Time is precious and knowing its worth is especially important for an Instagram brand owner. In our previous post, we opened such an important topic as how to save time and manage your business productively. Today we are going to continue it and reveal the last steps. Before that, we’d like to remind that you can order Instagram and IGTV likes, views, comments, and followers on beneficial conditions from InstaBF, a service you can trust anytime you need!



Batch Your Content


Once you have your content planned and created, posting it becomes the next step. Batch it in case you want to leave space for spontaneity in your brand’s posts. For this, set up folders on your computer (the things must be ready to cut/copy and paste) with your scheduled Instagram content. If you rely on auto-posting third-party applications, it will be much more expedient to use them. Such apps allow changing the posting date if needed. You can also get push through notifications to assert your post to be published. 



Checking the Analytics


Do you think your content does not work as it should? If you have questions regarding promoting your posts, it’s worth having a look at the analytics. Particularly here you will find out whether you make posts at the right time or how efficient your captions are. Here you can compare your posts and find out particularly what works better your brand what should be eliminated. To access the analytics, go to the Insights, Content, See All and voila! You will have all your posts in chronologically descending order in terms of the success of the particular search parameter.  



Repurposing Instagram Content


Making your content work for you is much better than going on creating new whether they work or not. If you have a blog or a website, create a post for it. Then re-purpose it into smaller parts to make Instagram Stories of captions. And don’t forget to add links to your initial source. This will bring you more Instagram content and drive more traffic to your blog/website. If still actual, you can even use a year-old content. 



Getting a Working Funnel 


There must always be a funnel for those people who want to know more about your brand or, what’s better, buy/order a product from you. Besides that, you need to also provide an easy way toward it. This can be as simple as a Send Message button to move to the Messenger platform, or an active link in the bio to be redirected to your website. 



Just Do It! 


In some cases, the biggest block behind the lack of content on Instagram is of personal character. Brand owners use the lack of time as an excuse not to undertake any serious actions, while the reasons are not ground ones. Put aside your fear, your laziness and get to work. Re-frame any negative comments you get to use them to your brand’s benefit and always believe in yourself.



Implement Market Researches 


The best way of boosting your product/service sales is knowing beforehand what your audience wants to get. It will be so easy to convert Instagram followers into clients if you know how to suffice them. For this, make a deep research. That may include doing email surveys, asking questions on Instagram Stories, just personally asking those clients you know by face, etc. Remember, that all is about what your ideal customer wants!