Successful Cooperation Examples between Brands and Instagram Influencers

Successful Cooperation Examples between Brands and Instagram Influencers

Reaching out to Instagram influencers can be a true way to increase your brand awareness and visibility on this social network. Ever since brands noticed what an influence Instagram influencers have on users, their services have become irreplaceable. And if you still doubt whether to apply to an influencer who can connect your offers to your target audience, InstaBF would like to present to your attention four successful examples of cooperation between brands and influencers. But before that, let us remind you that right at this moment you are on one of the most reliable platforms of ordering likes, comments, and followers for your Instagram account. Everything is provided in a safe and affordable manner.

Being as Creative as Adidas

Women love to accentuate their strength and power, and the brand, who underlines it makes a win-win step just like Adidas did. A year ago, the brand organized a campaign and shot thirty-second videos of fifteen women athletes who spoke about their way toward success. The whole campaign radiated energy and feminine creativity. It’s needless to say that all these athletes have thousands of followers on Instagram. With the help of this cooperation, Adidas reached to millions of people around the world.

Inspiring Adventure with Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker is known for its adventurous nature. And this brand is proud to demonstrate its passion for life and new experiences. Through the collaborations with Instagram influencers, the brand boosted tremendous brand awareness! Some of the most popular influencers took the brand through a number of adventures including Formula 1 in Milan, the launch of the brand’s new luxury production in Shanghai, and the brand’s heritage in Scotland. Johnnie Walker realizes it well, that once an influencer creates an excitement over a certain product, it becomes more desirable not only for the influencer’s audience but also the brand’s.

Madewell Campaign with Five Instagram Influencers

Cooperating with a team of five popular Instagram influencers including such names as Bethany Marie and Stephanie Sterjovski, Madewell team managed to reach as many as one million targeted customers in promoting their new signature #TOTEWELL. This campaign brought the brand an immense popularity on this social platform. Besides, the brand regrams these influencers’ posts with their production and then posts on its company’s blog. Through this blog, the brand’s fans can get acquainted with the influencers they might not know. By the way, Madewell’s blog amazes with the diversity of posts that include behind-the-scenes photos, the day’s outfit, Questions and Answers, some styling tips etc.

Having Fun with Fanta

It’s so entertaining to watch people have fun and even more remarkable to have fun yourself. Once Fanta created a fan campaign and introduced short Vine comedy videos with the participants of three popular Vine influencers, people started making their own videos and photos to post on Instagram. The result was utmost engaging and prominent as millions of likes and shares were achieved let alone the tons of wonderful content!

Instagram Tips to Help Grow Your Brand on Instagram

Instagram Tips to Help Grow Your Brand on Instagram

In this article, we would like to provide a few more tips on Instagram promotion for online business. You can find the first part of the article here.

Use Proper Hashtags

Choosing a proper hashtag is essential for a successful campaign. It is not difficult – almost anyone will be able to do it. First of all, write out the keywords connected with your industry and products (the larger is the list the better will be the results) and check the popularity of the hashtags by searching them on the Instagram homepage.

For example, if we search for a “coffee machine”, we will get 81 thousand results. The top 9 posts (most liked ones) will be shown, and each of them will have a list of additional hashtags. These hashtags can also be used in your campaign. Use the real likes purchased from InstaBF to boost the position of your post and to promote your hashtag.

You should choose the words for hashtags carefully – avoid using plain words like “love”, “sports”, “cosmetics”, etc. Try to use the location markers of your business by adding a certain combination of letters, for example, state or country code (NYC, UK, LA). This helps to cover the target audience more precisely.

Note that the number of hashtags for a post should not exceed 30 and the account publishing such a post should be publicly accessible, otherwise, it will not be shown in search results. Hashtags may become outdated so do not forget to check the relevance of your hashtags at least once a month.

Do not forget about the analytics – there is a number of great tools providing full information about the most active followers of your community, the most effective posts, etc.

Study Positive Experience of Your Rivals

It is a great way to define the most crucial things that are required for successful promotion. So, if you have a sports clothing boutique, check the accounts of the most popular brands like Nike or Adidas. Or check the Apple account if you are dealing with electronics and hi-tech products.

Your direct competitors’ account may be a great source of popular and effective hashtags, contests and promotions. Scout for content, check their comment handling techniques. Use the knowledge to build an effective promotional campaign.

The Instagram blog also offers some posts about successful business promotion. SpearmintLove is a great example – it used to be a community of young mothers and rather quickly the administrators managed to convert it into an online store of baby clothing.

Thoughtful use of these techniques in combination with great content and real likes from InstaBF will help you to achieve great results and build up a successful promotional campaign. We will be glad to provide  more useful tips. Stay tuned!

Promotion on Instagram: how to create personal brand

Promotion on Instagram: how to create personal brand

So, what is a personal brand? The term can be roughly associated with public image — any personal brand is a certain image of a person established in the minds of the target audience. The difference between public image and a personal brand is that any personal brand is the result of elaborate marketing activities. It is not as complicated as it may seem at first. No rocket science, actually.

The main personal branding tool has always been based on the most effective mass media of the age. Newspapers and other print media were replaced by TV and radio. With the development of IT and, particularly, of social networks in the beginning of the 21st century personal branding became an affordable marketing method. Social media became a tool that provides efficient conversion of popularity and hype into money.

Instagram as one of the most popular social media of nowadays is a perfect tool for personal branding as it does not require any messing around with text, semantics and other complicated things. Instagram really involves your audience in a more instant interaction with your content. Just take cool pictures and capture great videos!

So, what are the main reasons to create your personal brand and begin promotion?


Personal branding helps to make your offer more unique and recognizable on the market. This means that you can draw more attention to your business by any personal activity.  Any hype can be easily converted into income nowadays, that’s why personal branding has become one of the most demanded promotions and marketing strategies. Do anything and let them talk – that\s the main principle of personal branding. The more commenting, liking and reposting you get, the fewer competitors you have.


Using Instagram as a personal branding tool has become a trend lately – and just a couple of years ago no one could even imagine how profitable it may be!

Instagram is focused on the visual side of things, and we get 90% of all the information by the means of visual perception. This peculiarity makes Instagram ideal for promotion – when you see a great picture of a product you are eager to purchase it. For the same reason, the importance of Instagram as a modern brand positioning tool can hardly be overrated.

Engage your audience by attracting new followers by provoking their interest to your brand! Certainly, it requires serious effort, creativity, and inventive content management, but it’s really worth it. There are two ways of achieving the goal. You can spend a lot of time and effort to create the initial base of followers using lots of sophisticated marketing ploys to extend the audience coverage. This is a long way promising lots of useful experience. Still, there is a huge risk of wasting a lot of time which is unacceptable for any modern business as in terms of marketing your time can be much more valuable than your money. The other way is to invest in the initial base of followers and boost the number of your followers at the very start. You can easily buy active, no fake followers, likes, comments, and views without breaking your budget and get proper audience coverage from the very start. No doubt, the initial number of followers is not the only factor of success; quite a lot depends on the quality of your content, but the large initial number of followers ensures that you will not waste your creative effort.

Here are a few essential tips for newbies.

Every startup should be personified – nobody wants to follow a faceless community. Create a visible, catchy image of your brand, a clear expression of your business idea, declare the mission of your community. This will definitely attract customers, which is the ultimate goal of any promotional campaign.

Creating bio

Demonstrate your real face; this is the only way to win your followers’ trust. Use your real name and make you biography clear and detailed. On the other hand, try to avoid too long descriptions. Your biography should not be boring and uninspiring. Nicknames, good humor and moderate use of smileys will make your bio less officious. And more attractive for your customers☺


Pay attention to the content of your posts. First of all, your posts should reveal the quality and features of your product and services. But your posts should not become a straightforward advertisement as it will be the best way to lose your followers and waste your time and money. In your Instagram account, you should act as a journalist, a blogger or a guide. Write brief and catchy reports about any events in your company, report about any public activities and express your opinion about them, share useful tips, creative ideas, and lifehacks, interview the best experts of the industry, create polls and encourage your followers’ activity. Do not be afraid to interact with your community and this will result in new customers for your business!

It’s easy to make people to want brand

It’s easy to make people to want brand

In this article we’ll try to go through strategies how to make your potential clients want your brand. To do this we need to explain something about human nature. Fundamental truth is that it’s hard for people to control their desires. They come to us unconsciously and trend spotters understand and know it clearly. It’s really easy to influence buyers. There are some tricks and strategies, which can help you to inspire people to do shopping. Creating a brand’s identity is definitely a hard process.

The key role in this practice is showing how successful you are.

What is success on Instagram in people’s mind?

Of course, success is a positive attitude to your brand, which followers show through likes, comments and views. In this part, any businessman strives to increase these data. The majority of newbies and experienced businessmen find a smart solution — they buy likes, followers, views, comments to provide the fast growth of popularity at the market.

The best time to post

Time management is the next essential thing. Don’t let your followers forget about you. Find a balance. Posts shouldn’t be very frequent, because it will look like you impose your products. People avoid such profiles. We recommend you to make posts once in two days: this is the ideal proportion between a rare reminding about your brand and intrusion in your customers’ feed.


The importance of well thought-out content is obvious too. Captions under your photos are like additional bonus: you give your followers some food for thinking. Texts are another way to communicate effectively with your followers. With it you make them involved into the promotion process.


Function of sharing allows getting more attention. The majority of people are signed in a social network, where communication is very active. Have you ever thought that someone, who doesn’t have an Instagram profile, will never see your product. That is why sharing is so important — you let people learn about your brand. If you do like that, then you get more chances to increase your followers and boost up sales on Instagram.

Rules of Instagram marketing for successful branding

Rules of Instagram marketing for successful branding

Every present-day company are keep trying to promote itself on Instagram. Businessmen are extremely concentrated on social networking promotion. From the one hand, Instagram can help you to show other people inner world of your company: staff, daily process, events. From the other hand, it’s advantageous to use Instagram for making analytics of attendance and so on.

We have some tips to share with you:

  1. Profile bio should be short: write a little about company and put the link to your site. As to profile picture —- try to make it visually bright and self-explanatory.  The function of these elements implies intelligible explanation of company’s mission.
  2. Show your staff, but don’t write it’s description, users want to know how they can employ it.
  3. Create an own strategy and post pictures, which is relevant to your activity. You should remember about dependence between high-quality content and the number of followers, views, comments and likes. It would be great to show human faces or corporative events, it’ll promote interoperability.  It’s very important confine definite content strategy. The optimal time of reminding about yourself is bidaily — posts don’t annoy, users keep product in mind. Audience will always wait new content in definite time.
  4. The next important tip is to involve clients in marketing campaign. To know more about this point you would better learn conversational marketing. Briefly writing, this marketing concept is about methods how to organize interactive space effectively and how to provide friendly communication with clients.

Take the knowledge and use it.