The time runs faster than we want. And once we lose the power of it, the day starts ruling us. This is a universal truth which is especially noticed when we are online. To help you manage your time on social media better, here are several time-saving tips to keep you up to date on top of Instagram! Here, in the blog of InstaBF, one of the most flexible and reliable providers of Instagram and IGTV likes, comments, views, and followers, you can always find helpful tips and recommendations on improving your Instagram experience. 

So, with all the things settled, it’s time to head to today’s tip addressed to managing time productively. 



Get a Business Plan


Without scheming a good business plan expect no success. Have a distinct answers to such important questions as what are your 3, 6, and 12-month goals, which holidays can be used in the favor of your brand, when and what type of products/services you need to release and advertise, etc. Having a distinct business plan is the basis of the entire game. Without knowing for sure your business objectives, you can’t play on Instagram. One doesn’t come without the other. 



Plan Instagram Strategy 


Before scheming Instagram content, a good strategy should be set. Don’t be afraid, you needn’t any intricate or technological strategy. It just needs to be functional enough to navigate all the flows and ebbs of your business. 

For instance, if there’s a particular time of year when you normally have a full bunch of clients, your Instagram strategy should be addressed to the brand awareness rather than acquiring new clients. When you don’t need any more leads, for now, you’d better keep your brand alive for those clients who are already following you. 



Plan the Content


A monthly overview of the content is what you should never avoid. You can even have a calendar of what you are posting each month. So, take some time each month to plan your content in advance. For instance, your monthly plan may include a new product release launch sequence, a series of educational posts, a blog, etc. 

The strategic “next step” content is designed to guide your viewers to the next step in doing business with you. The moment you have all the business goals set and a strategy built, pass on appropriate content – quotes, branding content, value, and entertaining posts, etc. All this together make your posts not only meaningful but also purposeful. Ideally, five strategically purposeful posts per week are better than randomly posted unlimited posts. 



Create the Content


Having a clear framework, you can immediately pass to the creation process. Set some time to sourcing or creating images, editing the content, writing the captions and blogs, creating offers/events, etc. Several third-party applications may come to help on this step. Most probably, the greatest part of the time is spent particularly on it. But once you have proceeded the first three steps successfully, content creation won’t be as time-consuming as you might expect.