Since the launching of Instagram in 2010, it has been attracting more and more people (mostly teenage and young people) to join this incredibly bright and entertaining social network. Today over five hundred million daily active users follow their favorite celebrities, brands and simply acquaintances. Businesses immensely benefit from Instagram and influencers earn their living by advertising diverse products. However, above all this, nonprofit organizations acquire Instagram as a wonderful dynamic marketing tool, as well. Here are several most popular nonprofit campaigns worth following.

Doctors Without Borders

The nonprofit organization Doctors Without Borders was founded in 1971. Since then, it’s been providing independent medical care to people living in unfavorable conditions with the help of its immense staff of doctors and nurses. Till today, people from over sixty poor countries have got a wide range of medical assistance from the organization. Above all this, the campaign strives to drive the world’s attention to people in need and all those inhumanities they have to face every day. So, it really makes sense to become a part of this nonprofit organization at least by following their Instagram account and reposting what they share. Find them using the hashtag #doctorswithoutborders.

Charity: Water

Water is the life and the purpose of this nonprofit organization is to give this “life” to those who need it. Through their Instagram account, the Charity: Water informs people how the organization helps poor countries and delivers clean drinking water to them. Instagram users, following the charity campaign experience unbelievable emotions by seeing the photos of people who get clean drinking water for the first time of their life. You can follow the campaign #charitywater.

Pencils of Promise

The aim of this nonprofit organization is to bring the hopes and dreams of children living in Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Laos closer to reality. The right to get an education should be equal for all children and this campaign struggles to have its contribution to it. It’s so exciting to see poor children with books and pens in hands and smiles on their faces. To support this great idea, you can find and follow #pencilsofpromise to repost photos of these individual children who believe in better future.

Oxfam American

It’s been around forty years since Oxfam America started fighting against poverty, hunger and the inhuman injustices going on in the whole world. The campaign showcases the global problems and provides the evidence of certain solutions they have managed to get.

InstaBF, the service that offers to order as many Instagram likes, comments, and followers as you need, wants to drive your attention to the fact that the world isn’t only sunshine and rainbows. Surely it’s your right to follow talented artists and handsome Instagram celebrities, yet by devoting a little part of your time to nonprofit campaigns, you add one more feather in their wings. With your and our help, their humanitarian purposes can become closer to reality.