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Instagram Stories AR Filters by Leading Brands

Instagram Stories AR Filters by Leading Brands

If you find the term “augmented reality” a bit futuristic, then most probably you have forgotten that you deal with a part of it on a daily basis. In fact, those cute face filters such as lovely puppy ears or cat whiskers on Instagram are all AR filters. And taking into consideration the huge number of people using them on Instagram Stories, many brands have undertaken to create and sell their own brand filters. These filters provide such a funny and interactive way of attracting new followers and increasing brand awareness! And if you feel interested, the amazing Instagram Stories filters we are going to present to your attention right now at InstaBF will definitely be of a great benefit to your brand! InstaBF is a leading provider of IG and IGTV likes, comments, followers and views. We are always there whenever you need!



Kylie Cosmetics

One of the first brands introducing their AR filters was Kylie Cosmetics. Choosing an AR filter for your Story, you can try on various lipsticks from Kylie’s cosmetics brand. Once you find a certain shade suits your complexion, you can courageously go and buy it! So, you see that this filter is not only great fun to use, but also quite helpful if you intend to get a new lipstick.


Adidas Originals

Have you noticed how popular retro-looking images were last year? Most probably vintage filters will be on a high trend in the new 2019 year, too. And due to Adidas Originals’ custom AR filter, you can give your photos a vintage feel, too. Applying this filter to a photo, it will add a “glitch” effect plus the brand’s logo. This is a highly trendy filter and will boost your brand awareness efficiently.



Gucci Beauty

It might sound surprising but Gucci Beauty launched its Instagram account not so long ago. However, despite this, they managed to launch their own Story filters which look simply gorgeous! This filter gives one a chance to choose one of three looks all of which are reminiscent of the baroque- and renaissance-period. All these looks were designed by Alessandro Michele and feature details in Gucci brand’s theme including lipstick, pearl earrings, etc.



NBA’ Dunk Cam

Among the initial AR filters, we can find NBA’s Dunk Cam AR filter. This is an amazing filter adding which your image is guaranteed to become so interactive! Anyway, unlike the previous ones, this AR filter is not promotional. Instead, it’s highly funny! Once you choose it, your photo or video will be enriched with a dunking basketball player. By the way, it works both for front and back cameras.



Maddie Ziegler’s Kindness Face

Maddie Ziegler, a popular American actress and dancer, has already got nearly 13 million followers on Instagram! A couple of months ago she partnered with Instagram and the result was amazing! A new AR Stories filter was added to promote kindness. It adds lots of pretty hearts to a selfie and a myriad of kind comments in different languages when shooting with your rear camera. Besides, using the filter, you are encouraged to tag a friend you want to support.

How Brands Use Instagram Highlights

How Brands Use Instagram Highlights

Nearly all new features Instagram introduces to its users are a great success and this refers to Instagram highlights, too. Though they were created less than a year ago, the influence they have had on businesses is tremendous! These are amazingly versatile tools that can be used in countless verticals! Precisely how? Let’s find out this through the examples of several industry-leading Instagram brands. Being your true IG and IGTV provider, InstaBF wants to make it clear to you how you can use highlights to your benefit, too.



Article Showcases Products

E-commerce brands have perhaps the greatest benefits from showcasing their products on this social network through highlights as they can do that right in the center of their profiles! Article brand makes a great use of this by keeping all its product-related stories in one highlight reel. If you got inspired from this, remember that you can create separate highlights as well, each representing your seasonal collections, new models, etc.

Additionally, if you are a big brand with 10, 000+ followers, add a See More link so that your visitors can easily switch to the product showcased in the highlight. You can also use the new shoppable stickers for the same reason and this option is available for businesses of all sizes!



Artifact Uprising Shares Customer Reviews

If you are already a popular brand on Instagram and your customers adore your products, use highlights to show your stellar customer reviews just as Artifact Uprising does. This way, once a visitors lands on the brand’s profile, he gets a sense of how much its customers love the brand and the products they get! Artifact Uprising also uses the See More feature to make it much easier for its customers to find the product they liked and order it.



CAP Beauty Daily Promotes Partnerships

Every successful collaboration with an Instagram influencer or another brand is worth showcasing on Instagram highlights. CAP Beauty, for instance, quite often makes such highlights. Create a unified highlight, too, in case you often collaborate with other brands or Instagram celebrities. This way you will reap the benefits you got from your partnership much longer!



Drake General Store Highlights Events


One of the best ways to humanize your brand is sharing content from the events you organize. Drake General Store, for instance, shares its events on the highlights and builds FOMO for its future events. This brand has had enviable collaborations and events with a number of brands from Google to antique stores. You can also create a separate category of events thus keeping all the actions in a single place!



Rove Concepts Furniture Takes its Viewers Behind the Scenes

Another efficient means of humanizing a brand is showing behind the scenes to visitors just as Rove Concepts Furniture does. And what if not Instagram highlights can serve great for this purpose?! This way you are sure to build a strong community and gain the trust of your customers. Everyone knows that people adore seeing the raw moments of product making and being a great platform to provide them with such a chance, Instagram is at your disposal!  



Package Free Answers Its Customers’ Questions

Have you got tired from getting the same questions from your customers over and over again? If yes, then the example of Package Free can be useful to you. Create highlights with the most-commonly received questions and answers to them. Instagram users will better understand your brand, the way you work and what they can expect from you. Just pick up highlights to tackle the right topics!

Instagram Feed vs Instagram Stories: Which Is Better for Your Brand?

Instagram Feed vs Instagram Stories: Which Is Better for Your Brand?

In August 2018 Instagram celebrated the second anniversary of perhaps the most beloved feature for its users – the Story! In only two years, this feature attracted as many as 400 million daily active users, thus making the number of monthly Instagram active users cross the barrier of 1 billion! And Gram Stories feature is sure to stay long with us, perhaps as long as Instagram exists, i.e. forever (at least we hope so)!

Today nearly all brands implement Stories in their Instagram marketing strategies. And if you plan to do the same, you must clearly understand that users perceive and use Stories and Feed posts in thoroughly different ways. Moreover, they are driven to both formats for different reasons, as well. Today InstaBF, a credible Instagram and IGTV provider, will reveal which is better for your brand.



Insta Feed vs Insta Stories: The Experiment Setup


To find out whether Instagram Stories are more beneficial for a social media brand or the Insta feed, first of all, you need to set up an experiment. As Gram Story, it’s possible to post a set of images, or 5-15-seconds-long videos with the best 9:16 portrait ratio. For a brand, it’s better to opt for the video format, as the Gram Stories feature allows no text or headline addition to the visuals. Videos are perhaps better at conveying information. And then you need to create two Instagram ordinary posts – one with ad text and one without it. Once all these are set, start tracking the number of leads, as well as the cost per lead that each type of your experiment methods brings. This is the major goal for any Instagram campaign, isn’t it?



Insta Feed vs Insta Stories: The Hypothesis


Depending on your Instagram business type, you may have a certain hypothesis even prior to setting up the experiment. In some cases, you might expect poor conversion rates for Stories (if you have a B2B Insta business, for instance). In other cases, you could be certain Stories would work the best (i.e. for ordinary consumer offers). But don’t hurry with the conclusions until you have facts.

Once you have certain results, you can compare them and determine which is more beneficial for particularly your business.



Insta Feed vs Insta Stories: General Takeaways


After you have carried out your experiment and found out particularly what works for you the best, most probably you will come to the following conclusions:

  • Instagram feed posts accompanied by ad text will outperform Stories for pest per conversion. But if you use the same post yet without the ad text, the CPA of the Story will be higher.


  • Instagram Stories bring higher CTR, yet lower CPC thus sending more traffic to a website. Perhaps the reason is that one can’t convey enough information in the Story ad.


  • The choice between the Gram News Feed and the Stories mostly depends on the type of your offer. Simpler offers such as sales are better delivered through Insta Stories.


Don’t be afraid to test new things. If you haven’t yet used Gram Stories to promote your products, you risk getting caught out once this feature starts overtaking the newsfeed for organic posts. Devote at least 10% of your advertising budget to Stories and find out, what a profit it may bring to you. Just remember that this feature demands more creative resources, a unique approach to the task, as you have only up to 15 seconds to attract your audience through such a powerful tool as Instagram Story!

How Instagram Allows Auto Brands Inspire Action

How Instagram Allows Auto Brands Inspire Action

One admires Instagram’s unique ability to connect the entire world through its immersive imagery and video content. And particularly that amazing ability was not underestimated by brands and advertisers. Multiple small and big brands nowadays choose Instagram for inspiring action and sharing their unique stories. The visual nature of this social network allows fans of different brands and products share their passions and create firm and mutually-interested relationships. This refers to auto enthusiasts and vehicle shoppers, too. And as Enrico Hanisch, the digital strategist of Audi company mentioned, Instagram is the perfect platform for automotive content nowadays. So, as you have already guessed, InstaBF’s today topic is about the action inspiring of the industry-leading auto brands on Instagram. InstaBF is ready to provide its visitors and clients with different packages of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers. Be certain, here you will significantly increase your Instagram engagement on an affordable basis.



Connecting Instagrammers from all Drives of Life


Auto brands used television and printing advertisements to showcase their vehicle models and encourage people to buy vehicles. This same experience was entirely re-imagined and given a fresh approach to when moved to Instagram. Instagram Stories, feed or live make it possible for auto brands to connect their target audience, while auto fans can share videos or photos from their unforgettable experiences on the roads, find the perfect car to purchase or get recommendations from other car owners. Regardless of the roads or demographics, the car is targeted at, Instagram allows auto brands and advertisers to reach people from any drive of life!



Sharing the Road and the Love to Cars


Instagram offers multiple dedicated hashtags that car lovers can use for connecting with each other and sharing their passion for cars. If you are one of such, too, use #carswithoutlimits, #carsofinstagram or simply #carlifestyle to find posts by car enthusiasts or share yours. The same tags, by the way, are used by popular brands to create inspiration. Quite often you can find marvelous posts by popular influencers among them. Surely, these are advertisements, but how amazing they are! Here you can find real drivers who share their practice and knowledge in cars, auto collectors who know subtleties in diverse models’ styles, or simply those who post photos of their dream rides! Understanding the all those types auto-fans on this social network, auto brands manage to tailor effective advertisements. And no matter if a certain content on Insta Stories is an organic one or was paid for, it hits its target.



Getting in Gear with Videos


What can help communities to thrive if not Instagram Stories?! Videos posted by auto communities and brands in Stories are especially effective. The key is that people have started to prioritize video content to imagery and written text. And by the end of this decade, it’s estimated that three-fourths of mobile data traffic will be video content. And as videos play an enormous role in advertising products, auto brands have started creating more video Stories and posts than before.

Crafting Strong Branding for Instagram

Crafting Strong Branding for Instagram


Most probably you have heard that consistency is everything when the matter concerns social Media and Instagram in particular. And if you are running a business on this social platform, you simply ought to have a consistent brand across all your social media channels. Particularly the strong and consistent image of a brand makes consumers rely on it and accept as something familiar.

So, if you are after crisp images with the authentic brand feel they have, as well as the perfectly mastered captions for your own Instagram account, then let InstaBF present a guide on how to create consistent Instagram branding. By the way, InstaBF is the service you can always trust whenever you need some extra likes, comments, views or followers for your Instagram account.

Let’s suppose that you already have your product/service brand. It’s very important to make sure it is vivid from your Instagram account once your customers visit it. Do never try to appear as something that you are not, because it will be apparent and damaging to your reputation. This means that, for example, if your brand has bright coloring, the same must have your Instagram account.


Uniformed Instagram Look

Before starting filling your Instagram account with photos, remember your brand’s style. Is it funky, dramatic, classy, romantic or maybe serious? Using appropriate filters, you can succeed in submerging your audience to the right feeling. Control the color, the fonts (if you prefer text-heavy images), and the overall feel. Whether it’s a behind-the-scenes moment, a lifestyle image or a casual one, you need to enhance the brand look. There are amazing filters to try such as Lark, Clarendon, Juno (for increased contrast and tense hues); Crema, Gingham, Reyes (for a pale and subdued look), etc. However, if the variety of Instagram filters doesn’t satisfy you, turn to VSCO app and choose from as paid so free filters for driving your Insta branding home!

Once you like a certain setting of filters, save the code to use it for all further images.



All we know that Instagram is all about the beautiful. Only the best photos posted catch attention. Hence, by all means, avoid posting low-quality and grainy images. Remember that the visual representation of your brand will serve as the first experience your possible customers will have with it. Hire a photographer to picture your business or products in their best view. If you prefer to do it yourself, make certain they are clear, high-contrast and well-lit. Canva application may help you with creating stunning images that tell a whole story.

Anyway, if you have run out of really good images and ideas how to create them, there are websites that offer premium quality pictures either entirely free of charge or at a little fee.


Consistent Logo

Your Instagram business needs not only a consistent brand but also an appropriate logo. This should be only one, distinct and memorable to be easily recognized in the noise of other brands. All your visual marketing assets need to be marked with your logo.


Emotional Hook

Another important aspect of creating an Instagram consistent brand is using an emotional hook. Share emotionally-striking photos that relate to your audience. This can be deep eyes, happy smiles, cute pets, graffiti, breathtaking nature views, etc. To provoke a balanced emotional response in viewers with your emotional images, keep them in a limit.


All these points plus amazing Instagram captions (InstaBF has already talked about creating effective captions) and you will have your strong Instagram branding crafted!