Using Instagram Memes to Your Brand’s Benefit

Using Instagram Memes to Your Brand’s Benefit

Have you noticed memes taking over your feed on Instagram recently? Most probably yes! That’s because this is currently the year’s biggest trend and brands are actively using it to boost their engagement, drive product interest, and build brand identity. Would you like to get involved in using Instagram memes for your business? InstaBF, a popular Instagram and IGTV provider will gladly present to your attention all the necessary information about this new Instagram trend.



What Is an Instagram Meme?


There’s no particular definition for this Instagram phenomenon even though you can recognize it the moment you see it. However, to give it a general explanation – an Instagram meme is a piece of media that passes from one user to another and has somewhat a cultural relevance. Most often it has a clever or funny tone. Besides, memes combine text and imagery of any type let that be a jpg or a GIF, etc. And the proof of memes’ popularity on Instagram is vivid. There are highly engaging accounts on this social network which exist purely for creating and sharing memes. Such are @ladbible, @fuckjerry, @mytherapistsays, etc. All these accounts have more than a million followers. 

However, during the past year or so, businesses and brands have started actively using memes to bring about a bit of authenticity and fun among the highly curated feeds. 



How Your Business Can Benefit from Memes


The shareable feature of funny and witty memes them perfect tools for gaining multiple likes, shares, comments, and saves. Here are several ways of incorporating Instagram memes to your account:


Promoting Brand Values


To become the relatable account that Instagram users want to follow, you need to show off what your brand is actually about. Memes can become ideal tools here. And the good thing here is that everyone and every brand can do that by just picking up the right image/video and creating a message that will capture the brand’s vision and identity. Such memes usually make the brand memorable.


Sharing Viral Tweets 


As you must probably know, sharing screenshots of viral posts is highly popular on Instagram. In fact, such meme accounts as @thefatjewish or @daquan have practiced this even years ago. The key here is that brands do not only repost their own Insta meme tweets but also share those from their community which best reflect the brand’s attitude, style, or messaging.


Promoting Products


The witty and funny nature of memes makes them more familiar and not look like an advertisement or a product promotion. This means that memes serve as “soft promote”. Sharing playful memes that entertain your target audience while also drawing them to your products is definitely a peripheral idea. In fact, such memes serve as an “indirect” way of selling products on Instagram. 


Entertaining Your Audience


Surely, as a business owner, it’s is natural to have a business-central goal in your mind. However, it will be good to think about just entertaining your audience with memes, won’t it? It will show your followers that your account is ruled by a real human who has a sense of humor and wants to bring a smile on his/her followers face. 

Creating a Social Media Policy for Your Instagram Brand: Part Two

Creating a Social Media Policy for Your Instagram Brand: Part Two

In our previous post, we started a highly important topic for any company which promotes its brand on Instagram or any other social media platform as creating the right social media policy. Today, your true IG and IGTV provider in the sphere will go on with the components of a social media policy and speak about implementing it in several super easy steps. Ready? Let’s get down to work:



What You Should Include in Your Instagram Policy



Give Precise Guidance for Your Employees to Behave on Their Personal Instagram Accounts


According to the surveys, only about 30% of Americans have guidance provided by their employer on how they should behave on their social media accounts. Before you pass this passage considering your employees are free to behave the way they wish on their own space (both real and virtual), think twice. Posting threats of violence, hate speech, racial epithets, propaganda based on religion, or harassment on any social media with Instagram in particular, can easily violate both the law and your company’s code of ethics. Your employees must know they will be responsible for their behavior as in real life so online. Even if what they do is not illegal, they should remember that many employers use Instagram and other social media to find out more about their employees (actually around 17% of American employers state they do) and that may either raise or lower their opinion. 



Encourage Your Employees to Talk About Your Brand on Their Instagram Accounts 


Most probably, your social media team works hard to create a good name for your brand on Instagram and they are drilled to answer the toughest questions that customers may give. And what about the rest of your employees? Do they feel obliged or encouraged to speak about your brand even if they do nothing with your social media team? Will they stay accountable to your brand? Don’t neglect this part but ask them to post disclaimers to confirm their relationship with your company or that what they share about your brand is their pure opinions. Surely, you can omit this point in your social media policy if you aren’t sure your employees will be glad to speak about your brand. For instance, if Adidas has its employees identifying themselves that they speak for themselves and not the Adidas Group, Walmart has asked its employees not to touch any topic about the brand at all. 



How You Can Implement Your Social Media Policy


Now, when you precisely know what your brand’s Instagram policy must contain, it’s time to implement it. This is done in five simple steps. Here they are:

  1. Download a template of a social media policy: you can find plenty of options on the internet for free.
  2. Find input from stakeholders: most probably your brand’s HR team, public spokespeople, and even power users have some key ideas to round out your peculiar requirements. However, entrust the most important consultation to your legal team. 
  3. Determine where to post your brand’s Instagram policy: you can add it to your employee handbook and every new employee can read it before passing to work. The exiting workers, meanwhile, can access it through your company’s shared drives or intranet.
  4. Launch the social media policy: once you present a new or revised social media policy at an internal meeting or via an email, leave enough space for discussions and questions. 
  5. Flag to review the policy this time next year: once you commit to an annual review of the social media policy, you will be calm that it is always relevant and useful. Remember that social media platforms and Instagram, in particular, tend to constantly change and develop. What is actual today may appear backward next time this year. 
Ten Instagram Time Savers for Your Brand Part Two

Ten Instagram Time Savers for Your Brand Part Two

Time is precious and knowing its worth is especially important for an Instagram brand owner. In our previous post, we opened such an important topic as how to save time and manage your business productively. Today we are going to continue it and reveal the last steps. Before that, we’d like to remind that you can order Instagram and IGTV likes, views, comments, and followers on beneficial conditions from InstaBF, a service you can trust anytime you need!



Batch Your Content


Once you have your content planned and created, posting it becomes the next step. Batch it in case you want to leave space for spontaneity in your brand’s posts. For this, set up folders on your computer (the things must be ready to cut/copy and paste) with your scheduled Instagram content. If you rely on auto-posting third-party applications, it will be much more expedient to use them. Such apps allow changing the posting date if needed. You can also get push through notifications to assert your post to be published. 



Checking the Analytics


Do you think your content does not work as it should? If you have questions regarding promoting your posts, it’s worth having a look at the analytics. Particularly here you will find out whether you make posts at the right time or how efficient your captions are. Here you can compare your posts and find out particularly what works better your brand what should be eliminated. To access the analytics, go to the Insights, Content, See All and voila! You will have all your posts in chronologically descending order in terms of the success of the particular search parameter.  



Repurposing Instagram Content


Making your content work for you is much better than going on creating new whether they work or not. If you have a blog or a website, create a post for it. Then re-purpose it into smaller parts to make Instagram Stories of captions. And don’t forget to add links to your initial source. This will bring you more Instagram content and drive more traffic to your blog/website. If still actual, you can even use a year-old content. 



Getting a Working Funnel 


There must always be a funnel for those people who want to know more about your brand or, what’s better, buy/order a product from you. Besides that, you need to also provide an easy way toward it. This can be as simple as a Send Message button to move to the Messenger platform, or an active link in the bio to be redirected to your website. 



Just Do It! 


In some cases, the biggest block behind the lack of content on Instagram is of personal character. Brand owners use the lack of time as an excuse not to undertake any serious actions, while the reasons are not ground ones. Put aside your fear, your laziness and get to work. Re-frame any negative comments you get to use them to your brand’s benefit and always believe in yourself.



Implement Market Researches 


The best way of boosting your product/service sales is knowing beforehand what your audience wants to get. It will be so easy to convert Instagram followers into clients if you know how to suffice them. For this, make a deep research. That may include doing email surveys, asking questions on Instagram Stories, just personally asking those clients you know by face, etc. Remember, that all is about what your ideal customer wants!  

Ten Instagram Time Savers for Your Brand Part One

Ten Instagram Time Savers for Your Brand Part One

The time runs faster than we want. And once we lose the power of it, the day starts ruling us. This is a universal truth which is especially noticed when we are online. To help you manage your time on social media better, here are several time-saving tips to keep you up to date on top of Instagram! Here, in the blog of InstaBF, one of the most flexible and reliable providers of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers, you can always find helpful tips and recommendations on improving your Instagram experience. 

So, with all the things settled, it’s time to head to today’s tip addressed to managing time productively. 



Get a Business Plan


Without scheming a good business plan expect no success. Have a distinct answers to such important questions as what are your 3, 6, and 12-month goals, which holidays can be used in the favor of your brand, when and what type of products/services you need to release and advertise, etc. Having a distinct business plan is the basis of the entire game. Without knowing for sure your business objectives, you can’t play on Instagram. One doesn’t come without the other. 



Plan Instagram Strategy 


Before scheming Instagram content, a good strategy should be set. Don’t be afraid, you needn’t any intricate or technological strategy. It just needs to be functional enough to navigate all the flows and ebbs of your business. 

For instance, if there’s a particular time of year when you normally have a full bunch of clients, your Instagram strategy should be addressed to the brand awareness rather than acquiring new clients. When you don’t need any more leads, for now, you’d better keep your brand alive for those clients who are already following you. 



Plan the Content


A monthly overview of the content is what you should never avoid. You can even have a calendar of what you are posting each month. So, take some time each month to plan your content in advance. For instance, your monthly plan may include a new product release launch sequence, a series of educational posts, a blog, etc. 

The strategic “next step” content is designed to guide your viewers to the next step in doing business with you. The moment you have all the business goals set and a strategy built, pass on appropriate content – quotes, branding content, value, and entertaining posts, etc. All this together make your posts not only meaningful but also purposeful. Ideally, five strategically purposeful posts per week are better than randomly posted unlimited posts. 



Create the Content


Having a clear framework, you can immediately pass to the creation process. Set some time to sourcing or creating images, editing the content, writing the captions and blogs, creating offers/events, etc. Several third-party applications may come to help on this step. Most probably, the greatest part of the time is spent particularly on it. But once you have proceeded the first three steps successfully, content creation won’t be as time-consuming as you might expect. 

Why You Need to Share Brand Wallpapers on Instagram

Why You Need to Share Brand Wallpapers on Instagram

According to the statistics, on average one looks at his phone every 12 minutes. That makes up to 80 times a day! You see how important it is to have an as good wallpaper as possible. And if you have already picked up some mood-raising wallpapers for your lock and home screens, it’s worth thinking about your Instagram followers. For Insta organizations and brands, it’s a working way to say thank you to their followers by providing them with amazing wallpapers. Besides, this is mutually beneficial – they get spiffy new wallpapers and your brand gets a larger awareness. 

Anyway, there is also much else we would like you to know about this. So, keep up with InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider, to learn more about sharing wallpapers on Gram.


Why Your Brand Should Share Wallpapers on Instagram


As we have already stated, wallpaper sharing has a number of advantages not only for ordinary users but for brands as well. Let’s have a closer look at the most important points. 


  • Brand Awareness


Creating a wallpaper relevant to the brand and aesthetically pleasant at the same time will lead to boosting your brand awareness. In fact, it’s a low-cost opportunity for beginner brands. Installing a branded image on your smartphone and having your customers look at it whenever possible, is like getting an inbuilt moving billboard. Just make certain the wallpapers you create, coincide with your brand’s look and feel. And don’t forget about your target audience. Who are the people interested in your brand? What kind of content would they prefer to see via their wallpapers? 


  • Positive Sentiment


There can be no doubt that the joy of getting anything for free is universal. Freebies boost positive sentiment which, in its turn, will build trust among your followers and increase engagement. To make this work, you can share audience-made wallpapers. By carrying out a contest and promising to credit the creators of the best wallpapers made, you are making your followers a part of your brand – something that will tie them to your brand for long. 

Don’t forget about formatting the wallpapers correctly. The fact is that your Instagram followers will have to take a screenshot of the wallpaper to use it. Hence, don’t put any GIFs or text over it, make sure you have the time on top of the screen switched off.

And finally, make a Story with instructions to make using your brand wallpapers easy. 



Instagram Brands that Create Amazing Mobile Wallpapers


Saje Wellness is a company that makes products based on plant-based natural ingredients. To emphasize this, the brand frequently shares plant-themed wallpapers for mobile phones. For achieving success, they reuse aesthetically pleasing images from their official photoshoots or devote some time to take wallpaper-worthy images during the branded photoshoots. And they always strive to keep it maximally subtle. 

HBO’s Game of Thrones doesn’t need any recognition. Yet, they also mastered hype building. Before they released the eight season, they had shared a number of amazing themes wallpapers which were readily accepted by their 10 million followers. 

By the example of these two gorgeous brands, you can get inspired to have your own branded wallpapers and share them with Instagram followers.