Successful Cooperation Examples between Brands and Instagram Influencers

Successful Cooperation Examples between Brands and Instagram Influencers

Reaching out to Instagram influencers can be a true way to increase your brand awareness and visibility on this social network. Ever since brands noticed what an influence Instagram influencers have on users, their services have become irreplaceable. And if you still doubt whether to apply to an influencer who can connect your offers to your target audience, InstaBF would like to present to your attention four successful examples of cooperation between brands and influencers. But before that, let us remind you that right at this moment you are on one of the most reliable platforms of ordering likes, comments, and followers for your Instagram account. Everything is provided in a safe and affordable manner.

Being as Creative as Adidas

Women love to accentuate their strength and power, and the brand, who underlines it makes a win-win step just like Adidas did. A year ago, the brand organized a campaign and shot thirty-second videos of fifteen women athletes who spoke about their way toward success. The whole campaign radiated energy and feminine creativity. It’s needless to say that all these athletes have thousands of followers on Instagram. With the help of this cooperation, Adidas reached to millions of people around the world.

Inspiring Adventure with Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker is known for its adventurous nature. And this brand is proud to demonstrate its passion for life and new experiences. Through the collaborations with Instagram influencers, the brand boosted tremendous brand awareness! Some of the most popular influencers took the brand through a number of adventures including Formula 1 in Milan, the launch of the brand’s new luxury production in Shanghai, and the brand’s heritage in Scotland. Johnnie Walker realizes it well, that once an influencer creates an excitement over a certain product, it becomes more desirable not only for the influencer’s audience but also the brand’s.

Madewell Campaign with Five Instagram Influencers

Cooperating with a team of five popular Instagram influencers including such names as Bethany Marie and Stephanie Sterjovski, Madewell team managed to reach as many as one million targeted customers in promoting their new signature #TOTEWELL. This campaign brought the brand an immense popularity on this social platform. Besides, the brand regrams these influencers’ posts with their production and then posts on its company’s blog. Through this blog, the brand’s fans can get acquainted with the influencers they might not know. By the way, Madewell’s blog amazes with the diversity of posts that include behind-the-scenes photos, the day’s outfit, Questions and Answers, some styling tips etc.

Having Fun with Fanta

It’s so entertaining to watch people have fun and even more remarkable to have fun yourself. Once Fanta created a fan campaign and introduced short Vine comedy videos with the participants of three popular Vine influencers, people started making their own videos and photos to post on Instagram. The result was utmost engaging and prominent as millions of likes and shares were achieved let alone the tons of wonderful content!

Nonprofit Organizations You Should Follow on Instagram

Nonprofit Organizations You Should Follow on Instagram

Since the launching of Instagram in 2010, it has been attracting more and more people (mostly teenage and young people) to join this incredibly bright and entertaining social network. Today over five hundred million daily active users follow their favorite celebrities, brands and simply acquaintances. Businesses immensely benefit from Instagram and influencers earn their living by advertising diverse products. However, above all this, nonprofit organizations acquire Instagram as a wonderful dynamic marketing tool, as well. Here are several most popular nonprofit campaigns worth following.

Doctors Without Borders

The nonprofit organization Doctors Without Borders was founded in 1971. Since then, it’s been providing independent medical care to people living in unfavorable conditions with the help of its immense staff of doctors and nurses. Till today, people from over sixty poor countries have got a wide range of medical assistance from the organization. Above all this, the campaign strives to drive the world’s attention to people in need and all those inhumanities they have to face every day. So, it really makes sense to become a part of this nonprofit organization at least by following their Instagram account and reposting what they share. Find them using the hashtag #doctorswithoutborders.

Charity: Water

Water is the life and the purpose of this nonprofit organization is to give this “life” to those who need it. Through their Instagram account, the Charity: Water informs people how the organization helps poor countries and delivers clean drinking water to them. Instagram users, following the charity campaign experience unbelievable emotions by seeing the photos of people who get clean drinking water for the first time of their life. You can follow the campaign #charitywater.

Pencils of Promise

The aim of this nonprofit organization is to bring the hopes and dreams of children living in Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Laos closer to reality. The right to get an education should be equal for all children and this campaign struggles to have its contribution to it. It’s so exciting to see poor children with books and pens in hands and smiles on their faces. To support this great idea, you can find and follow #pencilsofpromise to repost photos of these individual children who believe in better future.

Oxfam American

It’s been around forty years since Oxfam America started fighting against poverty, hunger and the inhuman injustices going on in the whole world. The campaign showcases the global problems and provides the evidence of certain solutions they have managed to get.

InstaBF, the service that offers to order as many Instagram likes, comments, and followers as you need, wants to drive your attention to the fact that the world isn’t only sunshine and rainbows. Surely it’s your right to follow talented artists and handsome Instagram celebrities, yet by devoting a little part of your time to nonprofit campaigns, you add one more feather in their wings. With your and our help, their humanitarian purposes can become closer to reality.

Ideas for Easter Instagram Campaign

Ideas for Easter Instagram Campaign

Easter is the holiday that one simply can’t stay indifferent to. With all those painted eggs, the greenery, lovely rabbits and the plentiful of sweets, it makes you feel somewhat happier, careless and blessed whether you are a five-year-old kid or mature man in his fifties. And if you want to celebrate this holiday online with your Instagram followers this year, there are several amazing ideas of Easter social media campaigns.

Actually, it’s a fantastic decision to base your Instagram marketing around certain holidays as this way you connect with your customers and make them associate your brand with sweet and warm holiday memories. Generally, it will be great to start the Easter marketing campaign a bit earlier, and if you haven’t undertaken anything yet, you can save this post by InstaBF for the coming year. However, you still have time and can exploit some of our recommendations to make your Insta brand a part of this grandiose holiday!

Holding a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

You must be yearning for the past childhood days when you hunted Easter eggs with your friends. Be certain, so do your followers and customers. So why not have some fun right online, on your Instagram account?! You can hide Easter eggs in your posts and launch a competition for your followers. To encourage them to search better and more frequently, set a prize for the one who will find all the hidden eggs the first. This is a win-win option for both entertaining you and your customers, and raising your account engagement rate. People will be incentivized to check in your account every now and then throughout the entire “hunting” period!

Take Inspirational Cover Photos

Beyond any doubts, your customers will expect to see some thematic pictures on your Instagram account. Why disappoint them if you can satisfy their expectations while advertising your products?! For this, think broadly and offer unique advertising photos that include what you have to offer and this amazing holiday. Don’t forget about your wishes to your customers. You can deliver the latter through a 15-second Instagram story video (it’ll be fantastic if you manage to put on those funny rabbit ears while shooting the video).

Organize a Caption Competition

All Instagrammers are fond of competitions with no exception! And when it’s Easter “at the doorstep”, it’s high time for a funny competition. Post an interesting picture (relating to Easter, of course) and ask your followers leaves their smartest and most entertaining captions. Don’t forget to remind your followers about the prizes. This will motivate them to be especially creative.

Counting Eggs/Sweets

To present your brand in a more light-hearted manner and interact with your followers, post a picture of a huge jar with eggs or little candies. Ask your customers to guess how many eggs or sweets there are in the jar and share their opinion right under the photo. The number of captions you will gather under your post is sure to amaze you just as the wonderful fun time you will have with your followers online!

Selfies with Easter Eggs

And the last idea to attract your followers interact with your Easter campaign is asking them to post a selfy with an Easter egg or chocolate rabbit! Let your followers get acquainted with each other right on your account’s platform!

So, these are several simple, yet quite effective ways of engaging your customers at Easter while raising the engagement of your Instagram account. InstaBF wants to wish you a great Easter and offers several packages of Instagram likes, comments, and followers. We guarantee absolute security and anonymity.

Planning a Holiday Marketing Campaign

Planning a Holiday Marketing Campaign

Are you planning to run a holiday marketing campaign on Instagram? Actually, this is a good idea as Instagram has become a grandiose platform for marketing. And if you need a guide for this, instaBF is glad to present an efficient checklist for a holiday marketing campaign. But before that, let us introduce you our amazing packages of Instagram likes, comments and followers. Be certain, we provide only HQ followers that have real-looking profiles. Order the pack that best meets your requirements and stat satisfied like thousands of others who have dealt with InstaBF.

Now we are ready to present to your attention all steps of the checklist one by one.

1. Introducing Your Creative Concept

An efficient out-of-the-box concept is a must when starting a holiday marketing campaign. However, if you feel like not coping with it on your own, here are several points that will help you distinguish better:

  • the idea behind your holiday marketing campaign should be fresh every year;
  • you have decided particularly what products/services your campaign is to concentrate on;
  • decide whether you will be cooperating with Insta influencers or not, and if yes, find the most suitable ones.

2. Creating Photo/Video Assets

When creating photo or video content for your holiday marketing campaign, it’s essential to be unique and creative. For this, you can scheme a Pinterest board which will demonstrate your campaign’s aesthetics. Be sure, you will need this board for your photographers, influencers and the whole team to get an image what visual qualities you plan to achieve. If you have determined to create the content yourself without applying to any specialists, make sure you have all the necessary equipment including the good camera, memory cards, etc. You also need to find a proper area to make your shootings. Make sure it suits your products and concept. Remember that the results should combine the photos of products combined with lifestyle images.

By the way, it is a grandiose idea to tease your target audience with some teasing behind-the-scenes photos or videos. Make them on your Stories.

3. Making Use of Influencers’ Services

Taking into account the great impact Instagram influencers have on users nowadays, it will be wise to incorporate their efficiency in your holiday market campaign. Make an audit and choose Niche influencers whose followers meet your target audience.

Before contacting an Instagram influencer, draft an outline with your campaign dates, expectations of the content, delivery dates and payment details to provide it to your influencers.

4. Scheduling Content

The moment you have collected all the content your holiday campaign requires, schedule a plan for posting it. As the holiday approaches, you will hardly have any time for thinking about the appropriate fresh posts. You will most likely be busy with delivering products to your customers. Save your time by scheduling your social network content beforehand.