Are you following some celebrities on Instagram to have enough life-draining jealousy going on in your life yet can’t make them pay attention to you? Here we shall give you some really crucial advice pieces how to get noticed on Instagram.

Don’t Mention the Bloody Obvious

Any post of a celebrity gets thousands of comments most of which don’t really have any sense. No matter if the photo of a celeb is attractive, interesting or is like hundreds of her/his previous photos, fans keep on commenting. If you, however, are not generous in making comments, instead, giving our preference to keen and witty but rare comments, you are going to win, be certain! By making a compliment a celebrity, you are not going to become her/his favorite fan and be added to friends’ list. So, don’t bother yourself with plain comments or stating what goes without saying. If nothing smart comes to mind, you’d better simply watch, like and pass by the post.

Talk to a Celeb as if He/She will Read It

When you are commenting on a celeb’s photo, do it as if you are going to be answered. You will need to add something really valuable to the conversation, or ask such a question your idol will love to answer, such as “when will be the next tour?” or “Can we expect a new album in the near future?”, and so forth. Try not to be negative or critical, and express your opinion in a polite and interesting manner (perhaps a quote or saying?). Be sure, trolls are always neglected. Just make sure your conversation is natural.

Check the Time

Don’t forget to look at your watch when making a comment. By devoting some time to following his/her activity on Instagram, you’ll guess your idol’s free hours. Don’t worry, stalking a bit won’t hurt anyone! And managing to write a smart comment when he/she is online, you get the chance to be answered. By the way, do never show your desperation. Avoid ever asking a celebrity to follow you, otherwise, you are going to be acquired as an excited dude and not a faithful and sensible fan!

Try to Play on Their Heart Strings

Did your favorite artist post a photo or video you were deeply impressed by? Then why not express it! Show you are inspired by his/her posts and be sure your celeb will be touched. They love the feeling to be loved and their work appreciated. Then give them what they want especially when you do really admire their work. If your celebrity’s photo inspires you to be funny, make your comment humorous.

You, as a faithful fan, can also repost the photo and tag it with an attractive caption.

Having an idol and following his/her activity on Instagram is really wonderful. Yet it definitely feels much better when your comments are answered and you are noticed by your beloved celebrity. Remember that having a huge number of followers immensely raises your chances of getting noticed! InstaBF is here to offer you as many likes, comments or followers as you find sufficient for appearing a professional Instagrammer in your idol’s eyes. Place an order, and have it implemented in a quick and affordable manner!