The more positive comments an Instagram user gets, the happier he is! In fact, getting many comments is really beneficial. Getting more comments on this social platform means people are interested in your content and want to interact with you, thus giving you a chance to build valuable social proof. And if you are attracted with the idea of obtaining more comments in a natural way yet without any sleazy and somewhat desperate actions, right now we are going to discuss several effective methods on how you can get IG comments and “save your dignity”. Surely, you can always apply to InstaBF for a “portion” of IG comments, as well as likes, followers and IGTV views. Yet, if you aim to go on a natural way, let’s start the theme!



Choose the Peak Posting Time


Even though Insta’s algorithm no longer shows any content in chronological order, it doesn’t mean you should neglect the importance of picking up the right time for making posts. Knowing when your followers are most active on Gram, you impressively increase your chances of getting their comments. Here, at InstaBF, we have already referred to the topic of how you can find out which your most beneficial posting time is. Hence, even if you can’t be online at those particular hours, you can schedule them by means of third-party applications and auto-post from your publish queue.



Post Content that Will Evoke Responding


There are two types of posts on Instagram: those you watch and pass, and those you can’t but respond. Opt for particularly the latter. Creating posts that Instagram users feel necessary to comment on is a good strategy, real art. As a rule, these are sentimental, emotional, and even provocative. And if you manage to tie it into timely events (holidays, for instance), you will benefit even more. Here are a few examples to get inspired:

  • Ask about your followers’ favorite holiday traditions, memories, etc.
  • Encourage your followers to share their opinion on their dream wedding, first date, etc.
  • Explain why you have involved in certain charities, business, etc. and ask your followers for advice



Make It a Custom to Reply to Comments


It’s highly important to answer the comments you get on your posts. This way you will generate more discussion, i.e. more comments. Besides, even if half of the comments of your post are made by yourself, Instagram insights will show a higher engagement rate.



“Which Is Better” Type of Questions


Another means of generating comments on Instagram is posting “This of That” type of questions. It requires absolutely no efforts on the part of users, which means more participation from their side. It’s definitely a win-win for all parts involved. Giving two different options (mostly via images) to your followers and asking them to choose the best option. No matter whether people will answer with elaborate comments or simply a single word, the number of your comments will increase, so your engagement rate.


So, here were some of the most effective ways of getting more Instagram comments without appearing sleazy. These interactions will be natural and so enthusiastic!