How Instagram Allows Auto Brands Inspire Action

How Instagram Allows Auto Brands Inspire Action

One admires Instagram’s unique ability to connect the entire world through its immersive imagery and video content. And particularly that amazing ability was not underestimated by brands and advertisers. Multiple small and big brands nowadays choose Instagram for inspiring action and sharing their unique stories. The visual nature of this social network allows fans of different brands and products share their passions and create firm and mutually-interested relationships. This refers to auto enthusiasts and vehicle shoppers, too. And as Enrico Hanisch, the digital strategist of Audi company mentioned, Instagram is the perfect platform for automotive content nowadays. So, as you have already guessed, InstaBF’s today topic is about the action inspiring of the industry-leading auto brands on Instagram. InstaBF is ready to provide its visitors and clients with different packages of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers. Be certain, here you will significantly increase your Instagram engagement on an affordable basis.



Connecting Instagrammers from all Drives of Life


Auto brands used television and printing advertisements to showcase their vehicle models and encourage people to buy vehicles. This same experience was entirely re-imagined and given a fresh approach to when moved to Instagram. Instagram Stories, feed or live make it possible for auto brands to connect their target audience, while auto fans can share videos or photos from their unforgettable experiences on the roads, find the perfect car to purchase or get recommendations from other car owners. Regardless of the roads or demographics, the car is targeted at, Instagram allows auto brands and advertisers to reach people from any drive of life!



Sharing the Road and the Love to Cars


Instagram offers multiple dedicated hashtags that car lovers can use for connecting with each other and sharing their passion for cars. If you are one of such, too, use #carswithoutlimits, #carsofinstagram or simply #carlifestyle to find posts by car enthusiasts or share yours. The same tags, by the way, are used by popular brands to create inspiration. Quite often you can find marvelous posts by popular influencers among them. Surely, these are advertisements, but how amazing they are! Here you can find real drivers who share their practice and knowledge in cars, auto collectors who know subtleties in diverse models’ styles, or simply those who post photos of their dream rides! Understanding the all those types auto-fans on this social network, auto brands manage to tailor effective advertisements. And no matter if a certain content on Insta Stories is an organic one or was paid for, it hits its target.



Getting in Gear with Videos


What can help communities to thrive if not Instagram Stories?! Videos posted by auto communities and brands in Stories are especially effective. The key is that people have started to prioritize video content to imagery and written text. And by the end of this decade, it’s estimated that three-fourths of mobile data traffic will be video content. And as videos play an enormous role in advertising products, auto brands have started creating more video Stories and posts than before.

Crafting Strong Branding for Instagram

Crafting Strong Branding for Instagram


Most probably you have heard that consistency is everything when the matter concerns social Media and Instagram in particular. And if you are running a business on this social platform, you simply ought to have a consistent brand across all your social media channels. Particularly the strong and consistent image of a brand makes consumers rely on it and accept as something familiar.

So, if you are after crisp images with the authentic brand feel they have, as well as the perfectly mastered captions for your own Instagram account, then let InstaBF present a guide on how to create consistent Instagram branding. By the way, InstaBF is the service you can always trust whenever you need some extra likes, comments, views or followers for your Instagram account.

Let’s suppose that you already have your product/service brand. It’s very important to make sure it is vivid from your Instagram account once your customers visit it. Do never try to appear as something that you are not, because it will be apparent and damaging to your reputation. This means that, for example, if your brand has bright coloring, the same must have your Instagram account.


Uniformed Instagram Look

Before starting filling your Instagram account with photos, remember your brand’s style. Is it funky, dramatic, classy, romantic or maybe serious? Using appropriate filters, you can succeed in submerging your audience to the right feeling. Control the color, the fonts (if you prefer text-heavy images), and the overall feel. Whether it’s a behind-the-scenes moment, a lifestyle image or a casual one, you need to enhance the brand look. There are amazing filters to try such as Lark, Clarendon, Juno (for increased contrast and tense hues); Crema, Gingham, Reyes (for a pale and subdued look), etc. However, if the variety of Instagram filters doesn’t satisfy you, turn to VSCO app and choose from as paid so free filters for driving your Insta branding home!

Once you like a certain setting of filters, save the code to use it for all further images.



All we know that Instagram is all about the beautiful. Only the best photos posted catch attention. Hence, by all means, avoid posting low-quality and grainy images. Remember that the visual representation of your brand will serve as the first experience your possible customers will have with it. Hire a photographer to picture your business or products in their best view. If you prefer to do it yourself, make certain they are clear, high-contrast and well-lit. Canva application may help you with creating stunning images that tell a whole story.

Anyway, if you have run out of really good images and ideas how to create them, there are websites that offer premium quality pictures either entirely free of charge or at a little fee.


Consistent Logo

Your Instagram business needs not only a consistent brand but also an appropriate logo. This should be only one, distinct and memorable to be easily recognized in the noise of other brands. All your visual marketing assets need to be marked with your logo.


Emotional Hook

Another important aspect of creating an Instagram consistent brand is using an emotional hook. Share emotionally-striking photos that relate to your audience. This can be deep eyes, happy smiles, cute pets, graffiti, breathtaking nature views, etc. To provoke a balanced emotional response in viewers with your emotional images, keep them in a limit.


All these points plus amazing Instagram captions (InstaBF has already talked about creating effective captions) and you will have your strong Instagram branding crafted!


IGTV for Business: How to Promote Your Brand Creatively

IGTV for Business: How to Promote Your Brand Creatively

Earlier on we have discussed the opportunities of IGTV for beauty bloggers and influencers. In this article, we are going to highlight a few examples of how one can use the brand-new functionality for business promotion, so this article will probably be useful to SMM professionals.

It is not a secret that video content nowadays is getting more and more popular (as we have mentioned in  one of our previous article, it will take 78% of the world’s Internet traffic by 2021), and surely the advertisement potential of the existing platforms cannot be overrated. There are a few conventional “genres” of promotional videos existing on the web right now. It is highly possible that IGTV bloggers will introduce more of them, but we are sure that the well-tested techniques currently used by SMM professionals will find the proper place in the toolkit of an IGTV promoter.


Probable IGTV Use Cases for Business



Product Reviews


If you are promoting a physical product (clothes/gadgets) or anything allowing a flamboyant demonstration in action, it will be a crime not to show it in the video. For example, one of the minor clothing brands made a beautiful video compilation of the photos from their account. Surely, it’s not extremely creative and, in fact, it’s using re-purposed content, but it may be a good idea of how can one handle the task in a quick and pragmatic way to get some views immediately.


Tutorials and Instructional Videos


The latest marketing trends are closely connected with providing not only the product demonstration and informing the customer of the strong points of your brand. Nowadays the marketing should be as interactive as possible: one should demonstrate as many use cases as possible; instant client support is becoming a part of SMM. That’s why it is a very good idea to post some videos with explanations, share some knowledge in your field and answer some negative comments to make the work of your sales department easier. In other words, it is a new way to show how you care about your clients, no one will argue about the importance of this objective. Keeping it in mind will bring you tons of likes and the business reputation one can only dream of.


Communication with your clients


Actually, this type of videos is an organic extension of the previous one. And IGTV seems to be ideal for that type of content. You can record some season greetings, announce contests, answer some questions and interview the company’s management or employees (for example, one of the brands producing eyewear posted an interview with a graphic design professional utilizing their glasses for her artistic purposes). This will certainly create a positive image and help you to establish your company as a trustworthy brand. And do not forget to comment on the followers’ replies.


Re-use the content from other sources


It’s always a good idea to use some videos from expos and other events you take part in. For example, major fashion companies make use of the footage from their latest shows. It’s always a wise idea to keep your followers informed and let them know that the company is constantly developing. Keeping the number of views growing is one of the primary tasks for an SMM pro.

These are only a few ideas on how to use the standard types of videos for your brand promotion. One should also pay attention to more deep sides of the customers’ psychology and one of the central notions, in this case, is the virality of the video.


Viral Marketing and Other Ways of Getting Likes


Grotesque, weird and bizarre videos have turned into an integral element of the media sphere since the Internet became capable of video streaming. Like an earworm song, these videos generate hype waves and the most difficult thing is to understand how to make them work for your business.

The first component of success is the opportunities for fast video sharing provided by the platform. And in this sense, IGTV is a huge step forward. Now your video may go viral really fast.

For example, one of the digital video content distributors published a 1-hour video featuring a famous actor just eating a burger.  Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But the video got about 700,000 views!

To make your video viral, you need to draw inspiration from somewhere. We advice reading some 20th-century books (such as “Ulysses”) or taking a look at the pieces of avant-garde art.

And, surely, it will be a good idea to simulate and stimulate the activity of your followers. In this case, InstaBF is always a good choice. Buy IGTV LikesIGTV Views and IGTV Comments to use them as a secret weapon!


Successful Cooperation Examples between Brands and Instagram Influencers

Successful Cooperation Examples between Brands and Instagram Influencers

Reaching out to Instagram influencers can be a true way to increase your brand awareness and visibility on this social network. Ever since brands noticed what an influence Instagram influencers have on users, their services have become irreplaceable. And if you still doubt whether to apply to an influencer who can connect your offers to your target audience, InstaBF would like to present to your attention four successful examples of cooperation between brands and influencers. But before that, let us remind you that right at this moment you are on one of the most reliable platforms of ordering likes, comments, and followers for your Instagram account. Everything is provided in a safe and affordable manner.

Being as Creative as Adidas

Women love to accentuate their strength and power, and the brand, who underlines it makes a win-win step just like Adidas did. A year ago, the brand organized a campaign and shot thirty-second videos of fifteen women athletes who spoke about their way toward success. The whole campaign radiated energy and feminine creativity. It’s needless to say that all these athletes have thousands of followers on Instagram. With the help of this cooperation, Adidas reached to millions of people around the world.

Inspiring Adventure with Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker is known for its adventurous nature. And this brand is proud to demonstrate its passion for life and new experiences. Through the collaborations with Instagram influencers, the brand boosted tremendous brand awareness! Some of the most popular influencers took the brand through a number of adventures including Formula 1 in Milan, the launch of the brand’s new luxury production in Shanghai, and the brand’s heritage in Scotland. Johnnie Walker realizes it well, that once an influencer creates an excitement over a certain product, it becomes more desirable not only for the influencer’s audience but also the brand’s.

Madewell Campaign with Five Instagram Influencers

Cooperating with a team of five popular Instagram influencers including such names as Bethany Marie and Stephanie Sterjovski, Madewell team managed to reach as many as one million targeted customers in promoting their new signature #TOTEWELL. This campaign brought the brand an immense popularity on this social platform. Besides, the brand regrams these influencers’ posts with their production and then posts on its company’s blog. Through this blog, the brand’s fans can get acquainted with the influencers they might not know. By the way, Madewell’s blog amazes with the diversity of posts that include behind-the-scenes photos, the day’s outfit, Questions and Answers, some styling tips etc.

Having Fun with Fanta

It’s so entertaining to watch people have fun and even more remarkable to have fun yourself. Once Fanta created a fan campaign and introduced short Vine comedy videos with the participants of three popular Vine influencers, people started making their own videos and photos to post on Instagram. The result was utmost engaging and prominent as millions of likes and shares were achieved let alone the tons of wonderful content!

Instagram Tips to Help Grow Your Brand on Instagram

Instagram Tips to Help Grow Your Brand on Instagram

In this article, we would like to provide a few more tips on Instagram promotion for online business. You can find the first part of the article here.

Use Proper Hashtags

Choosing a proper hashtag is essential for a successful campaign. It is not difficult – almost anyone will be able to do it. First of all, write out the keywords connected with your industry and products (the larger is the list the better will be the results) and check the popularity of the hashtags by searching them on the Instagram homepage.

For example, if we search for a “coffee machine”, we will get 81 thousand results. The top 9 posts (most liked ones) will be shown, and each of them will have a list of additional hashtags. These hashtags can also be used in your campaign. Use the real likes purchased from InstaBF to boost the position of your post and to promote your hashtag.

You should choose the words for hashtags carefully – avoid using plain words like “love”, “sports”, “cosmetics”, etc. Try to use the location markers of your business by adding a certain combination of letters, for example, state or country code (NYC, UK, LA). This helps to cover the target audience more precisely.

Note that the number of hashtags for a post should not exceed 30 and the account publishing such a post should be publicly accessible, otherwise, it will not be shown in search results. Hashtags may become outdated so do not forget to check the relevance of your hashtags at least once a month.

Do not forget about the analytics – there is a number of great tools providing full information about the most active followers of your community, the most effective posts, etc.

Study Positive Experience of Your Rivals

It is a great way to define the most crucial things that are required for successful promotion. So, if you have a sports clothing boutique, check the accounts of the most popular brands like Nike or Adidas. Or check the Apple account if you are dealing with electronics and hi-tech products.

Your direct competitors’ account may be a great source of popular and effective hashtags, contests and promotions. Scout for content, check their comment handling techniques. Use the knowledge to build an effective promotional campaign.

The Instagram blog also offers some posts about successful business promotion. SpearmintLove is a great example – it used to be a community of young mothers and rather quickly the administrators managed to convert it into an online store of baby clothing.

Thoughtful use of these techniques in combination with great content and real likes from InstaBF will help you to achieve great results and build up a successful promotional campaign. We will be glad to provide  more useful tips. Stay tuned!