According to the statistics, on average one looks at his phone every 12 minutes. That makes up to 80 times a day! You see how important it is to have an as good wallpaper as possible. And if you have already picked up some mood-raising wallpapers for your lock and home screens, it’s worth thinking about your Instagram followers. For Insta organizations and brands, it’s a working way to say thank you to their followers by providing them with amazing wallpapers. Besides, this is mutually beneficial – they get spiffy new wallpapers and your brand gets a larger awareness. 

Anyway, there is also much else we would like you to know about this. So, keep up with InstaBF, a leading Instagram and IGTV provider, to learn more about sharing wallpapers on Gram.


Why Your Brand Should Share Wallpapers on Instagram


As we have already stated, wallpaper sharing has a number of advantages not only for ordinary users but for brands as well. Let’s have a closer look at the most important points. 


  • Brand Awareness


Creating a wallpaper relevant to the brand and aesthetically pleasant at the same time will lead to boosting your brand awareness. In fact, it’s a low-cost opportunity for beginner brands. Installing a branded image on your smartphone and having your customers look at it whenever possible, is like getting an inbuilt moving billboard. Just make certain the wallpapers you create, coincide with your brand’s look and feel. And don’t forget about your target audience. Who are the people interested in your brand? What kind of content would they prefer to see via their wallpapers? 


  • Positive Sentiment


There can be no doubt that the joy of getting anything for free is universal. Freebies boost positive sentiment which, in its turn, will build trust among your followers and increase engagement. To make this work, you can share audience-made wallpapers. By carrying out a contest and promising to credit the creators of the best wallpapers made, you are making your followers a part of your brand – something that will tie them to your brand for long. 

Don’t forget about formatting the wallpapers correctly. The fact is that your Instagram followers will have to take a screenshot of the wallpaper to use it. Hence, don’t put any GIFs or text over it, make sure you have the time on top of the screen switched off.

And finally, make a Story with instructions to make using your brand wallpapers easy. 



Instagram Brands that Create Amazing Mobile Wallpapers


Saje Wellness is a company that makes products based on plant-based natural ingredients. To emphasize this, the brand frequently shares plant-themed wallpapers for mobile phones. For achieving success, they reuse aesthetically pleasing images from their official photoshoots or devote some time to take wallpaper-worthy images during the branded photoshoots. And they always strive to keep it maximally subtle. 

HBO’s Game of Thrones doesn’t need any recognition. Yet, they also mastered hype building. Before they released the eight season, they had shared a number of amazing themes wallpapers which were readily accepted by their 10 million followers. 

By the example of these two gorgeous brands, you can get inspired to have your own branded wallpapers and share them with Instagram followers.