Comments without Appearing Sleazy

The more positive comments an Instagram user gets, the happier he is! In fact, getting many comments is really beneficial. Getting more comments on this social platform means people are interested in your content and want to interact with you, thus giving you a chance to build valuable social proof. And if you are attracted with the idea of obtaining more comments in a natural way yet without any sleazy and somewhat desperate actions, right now we are going to discuss several effective methods on how you can get IG comments and “save your dignity”. Surely, you can always apply to InstaBF for a “portion” of IG comments, as well as likes, followers and IGTV views. Yet, if you aim to go on a natural way, let’s start the theme!



Choose the Peak Posting Time


Even though Insta’s algorithm no longer shows any content in chronological order, it doesn’t mean you should neglect the importance of picking up the right time for making posts. Knowing when your followers are most active on Gram, you impressively increase your chances of getting their comments. Here, at InstaBF, we have already referred to the topic of how you can find out which your most beneficial posting time is. Hence, even if you can’t be online at those particular hours, you can schedule them by means of third-party applications and auto-post from your publish queue.



Post Content that Will Evoke Responding


There are two types of posts on Instagram: those you watch and pass, and those you can’t but respond. Opt for particularly the latter. Creating posts that Instagram users feel necessary to comment on is a good strategy, real art. As a rule, these are sentimental, emotional, and even provocative. And if you manage to tie it into timely events (holidays, for instance), you will benefit even more. Here are a few examples to get inspired:

  • Ask about your followers’ favorite holiday traditions, memories, etc.
  • Encourage your followers to share their opinion on their dream wedding, first date, etc.
  • Explain why you have involved in certain charities, business, etc. and ask your followers for advice



Make It a Custom to Reply to Comments


It’s highly important to answer the comments you get on your posts. This way you will generate more discussion, i.e. more comments. Besides, even if half of the comments of your post are made by yourself, Instagram insights will show a higher engagement rate.



“Which Is Better” Type of Questions


Another means of generating comments on Instagram is posting “This of That” type of questions. It requires absolutely no efforts on the part of users, which means more participation from their side. It’s definitely a win-win for all parts involved. Giving two different options (mostly via images) to your followers and asking them to choose the best option. No matter whether people will answer with elaborate comments or simply a single word, the number of your comments will increase, so your engagement rate.


So, here were some of the most effective ways of getting more Instagram comments without appearing sleazy. These interactions will be natural and so enthusiastic!

Upgrade Your Instagram Comments to Engage New Followers

Upgrade Your Instagram Comments to Engage New Followers

InstaBF has already talked about the actions necessary to inspire people to leave comments under your posts on Instagram. We sincerely hope they’ve helped you. If not, you can always turn to InstaBF for a new “portion” of comments, followers or likes to increase the engagement rate and awareness of your Instagram account. InstaBF has also started to provide views, comments, and likes for IGTV accounts.

However, today we’re going to turn to such an important matter as leaving quality (well, at least not annoying) comments that can inspire people to follow you.  We’ll tell you how you can upgrade your comments so that they no longer look like left by bots (agree that sometimes they really look such).


Importance of Writing Good Comments


Engaging with the right people, those Instagram users that might get interested in your niche is a true way of growing your Instagram account. Writing really meaningful, funny or attracting comments will in their turn attract new followers to your account. This works as a boomerang – you show sincere interest and get it back almost immediately.

The best and shortest way of finding the target audience to comment and expect the same in return is searching for the most obvious hashtags within your niche. Once you get them, start leaving candid comments.


Upgrading Your Comments

Leaving short comments such as “Awesome image”, or “Amazing look”, as well as simply leaving emojis as comments are no longer trendy. Moreover, people really get annoyed by such a shallow attitude. Besides, these comments look like left by bots, and not real people. Today Gram users expect genuine comments that can show authentic interest in their persona. With this said, it becomes clear that for being appreciated for your comments, you’ll have to spend more time and be a bit more creative. Actually, the key is to write something to stand out from the crowd. How? Here are the key tips by InstaBF:


  • Pick up the photos that have relatively fewer comments. This way your comment (longer than those of others) will automatically stand out;
  • Leave comments under the photos that have been posted very recently. If you can manage to be among the firsts, be sure you’ll win;
  • Comment on the major element in the photo. For instance, “You look so nice under the sunset. It emphasizes the color of your hair”;
  • Ask a question about a major element of the photo in your comment. For example, “Where did you take the photo? The background is really breathtaking!”;
  • Remember to mention other people (your friends who the post may interest) in the comment to show you are ready to spread that post;
  • Interact with other posts. Ask them questions or share with similar opinion related to that post;
  • Like the replies that the poster leaves under other comments, or like other’s comments if you consider them worthy. Two or three likes per post will be enough;


What You Shouldn’t Write in Your Comments


There are also several points to avoid when leaving a comment under an Instagram user’s post. Let’s check them out:


  • Avoid leaving comments composed of two words or only emojis as they are no longer effective. Make sure your comments are one or two sentences long;
  • Do not ever write a comment without reading the caption. Comments based merely on the photo may turn to be absurd if there is a unique caption left (a sad short story, a question, etc.);
  • Do never promote yourself under others’ posts. First, it may be deleted. And secondly, you will lose all chances of getting them to follow you.


And finally, remember to write exceptionally contextual comments that will be relevant to the photo/video you comment on. Only genuine comments will stand out and drive the attention of the poster to your account.

Getting More Comments on Instagram

Getting More Comments on Instagram

Instagram comments are the only two-way interaction means. And they can definitely be very powerful if shown the right approach. And here, on InstaBF’s blog, we are going to reveal all the essential points in making truly effective posts so that one can’t but leave a heart-warming comment! Undoubtedly, InstaBF can assist you greatly by providing as many comments as you need. Just place an order, make the affordable payment and watch a rush of comments to your posts by real users! InstaBF also offers likes, views, and followers. The best conditions are waiting for you right here and right now.

Holding Instagram Contest or Giveaway

A contest or a giveaway is a sure way to gaining a ton of comments. Moreover, this way you can even control the number of comments flowing to your post. The field is wide and there are plenty of contest rules you can use.


Making Too Cute Posts

Really cute posts are hard not to comment. These can be expressed via little babies, adorable pets, or even lovely toys. As a rule, cute posts are made by shops and companies selling goods related to any of the mentioned objects.


Controversial Questioning

Giving a double-whammy question is likely to cause a long discussion with multiple comments even by unknown users. This is also a way to attract new followers. If you ask a question that leads your followers to tell about their friends and tag them, they are most likely to soon join the debate.


A Time for Frankness

If you are an Instagram influencer, who really enjoy sharing their practice and thoughts with followers, why not question your followers why they keep on reading and liking your posts?! Not only will you learn what to post to get your followers’ appreciation later (though we are sure you already know it well), but you will also get a pile of comments!


Show Your Vulnerability

Beyond any words, one of the most difficult things is showing your vulnerability. But believe, Instagram is the platform where you can get sincere and supporting comments by people you haven’t even ever faced. Knowing people are not indifferent toward someone’s misfortune, inspires hope for better future. So, don’t be shy or restrained to speak about your loss or pain.


Post About Wonders You Have Witnessed

Do you admire this miraculous world? Then share what you have just discovered and ask your followers how they feel about it. If you do it right, you will make your followers leave warm-hearted comments and even tag their friends.


Expose Your Remarkable Talent

If you feel you have a unique talent (well, maybe not so unique), Instagram is the perfect platform to expose it. This can be applying makeup, playing guitar, drawing, designing your own clothes, etc. Here it’s crucial to choose the right format for your post, and it’s better to opt for videos. Believe us, your followers are going to leave compliments and ask tons of questions!


Ask Your Followers to Tag Friends Who Might Identify with Your Post or Aspire It

To engage a broader audience and get more comments on Instagram, you should occasionally make posts asking to tag friends who might be interested in the post. Take such themes as a brief recipe (better video tutorial) of a desert or a quick cake, striking jewelry or a wedding gown. Think broadly and you will succeed!

Get Noticed by Your Favorite Instagram Celebrity

Get Noticed by Your Favorite Instagram Celebrity

Are you following some celebrities on Instagram to have enough life-draining jealousy going on in your life yet can’t make them pay attention to you? Here we shall give you some really crucial advice pieces how to get noticed on Instagram.

Don’t Mention the Bloody Obvious

Any post of a celebrity gets thousands of comments most of which don’t really have any sense. No matter if the photo of a celeb is attractive, interesting or is like hundreds of her/his previous photos, fans keep on commenting. If you, however, are not generous in making comments, instead, giving our preference to keen and witty but rare comments, you are going to win, be certain! By making a compliment a celebrity, you are not going to become her/his favorite fan and be added to friends’ list. So, don’t bother yourself with plain comments or stating what goes without saying. If nothing smart comes to mind, you’d better simply watch, like and pass by the post.

Talk to a Celeb as if He/She will Read It

When you are commenting on a celeb’s photo, do it as if you are going to be answered. You will need to add something really valuable to the conversation, or ask such a question your idol will love to answer, such as “when will be the next tour?” or “Can we expect a new album in the near future?”, and so forth. Try not to be negative or critical, and express your opinion in a polite and interesting manner (perhaps a quote or saying?). Be sure, trolls are always neglected. Just make sure your conversation is natural.

Check the Time

Don’t forget to look at your watch when making a comment. By devoting some time to following his/her activity on Instagram, you’ll guess your idol’s free hours. Don’t worry, stalking a bit won’t hurt anyone! And managing to write a smart comment when he/she is online, you get the chance to be answered. By the way, do never show your desperation. Avoid ever asking a celebrity to follow you, otherwise, you are going to be acquired as an excited dude and not a faithful and sensible fan!

Try to Play on Their Heart Strings

Did your favorite artist post a photo or video you were deeply impressed by? Then why not express it! Show you are inspired by his/her posts and be sure your celeb will be touched. They love the feeling to be loved and their work appreciated. Then give them what they want especially when you do really admire their work. If your celebrity’s photo inspires you to be funny, make your comment humorous.

You, as a faithful fan, can also repost the photo and tag it with an attractive caption.

Having an idol and following his/her activity on Instagram is really wonderful. Yet it definitely feels much better when your comments are answered and you are noticed by your beloved celebrity. Remember that having a huge number of followers immensely raises your chances of getting noticed! InstaBF is here to offer you as many likes, comments or followers as you find sufficient for appearing a professional Instagrammer in your idol’s eyes. Place an order, and have it implemented in a quick and affordable manner!