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Why You Need to Share Brand Wallpapers on Instagram

Why You Need to Share Brand Wallpapers on Instagram

According to the statistics, on average one looks at his phone every 12 minutes. That makes up to 80 times a day! You see how important it is to have an as good wallpaper as possible. And if you have already picked up some mood-raising wallpapers for your lock and home screens, it’s worth thinking about your Instagram followers. For Insta organizations and brands, it’s a working way to say thank you to their followers by providing them with amazing wallpapers. Besides, this is mutually beneficial – they get spiffy new wallpapers and your brand gets a larger awareness. 

Anyway, there is also much else we would like you to know about this. So, keep up with InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider, to learn more about sharing wallpapers on Gram.


Why Your Brand Should Share Wallpapers on Instagram


As we have already stated, wallpaper sharing has a number of advantages not only for ordinary users but for brands as well. Let’s have a closer look at the most important points. 


  • Brand Awareness


Creating a wallpaper relevant to the brand and aesthetically pleasant at the same time will lead to boosting your brand awareness. In fact, it’s a low-cost opportunity for beginner brands. Installing a branded image on your smartphone and having your customers look at it whenever possible, is like getting an inbuilt moving billboard. Just make certain the wallpapers you create, coincide with your brand’s look and feel. And don’t forget about your target audience. Who are the people interested in your brand? What kind of content would they prefer to see via their wallpapers? 


  • Positive Sentiment


There can be no doubt that the joy of getting anything for free is universal. Freebies boost positive sentiment which, in its turn, will build trust among your followers and increase engagement. To make this work, you can share audience-made wallpapers. By carrying out a contest and promising to credit the creators of the best wallpapers made, you are making your followers a part of your brand – something that will tie them to your brand for long. 

Don’t forget about formatting the wallpapers correctly. The fact is that your Instagram followers will have to take a screenshot of the wallpaper to use it. Hence, don’t put any GIFs or text over it, make sure you have the time on top of the screen switched off.

And finally, make a Story with instructions to make using your brand wallpapers easy. 



Instagram Brands that Create Amazing Mobile Wallpapers


Saje Wellness is a company that makes products based on plant-based natural ingredients. To emphasize this, the brand frequently shares plant-themed wallpapers for mobile phones. For achieving success, they reuse aesthetically pleasing images from their official photoshoots or devote some time to take wallpaper-worthy images during the branded photoshoots. And they always strive to keep it maximally subtle. 

HBO’s Game of Thrones doesn’t need any recognition. Yet, they also mastered hype building. Before they released the eight season, they had shared a number of amazing themes wallpapers which were readily accepted by their 10 million followers. 

By the example of these two gorgeous brands, you can get inspired to have your own branded wallpapers and share them with Instagram followers. 

Branded Content Ads on Instagram

Branded Content Ads on Instagram

If you strive to get a bigger ROI on the influencer marketing that you are carrying out, it’s worth to consider Insta’s new branded content ads. According to the announcement made on the 4th of June, with this new feature businesses will have an opportunity to promote organic posts from influencers via feed advertisements yet only within the application. If this interested you as an Instagram brand owner, here we shall discuss everything you need to know about the feature. InstaBF is a leading Instagram and IGTV provider that has gained a good reputation and trust among multiple users. But besides providing its clients with likes, comments, views, and followers for their Instagram and IGTV accounts, the service also offers crucial recommendations on using this social media in its blog. And today you will learn about the new branded content ads on Instagram and how you can run your own campaign.



What Branded Content Ads on Instagram Are


Partnering with influencers in order to create branded content is an amazing way to get to new audiences quickly since almost 70% of people state they search ways of interactions with creators when they come to Instagram. If Instagram branded content was thoroughly organic before with no business able to advertise posts they had sponsored, now the rules of this game have changed. From now on, brands have the opportunity to promote influencer posts as advertisements on Gram using Facebook Ads Manager. All this is sure to result in a much higher ROI for businesses.

So, Instagram brands can now target specific audiences with the content they have sponsored, measure their performance with Facebook’s ads platform tools.


How You Can Run Your Branded Content Ads on Instagram

So that to create branded content ads, you need to perform three steps. First of all, brands allow influencers to tag them in branded content posts after which influencers enable business partners to promote their posts as advertisements. And finally, the business will see that post in Ads Manager within the Existing Posts and select to run it as a feed ad or not. To settle all that, access to the advanced settings.



The Benefits of Instagram Branded Content Ads for Businesses


Perhaps the major advantage of this new feature is Reach. If before this feature businesses had to hope for attracting only the influencer’s audience, now there are no borders. It’s also possible to leverage FB’s optimization tools, thus driving even more specific goals with the sponsored content, no matter whether it’s engagement, traffic, brand awareness, etc. Basically, this new feature gives businesses more control over their sponsored posts, on who sees that content. This, in its turn, takes the control away from the partnering influencers.

However, influencers benefit from this not less than brands. Besides getting paid for the services, the branded content ad becomes kind of free exposure for the influencer. So, you see this new feature is beneficial for both sides, as well as possible customers who get more chances to see a product that might be useful.

Find the Best Instagram Hashtags for Your Brand

Find the Best Instagram Hashtags for Your Brand

Hashtags are an inseparable part of Instagram. Surely, the platform can well operate without any tags, yet an efficient hashtag strategy makes IG much more powerful. Particularly due to tags brands and Instagram marketers reach broader audiences, generate more engagement and attract more followers. However, this doesn’t mean any hashtag has that much power. If you want to “squeeze” all the power a hashtag has, you should experiment those you use, try new ones and build various combinations. Today InstaBF your faithful IG and IGTV provider is going to help you find the best hashtags for promoting your brand.



Make a Hashtag Research Before Using It


The first rule of using the right hashtag is making research on it beforehand. So that the tags you’ve picked boost your results, they must be perfectly relevant to your post and audience. Slightly relevant hashtags won’t do that. Do never go after super popular hashtags unless they are relevant to your post, otherwise, it will look spammy and bring you a bad reputation on Instagram.



Captions Clean of Hashtags


Instagram has made it possible to post up to thirty hashtags in one caption. Using all of them can be beneficial and is definitely tempting. However, agree that a caption full of tags looks messy and even spammy. To avoid this, you can post a clear caption and include all your hashtags in the first comment under the caption.



More Niche Tags


As we have already mentioned, using super-popular hashtags is really tempting. You get extra attention by using those tag researched by millions of people around the world. But are you sure you need particularly that kind of attention? If you make posts with #instagood, #love or other similar tags, your post will be viewed millions of times but those will be by people who won’t ever come back again for more posts of yours. That’s why it’s recommended to leverage niche hashtags in Instagram posts. They are the clue to a more targeted audience.



Mix Them


In the passage above we spoke about the benefits of using popular hashtags. However, don’t forget that the more popular the hashtag is the less your chances are your post will be noticed. Therefore, use a mixture of hashtags. These can be super niche tags that gather 100-1000 posts or middle-of-the-road ones gathering hundreds of thousands of posts.



Don’t Use the Same Tags


Agree that sometimes it’s tempting to use those hashtags, which you think, were a success over and over. We deeply advise you not to. If you do that you will end up facing the same audience over and over. Besides, the Instagram algorithm isn’t there to let you learn which tags work for your brand the most. So, explore and try new tags.



Measuring Results to Optimize Your Hashtag Strategy


Anyway, if you still plan to discover which hashtags work for your brand the best, it’s worth having a glance at your Instagram insights. This way you will get better ways to improve your hashtag strategy and move further. Constantly keep a close eye on your analytics.

Obviously, there are other ways of bringing a post to success. But hashtags aren’t the thing to neglect. Use them, monitor your metrics and see your efforts bring a good outcome.

Authentic or Inspirational Brand

Authentic or Inspirational Brand

Authenticity or perfection? Which is better for a brand on Instagram? Perhaps most brands will answer without even thinking twice -it’s better just to be yourself. This implies extending beyond personal accounts to consumer brands. In fact, it’s very difficult to distinguish between an authentic and a perfect Instagram account. There are examples of brands achieving great successes on both ends of the authenticity-perfection spectrum. Whether your brand needs authenticity or perfection for Instagram presence depends on these points:

  • You aim to get an attractive feed which will make your target audience fantasize about what they could have if joined to your brand;
  • Or you prefer less-polished photos and conversational captions your followers will relate to.


InstaBF, a leading provider of Instagram and IGTV comments, followers, likes and views, is going to dig deeper into the matter.



Authenticity on Instagram


Authenticity is the concept Instagram brands understand in different ways. If for some brands it’s the behind-the-scene images, for others it’s sharing genuine (not photoshopped) images. To be authentic on Instagram means to be true to your personality and brand spirit. However, it doesn’t have to fit every brand. Can you imagine the Instagram account of Walt Disney World filled with images of tired toddlers, long lines, sweating parents… Definitely no. That would be more realistic yet not true to the brand’s spirit. You expect images of magnificent fireworks, attractions and an overall fairy tale from the brand’s feed and you get that.


The Case for Authenticity


According to the statistics, around 86% of consumers state that the factor of authenticity is decisive when buying a product. Plus, the latest tendency shows that influencers have adopted a rawer presence, thus posting unedited images which show their imperfectness. Instagram Stories, designed to share off-the-cuff images of an uncurated life, are the biggest tools of authentic Instagram brands. They feel so little styled and so authentic that customers do rely on them.


The Case for Perfect Aesthetic


As we have mentioned above, the authenticity of a brand is highly crucial for consumers. But despite this, if we look at the most famous Gram accounts, we can see another story – those accounts which are complete with astounding photos of perfectly styled models taken by professional photographers are on the top. Just have a look at Kardashian sisters’ accounts. They have the highest follower counts in entire Instagram and post exceptionally perfect images with no single hair out of place. Indeed, Kim Kardashian has been reported to take more than $500, 000 for a single IG post and there’re plenty of brands who go to this. They get a tremendously higher ROI as numerous people get excited about buying from a brand promoting perfection. Such brands sell a glamorous lifestyle and the number of people dreaming of it will never decrease.

So, whether to go for a more authentic Instagram account or a perfect one depends on your brand, as well as the kind of your offers. If you serve up luxury stuff, sticking with an Instagram perfect aesthetic will be what you need. And if your brand is based on humor, for instance, going for an authentic approach is the best option.

2019 Instagram Themes to Inspire Brands

2019 Instagram Themes to Inspire Brands

There’s no sense in denying that over years we have met all the same Instagram themes – black and white, puzzle, quote themes, etc. and that all feels a bit yesterday. Creating a downright attractive theme for an Instagram profile requires an artistic approach. And once you start off a blank page with no guidelines, the task will appear even more difficult. So, InstaBF, a remarkable IGTV and IG provider, would like to draw your attention to thirteen freshest IG themes of this year and explain how you can recreate them for your particular brand. Let’s get down to work now:



Golden Minimalism


This Instagram theme catches the eye with its unique elegance and simplicity. It combines structured shapes and soft textures with golden hues enriching a picture’s feel. If you plan to use this theme, it’s recommended to keep the backdrops in white or light colors. This will add a more minimalist feel to the entire grid. For an ultimate effect, a product showcase or a human element should be added.

Golden Minimalism is best for skincare, decor, homeware, beauty, and jewelry brands.



Sunset Tones


This marvelous Instagram theme brings in Autumn vibes, a creative focus on the product, and some glorious natural motifs. In fact, it’s that unique theme, which has a great focus on the color and content curation. If you are attracted by this theme, you are to concentrate on sunset-tone images. This way you’ll get an effortlessly fresh and natural look in your Instagram grid.

Sunset Tones theme is especially appropriate for lifestyle, outdoorsy, fashion, and location-focused brands.



Modern and Clean


In achieving a clean and modern look in your Instagram grid, opt for this particular theme. For this, use light colors with contrast to bright examples. You can use human elements, quotes, and product photos. Generally, the theme works perfectly for light and pastel color schemes. You’d rather avoid patterns. Bold backgrounds and branded graphics are welcome! If you have a branding agency, a design brand or a creative agency on Instagram, Modern and Clean theme is ideal for you!



Textured Beauty


This Instagram theme has a fabulous key feature – it mixes a number of surfaces thus giving a somewhat three-dimensional feel to the grid. To apply it to your grid, mix videos and images in a line of different textures. Particularly which textures to use depends on the brand and industry of the account. Fashion, beauty, and swimwear brands can benefit from Textured Beauty theme in particular.



Colour Pops


The fact that Instagram is a truly very visual platform can be used purposefully. Once you mix black and white images with subtle color pop, some specific elements will be easily emphasized. In the meantime, you won’t affect the overall aesthetics. It can help you showcase your brand color if there’s any specific one.

So, if you wish to replicate Colour Pops theme, get only one color pop on the plain background. Black and white background will work best of all (gray ones will do as well).

Colour Pops theme will look awesome for informative brands, as well as those brands, which share many tips of which have a strong accent on shareable content.