Are you planning to run a holiday marketing campaign on Instagram? Actually, this is a good idea as Instagram has become a grandiose platform for marketing. And if you need a guide for this, instaBF is glad to present an efficient checklist for a holiday marketing campaign. But before that, let us introduce you our amazing packages of Instagram likes, comments and followers. Be certain, we provide only HQ followers that have real-looking profiles. Order the pack that best meets your requirements and stat satisfied like thousands of others who have dealt with InstaBF.

Now we are ready to present to your attention all steps of the checklist one by one.

1. Introducing Your Creative Concept

An efficient out-of-the-box concept is a must when starting a holiday marketing campaign. However, if you feel like not coping with it on your own, here are several points that will help you distinguish better:

  • the idea behind your holiday marketing campaign should be fresh every year;
  • you have decided particularly what products/services your campaign is to concentrate on;
  • decide whether you will be cooperating with Insta influencers or not, and if yes, find the most suitable ones.

2. Creating Photo/Video Assets

When creating photo or video content for your holiday marketing campaign, it’s essential to be unique and creative. For this, you can scheme a Pinterest board which will demonstrate your campaign’s aesthetics. Be sure, you will need this board for your photographers, influencers and the whole team to get an image what visual qualities you plan to achieve. If you have determined to create the content yourself without applying to any specialists, make sure you have all the necessary equipment including the good camera, memory cards, etc. You also need to find a proper area to make your shootings. Make sure it suits your products and concept. Remember that the results should combine the photos of products combined with lifestyle images.

By the way, it is a grandiose idea to tease your target audience with some teasing behind-the-scenes photos or videos. Make them on your Stories.

3. Making Use of Influencers’ Services

Taking into account the great impact Instagram influencers have on users nowadays, it will be wise to incorporate their efficiency in your holiday market campaign. Make an audit and choose Niche influencers whose followers meet your target audience.

Before contacting an Instagram influencer, draft an outline with your campaign dates, expectations of the content, delivery dates and payment details to provide it to your influencers.

4. Scheduling Content

The moment you have collected all the content your holiday campaign requires, schedule a plan for posting it. As the holiday approaches, you will hardly have any time for thinking about the appropriate fresh posts. You will most likely be busy with delivering products to your customers. Save your time by scheduling your social network content beforehand.