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The Paid Partnership Feature for Instagram Influencers and Brands

The Paid Partnership Feature for Instagram Influencers and Brands

Today Instagram has multiple influencers registered and earning big money! Not only those with a large following are successful on this social platform but even teens with a modest following make money promoting services or products for their community. If several years ago influencers could tout a brand’s products without noting they are in paid relationships with that brand, today much has changed. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has started cracking down on influencers’ posts which don’t have any mentioning about the paid relations. Therefore, nowadays influencers have to state either the presence or the absence of any collaboration between themselves and brands. In the image below, you can see one of Instagram’s mega-influencers Khloe Kardashian clarifying about the presence of Cocoa-Cola in her post – it is not an ad for the company! Instagram is sure that increasing the transparency of paid relationships between brands and influencers is highly important, and all users of the platform have to obey.

InstaBF, your dependable IG and IGTV provider, would like to have a deeper look at this matter.



“Paid Partnership” Feature by Instagram


Quite recently (in 2017) Instagram launched a new feature – paid partnership. Whenever an influencer makes a sponsored post, there’s a line under their username clarifying “Paid partnership with the sponsoring brand’s name”.

So, what should influencers add to their posts to run an ethical business? Or is there anything that brands must know about partnering with influencers? Here are a few points that can help you not get on the bad side of the FTC.


  • It’s Not All About Money


Far not always influencers get money for their sponsored posts. Quite often the award can be via products or services for free. In such case, the collaboration is still considered a paid relationship. Additionally, there are bonus codes and affiliate links given to influencers as a bonus for a successful deal (or even as the charge). Hence, whenever there’s any mutual profit, the nature of such collaboration must be disclosed.  


  • It’s Not Always About Product Promotion


There happen cases when influencers are to promote an Instagram page or a website of a brand, and not its products/services. For instance, Rowan Row has attracted the hearts of over 700K followers on Instagram (we do believe the majority are females) and some of his posts are sponsored, though no products are promoted. In the following post, he encourages his followers to visit the Instagram account of Organic UK to get tips on a healthy lifestyle. Surely, the fruit on the image is not sold by the brand. Such a promotion is still considered a sponsored one.


  • Only Hashtags Won’t Be Enough


Multiple influencers consider adding such hashtags as, for instance, #sponsored, #ad, etc., enough to signify the post was sponsored by the brand. However, the FTC does not think so. Quite often, it may request to add some more details about the relationship with that brand. You can add about partnering with a brand right in the caption to the post, for instance.


Whether you are an Instagram influencer or a sponsoring brand, you should make sure the things are clear. Otherwise, you may lose the trust of your followers, customers, or get a warning message from the FTC.


Optimizing Your Brand’s Instagram Account with InstaBF

Optimizing Your Brand’s Instagram Account with InstaBF

Instagram is the platform where real customers engage with their favorite brands the most. This, in its turn, makes brands rely on this social platform more than before. Therefore, a well-developed active Instagram account can appear much more beneficial for any business than an attracting website. The number of new visitors that an Instagram account can bring is much higher than that of people visiting a website.

Nevertheless, even if you are attracted by all this, by simply opening an account on Instagram and filling it with your brand’s content won’t be enough to achieve success. It’s mandatory to create a solid profile which will capture your target audience’s attention and provide you with brand awareness. So, it’s time to start optimizing your business’s Instagram page for maximum exposure. With InstaBF by your side, you will achieve the success you crave for! Here you can always order IG and IGTV likes, comments, followers and views at the most affordable prices in the market. All this, together with the following tips, will help you create a truly working Instagram profile and develop your business.



Intriguing Bio


The first point of contact for your target audience is your bio. The latter reflects your brand’s nature, hence be certain the bio you have written includes a concise yet attractive description, as well as hashtags relevant to your niche, a link to your website, online store or blog.

As an Instagram bio is the particular place where you can convert visitors into customers, it’s highly crucial to find a way of engaging your audience even with few words so that they make a quick decision and follow you. One or two sentences in the bio must be clear, wisely constructed and picture your brand from the most relevant and attractive side.



Attractive Captions


Visually stunning pictures are effective as long as they are accompanied with catchy captions. Particularly this content can encourage a visitor to engage with your brand. Instagram captions can be quite long – up to 2200 characters. Yet, this doesn’t mean you should fill the space with unnecessary words. Keep every caption simple, easy to comprehend, readable, and well-versed. A good caption must include the most important words in the beginning, contain relevant hashtags and end with a simple CTA. Your followers (potential or real customers) should feel every caption was created especially for them!



Encourage Engagement


Every Instagram user is in a search for compelling and fresh content to engage with. Accordingly, use the most valuable Instagram metrics (likes, comments, and views) to make your posts appear on your followers’ feeds. Just share exciting stuff, ask people to comment and develop conversations and be sure they will do. Organic comments left by followers interested in your content will bring you the so-desired engagement. Remember to respond to comments and DMs as frequently as it is possible. This way you will show close attention to your community and increase trust in you.



Switching to Business Account


And finally, switching to a business account is a must. The latter has a series of better features compared to a regular account. You can gather information on how your posts are performing on Instagram or how users respond to them, break down the insights thus enhancing your content even more. Additionally, switching to a business profile, your brand’s contact information will be displayed so that Insta users can reach you right on this platform.


Three Inspiring Instagram Themes for Bloggers by Prominent Brands

Three Inspiring Instagram Themes for Bloggers by Prominent Brands

Unlike other social media such as Facebook or Twitter, Instagram gives its users an attractive feature – using exclusively images and videos for promoting social sharing. Most probably you have noticed that Instagram feeds drastically differ from each other, with some appearing more attractive than others. Moreover, appearing on some Gram users’ accounts, you can feel a distinctive style. And if you are a popular blogger and want to preserve your fame on the platform, you must incorporate a unique Instagram theme into your feed, too, thus raising the memorability and aesthetics of your feed. Here InstaBF, a dependable service you can order Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers from, is going to share with you some really mind-blowing Instagram themes to apply to your feed. Choose any that fits your style and be certain you are going to attract numerous new followers soon!



Guns N’ Roses: Darker and Blacker

Getting to the Instagram page of this 80s popular metal brand, you are going to be pleasantly surprised. To emphasize it’s rebellious metal roots, as well as the penchant for playing to large crowds at night, the band actively uses dark colors and motifs. Just watch it and you will get assured yourself that the presence of vibrant hues isn’t mandatory to make up a popular Instagram account and achieve a large following.



Cirque du Soleil: Cool Colors

Not only the majestic performances of Cirque du Soleil are a true sight to behold, but also the theater’s Instagram account. Surely, the images of performers doing insanely athletic activities are mind-blowing. But here we are talking about the use of cool colors that make up a soothing and relaxing experience once you watch them. Starting from the logo and ending with every image posted, the brand uses cool shades so that its viewers feel the calming grace they deliver in all performances. And if you would like to get the same feel and look for your IG account, consider applying a watercolor pattern background.



White Space for Everyone from Lacoste

No other brand can utilize white space to showcase the crisp, classic and neat production it offers so effectively as the vaunted Lacoste brand. By saying white space, we imply not the pure white background, but the negative space that denotes the area around an object or between several objects in one picture. Go to Lacoste’s Instagram page and watch the multiple images of timeless polo shirts, sneakers, hats sunglasses, and other products highlighted by the “white space”. So, if you want to make your content stand out with clarity, it’s a good idea to use a cracked white paint image via your IG feed background. The latter will heighten the effect of white space.


So, you see that IG themes are a surefire way of turning your simple Instagram feed to a remarkable one?! You can make it stand out from milliards of other accounts by simply choosing the right theme and showing how versatile you can appear. Your brand is limited exceptionally by your own creativity – exploit photography techniques, special touches and colors to take your IG feed to a thoroughly new level.

Instagram Stories AR Filters by Leading Brands

Instagram Stories AR Filters by Leading Brands

If you find the term “augmented reality” a bit futuristic, then most probably you have forgotten that you deal with a part of it on a daily basis. In fact, those cute face filters such as lovely puppy ears or cat whiskers on Instagram are all AR filters. And taking into consideration the huge number of people using them on Instagram Stories, many brands have undertaken to create and sell their own brand filters. These filters provide such a funny and interactive way of attracting new followers and increasing brand awareness! And if you feel interested, the amazing Instagram Stories filters we are going to present to your attention right now at InstaBF will definitely be of a great benefit to your brand! InstaBF is a leading provider of IG and IGTV likes, comments, followers and views. We are always there whenever you need!



Kylie Cosmetics

One of the first brands introducing their AR filters was Kylie Cosmetics. Choosing an AR filter for your Story, you can try on various lipsticks from Kylie’s cosmetics brand. Once you find a certain shade suits your complexion, you can courageously go and buy it! So, you see that this filter is not only great fun to use, but also quite helpful if you intend to get a new lipstick.


Adidas Originals

Have you noticed how popular retro-looking images were last year? Most probably vintage filters will be on a high trend in the new 2019 year, too. And due to Adidas Originals’ custom AR filter, you can give your photos a vintage feel, too. Applying this filter to a photo, it will add a “glitch” effect plus the brand’s logo. This is a highly trendy filter and will boost your brand awareness efficiently.



Gucci Beauty

It might sound surprising but Gucci Beauty launched its Instagram account not so long ago. However, despite this, they managed to launch their own Story filters which look simply gorgeous! This filter gives one a chance to choose one of three looks all of which are reminiscent of the baroque- and renaissance-period. All these looks were designed by Alessandro Michele and feature details in Gucci brand’s theme including lipstick, pearl earrings, etc.



NBA’ Dunk Cam

Among the initial AR filters, we can find NBA’s Dunk Cam AR filter. This is an amazing filter adding which your image is guaranteed to become so interactive! Anyway, unlike the previous ones, this AR filter is not promotional. Instead, it’s highly funny! Once you choose it, your photo or video will be enriched with a dunking basketball player. By the way, it works both for front and back cameras.



Maddie Ziegler’s Kindness Face

Maddie Ziegler, a popular American actress and dancer, has already got nearly 13 million followers on Instagram! A couple of months ago she partnered with Instagram and the result was amazing! A new AR Stories filter was added to promote kindness. It adds lots of pretty hearts to a selfie and a myriad of kind comments in different languages when shooting with your rear camera. Besides, using the filter, you are encouraged to tag a friend you want to support.

How Brands Use Instagram Highlights

How Brands Use Instagram Highlights

Nearly all new features Instagram introduces to its users are a great success and this refers to Instagram highlights, too. Though they were created less than a year ago, the influence they have had on businesses is tremendous! These are amazingly versatile tools that can be used in countless verticals! Precisely how? Let’s find out this through the examples of several industry-leading Instagram brands. Being your true IG and IGTV provider, InstaBF wants to make it clear to you how you can use highlights to your benefit, too.



Article Showcases Products

E-commerce brands have perhaps the greatest benefits from showcasing their products on this social network through highlights as they can do that right in the center of their profiles! Article brand makes a great use of this by keeping all its product-related stories in one highlight reel. If you got inspired from this, remember that you can create separate highlights as well, each representing your seasonal collections, new models, etc.

Additionally, if you are a big brand with 10, 000+ followers, add a See More link so that your visitors can easily switch to the product showcased in the highlight. You can also use the new shoppable stickers for the same reason and this option is available for businesses of all sizes!



Artifact Uprising Shares Customer Reviews

If you are already a popular brand on Instagram and your customers adore your products, use highlights to show your stellar customer reviews just as Artifact Uprising does. This way, once a visitors lands on the brand’s profile, he gets a sense of how much its customers love the brand and the products they get! Artifact Uprising also uses the See More feature to make it much easier for its customers to find the product they liked and order it.



CAP Beauty Daily Promotes Partnerships

Every successful collaboration with an Instagram influencer or another brand is worth showcasing on Instagram highlights. CAP Beauty, for instance, quite often makes such highlights. Create a unified highlight, too, in case you often collaborate with other brands or Instagram celebrities. This way you will reap the benefits you got from your partnership much longer!



Drake General Store Highlights Events


One of the best ways to humanize your brand is sharing content from the events you organize. Drake General Store, for instance, shares its events on the highlights and builds FOMO for its future events. This brand has had enviable collaborations and events with a number of brands from Google to antique stores. You can also create a separate category of events thus keeping all the actions in a single place!



Rove Concepts Furniture Takes its Viewers Behind the Scenes

Another efficient means of humanizing a brand is showing behind the scenes to visitors just as Rove Concepts Furniture does. And what if not Instagram highlights can serve great for this purpose?! This way you are sure to build a strong community and gain the trust of your customers. Everyone knows that people adore seeing the raw moments of product making and being a great platform to provide them with such a chance, Instagram is at your disposal!  



Package Free Answers Its Customers’ Questions

Have you got tired from getting the same questions from your customers over and over again? If yes, then the example of Package Free can be useful to you. Create highlights with the most-commonly received questions and answers to them. Instagram users will better understand your brand, the way you work and what they can expect from you. Just pick up highlights to tackle the right topics!